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Mandie's blog: " ~*A Blessing*~"

created on 05/07/2007  |  http://fubar.com/a-blessing/b80543
A blessing that i can sit back and think of all the times that a smile has been put on my face by many people but it only matter when it came to one person that took my heart and has held onto it from the start of one....Today couldnt be anymore blah then ever, So much to get done and not enough time in the day and still not getting nothing done makes me feel as i failed. But then i think back of what i was told, that its ok because at least im giveing it a try and thats all that matters when it all boils down to the end of the breaking point... I admit that i hit that point tonight when i call someone, someone thats a so called best friend and they dont even notice that im needing someone to talk to because im sitting on the other end crying, (yeah for once i let lose im always the happy person and carrie everyone else troubles and forget mine) Dont get me wrong I do have a great man and great kids but when is it time for others to see im more than just all of that. Im thankfull for haveing a kind loveing careing sweet man that loves me for who i am and all that i do for him, my kids and others, and he reminds me of that all the time everyday how im nice to everyone that comes to me and needs something. I wonder if im to nice at times. I guess its all in my nature. I can though I thank the man im with for being there and makeing sure that i stay standing and dont fall down when push comes to shove. The little things we do for each other makes us love each other more and more each and ever day..... I guess today was just a down day for me with all thats going on and i havent taken time to sit back and breathe for myself i just push and push....Maybe thats my way of saying im gonna be ok because i push myself more and more to get done what i need to get done. Im closeing now hope everyone is haveing a good day and a great night ~*Mandie*~ His heart burns for only me as my heart only burns for him
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~*A Blessing*~

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