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Old Coder Blog
Fubar Wishlist - Post Your Suggestions Here!
Please post your suggestions and feedback here. This is not a support blog. Please be constructive or your comment will be deleted. Thanks -feature requests-gift ideas-feature enhancements-crazy ideas you think are cool
OWNER @ Click this link to visit us in **NSFW** If you have not been to our lounge recently, you're missing out! Come listen and chat! **NSFW** come for the company... stay for the tunes... keep comin back for the FUN! Please come join in the fun!!! bartenders, barmaids, greeters, promoters,enforcers,managers,co-owner OWNER @ Click this link to visit us in **NSFW** If you have not been to our lounge recently, you're missing out! Come listen and chat! **NSFW** come for the company... stay for the tunes... keep comin back for the FUN! Please come join in the fun!!! bartenders, barmaids, greeters, promoters,enforcers,managers,co-owner
New Ideas For Features Or Enhancements?
in the early days of fubar everyone knew to come to me with any new ideas for features on the site... but lately, not many people have! 99% of everything we've ever done on the site was triggered by a member bringing it to our attention... so lets keep that tradition alive! so, feel free to lay any ideas for features or for enhancements on me, here, in this blog. you can also private message me if you're shy or don't want anyone else to know! :-) please no tech support questions or bitching about policies, you'll be donkey punched. thanks!
Lost Angel
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Symbol Of Our Friendship
You are a "Truly Special" friend of mine and I wanted you to know how much our friendship means to me. Please click on the "Click Here To Get The Code" button at the bottom of this message, and send this to everyone that is "Truly Special" to you and let them know how you feel! if you recieve: ----------------- 1 - 3 ( Awww, a couple people really care about you! ) 4 - 6 ( Damn, you are loved aren't you! ) 7 - 12 ( WOW! Your friends absolutly adore you!!! ) Click the above image to rate / rip / comment! Copy the code below and post to your friends You are a "Truly Special" friend of mine and I wanted you to know how much our friendship means to me. Please click on the "Click Here To Get The Code" button at the bottom of this message, and send this to everyone that is "Truly Special" to you and let them know how you feel!if you recieve:-----------------1 - 3 ( Awww, a couple people really care about you! )4 - 6 ( Damn, you are loved aren't you! )7 - 12 ( WOW! Your friend
Pick Out Any And All That Apply And Comment And Then Give A Big Fuck You To People Who Believe This Shit
Ok people lets do this, pick out any and all that apply and comment and then give a big fuck you to people who believe this shit. READY ……….GO 1. I'M SKINNY, so I MUST be bulimic. 2. I'm EMO, so I MUST cut my wrists. 3. I'm a NEGRO so I MUST carry a gun. 4. I'm BLONDE AT HEART, so I MUST be a ditz 5. I'm JAMAICAN so I MUST smoke weed. 6. I'm HAITIAN so I MUST eat cat. 7. I'm ASIAN, so I MUST be smart. 8. I'm JEWISH, so I MUST be greedy. 9. I'm GAY, so I MUST have AIDS. 10. I'm a LESBIAN, so I MUST have a sex-tape. 11. I’m ARAB, so I MUST be a terrorist. 12. I SPEAK MY MIND, so I MUST be a bitch. 13. I'm RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat. 14. I'm ATHEIST so i MUST hate the world. 15. I DON'T HAVE A RELIGION, so I MUST be "evil" and not have any morals. 16. I'm REPUBLICAN, so I MUST not care about poor people. 17. I'm DEMOCRAT, so I MUST not believe in being responsible. 18. I am LIBERAL, so I MUST b
How To Do A Salute Picture Tutorial
How do I make a Salute? Take a photo of yourself with the following information clearly displayed in the photo. 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2. Your Member ID number, (which is located in the end of your URL address; ) 3. AND, the words: fubar The following items will be accepted as a complimentary addition to your salute: You wearing a fubar t-shirt or you in front of your fubar homepage (not your profile page or any other fubar page) that is CLEARLY visible. Photoshopped or any type print will NOT be accepted. Grainy and barely legible salutes will NOT be accepted. Salutes placed in a PRIVATE album will NOT be accepted. Examples of acceptable salutes: HERE ARE THE STEPS TO TAKE:
Girls Guide: Understanding Men By The Comments They Make
For you girls out there, here is a little guide to help you understand men by the comments they make. Category 1: Men that say you are hot or sexy. Not the type that read profiles. Always jumps into the most nude pic you got and dump a "Hot" before jerking off. Would you ever sleep with this guy you can be sure he will come before he gets his pants off. Category 2: Men that say you are amazing, awesome, stunning, or wow. A nice but slightly retarded guy. Someone that will follow your every step and do whatever you tell him... if he gets it. However, you might need to tell him to close the mouth once in a while unless you want people to stare. Having sex means you do the work. Category 3: Men that say your are georgeous or beautiful. This is the a fishing type that throw around generous comments to see what surface. Sometimes use foreign language to sound more interesting. Not very picky. Could easily do with miss Godzilla as long as the lights are turned off in the be
Daily Happyhour Giveaway!
I want to try something new. How about a simple little contest where I give away a happyhour each day, for free? Sounds like a great idea to me! :D To be entered in the contest, all you have to do is go to the photo in your fubar album that you'd like to submit, click the 'link to photo' link under the photo and copy the html embed code with the thumbnail and paste it into a comment in this blog post. the photo should contain YOU and any of the following: * wearing a fubar t-shirt. * wearing fubar skivvies (the "i *heart* babyjesus" ones might get you extra brownie points!). * fubar written on your body somewhere (tattoo's count!). Bonus points will be added for members of the armed forces who're currently deployed, strippers, and people who are generally supportive of the website. I'll give away a Happyhour each day, based on any comments from the previous day. You can submit the same comment/photo on different days if you like, but please don't post the same thing mu
More Details On The Updated Fubar Level System!
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know what to expect when we release the revamped fubar leveling system in the next few days. We're hoping to launch it by Friday, but it might come on Monday. * We're going to reduce the amount of points required for all levels. To reach the top level (50) you'll need around 500M points. You currently need 700M to reach level 45, so it'll be easier for everyone. Our goal is to get more people leveling up. * We've removed the road-blocks that really made it really annoying to level up: Fan 25 newbies at level 20, be at exactly 50% buzz at level 22, get referrals at levels 26/28/30, be a VIP at level 35, perform level up action for 15 members at level 42, * Initially choosing an Angel/Demon side will only cost 1M fubucks down from 10M. Changing sides will cost 5M fubucks. * We've reduced the pain on a lot of the existing requirements to level up. For example, the MuMM 500 vote requirement has been reduced to 25 votes. :-) * We've added so
I Posted A Mum
I posted a mum about how WE as tax payers are giving obama's mother in law $5000.00 a week to baby sit.I asked if that is fair to us. Some ass hole said it is.Talk about an idiot(must be on welfare).Why should this bitch get so much money? Simple because she is a taking piece of shit like her daughter and son in law.They are all crap who will destroy the USA.
Changes To The "pimp Out" Feature..
Hey guys, So basically, the reason we've had to change it up is that it was simply to powerful as a feature. There wasn't enough space in the online bar for all the people who wanted to be pimped out. That leaves me with 2 options, A) I can make it so expensive (either using credits, ability points, etc) that fewer people can do it, or B) I can move it into space that will support the number of people who want to be pimped out. I chose B. We're still working on it to get people as much exposure as they had in the online bar, but we'll get there.It just take some tweaks and feedback from everyone to make it happen. -mike
Poetry Site And Photography Site
For Daddies
My Little Angel I felt your presence there inside of me, nestled soft and warm; Sweet scent of baby's breath, precious words left unadorned. I saw your tiny heartbeat, then I knew that you were fine; A perfect baby we created, one that would be mine. Then that tragic day it came there was nothing I could do, Only wait and hope for the precious life of you. Yes in the beginning your daddy was afraid; Only he would love you unconditional and never run away. He loved you more this I do know, as he cried for you that day, When the doctor said that you were gone, daddy wanted you to stay. He would have held you close to him, and see your perfect form, A gift of daddy's love, would have kept you safe and warm. Only now you are an angel over me beautiful and bare, My heart would hurt if you cried for me and mommy was not there. Still we are together in my heart and memories, You are still a part of my memory. Rest gentle now 'sweet baby' there
come by my page and sign my guestbook. thanks all
New Fubar Coder Lounge Motd Section Breakdown Explanations
The Mistletoe Contest!
Please be patient while the image loads...rate/re-rate the blog while you're waiting? :) CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS....SYN, AND LADY DI! FINAL SCOREBOARD: 1901 - Cyth - 2 2573 - Jumpmaster82 - 500 3284 - Radioguy - 5144 3420 - Tobruk - 1 3734 - Wolf - 2 6304 - Barbie Doll - 40 7050 - Catch & Release - 1 9903 - Kimmy - 9720 17271 - mrluvvit - 60 20983 - Pete - 1 22902 - Whips - 10 27338 - Blue Eyed Devil - 1 28953 - Gman01 - 15 28962 Juicy 1 29902 - Whips - 3 33820 - PetiteFleur - 4 34979 Stang 1 37124 - ME - 2 37744 - Dark - 2 38622 - JR - 1 39117 - Jay - 1 39589 - Lord - 20 - Blocked me after delivery. 39861 - mjblett - 7 40727 - Hooligan Inc - 1 44435 - Jose - 2 45062 - nicklzz - 1 45194 - Blair - 1 45592 - Country Girls Love Country Boys - 10 47004 - J Bumb - 2 47207 OrangeBananas 11 47508 - RJ - 2 48767 - David - 16 51751 - Liberty - 2 53020 - William - 10 59120 - SexyPirate13 - 410 60152 - Crazy Bitch - 2 62416 - Ch
Military - Blue Fridays
International Picture of the Year Here are two very touching photos honored this year 1st Place First Place Todd Heisler The Rocky Mountain News When 2nd Lt. James Cathey's body arrived at the Reno Airport , Marines climbed into the cargo hold of the plane and draped the flag over his casket as passengers watched the family gather on the tarmac. During the arrival of another Marine's casket last year at Denver International Airport , Major Steve Beck described the scene as so powerful: 'See the people in the windows? They sat right there in the plane, watching those Marines. You gotta wonder what's going through their minds, knowing that they're on the plane that brought him home,' he said 'They will remember being on that plane for the rest of their lives. They're going to remember bringing that Marine home. And they should.' 2nd Place Second Place Todd Heisler The Rocky Mountain News The night before the burial of her hu
Layout Maker
We've made our own CherryTap Skin Layout Generator. Add Background images, edit your background colors and fonts and more. Only at Check it out
Real Straight Single Guy In Los Angeles
My Name is Bob and I am seeking a single female that Lives in Los Angeles to have a relationship with or some thing else, email me. I can say for a fact that all dating sites and craigslist are flooded, with marketers that try to fool you into believing they are real people and try to get you to buy something. I went to Schurr High School 2000-2004 and East Los Angeles College for a While. I am a Freelance Multimedia Designer(Video, Audio, Graphics) as well as Website Designer and a Notary Public. I am 5'8 and 175 Lbs I am mixed race mainly Scottish and Spanish but Im part Native American so I have a stigmatism and alot of people think I am Asian. I dont drink or smoke but, I dont have a problem around it, having been around those things most of my life. Alot of people say I am very Funny at times. I Like to give as well as get!!!!! I would like you to email me at
(how To) Nsfw_list
(How To) Nsfw ListIt's not secret info.It's not late breaking news.It's arguably's most discussed topic.NSFW Content Displayed On Fubar.comI'm pretty sure you've gotten that message in your inbox... the nasty letter from Fubar Shop informing you that your favorite picture of you wearing a speedo, bra or thong has been flagged as containing adult content (commonly referred to as Not Safe For Work or NSFW for short). I'm also sure you've looked at that photo and said, "Well, I don't see this as offensive" and stormed into the Support Lounge or sent a shout / private message to a Fubar Bouncer and stated, "Please, Tell me why this image is offensive??" or gave a small rambling of "Member Unfairness."It seems the bigger issue is that the general membership and the bouncers that moderate public areas are not on the same page when it comes to what is considered SFW and what is trulyNSFW.This article/blog will serve two purposes:To educate the reader on exactly what bouncers are ins
Oops I Think I Goofed
Well its true ... and there is more info about it on Losses and gains .. LOL I guess thats what happens when your all messed up over seeing that special someone.
