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Icarus's blog: "Somantics"

created on 05/23/2010  |  http://fubar.com/somantics/b332752  |  11 followers

God only knows how long I'll keep this blog up because I have to delete blogs to read old blogs.



So, pretty much every aspect of my life is crumbling.

... wait for it
wait for it



Totally used to it.
And of course, I spent five hours on the phone today.










so what has me so irritated? There's at least one mouse in the house, I've set ... 10 traps for it because I refuse to be overrun again.

The blogs on this site are completely fucked

and my air conditioner stopped working yesterday.

I'll let that sink in as I inform you that it is 90 degrees in my house right now at 10:00 PM, and ... this oily wet feeling on my skin probably indicates that it is heeeeeellla fucking humid.

So I call my friend who hooked it up
and he says "I can't get there until the sunday after next"

... now
I know my friend.
I know that he has a poor grasp of time

I know that he doesn't mean tomorrow, and then seven days from then

I say

"the twentieth?"

"The twentieth"







He thinks there's a refrigerant leak under the house, has the pipe for it, has the clasps.

Fifteen fucking days...

I couldn't even sleep last night. Neither could clover.
My hair is in a perpetual jewfro.

And of course when I call my dad (who owns the house) he gives me the "BLAAAHAHHAAUUGARHARAHGASDLKASDL:K!!! unacceptable"

and I say "well yeah, but I have to do this stupid dance or I'll hurt my friend's feelings-"

"BLASHDASKJDASDALSKJDAKJDALKSJD!!! call someone else and see if they can get in for it!!!"

my dad is a small town boy

but he doesn't understand that Topeka is not some clapper magical place where all wishes and whims are immediately fulfilled...

I dunno WHAT his expectations are for this shithole, but every time it comes up I have to explain to him that the last time I called a tech I got an automatic voicemail saying "call back monday"

"BLASDASLDA:KLJDAKJDAKFJAJDASJASLSKJDASD!! You should stay at your aunt's house"

"what about my dog?"

"BLASKD:LAJKSD:LAJKSD:LAKSD:LK!!! I hadn't thought about that, you should leave her there and just check on her"


maybe you could talk your aunt into letting her into the house"


These are really bad ideas.
These are my parents ideas on average.
Asking a favor means returning a favor.
The favor I usually return is dispraportionately high.

They think that since they're in a position to help others, and willing to do so, that other people will jump right up and do it.

This is not reality.

So yeah, everything that came up had at least a 12 minute freakout, and at least one bad idea.

My shit's all here, my dog's here. I'm not going to take responsibility for anything but my dog's safety and comfort, not the shit she breaks accidentally or chews at someone else's house.
Or the other household pets she eats.

My plan is to wait for the heat to break which should be soon, we're expecting storms
over hydrate
wear frozen clothing
take cold baths at night

turn on 4 fans and leave the windows open.

I grew up with no A/C for most of my summers.
I spent the last 5 years with the old AC unit that on a good day could get the house down to 84 degrees.

I can do this.

I'm just...
really fucking dissapointed that I have to.

That's kinda why we bought the new AC.

I'll probably wind up shaving my head and showering in the mornings out of necessity.

I can't afford anything but a cool rinse as far as time goes in the morning, and I can't afford the twirly hair for work. That and lopping off the hair will reduce my internal temperature.
Ice packs and naps are working for Clover.
For the moment.

Keep your fingers crossed for mild temperatures and storms for the next... 14 days and 12 hours.

There's the remote possibility that I can play the "I'm fucking dying man, c'mon help me out" card.
But I know my friend, and I know he's very shrewd. He has an obligation this weekend, I'm pretty sure his partner does next weekend.

I hope I can wait that long, comfortably.


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