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Who are the severely toxic people?
They are the ones who complain all the time. They are the ones who always blame you. They may always turn things around so things you felt they had done wrong are suddenly your fault. They overreact to bad events.

They drain your energy. It may be that they get you to spend a lot of time and emotional strength trying to cheer them up. They may bombard you with their negativity so that you have to spend energy trying to fend it off. Perhaps their constant pessimism infects you, or they always make you angry. They may be leeches who feed themselves by making you give them your positivity.  This person can literally suck the life out of you.

Toxic People in Your Life
Do you know someone who always makes you feel depressed, angry or just plain tired? Think about this person. Is he or she a complainer, or someone who always expects things to go wrong, or someone who constantly finds fault with you? Does he or she always seem more cheerful after ranting to you? If any one or more of these is the case, you likely have a toxic person on your hands.

If you have an easy way to get this person entirely out of your life, you'll be better off instantly.

Ultimately, the answer is that you can't change the other person's behavior, but you can change your own. If someone you know always triggers depression, anger or tiredness in you, examine how you react when the negativity starts and see if changing your reaction helps. If your reaction doesn't contribute to the problem, or you can't make such a change, find a way to lessen this person's presence in your life. It will be good for your health.

Fight Fire with Fire
This may be a little childish, but play a little game of "Monkey See, Monkey Do." A toxic person hates it when they get a dose of their own medicine. Make a guilt trip expert feel guilty for something that they're trying to do. Be needy towards a needy person. Be soulless towards a person with no soul. This will back a toxic person off better than anything else and give you the upper hand.

And if none of these options work and all else fails...

Clean House

Don't postpone happiness!

So - your life is not perfect. You have a multitude of things going wrong. The dark cloud may have a very faint silver lining.But you could still be happy.

So    your life is not perfect. You have a multitude of things going wrong. The dark cloud may have a very faint silver lining.

But you could still be happy. Happiness lives in you, for you and with you. There's always scope for happiness.

Happiness helps you heal, it helps infuse hope and does away with anxiety. Luxury? Ah no! Happiness is a necessity.

It's perfectly okay to be imperfect. It's okay to have had a bad day. It's okay not to climb the next rung on the ladder of success. Be happy anyway.

Why look for reasons to be happy? Do you look for reasons to exist? It's when you're not happy that you need to look for reasons. Good reasons to be the way you are.

Every moment that you spend in not being happy is a wasted moment in your life. Not a single of those moments will return. You can't relive any of them    for better or worse.

Have you a lot of things to do before you can lie back and be happy? Happiness is the ultimate triumph in life. Life in it's blazing glory.

Happiness. Don't postpone it by a single minute    no matter what's pending. This moment and every other that follows. It is the time to be happy.

Don't ever put happiness on hold. Just hold onto happiness.

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