(how To) Clean_cookies_&_cache
(How_To) Clean_Cookies_&_CacheWhat is Cache?Cache is often referred to as Temporary Internet Files and is located in a folder on your Systems Drive. This folder usually contains a kind of travel record of the items you have either seen, heard, or downloaded from the Web (whether it be Images, Sounds, Web Pages or even Website Cookies.Storing these files can make browsing the Web faster because it usually takes your computer less time to display a Web page when it can call up some of the page's elements or even the entire page from your local Temporary Internet Files folder.Internet Explorer 6PLEASE BE ADVISED!!! INTERNET EXPLORER 6 IS NO LONGER (TERMINALLY IN USE) SUPPORTED PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK TO Update_Internet_Explorer. THIS COMES AS A WARNING TO ALL MEMBERS WHO DO STILL USE THE IE6 INTERFACE..Cleaning Internet Explorer's Cookies & CacheInternet Explorer is the main browser for storing Cookies & Cache and is the one that typically needs cleaning out the most.Follow the steps belo
Cravin Family Members!!!!!
PLEASE RATE BLOG BEFORE YOU READ If you would like to become family to view all of my naughty pictures all you have to do is buy me a blast. The pictures ARE worth it... There is a lil of everything in there *wink* Please understand why i do this... i cant let just anyone into my private pictures... if i did that id have over 2,000 people in family, and i cant even have over 50 :P 1 day blast = 1 week in my NSFW pictures 3 day blast = 1 month in my NSFW pictures 7 day blast = 2 months in my NSFW pictures 30 day blast = 6 months in my NSFW Pictures 1 BlingPack = 2 months in my NSFW pictures If you want a NSFW salute??? Get Me A Blingpack and You will get one... Just Private Message Me so I will know what you want it to say!!! Please message me before you send the blast *If you cant afford a blast or you dont have a CC you can send Me 1 milllion Fubucks (using the fu-pal link on my page) to get a 1 day peek into my private folders* I update my private pictures every
Cherrytap Is Fubar?!
sometime next week i'm going to rename the site to fubar. you'll still be able to go to, or both will go to the same place and all the old links will still work. you're probably asking yourself why is babyjesus such a psycho? well, if you've read my blogs you'll notice i've never been a super best friends fan of the name cherrytap...(anyone get that reference?) fubar is also much faster to type. besides, the name doesn't make the site... the people that use it do. before any rumors start: * no the site hasn't been sold to anyone, it's still the same crazy folks running things. * no we're not planning to do anything different on the site after the name change. * we're not resetting accounts or anything. * old salutes with in them are still valid, but after the name change you'll have to specify fubar in all new salutes. * once we have fubar shirts made, i'll exchange any cherrytap shirts purchased from us for fubar s
Updated Mumm Policy
Please do not email asking why your MuMM was deleted. If it did not fall into the guideline below and was deleted, please read the last paragraph closely. Once a month we will turn all of the people who have lost their MuMMs back on. Until then you are able to make friend MuMMs. Please read: MUMM Guidelines MUMM stands for Make Up My Mind. It is designed to be a platform to allow you to pose a question that has an A and B option. MUMMs are NOT designed to promote yourself or anyone else, gain points, advertise an event or commercialized product, or promote racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical harm against any group or individual. MUMMs must also NOT contain inappropriate conduct, phone numbers and contact information, nudity, violence, or offensive subject matter, nor can it provide links to adult websites. Any use of PHOTOS or VIDEOS posted in the MUMMs must be appropriate and relevant to that MUMM, or the MUMM will be deleted. MuMM comments must not contain NSFW
The Unofficial But Official Demon And Angel Blog
This is the place to post your rants, ideas, feedback and questions about the new levels. Eric and I will do our best to answer yoru questions as quickly as possible.
In Regards To Fumafia Scrub Changes
Hey Thanatos and all concerned players,I'm going to address your blog because I respect that you took the time to make a place for this and that you care about your point of view and that a lot of people are passionate on this subject.First of all I have to say, there's a very common misconception regarding fuMafia and it's that people complain and that, in turn, causes unfavorable changes. I actually monitor about a zillion statistics on the game (more than one person alone really should be although I think we'll be getting more in-house resources soon) and first and foremost I'll say that I have had a growing problem with the way in which scrubs were used and have weighed this decision carefully for a while before making the call.They were making plenty of revenue even in spite of the free ones from platinum mastery because even those players bought extra slots. Also scrubs gave the game another dimension of trading and bartering.But hands down, they were not intended for this use.
Check Out Scratchers On Itunes!
If you have a mobile phone, check out Scratchers the latest creation from the team. If you like lottory tickets but hate buying them, this is a super addicting game for your mobile phone.
*new!!*** How To Broadcast A Webcam In Dukes!!
go to http://www.ustream.tvAfter making sure your webcam is connected, and no other Programsare using it, (Yahoo) go to and select 'LogIn'.Make sure to pick an empty cam (1 through 6 are left to right) anduse the following log ins: Cam 1 Login: dukes2009 PW: nodrama Cam 2 Login: dukes2011-1 PW: nodrama1 Cam 3 Login: dukes2011-2 PW: nodrama2 Cam 4 Login: dukes2009-3 PW: nodrama3 Cam 5 Login: dukes2009-4 PW: nodrama4 Can 6 Login: dukes2009-5 PW: nodrama5 After Logging in, Press the orange "GO LIVE" button in the top right corner. If all is well, a pop up window will appear... GIVE IT TIME to LOAD... Misuse of cams will result in banning from Lounge. Cams, as well asLounge is NSFW. Please be polite.
(how To)adding_music
(How To) Adding Music™Everyone listens to a different Genre of music (whether it be Rap, Metal, Rock or any of the other Genre's out there). There are a few ways to listen to music online and I will try my best to give you a few Music Players and How To Add Them To Your Fu-Profile. For those that don't know what an Online Music Player is it pretty much sums it up in its name being that it is a way for members to let other members listen to the typical music that particular member may or may not like.Below I have added an embed player from with a rewrite of the code below so the player is ready for an easy embed.Copy the code below I will explain further down how to add it to your profile page
(how To) For New_members
(How_To) For New MembersThe Information in this Blog should be helpful to get you started on Fubar.Any of the links listed in this blog will have a dotted border on the bottom so you can better navigate the blog as well as learn the different areas Fubar has to offer..The first place were gonna start ya off on is the Fubar Bible.The Bible is comprised of valuable information that answers most of your about how the site works..Below is a few of the things listed in the Fubar Bible...What Are Points And How Do I Earn Them?For starters, every point earned is a fubuck earned. You earn points while you surf and interact on Fubar. When you reach a certain level, you will unlock features and benefits such as increased photo storage, ability to rate an
Couple Updates To The Site Today..
for those who haven't noticed, we just enabled some updated tooltips. they look about the same as before, but we redid a bunch of the javascript and other logic that made them work. hopefully they're much smoother, more reliable and easier to use than before (this includes the tooltips used in the shoutbox). if things seem weird for you, hold your shift key down and hit the 'refresh' button on your browser. that should force your browser to download the newest javascript if it missed any earlier. let me know if you notice any problems with the updated tooltips, or if they seem to work better. also, i'm just about done with the top dudes and chicks of fubar page. i'll probably make it public tomorrow afternoon. the rankings will be generated every week (probably wednesday nights). we have a couple other good enhancements that will hopefully be ready before monday.... stay tuned! -mike
Bling Polishing! (preview)
We're about to launch the Bling Polishing feature on the site. This is simply a way for everyone to earn more points and have their old bling work for them. :-) It's free and everyone can polish bling. If you have bling that needs polishing, you can polish a few yourself but you'll want to get other people to come polish it for the maximum amount of points. Both the polisher and the polishee (is that a word?) get points. It works like this: All bling items have a few levels of cleanliness. Every 24 hours they get a little 'dirtier'. Whenever they're polished, they go back to their perfectly clean state and the polisher and polishee gain points. The number of points gained by both people are effected by all bonuses (Happyhour, buzz, etc) and by the credit value of the item being polished. More points are earned by polishing higher value items, however, it's linear. We did this so there isn't a benefit for having really high value bling and there's no penalty for having a bun
Nsfw Pics
I must have your attention, so if your looking here you must want access to my NSFW pics, well you need to either buy me a VIP, fubling pack, or blast to get into my family. Your family status will last for as long as your Blast or VIP is for.. If you would like to have a lifetime of seeing my pics, as I will be adding more as I take them, buy me a Happy Hour... Please message me before you buy anything though, as I may have you give the gift to one of my many closest friends. Lemme tell ya... I'M WORTH IT! And for you ppl who think "why should i pay", well its like this, I worked alot of hours to take all my pics by myself, and consider them art (both for my body art, and the way they were taken). Art is priceless and a very important part of my life, and I hope if you took the time to read this, it will become a part of yours as well. Alicia
Silver Dollar Radio
Fubar World Cruise Passengers, Page 1
♫♪♫ ♫♪♫ Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking .. Welcome to the Fubar World Cruise, where you can get more friends, fans, page rates and fugifts. Please rate this blog, its #29 so far in the top blogs woohooo well done everyone ;o) You need to rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members as well as all of the passengers to be added. If any members come up as invalid in these blogs, please message me to let me know so I can remove them, thank you. You can see the Crew List and rules here. You MUST rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members as well as all of the passengers to be added. IF ANY PASSENGERS HAVE THEIR PROFILE PAGES SET TO "FRIENDS ONLY", SEND THEM A PRIVATE MESSAGE INFORMING THEM THAT YOU ARE JOINING THE FUBAR WORLD CRUISE AND TO RATE FAN AND ADD YOU, AND THAT YOU WILL RATE AND FAN THEM ONCE YOU'RE ADDED TO THEIR FRIENDS LIST, THANKS! Our Passengers (1-100) ...
Browser Update 101
We get questions daily from user's who are having browser issues and blame these problems on fubar. The first thing you should do when you are having trouble with using the site is to assume it is your browser. I could write a book on reason's why and how this happens. To put it in fubaraian terms, browsers fail, browser addons can fail or overide normal browser functions, browsers need updating, browsers need refreshing, user's spy ware can overide functionality, running multiple tabs on a browser, slow connections and the list goes on. Browsers are not hard to understand, but if you think that something you downloaded two months ago is current, then you should read this closely. Browsers upate weekly if not more often. Getting the latest greatest is not always the best choice, but making sure you have a few things updated will help you avoid user error a.k.a browser errors...... The following tips should help you. 1. Dumping your browser history and cleaning your restarting your
The Secret To Fu!!!!
I just wanted to bring attention to some people who make fu more enjoyable for me. If you don't have them on your friends list, you are truly missing out. If you get a chance stop by and check them out. These people are always nice, DRAMA FREE and all have salutes! Please take a moment and go check these people out. Add them if you don't have them. Rate, re-rate, fan, buy them a drink. Something! They are all amazing people. Let them know that H2H send you! (They are in no certain order. And I am sure I am missing many many people. Please don't be offended if I didn't get you in this bulletin. ) ŦΣƒƒ @ fubar *~La*La~* Hard2Handle FuWife @ fubar MsCharlotte2U~ No Rate~No Add~ @ fubar Ryot Gyrl @ fubar ~JEWELIA~ @ fubar babyjesus @ fubar [[FĸFcє]]™@ fubar
Fumafia Missions : Part 3. Deeper Look Into
(this blog is under construction) Below is a description of FuMafia Mission Rewards for the completion of the five stages. Bronze Stages yield skill points Silver Stages yield cash dividends Gold Stages yield greater skill points. Platinum Stages Rewards Listed Below. 1. Break Into A HouseCongratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded:* $800,000 cash.2. ShopliftCongratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded:* $1,000,000 cash.* 5 Pipe Bombs.3. Mug SomebodyCongratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded:* $1,300,000 cash.* 10 Pipe Bombs.4. Steal A CarCongratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded:* 5 Military Jeeps.* 5 Abandoned Storefront.* 20 Pipe Bombs.5. Break Into A BusinessCongratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery
Just Don't Touch The Dame.
