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sh*t faced!
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48 Year Old · Male · From Nebraska · Owned by S T I C K Y and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on July 29, 2016 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on March 1st · I have a crush on someone!
48 Year Old · Male · From Nebraska · Owned by S T I C K Y and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on July 29, 2016 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on March 1st · I have a crush on someone!

Wow...really? Are you sure? Picture the little guy in Fargo being put in the wood chipper to center yourself if we are gonna get into this. I ain't little...lol. And i ain't dead...but I been chewwed up, and spit out, and booed off stage...

Take a slow, deep breath with me. Breathing is very important in pain management. It ain't easy being daniel but I am pretty freakin awesome at it if i do say so. So. Most days I'm lucky enough to still keep my faith, feel blessed and loved, and I even feel lucky in spite of this pain.

"So..come on in I guess... Did I invite you over?" *just say yes...dude's on way too many meds to remember* "There's two couches cause I'm usually using most of the firm one. Be gentle please, almost everything in my home is antique and very valuable to me. And you are here now...so that makes you valuable to me too..

I seem to be a very polarizing individual. I have the same initials and length of name as our former orangutan in charge. DJT. If you need polorizin, I'll get to you...but there's a line.

***under construction-work in progress. Mind yer step!***

Warning!!! - Any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you DO NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and....../or the comments made about my photos or any other "picture" art posted on my profile. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee, agent, student or any personnel under your direction or control the contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. UCC 1-103 1-308 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE

For those of you who do not understand the reasoning behind this posting, many sites are now a publicly traded entity. Unless you state otherwise, anyone can infringe on your right to privacy once you post to this site. It is recommended that you and other members post a similar notice as this, or you may copy and paste this version. If you do not post such a statement once, then you are indirectly allowing public use of items such as your photos and the information contained in your status. YOU HAVE TO COPY AND PASTE

48 Year Old · Male · From Nebraska · Owned by S T I C K Y and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on July 29, 2016 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on March 1st · I have a crush on someone!
I love love, can't get my fill. It has been my belief for a long time that it's all that exists here that is worth having a lot of.

I find humanity interesting. People watching is fun and a good way to learn how to keep from being an ass. Sometimes I simply can't help my reaction. Folks be crazy...thought I was crazy...then I started people watching... I'm actually doing o.k. I think lol.

My girls are my life. A gift that gets me out of bed every day. I just hang on tight and try to do good. They couldn't be more different physically but both have some healthy brains...brilliant girls. They give me undeserved pride and truthfully may be the only reason I am still here to talk to you. If that depresses you please don't let it? Severe pain gives people crazy thoughts after a couple of decades. Thank God I found God and he blessed me with a purpose other than "superlover sex machine." (I'm still that...it's just not my primary function any more. Daddy is better...I know, right? Never thought anything would be better than making love for hours on end but then Daddy trumped everything...it's a truly amazing gift.)

Took us 10 years to conceive. Practice, practice. Found out at the first c section it was because mommy has half a uterus and one functional ovary. Apparently so rare all the doctors and nurses whipped out their phones and asked to take pictures. MaLinda said from behind the curtain, "Only if you send me a copy!" The O.R. exploded in laughter. Yup...she's pretty special too. How many women on the planet with half a uterus carried 2 babies to term and never had even one contraction? My woman. She is my hero.
Star Wars
Bubble Boy
Can't Buy Me Love
Star Trek
The Breakfast Club
Finding Nemo
Pete's Dragon (only the original)
The Music Man
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Ghost Busters YES
Just One of the Guys
Sixteen Candles
Remember The Pest? Leguizamo was amazing just like Jake in Bubble Boy.
Swiss Family Robinson
The Sword in the Stone
Thou shalt not worship false idols. -God
So...Husker football which has been a joke for years now.
Ryan Newman who can't win a race to save his life. Beat Jimmie J. for rookie of the year ffs.
Deadpool I wish I had the wit and the healing powers.
Superman same, no pain
God and my wife and kids mostly.
Video Games
Right now we are playing Scooby Doo on the Wii...our next victim may be my old 64. The girls have been seriously short changed on video games. They still like to play OUTSIDE?!? Can you imagine? There's dirt, and bugs, and wind out there! It's exhausting. ?

Fu is my game just for me. I like and rate my family every day. (Mostly) I also tend to (not guaranteed every time) hit every blast I can and then visit, like, and rate one of your family that is showing when I'm on your page. I love the MUMM. If you are ever really struggling with a decision, some of the folks on here are wicked smart and you might get lucky. You may just become the butt of the joke but that's ok too. They have a way of putting things in perspective. For me at least.

Friends? I try but...Meh... are you ever logged on? Have you been here in the last week? I mean if you don't fu much I might really, really like, like-like you and still not get to your page 600 likes and rates later... Nothing personal. There's free bling over here to find...lol. If I see you on and moving I tag you asap! Happy hunting!

Ask me for the family add if you want. Got lots of room...

I flit. I'm a flitter. I go where the fu leads me. I like to find the bling things on your page. A LOT. I really like to be the first one to polish your bling things too. Not sure what that's about.

I try to return all courtesy. Let me know if I step on your toe! Please... ????

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  • daniel in the l... Literally ANY OTHER PAGE I LOAD comes right up.. fubar....even in the app...after watching the little circle circle 48 times in row..."oh? you actually wanted to go to that page you clicked 17 minutes ago?!?" Perplexing I know but we've already proved they ain't have all they marbles so......
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