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First off, since I'm pregnant, I have the utmost right to be a bitch. If you don't like it...


With that being said....

Am I the only one that see's something superiorly wrong with a man who claims all bragging rights to his unborn son, yet has done NOTHING to help during the pregnancy? No emotional, physical or monetary support!!!

I know people have to work to pay bills, but is it SOOO difficult to take a day or two to travel to help out once in a while when he has no children to care for or other responsibilities that require him to be home 24/7? (He lives in Mississippi)

Am I completely nuts to think there is a difference between telling someone you love them, and proving it? Even if they live with you, and don't work, shouldn't they be the "main" housekeeper? I'm not talking white glove test, I'm just talking your basic picking up and dishes or whatever. Or is it okay for them to just complain that nothing is clean while they sit on their ass all day? (okay, off topic there, buy who cares, right?)

Soo, another thing... Is the father wishing that he could go to OB appointments the same as actually being there? I personally don't think so. Well, unless he's in jail or in the hospital in traction.

And, is wanting to have someone there to rub your tummy or your back or feet once in a while the same as wanting a slave? NO!!! It's NOT!!!

Oh yeah, and complaining that you've been kicked out for going PSYCHO, does NOT make it my fault that you're gone!!!!

So, besides working full time, and taking care of the kids (who have helped me quite a bit), here's some other things I've done in the past couple of months (even with my belly growing bigger every day and the muscle aches and pains that go along with it, not to mention all the Braxton-Hicks contractions, that, contrary to popular belief CAN be painful sometimes):

1. Mowed the lawn
2. Moved (Packing, moving and unpacking)!!!! (Although two friends traveled FAR distances to help with the heavy stuff, of which I am utmost grateful for!)
3. Fixed two lawn mowers, the a/c unit, the ceiling fan, redoing a leaky cracked toilet, and fixed the freezer!!!
4. Normal everyday stuff like cleaning, etc... (After work, and on weekends, when I'm not too sore from muscle pains to get around, or having contractions.)

Is it too much to ask to get even a little help from the man who claims he's so happy about having a son, while at the same he says he's wishing he was dead for ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING REASON?

Granted, I'm capable of doing ALMOST anything without a man around the house, and I pride myself on that. But, being pregnant, I think it's a little more than desirable to have someone who's at least willing to help out in some way!!

Okay, be mad at me, I don't care!!! I got it out of my system and I feel better now!
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