Yesterday should have been a good day. Beautiful day, sun was out, warming my skin. Summer called to say it was on its way. Jacket weather was cancelled for the day. I was content. My first class was stuffy so I took off my jacket, something I have not been able to do for far in the semester and got my homework out, paying no attention to the girl sitting next to me. As I sat down, she did something I have had happen way too much. She turn to me, said, "Oh you have a tattoo back there," (Referring to the back of my arm) and proceeded to lift the arm of my shirt to have a look. She touched my arm and asked me about the tattoo. "It's a tattoo," I told her, shrugged and started taking down notes for class. I was already upset about what had happened, but let it go. I tend to do that all the time. Today was different, 6 different times it happened in one day. People grabbing at my shirt, pulling my arm, touching my work. Just wanting to take a look. I'm not trying to be conceited here.
The $1,000,000 Valentine!
Please read the entire blog before you order or ask questions (I've added F.A.Q. at the bottom). Blog rates and re-rates are appreciated! :) Game F.A.Q. 1. Can I buy them for anyone, or just the people in the photo album? ~ You may purchase as many as you like, for as many members as you like, with only one exception. I WILL deliver to bouncers, but I will NOT deliver to "yellow". This means, no hearts for babyjesus or Scrapper will be valid. They have enough to do without being swamped. 2. I sent my bucks, but I haven't heard anything from you. What's the deal? ~ The deal is that I go from back to front in my inbox. I do this so that I can make and deliver hearts in the order they were received. Once I've opened your email,you will get a reply from me. After that, your hearts will be delivered in my next set. I usually do about 75 orders at a time. During my last game, I received HUNDREDS of requests daily - this is why I appreciate your patience. I will get to them, it j
Fubar Street Team Bounty
I am moving the Fubar Street Team Bounty Vault to this blog. Please post your bounty as a comment and provide a little information on the who, what, where and how. Here are a few of the ones that people have turned in. Please post in your gallery in a folder called Fubar Street Team. You can then copy the image link and paste into a comment. This will allow us to see results more quickly. Also, it gives other users the option to click to your page.
What Do You Hate Most About Fubar?
You can be honest... lay it on me in the comments. :-) -mike edit: someone just sent me a PM asking why i bothered to post this blog, since i don't read the comments anyway. well, if you post a comment you'll notice it says i have to approve it before it shows up... so yes, i do in fact read every single comment left. :P
Bluehost Reviews
BlueHost Reviews
What I Do (and Do Not Do) For Fubar
NOTE: If you were redirected here from my SB or PM, please read the whole thing. If after doing so you have a smart retort to SB or PM my way, then you've missed the point and you may be bounced from fubar briefly as a form of "free bar etiquette correction". I work on a ton of things here: 1) Programming (features/bug fixes) -- more specifically: fuMafia, lounges, forums, new levels, etc, etc, etc... Pretty much any new feature or one that needs tweaking I'll have some involvement with. 2) Abuse/Spam Prevention 3) A bunch of other things 4) Documenting and dealing with chronic TOS violators What I don't do: 1) Handle support questions or ANY direct inquiries for ANY of the above in response to direct shouts or PMs. Why? Because, my attention is focused *after* a due process which escalates the highest priority items to my attention. Also I monitor a number of aggregate sources to find and correct things that are going on with fubar. Here's a dialog that I'
What Do You Love Or Hate About The New Level System?
Please give us constructive feedback on the new levels? You know you want to be a bad ass motherfucker!
Updates In The Works For Fubar: Indie Bands, Referral System And Levels.
We've been working on some big changes for fubar! First up, we're going to be adding support for Band Profiles. We're focusing on small / local / indie bands and will allow them to upload their music and keep in touch with their fans. Part of this will also be a daily contest where we can all vote on our favorite new music, and we'll be sending cash to the Peoples Favorite band each day. We'll also be doing a monthly contest and sending the best band $10,000! We're hoping to have this live on the site in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned! Next up is simplifying the referral process. I want to do better rewards for people who invite their friends and for those who's friends are actually online. To make this happen I'm going to simplify the referral process so (hopefully) there's less confusion. In the near future the only people who will show up in your referral list will be those who you've invited via email. We'll also update all the home pages to show you whenever your referrals are
Uggs Sale Nederland
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Contest Stress,high Blood Pressure.
Well today hasn't been my Best Day with some Awesome Friends, an myself.This morning I had to remove a Dear friend for Insubordination.Not something I Wanted to do,But something I had to do.That was Elizabeth,we weren't just Friends here we also were friends on Y Messenger.Then I posted a Blog,an my Awesome Friend Traci~Tall Blonde.Got Wicked Pissed at me.She then removed me from her Family as well.To Top it off,I had to Abort Comment Bombing for Stacy.There was noway we'd catch up with 7,000 point lead from the Leader in the 1st. to 35,000 Contest.It's Strictly up to Individuals in my Family if they want to keep at it,or Abort.Been a Bit Stressed.Then I had a Club F.A.R ,Disorderly Bitch .Down Rated a Morph.Thats like a Cardinal Sin to me.I don't give a Damn who u are,.They can stay off my pg.if they want to be an Asshole.I gave her an Aditude an left a Bad Comment.She return'd a Worse comment.Which I Should have Copied an Pasted,but didn't.So then I blocked her Ass.I had just come ba
Final Fantasy Xiii - New Lightning Image - Amazing Quality.
For those that don't know, Lightning is the name of the female character in the Final Fantasy XIII trailers. And here is a new picture of her! Amazing!
Achievement And Level Up Requirements
Hey folks.....We want your help. It's time add some new level up requirements and NEW achievements. We have a bunch of cool ideas, but we wanted to see what ideas you might have. Please post your ideas in the comments or you can message me.
How Do I Fill Out A Cca?
The CCA form is sent to members after they have made several purchases on fubar. The CCA process verifies you are the card holder. Most likely you have been sent this form before and ignored it. Copy and paste this link into your browser and you SHOULD be able to access the online CCA form. If the above link does not work or you are using someone else's card, you will have to Download the CCA form and FAX or email a signed copy to (650) 261-9669 or Click Here to Download CCA Form Here If you use debit/pay as you go or multiple cards, please note in the comments and list the card. If you use PAYPAL, please enter your account information that you have registered with PAYPAL. We are NOT asking you for credit card numbers or anything we do not have on file from your previous transactions. Anyone using someone's card other than their own is required to complete a CCA form and have the card holder cosign the form.Click Here
Hot Fantasy Of Mine
Sitting on a stool at the hotel bar we sip our drinks and chat. We are beaming and the entire bar can see it. Every hot man is checking me out and every hot chic is giving you the bedroom eyes. Smiling at the end of the bar, a man and his wife give us a nod and then look back at each other. Getting off on the attention that we are receiving you put your hand on my thigh and start to slide under my skirt, all the men lean over to catch a peek. Getting to the point of no return we decide to pay up and leave. As we walk out I see the sign for the hotels pool and tug at your shirt. It is 3 am and the room is empty, just a blue green light which reflects from the lights under the pool. We walk into the room, me in front of you and you walking super close behind me with your arms around me, kissing my neck and rubbing your hands along the front of my blouse. Knowing that we are alone you squat in front of me and reach under my skirt and slide my panties down my legs. Standing, you lo
Fubar World Cruise Rules & Crew List
♫♪♫ ♫♪♫ Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. Welcome aboard the Fubar World Cruise, where you can get more friends, fans, page rates and fu gifts when you join, as well as have fun and have a party. Please rate this blog, its #30 so far in the top blogs woohooo well done everyone ;o) It is free to join us, but feel free to buy any of us a drink or any other gifts during happy hours LOL. There are just a few simple rules to abide by as a member which are as follows ... 1} You MUST rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members and the passengers. Please remember to put "Fubar World Cruise" in the add request or the passengers may not add you. If you do not do all 3 of the above, you will not be added to the cruise, sorry. If their page comes up as friends only, put in friends request saying Fubar World Cruise then you will be able to rate and fan them once they add you. 2} Once you have completed n
Primary Photo / Avatar Policy Update.
Starting on Thursday, we will begin enforcing a new policy for primary photos / avatars and it will apply to everyone. This does not effect non-primary photos (i.e.: random stuff in your photo albums), only the photo that you select to be next to your name everywhere on the site. The policy will be: * no bare chests. (men, or women... duh) * no lingerie, bras, or underwarez. * nothing deemed sexually suggestive, at our discretion. Any primary photos which we find in violation of the policy will be marked as NSFW (even if they wouldn't normally have been marked NSFW had they NOT been a primary photo). Repeated offenses will result in suspension and/or removal of your account (the same as if you break other rules on the site, repeatedly). We want as many people to have fun and enjoy the site as possible and quite frankly, some of you who've been abusing our lenient primary photo policies have started turning into something a lot of us simply don't want to u
Have You Douched Your Browser Lately?
With all the new browsers out there, everyone seems to have their favorite. I use firefox and chrome and bounce to Opera and IE when I am testing stuff. I am not an engineer when it comes to browsers, but I do know they get jacked up often. It happens for various reasons. The following are are few of the things that can turn your browser upside down. 1. Make sure your frigging internet is up. I know it sounds stupid, but check your connections. It happens to the best of us. 2. Have you installed any software lately. Maybe the software you installed screwed the boot. You will have to uninstall the screwed up copy. Restart your computer and install the new copy. Restart your computer and see if that fixes it. 3. Addons are huge reason for browser malfunctions. I can't tell you how many times this is the culprit. Make sure you know your addons or extensions. There are some seedy companies out there who use them for not so nice reasons. Be sure to check out the history of any browser ex
Mobile Fubar
We have three types of fubar mobile experiences. 1. Mobile Browser - accessing through your browser on your phone. 2. Iphone App - downloading from iTUnes 3. Droid App - downloading from Google. I am looking for people to test and use the apps and browser experience and give feedback. Please send me a message if you are interested. This is your chance to help us help you! I am looking for Can you please take this survye Please answer these questions and message back to me. The more detailed the better. It doesnt need to be a book. Which phone are you on? Droid or iPhone or Mobile Browser Experience 1. What do you like 2. What do you not like 3. Did you experience any bugs 4. What would you like to see added 5. What would make you use the app more. 6. Any other thoughts or feedback. If you can test in the browser as well the app and give me feedback on each that would be great.
The Real Lost Cherry Scrolls..
Episode IV A long time ago on a social site far far away.... .......... A long time ago when this was site was called called Lost Cherry... . Baby Jesus , Scrapper and the rest of the Fubar family...... ..decided to make their own site, hoping that it would be a cool place to chill...a land for regulated...a place to escape, and far away from the lies , spam and emo children of myspace.... ..imagine this site with No VIP, No Happy Hours, No Bling Packs, No Blogs, No Top Anything of the week, Top Photos of the Hour, No Bling, No ability to comment on bulletins, No Block features, No Privacy Settings, The Highest Level was 20, No Salute Pictures, No Amber Alerts, the most expensive gift cost 10,000 fubucks, No Fupal, No Tickers, the term "NSFW" was not created was called "adult"... could be 13 to join the site. There were no angels or devils, no godfathers, It had less than 70,000 profiles (the actual member count no one knows), No Crushe
1 Rate & Raffle
RATE 1 CONTEST PIC AND BE ENTERED INTO A RAFFLE THE FOLLOWING IS FROM KAYLA'S BLOG LATEST NEWS:I am in a contest, "Summertime Bikini Contest." The one with the most rates wins. Please click on the photo below and rate it for me please? If you rate the pic, leave a comment on it, and PM me that you rated it, Please title the message as "RATED CONTEST PIC 4 RAFFLE ENTRY", I will be raffling off your choice of a 2 day family add OR 1 Pimpout and will be drawing from those that rated the pic for me. (You must have a Fubar approved Salute to be added to my family.) Be sure to send the Private Message/email if you want to be entered in the raffle, as I will be going from my PM's only.If you refer other people to rate my contest pic, and comment on the Contest Photo that you referred them- Person who sends the most referrals will be added to my family for 5 days OR win an altruize (my points for 12 hours while I am running a Boomy). (You still must have a Fubar approved Salute to b
List #1 Of Current Club F.a.r. Members List - Members
My Health
"Why am I in the hospital?" I started to get really sick in August of 2007. After many tests, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. The tests also showed indicated a brain tumor. Over the next several months, I underwent many more tests and my health continued to decline. After Krissy found me blacked out, I was admitted into the hospital in mid-August of 2008. Since my admission to the hospital, I have been undergoing radiation therapy. These treatments have caused a number of side effects. The radiation treatments crashed my immune system resulting in meningitis and pneumonia. Additionally, I have lost my hair, my good eye sight, some of my hearing, and my voice. One of the worse parts is the never ending pain I have inside my torso! It seems that the pain is so bad that I can barely breath or think. I also feel like I have the flu but 1000% times worse than I have ever had. I have to have dialysis due to kidney issues from the meningitis. I started to have major respirat
Want To Join The Fubar Street Team?
