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This was an assignment I had to do for one of my classes.  Thought I'd share it here... 

Robot type: Automatic Dog Walker AKA PuppyMatic

My robot is an automatic dog walker.

The automatic dog walker can be programmed for up to 20 dogs and will be initialized via one of four methods:
1.     It can sense when the dog needs to go to the bathroom, via sound and activity sensors placed throughout the house. And based on which collar produced certain activities, will call only that dog to the collar latching system.
2.     The owner can initialize via remote control, by pressing the “Call” button and the dog’s number to call the specific dog to the collar latching system.
3.     The system can be placed on a timing system, determined by the owner, and will call each individually programmed dog at designated times.  Timer can be turned on or off via the “T On” or “T Off” buttons.
4.     The dog can initialize by walking up to the collar latching system.

For the first three methods, a whistle will sound to get the dogs attention, his collar will gently vibrate, and a potent smelling, very yummy, healthy snack will be offered to the dog via a little treat tray. The fourth method will not use the treat tray to avoid misuse by the dog just to get treats. Upon initialization, the dog walks up to the collar latching system and gets his treat from the treat tray, if used. The collar latching system automatically detects the size of the dog (in case there’s more than one dog in the home) and latches on to the specially designed collar. If there is more than one dog in the house, the automatic sensors will block any extra dogs from entering through the gateway by detecting the additional collar(s) and creating a field, of sorts, where the dog will be incapable of passing, as long as he’s wearing his collar. Additionally, it will only allow the specified dog to enter the gateway for the snack.

Once the dog is collared, a specially designed doggy door will open, allowing the dog to pass through to the outside of the house. If the dog resists, the system will pull the dog gently through the door to show that he must go out. The doggy door will automatically close behind the dog. Once outside, the leashing system will allow the dog to roam freely, the length of the house. The leash itself, will be a twenty foot retractable leash, connected to the system that runs the length of the house. At any time, the owner can press the “Retrieve” button, either on the unit itself, or via remote control, that will automatically bring the dog back to the doggy door for reentry. Also, on a timed system, the dog will automatically be brought back for reentry so that the next dog may go out. If not brought back automatically, or by the owner, the system will detect when the dog comes back to the door and allow him to enter.

Once reentry is made, the collar latching system will automatically release the dog, who then can roam freely throughout the house.

Additionally, the dog collars are equipped with sensors to know when a dog has made a bowel movement, and the automatic pooper scooper will be deployed to retrieve the doggy poop, and package it a small baggy, which is then sealed.  The sealed bags are then deposited into the lined “poopster can” that the owner can periodically empty to the trash by just lifting out the trash liner, tying, and removing, then replacing with a new liner.

Below are the keypad and remote designs:

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