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Okay, here's my first entry for my being pregnant. First off, I'm so excited and happy, it's unbelievable!!! Soooo, I found out (unofficially) that I was pregnant January 21st just after midnight. I was about 1-1/2 weeks late on my period, and had some nausea, my boobies hurt, and my jeans were getting tight. (Oh well, no more size 4's for a while). Today, I went to the doctor and she told me I am definitely pregnant, and put me at 6 weeks. She also gave me a due date of September 17th, 2008. So, now I have to go for my ultrasound on February 19th (which is just before 10 weeks), and my first full check-up is on February 25th. I'm going to attempt to do something this time that I've never tried before. I hate keeping receipts, but just for giggles, I'm going to attempt to keep every receipt possible during the pregnancy and as long after the baby is born as possible, and keep everything in a spreadsheet, or maybe I'll even program myself a data application to use. My reason for this, is that I want to be able to look at a spreadsheet (or report) and physically see exactly how much I spent. Is that crazy? Maybe so, but I think it'll be interesting. So, there ya go. I'll post more as time goes by. Total Spent to date: $32.38. (2 tests & Doc Co-pay). Here's daddy: (Show him some luv) D J BUGZ Blue Orion Lounge

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