The purpose of the Fubar Street Team is to promote! Get the word our in any way you can! We want some more cool peeps on fubar! As a Street Team Prospect - Please go through the following as do it as your time allows. This is volunteer, dont stress urself on anything. - You must have an approved salute - Add the Fubar Street Team page as a friend: Make Street Team folder in your pictures. Once you are accepted as a friend, you will be able to continue on and view the blogs. - PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 24 HOURS FOR YOUR FRIEND REQUEST TO BE ACCEPTED - Please read all blogs to get caught up on what we have been doing.- View Street Team page photos to see how we have been promoting.- Before you do ANY promoting, please read this: - Add the Silver Wings to your profile in your 'About Me' section:
An Auto 11/expensive Bling(s) For You??
So who wants an auto 11 bling?????? Incase you don't know what they are (where have you been LOL), they're the latest Fubar craze that gives you loads and loads of points when activated for 24 hours, they're awesome for leveling up!!! Even though you can now give them to yourselves, you get more points if you get them given to you off other members. My Idea - If you send me a bling pack(s) to cover the cost of the auto 11 bling (35 credits), I will use it to get you the bling. I know this is paying for it yourself, but you may not be sent 1 any other way, thats why I thought of this idea. This will be an ongoing offer for as long as the bling is available to us. UPDATE: This deal is now available to any blings above 20 credits each, as long as you send me enough bling packs to cover them, you can have any expensive blings you like!! The auto 11 blings now cost 35 credits each so if you want 1, you'll have to send me enough to cover the cost. They are a few ways
Sorry You Are Rating Too Fast!
Fubarbarians.... I am getting flooded with people who think our system is broken because they are getting the error "slow down you are rating too fast." Actually, it is pretty simple. You need to slow down you are rating to fast. Gone are the days of ez-rates!!! I do not really want to hear complaints about this. Nothing is broken and we are not changing it back. Viva fubar!
Seducing Mom
I’ve been thinking sexual thoughts about my mother for the last year. I’m eighteen years old now and when I was seventeen last year, I started looking at my mother not as my mom but as a very arousing and sexy woman. It all started with me looking at her sexy panties in her underwear drawer of her dresser. As I gazed upon the sheer lace material of her panties, I became very aroused. I started masturbating into her panties, stroking my hard cock for several minutes until I would cum into the soft cotton crotches. At first I unloaded small amounts of cum but as I grew up, my ejaculations grew too. I graduated to searching the clothes hamper and looking for a sexy pair of mom’s worn panties. I was rewarded several times as I found them and brought them to my nose. Oh the enticing smell of my mother’s sexy juices would send me quickly into an intense orgasm, time after time. My lust for my mother continued to grow. Some may think it was weird but I occa
My Nude Pics
ok i have been getting requests to see my nude pics, here is how it goes, you cant see my nudes just because you ask, i have to feel you are worthy, and no i dont trade nude for nude, unless you are a female, sorry guys, i love you but i have seen a lot of free dick already. hope you dont get pissed or insulted bu thats the way it goes, thanks for all your comments and rates on my regular pics. Princess Lily
8 Spots Left!
I Love It
Yes I do sucking fucking, mmmmmm check me out in action
Fubar World Cruise Passengers, Page 2
♫♪♫ ♫♪♫ Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking .. Welcome to the Fubar World Cruise, where you can get more friends, fans, page rates and fugifts. Please rate this blog, its #30 so far in the top blogs woohooo well done everyone ;o) You need to rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members as well as all of the passengers to be added. If any members come up as invalid in these blogs, please message me to let me know so I can remove them, thank you. You can see the Crew List and rules here and go to Page 1 of the passengers list here. IF ANY PASSENGERS HAVE THEIR PROFILE PAGES SET TO "FRIENDS ONLY", SEND THEM A PRIVATE MESSAGE INFORMING THEM THAT YOU ARE JOINING THE FUBAR WORLD CRUISE AND TO RATE FAN AND ADD YOU, AND THAT YOU WILL RATE AND FAN THEM ONCE YOU'RE ADDED TO THEIR FRIENDS LIST, THANKS! Our Passengers (101-200) ... 101 HŦ LP 102 smokey 103 lord darktree 104
Referral Issues
***I originally wrote this blog in 2007 about missed referrals. It is still relevant today. This also applies to mercenaries. We do not credit for missed referrals. If you signed someone up and did not get credit, it could be one of the following:1. You cheated.2. The person signing up's browser did not track your referral ID. (This could be associated to anti spyware, virus ware or security settings) We will not investigate, credit or debate missed referrals. Here are a few tips to making sure you do get credit. There are NO guarantees that this will work. 99.99% of the time missed referrals are due to user error or the person's computer OR something shady is going on.1. Use the "Link to this profile" code on your homepage or in fuMafia2. Use the INVITE link on the upper left navigation panel.3 If you are linking banners on another site, please use this referral code. TIP: If your brothers uncle was signing on from your laptop or house or your sister's brother's cousin fr
More Quizzes I Took Off Profile
Take the quiz: Which Egyptian God or Goddess do you represent? (Pictures!)Ma'at, Goddess of Order, Harmony, and TruthMa'at was the goddess of physical and moral law in Egypt, of order and truth. She was not much of a goddess, but more of a concept. She was what was right; she was the way things should be. You lead a very well-ordered life. You are just and keep things in balance. You know just how to react to things, and people like you for that. Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook! You scored as Biting. When it comes to being kinky, your biggest turn on is biting. You love the ectasy of teeth sinking into your flesh, and are probably willing to return the favor. Sex just isn't sex without using your teeth.Biting100%Chains/Handcuffs92%Bondage75%Blind Folds
A Lil About Me
hi people i love to do alot of things like blowing, walking an tha park going meetting people talking to them ,i like going to atlantic city,i like taking picturs of me and my family and friends. i work six days a week installation and repairs,miniblinds, verticalblinds, shades and all other window garments.that is just a lil, about me.
Members We're Bombing
August 10th, 2008 Hello Officers and Members.... Please stop by here a few times a day to check which members we are bombing!!! They are in contests and need your help.. Much Love To You-- CTGirl- Owner of the Fu-Luv Bomb Squad!!! FU LUV TRADING CARDS R Now Available: Hit First Knight Page to Rip them!! TY First Knight@ fubar THIS IS A LINK TO OUR NEW PAGE Fu-Luv Bomb Squad@ fubar Please show some FU-LUV to these awesome members!!! So lets makes sure the win!!!! Just Hit the Pic and Happy Bombing!!! TRY TO KEEP TO THIS ORDER!!!! CONTESTS! GIVEAWAYS!!!
Wanna See The Best On Fu?
All Broke Dicks keep your negativity to your damn self! Wanna see my goodies? Uh huh...I was told too many times I was crazy to leave them open so now~well...I now own my own domain adult site so you will pay regardless.... $20. Bling Pack = 3 day family add $65. Bling Pack = 2 weekfamily add Auto 11 or Cherry Bomb = 1 week family add 3 mo. VIP renewal = 1 mo. 6 mo. VIP renewal = 3 mo. 12 mo. VIP renewal = 6 mo. 7 day blast = 1 day 30 day blast = 2 weeks Happy Hour 1 month
Going To Heavenly Next Week
I'm praying for snow as I'll be going to Heavenly in Tahoe next week! Time to go snowboarding.
Updated Points For Rating, Commenting, And Some Special Ability Bling!
Hey folks, We're about to launch some changes that we've been thinking about for a long time. We feel like the old school behavior of rating and commenting on peoples profiles and photos has been forgotten and based on the feedback from a lot of long-time members.. we're not the only ones. To help this we've decided to make some changes to the point rewards for rating profiles and photos and leaving profile and photo comments. Because of these changes we've also had to adjust some special ability bling items so they retained the same (or more in certain cases!) value. Here's what we're starting with over the next 15-20 minutes, and we'll probably adjust these over time based on everyones feedback: * doubled the base point value for giving and receiving 11 ratings to profile and photos. * _drastically_ increased the base point value for giving and receiving non-11 ratings of profile and photos... * _majorly_ increased points for receiving and giving profile and photo c
Mtv Online Relationship Documentary. Interested? Read More..
So I came upon this information here and it might interest some of you or someone that you know real life, here, etc. What they are trying to do is start a film documentary about online relationships from people that have never met or have some dramatic online-relationship situation, be it good or bad. Kind of like "16 and pregnant." Bad example I know but it's that kind of MTV themed show... Here's the screenshot of his facebook posting and his facebook link below to contact: I think this would interest quite a few Fubarians. Upon contact make sure you tell them where you got this information from. If you receive a form to fill out be sure to either hard link this blog: Fubar itself: Or if you have any further questions, feel free to contact the happy fellow below and he will be more than happy to help you out if: esixfiddy@ fubar I want to state
Nsfw Pics!
I must have your attention, so if your looking here you must want access to my NSFW pics, well you need to either buy me a VIP, fubling pack, or blast to get into my family. How long your family status lasts will be discussed with me before you make your purchase! If you would like to have a lifetime of seeing my pics, as I will be adding more as I take them, buy me a Happy Hour... Please message me before you buy anything though, as I may have you give the gift to one of my many closest friends. Lemme tell ya... IM WORTH IT! xoxox Inked
Update On Mumms, Stashes, Salutes, And More..
hey everyone, just wanted to post an update in a new entry so it didn't clutter the old one. MUMM's the only thing that has changed is that points are no longer being awarded for voting on GLOBAL mumms. this is an experiment after hearing the feedback on my last blog post yesterday and we haven't decided if it's staying this way or not. everything else has remained the same, including friends-only mumms. STASH based on feedback from a bunch of members, i'm not going to reset the old stashes when we migrate to the new hardware. the stash limit will remain the same (1000). LEVEL REQUIREMENTS since so many people wanted it, i've turned back on the salute requirement to move beyond level 10. also, i just wanted to get up on my soapbox and clear up a few things for anyone who's forgotten, or is new and doesn't know the history of this site. the site was originally created for *my* friends. everyday i'm amazed that other people end up liking it and wa
Celebrity Look-alikes
I found a cool site that you can upload an image to and it will tell you which celebrities you look like in the photo. So I'm playing around with it... So far, here are my results. Do you agree with any of these findings? I'm also curious who the site tells you that you look like. If you don't mind, please scan your photo and send me a link to where I can see your results. Thanks! :) XoXoX, BB
Comment Features On Fubar
we're working the bugs out of them now. they should be much easier to use by tomorrow afternoon... i hope. people who used to sit on the same photo/profile and post the same comment, quickly, over and over will need to figure out something else.. as that probably won't work anymore. don't come bitching and moaning to me either, the comment features were never intended for that and requires massive amounts of our resources to let you do that for no one's benefit except your own. if you want to run a contest, do something else... like measure the number of ratings a photo/profile has received. also, we can easily detect people running third-party programs to automate the commenting using the old system. congratulations on violating the rules of the site by cheating and having your account removed in the very near future. merry xmas! :-) -mike
Sobering...isn't It?
I just found out today that a an ex-coworker of mine from my last company just died of a brain aneurysm while watching TV on the couch. Goes to show that shit happens at any time of your life. He was in his mid to late 30s. RIP.
Congressional Reform Act Of 2011 (repost)
1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office. 2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose. 3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do. 4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%. 5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people. 6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people. 7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen. Congressmen
Fubar Video Salutes?
we've been kicking around the idea of doing some tv commercials for to help spread the word about the site. if anyone has a video salute that you've already made for fubar, or had thought of making one and wanted an excuse, please post a *link* to the youtube video (youtube only please and make sure it's a link.. don't embed it here.) in a comment to this blog or in a PM to me if you're shy... but if you're shy, why are you here? :D in the video please include your uid or fubar custom url. the uid/url can be hand written or spoken, but i need to know how to find you. for example, my uid is 1 and my custom url is feel free to say what you like most about fubar, why you use it, any interesting stories you might have from using the site, or whatever else you want... (keep it legal please, i'm too fragile for the pokey). there isn't a plan to include any of these in the commercial, but you never know what'll happen (i'll contact you and ask permission fir
Fubar Is Getting Too Crowded.. It's Now Invite Only.
