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Yeah, so like I finally posted a booty pic. When you're done laughing, you can rate and comment on it. :o) Hugz n Snugz to all.

1 comment, or 2, or bomb the hell out of me. Thanks bunches.

Please come comment me. Once I hit 2,500 votes, the sweet Uber Mr Rush will give me a Platinum Cherry. Comment as much as you wish, and often!!! Just click on the pic below to bomb away.

This blog is a special thank you to the 1,500th person to rate my profile. To thank him, I bought him this little gift of appreciation... Please join me in showing appreciation by giving him some love on his page as well. ThUmPeR

@ CherryTAP
New type of contest on my page... Pick My Stripper Name!!! Please comment as much as you want, and rate... The winning name will be the one with the most comments. And, if you think of a name that fits me better, just email it to me and if I like it, I'll add it to the contest. Go to the photo's area of my page and you'll see the contest folder called Stripper Name Contest. Scarlet Angel

@ CherryTAP
Friend needs some help. Go to her page and show lots of luv, and don't forget to rate her pics, be her friend, be her fan, and blow up her page with lots of comments.
*~* ♥ His Spoiled Cherry Princess ♥ *~*

@ CherryTAP

Vote and comment me!!! Thanks, I luv ya'll.

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