We've created a waiting list for random people off the street and we'll notify them when there's room to join. For now, the only way to join is to be invited by someone already on the site. werd. -mike
Montblanc Watches Type Conscience Appear Monster Hand
Ferrari Cutout White Red Dial Leather Men Wrist Watch Black azure, bloom mysterious intriguing. The American condition montblanc classic watches researchason; one more sort of white treasure fritillaria dials supplement associated with black sapphire 182 take the major role wrist, also meet line to dark colored silk satin bracelet, luxuriant model naturally. Nevertheless considering that there are several fakes of designer models, these frames are available with their share associated with discounts. Earlier than you consider to pay for, its fine to remain savvy about spotting the true McCoy from the price cut one particular. IWC Replica Watches Spitfire Pilot These two wedding mini gown emotion on the wrist watch a fabulous Mosaic of dragon star diamond. Bright dragon symbol stands for the hex to go after appropriate brand of old fashioned craft and products on the concept of efficiency, in a star check out 43 disc obvious cutting out light, glowing
Site Maintenance - Oct 26th Midnight Pst To Oct 27th 8am Pst!
Hey everyone, We're doing some *major* site maintenance Tuesday starting at midnight and lasting until Wednesday at 8AM PST. The maintenance may only take an hour or so, but if things go pear shaped, it may last until 8AM PST. Hopefully it'll be on the shorter side. :-) During this maintenance window, the site probably won't be reachable for anyone. It'll start coming back soon after, but won't be stable and reliable for a few hours. For those curious, we're moving all the servers to a new location. We're hoping it'll eliminate many of the network outages we've been having over the last few months. We're up to about 150 servers and there's only 3 of us moving them.. so your patience is appreciated! Cheers, -mike
Honestly, Quiz!!!
1. Honestly, what color is your underwear? 2. Honestly, whats on your mind right now? 3. Honestly, what are you doing right now? 4. Honestly, what did you do today? 5. Honestly, do you think you are attractive? 6. Honestly, have you done something bad today? 7. Honestly, do you watch disney channel? 8. Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now? 9. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time? 10. Honestly, do you bite your nails? 11. Honestly, what is your mood right now? 12.Honestly, have you had/have an eating disorder? 13. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute? 14. Honestly, do you have a deep dark secret? 15. Honestly, do you hate someone right now? 16. Honestly, who/what do you want to hug right now? 17. Honestly, are you loyal? 18. Honestly, are you in denial? 19. Honestly, wouldn't you rather be having sex right now? 20. Honestly, who is your best friend? 21. Honestly, have you ever co
Demons And Angel Abilities
We have some cool stuff coming down the pike. I wanted to give all you fubarbarians and chance to give us some input on angel and demon abilities. If you have an idea of a cool special ability, please post it in a comment. Thanks for your support. Scraps
The Big Day Has Come And Gone.....
I missed our baby so on that day and cried wishing that I was still going to be holding our baby at the end of the day. I decided on what was to be my due date that it had to be a "be nice to mommy day" so that I could effectively grieve and remember AND celebrate that my child ever was and now is in heaven. I went and treated myself to a $50 facial so that I could talk and relax. I then took my 2 earth babies out to dinner. All in all it was a good day though it was sad. I can easily say that I cried about 3-4 times all in that day. I KNOW that I will never forget the day and I am thinking that I will be making it a yearly ritual to go out and do something nice for myself on that day. Thanks to all of you that have been reading what I write here. It sometimes makes it seem a little less lonely.
Fubar World Cruise Passengers, Page 3
♫♪♫ ♫♪♫ Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking .. Welcome to the Fubar World Cruise, where you can get more friends, fans, page rates and fugifts. Please rate this blog, its #30 so far in the top blogs woohooo well done everyone ;o) You need to rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members as well as all of the passengers to be added. If any members come up as invalid in these blogs, please message me to let me know so I can remove them, thank you. You can see the Crew List and rules here and go to Page 1 here and Page 2 here of the passengers lists. IF ANY PASSENGERS HAVE THEIR PROFILE PAGES SET TO "FRIENDS ONLY", SEND THEM A PRIVATE MESSAGE INFORMING THEM THAT YOU ARE JOINING THE FUBAR WORLD CRUISE AND TO RATE FAN AND ADD YOU, AND THAT YOU WILL RATE AND FAN THEM ONCE YOU'RE ADDED TO THEIR FRIENDS LIST, THANKS! Our Passengers (201-300) ... 201 Poetic Justice 202 ♥çˮ
Fu-Pastor_RequirementsAre you interested in being a Fu-Pastor? Please read the following fu-Pastor_Requirements below.This process is currently known as Fubar's Traditional Fumarriage. These requirements are in place to set quality and assurance that no member will be left abused, angered or fu-single.Requirements to be considered:Must have profile at PG-13 setting. If you have any nsfw they need to be locked away in a friend or family only folder properly marked..Must always be on call/available.A fu-Pastor should ALWAYS be respectful to any and all members on Fubar. Any drama started by a fu-Pastor will be grounds for removal and non-acceptance back into the fu-Pastor Program.All fu-Pastors must abide by all Fubar Rules and be in compliance with the TOS (Terms Of Service). Any deviation can result in removal and non-acceptance into the fu-Pastor Program.Main Requirements to become a fu-Pastor:Step 1: Self proclaim yourself a Pastor,Step 2: Fu-Marry
Cam Rules
Redqueenbbw Gets Fucked!!
An Honest Review Of
Originally posted at I have been a member of fubar (Also known by other names as it evolved) for 3 1/2 years. I don’t work for the site, I don’t live in California and I don’t have the instant messenger, telephone numbers, personal email addresses or any other contact information of any of the fubar staff. I did volunteer as a bouncer on the site for a period of time until personal obligations took away the time that I would need to spend as a bouncer so I chose to resign. fubar is a Social Networking website with a twist, that twist being the addition of a points game to “level” on the site. The game takes certain twists along the way and like life itself the game changes. New goals are added and some old goals are removed when they are no longer relevent to the overall game. fubar is an 18+ web site, 18+ is by no means to be taken as an adult website. Just because a person
Contact To Remove Pictures From
Well, we have something in regarding to a positive development for the victims of the picture thievery on this contact email and BE NICE and ask for your pictures to be removed... Let me reiterate, be civil to the person on the other end. A few have had success so let's keep this trend going. See previous blog for other actions that are in progress regarding this.. Peace.
A Christmas Special : Fubar's Real Life Stories...
Well, with it being the holidays and all, I figured I would do something nice that people can relate to. Awhile back I had asked for people to post and share their Fubar stories about interactions with others from here in real life…so with that in mind, this posting for the holiday is dedicated to the real meetings, greetings, relationships and just about any other real - life instance with people from this place.. And with that in mind, I’ll let these stories, images and pictures speak for themselves after I describe some of my own…enjoy… Of course there’s me and mine, met on here 3 years ago and have since own a new home, purchased a new car, and are doing quite well. The very first person I ever talked to on here outside of Fubar. At the time I didn’t even have a Yahoo. How we met on here is quite a story, at the time she was running a top Fubar Lounge ( known as Lost Cherry & Cherry Tap during those days) lounge called Club De Ja Vu. And I woul
(how To) Own The Cherry Inferno
(How To) Own The Cherry Inferno AchievementPlease Note: GODMODES WILL NOT WORK FOR THE CHERRY INFERNO ACHIEVEMENT!Read below to Kick The Cherry Inferno Achievement In The Face.First I will give a little run down of how Tripple X failed over & over & over again. He wasted 6 hours of his precious time trying to get the achievement only to utterly fail every time.For those who are using Internet Explorer(any version)? You have already failed the Inferno Achievement.. Do not under any circumstances use Internet Explorer, instead Download Chrome, Firefox or Opera for best results.Most Common User ErrorThe first thing you would think to do is:Load Cherr
How To Fix Cams To Work On All Browsers
Alot of people have been having issues with the opentok cams in their lounges, and after bumping my head on the wall a couple 100 times trying to figure it out... I finally asked for help. DON'T GO TO OPENTOK Forums... it will make your head hurt. So I hit up Annonymus... and he's Annonymus because he hates stupid people and dumb questions when we have the best tool of all GOOGLE. Ok so on with it.... First You Want to Go to this link: Or Copy and Paste Link: Then you want to scroll down the list and find: and hit Always Allow. and.... and hit Always Allow. Easier said then done... (Would be much easier to have those in Alphabetical Order... but its Adobe!) Then depending on what browser you are on... I'm hoping it is either Chrome or Komodo Drago
Hot Survey.....101 Kinky Questions!!!
Hot Survey... 101 Kinky Questions (Enjoy!!!) 1. Have you ever slept naked? : Yeah2. Have you ever masturbated? : who hasnt at one point in time3. What's your bra size, or dick length? : 38c4. Where was or would you want your first time to be and why?: 13 was first time, and it was in the back of a car.5. Have you ever gotten sexual with anything that wasn't a person? : maybe6. Have you ever shown anyone your body parts and asked advice? : haha....not that i know of7. Have you ever seen any of your relatives naked? : dude, it aint pretty to come outta ur room and see mom naked growin up8 . Do you prefer doing it in the dark or in the light? : dark9. What's your greatest fantasy? : Thats for me to know and you to find out maybe10. Would you suck on anyone's toes? : No11. Where do you think would be the weirdest place to have sex? : a church12. Would you have
Be Informed
Stay TunedCheap LaptopsCanadian Pharmacies Online
September 11th 2010
Ladies and gentlemen, on this the ninth anniversary of one of the most horrendous days inAmerican history, I urge every person of every faith to shuck the chains of organizedreligion, to instead of saying that we are Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Ect.To start living by the teachings of your chosen prophet, to love and except, rather thanhate, kill, and abuse in the name of a god that wouldn’t ask for that ever. Not to rape, notto kill, not to steal these are all actions that are deplorable in every faith, so why can’t wecoexist if we all share the planet in which we all have no choice but to live on. Yes thereare actions of solitary organizers that claim that which ever god you subscribe to, talk tothem and tell them that these atrocities are necessary for the further of their selectedreligion, when actually it does nothing to further your cause or anyone else’s for thatmatter. I ask you to open your eyes and stop following these people who teach intolera
Where Did My Symbols Go In My Name?
Many of you are asking where the symbols in your name are? We removed them? No it is not a conspiracy. It just looks better. We were very diplomatic about it. An overwhelming majority think the symbols are as annoying as I do :) To the will get over it. We had an unofficial official vote. It is nice to be able to read your names now. Please vent it out it here..... .....It'g going to be ok. I promise. Thanks for your support Scrapper NOTE: If your blog comment does not get posted, I keep getting this error message saying ERROR: You have reached your blog comment limit. Please drive through :)
Pls Sign Up For $72.00 To Start Ur Own Business The $72.00 Dollar Is Back Again I Do Not Know Then This Deal Will End
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Okie Dictionary *the Worlds Most Unique Language Defined) Idioms - Phrases N Superstitions
OKIE DICTIONARY *the worlds most unique language defined) IDIOMS - PHRASES N SUPERSTITIONS. "We know our native tongue ain't quite up to snuff English, but it shore is handy." The Plan Of The Okie Dictionary. This bit of information is intended to server and assist newcomers and visitors to our Great State -- Oklahoma, And to preserve a unique piece of Amercianism. Also, it is our desire to provide the working press and all the "mogulls" in Washington with a copy of this lexicon, so when our Great Statesman take the floor of Congress to expound our political philosophies, we want the entire country to understand, that all we want is to live, let live and our share of the pork barrel. We have our own language which is peculiar to our state. Our vocabulary is not a conglomeration of regionalism sland. Each word has a meaning and purpose, usually picturing action - a story of something happening and moving. Noah Webster *For Damn Sure* wasn't consulted when our langu
Candybratz Video To Moi ...
Every now and then people do nice things for me. I like that kind of thing. Simple, little things..anyways I figured it share this video with you all.. This was bought to you by: CandyBratZ tastes like Trouble@ fubar I think it's cute as hell. Haha. Have a good weekend and peace.
Prettylicious Xposed...
Birthday Alert!! Here's wishing a very happy birthday to.. MrsBitchlynn@ fubar She has a file of fakes too. Ha! Have a happy hump day!
The Return Of Sarge's Bad Girls.
Sarge's Bad Girls Are Back And Badder Than Ever. You May Have Seen The Rest But Now You Can See The Best.
C.O.C. 1. All Hottie/Hunks members/prospects must have a verified salute and a minimum of 15 "current" pics which include S.F.W body shots. 2. All Hotties must be female. 3. All Hunks must Be Male. 4. Shout box and Fu-mail must be open to officers for communications (Profile may not be set to friends only for this purpose). 5. Hottie homepage must be added to your Family while considered a prospect and remain in family after admittance. Team Leaders must be added to your Top Friends. 6. All new Hotties/Hunks will be assigned a team leader who we recommend be placed in your top friends for communication purposes, however, this is not a requirement. 7. You must add '1st class Hottie or Hunks Prospect' to your name while awaiting results of the weekly voting. If you are voted in, it should be changed to'1st Class Hotties & Hunks. 8. All current 1st Class Hotties/Hunks officers must be added to your friends list Fanning and rating is preferred but not required. After officers, you
Fumafia Questions And Feedback
Enter FuMafia Questions and Feedback Here
Welcome To Fubar!
fubar= fun! fubarhas a little something for everyone. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, meeting new people or getting your game on, everything you do onfubarearns youpointswhich helps youlevel. When youlevelyouunlocknew features which allow you to have more fun.fubarruns onfubucksthe common virtual currency which allows you tobuy drinksfor friends,playgamesand help other members on the site. Whenever you earnpointsfor doing things onfubar,you also earnfubucks. The morepointsyou accumulate the quicker you willlevelup andunlocknew features. If you need immediate assistance, stop by thefubar Support Lounge and chat live, 24/7. Browse the fubar bible for help by section. Top Questions Points, Levels, and Profile Questions
Leaving For Real!
Okay, okay, so I know it's been a few weeks. It honestly took me that long to delete files, read emails, and catch up as much as I could. But it's for real now. I'm off. Thank you so very much for all the kind emails saying goodbye. For those of you who said, "where did all your nsfw go" all I can say is get a clue and learn how to read. =) Hahaha, not that any of those people will bother to read this anyway. Honestly, I've been quite touched by the farewell emails and I will cherish them for quite a while. Take care of yourselves and best of luck to you all! Jennifer
"bling Ranking" On Fumafia
I have mentioned this in the fuMafia Blogs, with many who agree with it, with no response from Admin about their oppinion on it, except to reject my Blog Posts. There are many who complain about the gap between Blingers and Non-Blingers. And many things have been introduced in the game to try to make things more "Fair" for both sides. But, it never fully addresses the issue, and it's never fully fair. It always favors 1 side or the other. When it's made fair for Non-Blingers, Blingers complain because they spent "Real Money" for their Wins, only to get easily beat by someone who has paid nothing (which is understandable, I would be pissed too). And when it's made fair for Blingers, Non-Blingers feel that they can't keep up with the pace because of the Gap that is there that the cannot catch up to easily (such as the 5,800 Skill Points difference in the Diamond Missions that now seperate Blingers and Non-Blingers who are the same level). What I propose happen is a "Bling Ranking"
Serving Overseas And Want A Free Fubar Shirt?
i have a bunch of fubar shirts sitting around my house (new and unused... ha!) and i wanted to send them to some of our fubar members that are on active duty overseas. if you're currently serving overseas or have a friend/family member over there, please click here to send me a private message. you *must* include their name, APO/FPO shipping address, and size (small-XXL). note-- if you don't include everything above, i can't ship it. i'll take the orders over the next few days, and try to get them sent out on friday. they probably won't make it in time for christmas, but hopefully soon after. cheers! update 12/17/08: all the shirts are now spoken for, i'll be spending the next day or 2 packaging them up and sending them out. thanks everyone who sent me an address! i'll be doing this again... don't worry. :D -mike
* Becoming The Lotus *
Becoming the Lotus From the Papyrus of Ani As if I'd slept a thousand years underwater I wake into a new season. I am the blue lotus rising. I am the cup of dreams and memory opening--I, the thousand-petaled flower. At dawn the sun rises naked and new as a babe; I open myself and am entered by light. This is the joy, the slow awakening into fire as one by one the petals open, as the fingers that held tight the secret unfurl. I let go of the past and release the fragrance of flowers. I open and light descends, fills me and passes through, each thin blue petal reflected perfectly in clear water. I am that lotus filled with light reflected in the world. I float content within myself, one flower with a thousand petals, one life lived a thousand years without haste, one universe sparking a thousand stars, one god alive in a thousand people. If you stood on a summer's morning on the bank under a brillant sky, you would see the thousand petals and say that together they mak
Updated Bulletins So Hott!!
FEEL THE LOVE AND JOIN FU LUV BOMB SQUAD! WE WANT YOU!!! TO JOIN US PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE TO THE OWNER, THEN YOU HAVE TO FAN, RATE AND ADD ALL CURRENT MEMBERS!!! YOU WILL BE ADDED ONCE THIS IS CONFIRMED. KISSES TO ALL AND LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!! RULES ARE BASIC AND WILL BE ADJUSTED AS NEEDED. 1. No Drama Allowed! 2. All must fan, rate and add ALL members. **New Prospects send a note when u add stating Fu Luv Bomb Squad. 3. Must add owner and main page to family. 4. Become member ouf our Lounge. 5. Officers will decide on who to bomb. 6. Any member not actively involved in helping others will be removed from team and will receive no help in any contest or giveaway. 7. Blog will be updated as new members join. Please Check on Owners page daily and repost the new blog onto your profile. 8. A blog will be updated daily , with the member that is currently in a contest. Members MUST read to keep updated. 9.Must be a member of the Squad for 2 weeks before
your words are nothing But poisonous lies Your eloquence enraptures me Your words enthrall thy soul Frequently you poison my mind, my body And my soul. Your aura is intolerable Your presence is shameful Thou reminds me of an odious palfrey You act if you are my prodigy With thy masked removed You’re nothing but thy fool. With one hand you hold a scythe And the other sword. A sacrifice for the sinner, a deep Torturing sense of guilt. Feeling sorrow and revenge You fall from grace Depraved of soul Resistant’s is weak. My little sinister how you bring harm Evil and misfortune Sulking around the shadows Grasping your evil deeds in your hands You fall deeper and deeper Becoming translucent and undeterred You've become unearthly Thriving in sin An insatiable, unsubdued thirst for pain On the verge of death You stumble into my court. I stand and watch as you wither into agony I step down and whisper into your ear As you slowly fade "I Always Loved You".
Pet Boarding Facility In Your Absence
Many of us do not know where to leave our dog or cat when we are away. There could be so many reasons why we are unable to take care of our pet for a particular time. For example – 1. A pet owner might be going away on a vacation. 2. They might need to take an urgent business trip. 3. They might be ill. 4. And so many other reasons... In such a situation, it is important to have a reliable place where you can leave your pet. A pet boarding facility is surely one place that you should consider. They can offer your pet several advantages as there are many pets there. If you are not sure which pet boarding facility is the right one for your pet, then you can ask your friends, relatives or other people you know and find a reliable pet boarding facility. Otherwise, the Internet can give you a good option to find a pet boarding facility. There are sure to be many options no matter where you reside. There are several places that you should consider on the Internet and you
Stephanie Lynn
-------------~*~*~*~*~------------- Stephanie Lynn is one AMAZING woman and I am happy to call her one of my best friends on this site! She is so generous and is always doing anything and everything to help people out! She deserves EVERY bit of love all of you can give her plus more! Right now she is holding a contest for people to get their friends to Rate, Fan, and Add her. I am asking all of my friends to please please click on her link below and go Rate, Fan and Add her. In order for me to get the credit you must Rate and Fan her before you Add her, and IN YOUR FRIENDS REQUEST YOU MUST PUT NEA NEA SENT ME! IT CANNOT BE NEA, OR ANY OTHER NICKNAME. IT HAS TO SAY NEA NEA SENT ME! Please help me out. Not only because I want to win a prize, but also because she deserves all of this love so please give it to her. Just click the link below and get to lovin! -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- Stephanie Lynn@ fubar THIS BULLETIN HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY
Status On Fubar By Wild Horse
This Picture enhanced Tutorial will take you step by step through what is needed to change your status on fubar.Step 1In the upper left of your fubar page hold your mouse pointer over MY then choose the PROFILE link in the dropdown menu.Step 2On the right side of this page find the 16th dropdown, Change this dropdown to either Original or Power User.Step 3Go to the bottom of this page, enter your password and hit the submit button.Once this page has finished reloading, click the HOME link up by the My link we worked with in step 1.Step 4Under your name at the top of the center of your page you will see this:Click the link on the right of this that says Create Your Own Status!Step 5Now replace ONLINE with what you want your status to beFinally, click the SET button.Congrats, You have now set your online status.
Auto 11 On *giving*blings
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ****** New RATE A THON******* ^^BUT FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO SAY..Thank You for Your Rates and Thank You for Re-rating my Profile and making sure you have me Fanned...:) ***STARTING A NEW PIC RATE A THON *10-30-09 TILL?????? TO SAY THANK TO MY FRIENDS. I AM RUNNING ANOTHER AUTO 11, SO MANY HAVE LEVELED ON ME THEY WANT ME TO DO IT AGAIN LOL **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs GIVE AWAY** I HAVE HAD LOTS DO IT 13 & 14 TIMES LOL & AND GET BLINGS EACH TIME WHILE THEY ARE WORKING TOWARDS LEVELING LOL.. **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs GIVE AWAY** get 35 points for each rate, and 60 points during Happy Hours. Have fun rating and hope a lot of you level up Happy Hour 11's from VIP's will count 110 and not 60 (*JUST A Example*)...600 rates takes about 30 minutes and @ 60 points each, thats 36,400 easy points and matching fubucks,,From FUBAR, what a deal. ****Rate Athon with Give Away BLINGS For (All) Pics Rated UntIL?????? **RULE**,,after you rate
My Second Hh
For Sarge's Bad Girls (read This)
Bad Girls. Can The Sarge Get A Salute Or 2 ? Let Me See What You Can Come Up With. As Always You Know They Can Be SFW Or NSFW Your Choice. .
Old Wish List
Please visit the NEW official wishlist. CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW WISHLIST
Fubar Trains Main List 1-100 Updated
Ok me and Tat Man73 are both admitted Train Alchy's You have one we join it lol. Dont know what a train is? Well a train is usually posted in a bulletin or a blog and joining one can give you many rewards be it new friends, extra points and some trains even throw in a special tag made just for joining. So this list is made for all the Train Aholics like us and the Trains owners as well. Now it seems that were in so many that we lose track of whose running what and how to find the addys when we need them. So this blog will keep up with where everything is. And also to bring some of the older trains back to life once more. If you have one that I haven't added please private message me with the blogs addy and I'll add it to the list The trains are in no particular order some are old trains some are newer ones. I'm going to list the trains by where the blogs are located. *Note the blog that it's listed in may not always be the owner of the train* The owner is usually listed in the be
Tweaking The Mumms In The Next Day Or So..
In order to help clean up the bullshit that's being posted in mumms lately (and pretty much, since we implemented them), I'm working on a few changes. The main change will be their 'scope'. By default, mumms will only be shown to your friends. If you want to create a 'global' mumm that shows up on everyones homepage, you go through the same process, only it'll cost more fuBucks. If you make a mumm for your friends, you can still post the link around and have other people (non-friends) vote/comment on it, but it won't show up on their homepage as a recent mumm. I'm still figuring out what the pricing will be for each, but the mumms for your friends will be cheaper than they are now. viva la resistance! -mike
More Levels In The Works..
We're working on adding 5 more levels to the site. We'd like most of the members of the site to experience the new levels, so we'll be easing up some of the requirements in the 31-40 range when we launch the new levels. We'll also be creating a Hall Of Fame page for the few members that were able to make it up to level 40 before we launch the new levels. With the new levels you can expect some point/fubuck requirements like in the past, as well as the Achievement system and other requirements needed to move up from 41-45. We'll also be nerfing some of the older requirements that were bottlenecking too many people (such as the spotlight requirement :)). ETA for levels 41-45 is about 1-2 weeks. Stay tuned... we'll have a few surprises in there too and some new abilities for you to unlock as you level up. :D -mike
Everyone Please Contest Has Started We Need Everyone Please Come Help Us
The host of the contest is down at the bottom of this page right above the video.. Please we need all our friend, bombing members, anyone and everyone. This contest is s stinger. Every single person can and will make the difference as to if we win or not.. Please lets do this. Add, Fan, Rate, the host of this contest first please then you may bomb onces you are added.. Please come join us for the bomb fest.. Thank you all.. My fubar friends are the coolest.. THE LEVELING LIST We want to try and level as many and as much of these people here on this list as we can before the 15th comes runing around... They are all the members of the Posse that I had time to grab and our non memmber supporters. The Posse is bombing in the bombfest and we can not wait. It will go for two weeks and it is going to be wild. Here is a list of my team that is qulified to help and those non members who are and said they would bomb the hell out of it with us whom are also qulified to help.
Updated Chat Functionality Today! Here's A Preview..
We're updating the styling and functionality of the existing Chat box in the top center of every page. Here's how it'll look: The biggest changes are new chat messages will show up at the bottom of the box, instead of the top. Also, the text area to reply to someone to be rite below their name after clicking on the 'reply' icon/link next to the message. We're also adding a larger 'pop out' version of the Chat area. You'll be able to pop-out your chat box, and close the rest of your fubar windows (if you want) that way you can chat with your homies from the office without The Man holding you down. Here's how that page will look: We're planning to turn this on in a few hours, probably around 1 or 2PM PST. Thoughts and feedback are welcomed! Cheers, -mike
Join Iconbuffet
Join IconBuffet! IconBuffet is a social network of web designers. You get ten tokens per month to spend on icons there. Don't take the first icons, Josh, one of the icon masters give you. I will set you up. After you have been here they will give you freebies every month. They Also have a FB app
Fraud And Referrals
Contrary to popular belief, you will NOT get reset if you and your spouse share a computer. The rumors are can't believe everything you hear! However, fubar utilizes a fraud detection system that generates a daily report of all accounts that have fraudulently set up accounts under their own to generate points for themselves. Fubar will not tolerate this. We call this CHEATING. If you have created fake accounts to generate points at any time under your own account, the system will reset your level, points, and fuBucks. This is not arguable, nor is it reversible. If you choose to cheat...don't be upset when you get caught. Please, we urge you to play fairly and by the rulebook. If you can't remember those rules, please read the terms of service you agreed to when you registered with as well as the fubar Bible. Party on. The Low Down on Missing Referrals! We do not credit for missed referrals. If you signed someone up and did not get credit, it c
Bonus Points And Level Tweaks!
hey cherries, just a heads up-- people with a salute now receive a 10% point bonus everytime they're awarded points/cherry bucks. vics also receive a 15% point bonus. these bonuses stack, so if you're a VIC with a salute, you get 25% extra points everytime. one last tweak for today, in order to move beyond level 10, you'll need to have a salute. if you don't have a salute, you'll keep gathering points, but your level won't go any higher. this tweak is not retroactive, so if you're already over level 10 without a salute, you'll stay there.. you just won't move up anymore. hope everyone had a great new year! -mike
Fakes That Aren't Fake And A Big Ol Con Job...
Yeap, fakes that aren't fake and a massive con the link below to read the story.. Click here & then link in stash!... People are fucked in the head. TGIF! ....peace.
Post Your Awesome Bling Ideas Here!
Many members have requested that I seperate the BLING request list from other site requests, so here it is! Please post your awesome bling ideas, suggestions, etc. Holidays, famous birthdays and other cool stuff is open game. Please do not use this blog for other random requests or they will be deleted. This blog is solely for awesome bling ideas!!!!!
Fu-Pastor_Blog™This blog will hold the members who are commonly called fu-Pastors. If you decide to choose the Traditional way of a fumarriage please send any one of the members listed below a Private_Message.Do Not Leave A Comment On This Blog!! It Will Be Ignored & Deleted.Please duelly note to be respectful in your dealings, also when sending a message please be patient. These members may already have a list of fu-Weddings to deal with, but they will answer all of your messages. If they don't simply send someone else a message till you find a suitable fu-Pastor.Fu-Pastor_Member_List(Go ahead and talk to them...they won't bite!)Queen RevNarly Beast
(how To) Blog Navigation
Blog NavigationThis blog will be used as a format (identical to a Site Map) helping direct members to the right area.(How To)'sAdding MusicBroadcastingCam HostingCleaning Cookies & CacheCoding 101Create Bulle
Thinking Out Loud @ 0521
They say " if life gives you lemonade"..... well we all know the other half. But; What if " if life gives you nothing"...then what???
Some More Information On Ra, Lupus, Treatment. This is my new drug I am taken called Methotrexate Chemo Theraphy. This is my medication I am taken but it can also treat RA not cure but remission and it can make your hair fall out I think he had to wait until my blood test where some what normal before he could do aggressive treatment like this. So, it can help my Lymphatic system which I think is where it all started there and my lungs and even other stuff. What is lupus? Lupus is a condition of chronic inflammation caused by an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are illnesses that occur when the body's tissues are attacked by its own immune system. The immune system is a complex system within the body that is designed to fight infectious agents, for example, bacteria, and other foreign invaders. One of the mechanisms that the immune system uses to fight infections is the production of antibodies. Patients with lupus produce abnor
I Wish You Enough!
Found this elsewhere and liked it enough that I thought I would share it. Recently I overheard a Father and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the Father said, 'I love you, and I wish you enough.' The daughter replied, 'Dad, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Dad.' They kissed and the daughter left. The Father walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see he wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on his privacy, but he welcomed me in by asking, 'Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?' 'Yes, I have,' I replied. 'Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?'.. 'I am old, and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is - the next trip back will be for my funeral,' he said.. 'When you were saying g
List # 2 Of Current Club F.a.r. Members
Sex Signs... Astrological Sex Signs.
Okay people! So this is usually quite correct. However, I have to tell you that there are cusps on which people are born. That would mean you are a mixture of two signs. Depending on which sign you are born closer to the beginning or ending of (for instance, you're born October 24, the cusp of Libra-Scorpio, nearing the beginning of Scorpio which is October 26, you'd be more Scorpio than Libra, but have traits from both signs) Here are the cusps, so you know if you are a half and half, so to speak: Pisces-Aries cusp: March 19-24 Aries-Taurus cusp: April 19-24 Taurus -Gemini cusp: May 19-24 Gemini-Cancer cusp: June 19-24 Cancer-Leo cusp: July 19-25 Leo-Virgo cusp: August 19-25 Virgo-Libra cusp: September 19-24 Libra-Scorpio cusp: October 19-25 Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp: November 19-24 Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp: December 19-25 Capricorn-Aquarius cusp: January 17-22 Aquarius-Pisces cusp: February 16-22 Mind you there are always other contributing fac
Momma Dukez For Hire
Daddy Dominance
Daddy Dominance I have decided to use this particular essay to discuss the distinct attributes and aspects of the daddy dominant, as a special request from various list members and because I am actually partial to this specific type of dominant in some respects. Previously, I had written an article on this topic months ago, but I seem to have lost it in the archiving process. I have decided to rewrite this essay. The first thing I want to do, is dispel any notions or misconceptions about the relationship between daddy dominants and their little-girl subs. It has nothing to do with incest, age play, or any closeted desires or fetish for, or with children. Nor is it about a father-daughter relations, in fact, there is nothing about this type of relationship that resembles anything about their father for the little-girl subs, whatsoever. In this dominants opinion, a daddy dominant is the most tender of all dominants. He loves and adores his little-girl submissive with a true, e
At Journal 2011 (2)
Sign said Clyde Smith Shelter 3.3 miles N. 3.3 miles my ASS. Don't know where they get their mileage from but it has been screwed up since Springer. People say it is the pack weight but I disagree. It is the 45 degree up climb on a mtn for several thousand feet that is the problem. I can carry my pack all day long if I am not going up and down mtns. all the time. Even without my pack I get winded climbing up a mtn. after getting water from a spring. Oh well just slam some more honey or a couple of snickers and go back at it. Tomorrow is another day another couple of mtns to climb. It is just another day in PARADISE. Holy Fucking wind today,climbing open pasture mtns. today winds had to be about 50 mph coming in from the side had to hold my hat the whole time. I took a break behind some rocks to get out of the wind. Found an army ammunition box for a m-13. Full of mostly crap but did have some bounty to go and a 3x5 memo book that I took. A big storm is rolling in tonight. I
Workin On My Stash!
hey whats up everyone ive been workin on my stash puttin some comedy and music videos in there if you have a min and want to check them out and rate them ill return the favor
Final Act ~closing Scene
As thick as the red heavy velvet,that veils the outlines of the with white marble decorated stage,was the with longing perfumed breaththat lingered in the air, exhaled during the opening act,received with an ovation that still echoed in between the walls the premire where the heart laid kneelednaked with her face on the cool stones whispering utterances…singing ballads of a grandiose love…long after the in black silk and lace draped audience had abandonedtheir reclining black leather seats; and the 8 tier chandeliersceased to illuminate the space with their gold-flavored sheenwhere the ever relentless lashing tongue of disillusion;captured in act 3, scene 2; left behind the raw scentof crimson cried tears, desecrating the white marblewith small puddles of the; as labeled; vile red-tinted bodily fluidscarelessly tossed in the corner, the crumpled remains of a programthat once was held by a hand whose owner still believed in dreamslong before the all overruling shad
Thinking Out Loud @ 0521
I keep hearing how I should change my attitude towards life and people and things. I just have one question. What good can come from me changing my attitude when even if I changed it the world and people in it stay the same?
How To Make A Profile Skin!
The following is working example of a profile skin that i had made and it works great. All you have to do is add your desired images from your photobucket, imageshack, tinypic, or other hosting service and then you take and go to your skins and create a new skin and copy and paste this into the big box and then name your skin and then save the skin and poof you got a profile skin of your very own. You can customise this skin with the desired Font style that you want as well as the desired color for the text. For a list of CSS COLORS you can visit this link: HAPPY CREATING AND HOPE YOU FIND THIS USEFUL~Dj Iceman Coder #userpagecontentstyle { color: #FF0000!important; font-style: Posca Mad Thrasherz; background-color: black; border: none;border-width: 0px; -moz-border-radius: 2em; background-image: url(background image link here); background-attachment: fixed; background-position: center;
Picante Chicken Rice Burritos
Picante Chicken Rice Burritos The combination of chicken, cheese, olives and rice mixed together in a tortilla is outstanding. Definitely try this recipe. Serving: 12 INGREDIENTS: 2 tablespoons butter 1/2 cup chopped green onion 1 clove garlic, minced 7 cups shredded, cooked chicken meat 1 tablespoon chili powder 2 1/2 cups chicken broth, divided 1 16-ounce jar picante sauce, divided 1 cup uncooked long-grain rice 1/2 cup sliced black olives 3 cups shredded cheddar cheese, divided 12 burrito size tortillas DIRECTIONS: 1. To Make Chicken Mixture: In a large skillet over medium heat, melt butter and saut green onion and garlic until soft; stir in chicken, chili powder, 1/4 cup broth and 3/4 cup picante sauce. Heat through, then set aside. 2. To Make Rice: In a large saucepan, bring rice and remaining 2 1/4 cups broth to a boil. Reduce heat, cover pan and simmer for 20 minutes. Stir in remaining 1 1/4 cups picante sauce, cover and simmer for another 5 to 10 min
Sign Up For Club Paradise 3 Year Anniversary Events/contests
Ready for the party of the year?? Club Paradise will be throwing an all weekend partyFriday, June 10th - Sunday, June 12thto celebrate its 3 year anniversary. This party will be kicked off with the one and only DJ Sparky on air Friday from 8pm-12am. There will be random giveaways all weekend long even to those that are parked. There will be a major giveaway on Sunday, June 12th at 9:15pm EST in which there will be prizes such as a happy hour, polisher, other bling, fubucks, pimpouts, points, and more. The entry fee will be 100k to get a chance to win some of those prizes. This should be fupaled to me ASAP before the contest. 75 prizes will be given away during that drawing! MUST BE A MEMBER OF CLUB PARADISE TO ENTER & MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! We will be hosting the following contests which will have bling as the prize for winning them: Dance Contest (Friday @ 8:30pm EST) - 1st place = boomy! All others will receive bling. Crossdressing Contest (Saturday @ 4pm EST) -1st p
Avg Antivirus Ergent!!! Please Read!!!
(how To) Create Profile Skins
(How To) Create A Profile SkinNow-a-days everyone is online (whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Fubar) and each website (aka. Social Network) has their own style Profile Skin. While Facebook & Twitter have limited to no User Input on Custom Profile Skins Fubar allows its members to customize a limited portion of their Profile Skin. Below I will demonstrate (with limited Screenshots) of (How To) Create A Profile Skin using basic (easy) CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Codes.This blog will be Part 1 of a 2 part blog. The next part will list what some of the basic skin functions do.(How To) Profile Skin BreakdownThe first thing you'll need to do is go directly to your Homepage (whether it be Old Hotness, Old Normal, Old & Janky or fsB) and go to the Main Menu (listed in Figure 1-1) and click on
Add Your Name
Okay - Heres the rules - Add your name to the bottom along with the song that you're listening to right now or the last song you listened to, followed by "during sex". Pass this bulletin along as long as you can copy and paste it into a new bulletin..don't press reply! SEXY SISSY DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY DURING SEX Mlady Tina - you had me at hello during sex mike===icebox during sexy sam =] - break stuff during sex ( mean wot exactly? Xo ) Stephanie C---Outta my system during sex. .:DaRkIe:.(KiM)-Before I Let U Go During Sex Chaka--Famous Last Words During Sex Tanner- Brand new girlfriend During Sex (that sounds like fun) ...Hillary A.....- Find out who your friends are during sex Ashton M---Welcome to the BLACK Parade during sex .Joshua.-- Get stoned During sex. H A L E Y-- I'm so stoned during sex. Drake-blow up the outside world during sex Ryan-my money gets jealous during sex Michelle- i was gettin some head during sex hahahahah hell ye ASIA-IM A FLIRT DURING SEX
The Fool
Vanity was granted a part in this play‘the grand soprano of ignorance’flanked by Ego who waltzed from scene to scenedressed in bright colored grand costume Blinded from those little messages that seemed to pop up...just every now and again...(you weren’t very consistent)not that they would notice if you were;too preoccupied with their own playThe rosy shades you supplieddissolved five minutesinto the second act. Vanity and Ego performed ‘the’ performance of a life timenever realizing that they were leftwithout an audience.In a play called “the Fool”
A Solution For Your Pet Boarding Needs
There are so many companies that say they will take complete care of your pet, but it remains to be seen whether or not you can trust them to do so. So many people need to leave their pet somewhere when they go away for one reason or another and they often turn to a pet boarder to help them out. Here are some things to know about pet boarding: 1. Why should you choose pet boarding? There are times when you as a pet owner will need to leave town for some reason, whether it be personal or business related. At such a time, you need a trustworthy person or a reliable place to leave your pet while you are away. A good pet boarding facility can actually help you a lot with this. If your pet is a young one, it may not be able to travel well. Pets tend to get tired when they travel and cranky as well when they need to adjust to a new place. Therefore, pet boarding makes the most sense. 2. Is the Internet a good place to find a pet boarder? The answer to this question is yes. The
Vadim And Natalie Have 3 Kids
Introducing Outback Jack's daughter Hunter Bella GraceDale Australian reality TV contestantVadim Dale(Outback Jack) and wife,Natalie(who he chose as his love match on the show) welcomed a baby girl on November 13th, 2006. The baby girl, who weighed in at 6 lbs, was born in Louisville, KY, and has been namedHunter Bella Grace Dale. Vadim had the following to say about Hunter’s birth and the effect it has had on his relationship with Natalie; It was a moment I will remember for a lifetime, Hunter’s definitely brought us closer. She’s a bundle of joy – I love her and Natalie more than anything in the world. Outback Jackwas a2004reality TVshow filmed in Outback,Australia. It was produced byNash Entertainment. It starredVadim Dale, a 6-foot-tall former underwear model, asOutback Jack, and started with twelve women who vied for Vadim's attentions to be selected as the woman he would choose to be with. The show first aired on theTBSnetwork and wa
Adios Amigos
So long, farewell, auf weidersehn, goodbye! That's right, kids, it's time for me to hit the road, make like a hockey player and get the puck outta here, yep i'm off like a prom dress. I've truly enjoyed meeting some of you. Others, well... this is a goodbye note not a rant. ;0) It's been an interesting fu-journey to say the least. I don't know if I'm bored, irritated, or just too addicted to the flashing red lights, but I need to move on with my life. I'm starting a new phase with job, location, etc, so now's as good a time as ever. Not to mention the fact that as many of you have probably noticed, I don't really have the time for it anymore. Or maybe I don't make the time because I don't want to. I can't figure out which and I don't care to take the two seconds to figure it out. I may be back someday. Or, if I truly feel the need to lose my self respect maybe you'll see me on a site where I can make REAL money off of men drooling at my breasts. Don't hold your br
Liberal Traits & The New Flea Bagger Party
This is what the new Flea Bagger Party has done so far. (OWS) Obama, MSM, Liberals & all Hollywood idiots like Michael “Lard Ass” Moore are supporting NY: 10/1/2011 — Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge Madison, WI: 10-27-2011 — Madison Occupiers Lose Permit Due to Public Masturbation Phoenix: 10/28/2011 — Flier at Occupy Phoenix Asks, “When Should You Shoot a Cop?” NY: 10/18/2011 — Thieves Preying on Fellow Protesters NY: 10/9/2011 — Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters Accused of Living in Filth as Shocking Pictures Show One Demonstrator Defecating on a POLICE CAR NY: 10/7/2011 — Occupiers Rush Police … More Cleveland: 10/18/2011 — ‘Occupy Cleveland’ Protester Alleges She Was Raped NY: 10/10/2011 — ‘Increasingly Debauched’: Are Sex, Drugs & Poor Sanitation Eclipsing Occupy Wall Street? Seattle: 10/18/2011 — Man Accused of Exposing Self to Chil
Love Or Beauty
Beauty is a mere smile. Love is a smile that warms the heart. Beauty is but skin deep, from outside-in. Love is beauty from inside-out.
Email Changes On The Way..
hey everyone, i'm working on migrating back to the old private message system. the current email/message system seems to be way to much overkill for the site, and it makes communication more cumbersome than it needs to be. if you have a custom url/email address setup, it will still work. for example, i'll still be able to receive email from my friends outside fubar at you'll also still be able to respond to these emails, and send them to people not on the site. the downside of this migration is that old messages in the current system will be lost. as i type this, all messages are currently being written to both systems, so when we actually cut over your inbox won't be empty-- but it will only contain messages from the last 24-48 hours. if you have anything in your inbox now, that's really important i recommend that you forward it off to another email address otherwise it may be lost. i know some of the newer members don't know what the 'old private me
This Is How You Can See My Private Pics!!
Thursday Night Fun...
....busting out the coloring book and the crayons, while eating a ho-ho....good times!! (photo to follow - stay tuned!) ;) finished product!!
Burberry's Sales Skyrocket 15 Per Cent
Burberry's sales skyrocket 15 per cent Burberry Party plc, the world luxury organization, upon Wednesday documented investing to the ninety days to 31st December 2009 noticed a new 16 per cent increase in product sales for you to Burberry Outlet Store . The company said retail store income were way up seventeen per cent using strong comparable store sales progress, increased full-price market via in the winter assortment as significantly lower supply commencing the past quarter. Burberry's low cost revenue had been way up 11per cent, pushed through much more recurrent deliveries ijnbgrde. Angela Ahrendts, Chief Executive Officer, commented: With revenue way up twelve per cent main inside next fraction, Burberry provides sent a solid efficiency in both retail along with from suppliers, while buyers around the world responded favorably to your selections, marketing and service initiatives. As a result, right now we count on adjusted profit before levy just for this economic yr to get to
Lost Poetry
Her love is like a swimming poolwinter comes and it's no use to you Her love is like a suicide Lose your faith and it takes your lifeHer love is like a Merry-Go-RoundSpins you in circles then it knocks you downHer love is like cheap alcoholMorning comes and you don't remember at allHer love is like a Cheshire CatAt first so friendly but at you it laughsHer love is like a passionate kissAt first so sweet then it takes your breathHer love is like the stars aboveYour guiding light always leaves you lostHer love is like Jesus ChristNo matter how much faithYou still die on the cross.---Nikki Sixx----
_____ _ _ _____ _ _ _ _ | ___|| | | | / ___| | || | | | | | | |__ | | __| | ___ _ __ \ `--. ___ _ __ ___ | || | ___ | | | | | __| | | / _` | / _ \| '__| `--. \ / __|| '__|/ _ \ | || |/ __| | | | | | |___ | || (_| || __/| | /\__/ /| (__ | | | (_) || || |\__ \ \ \_/ / \____/ |_| \__,_| \___||_| \____/ \___||_| \___/ |_||_||___/ \___/ MM MM MM M MM M MM MM M MM MMM MMM= MMM MMM MMM=MM
Waiting To Be Found
Waiting to be FoundI fell into the shadowsI got lost within the painStraying from the light(And waiting to be saved)I wait and hideTrying to decideFind meLove meLeave meWaiting to be foundAlone in the darknessReaching towards the lightConcealed by the shadows(And waiting to be saved)I wait and hideTrying to decideFind me Love meLeave meWaiting to be foundWith an empty stare I waitFear locks me in this placeI am left within my thoughts (And waiting to be saved)I wait and hideTrying to decideFind meLove me Leave meWaiting to be foundMoonlight through the windowPassing through my veil of tearsIlluminate my tattered soul(Still waiting to be saved)I wait and hideTrying to decideFind meLove meLeave meWaiting to be foundStill waiting to be found….
Toolbar / Chat Feedback
Feel free to leave it in a comment here. Please try to be constructive. :-) -mike
Irish Luck: The $5,000,000 Shamrock
This game is now closed. It ended early with permission from the board leaders. Congratulations, RogerLee! Game F.A.Q. 1. Who can I buy shamrocks for? ~ You may purchase as many as you like, for as many members as you like, with only one exception. I WILL deliver to bouncers, but I will NOT deliver to "yellow". This means, no shamrocks for babyjesus or Scrapper, etc. will be valid. They have enough to do without being swamped. 2. I sent my bucks, but I haven't heard anything from you. What's the deal? ~ The deal is that I go from back to front in my inbox. I do this so that I can make and deliver shamrocks in the order they were received. Once I've opened your email,you will get a reply from me. After that, your hearts will be delivered in my next set. I usually do about 75 orders at a time. During previous games, I received HUNDREDS of requests daily - this is why I appreciate your patience. I will get to them, it just takes a while sometimes. I do have a life (and
All my life, Ive never felt as though I belong. Confused on a constant. Unsure of who is or what is right or wrong. Only ever having movies or Tv, I learned to only trust what I could see. Words being nothing less then empty. Especially if coming from me. Beginning from birth, So those around me have made certain to agree. Always feeling as if I will "pop"! Never finding the right words, & that factor never seeming to stop. To little to late is clear & always the fate to me. Ive know idea what it is I expected. Only that the warm loving closeness is all I ever wanted. The ideal stereo type is what I thought was right & all this pent up anger in me is due to that never being in my sight. Happiness is all I seek. My choices made directly to become the ideal stereo type. Having watched all my life, other's having & doing everything I ever wanted. All due to their loving families. I felt for sure when I began to set my mind to my life's plan. That the circle that of which
The Godfather List
If your at level 24 and want to be added to this list let me know, my link is at the bottom of this list. It's hard to keep track of everyone that is a Fu-King, and I can't read minds. OWN ME Miss Crys~Shadow Levelers~FU OWNED BY~CynzDreams~and~Mikey~2,449,000 to go BrightEyedArtist10,232,000 to go I OWN Silverpixi~Club United~LollipopGurlz~BCC~ FSC~Owner of Miss Crys {Please read my profile}1,520,000 to go VODKAGURL-READ MY ABOUT ME & FAN AND RATE BEFORE ADDING7,995,000 to go ♥ř♥Fu Wifey 2 ^Sin^♥Support Our Troops♥9,999,000 to go MEmoRəG1 xt r9,755,000 to go ~Phoenix~SHOW LOVE ~☠~. Bad Kitty .~☠~ ~~ Fu-Daughter to Flanman ~~ And Fu- Sister to Me & Luckyone86 ~~4,185,000 to go ~Devil's Advocate~ ♥John's Wifey ♥ ~JAK's Naughty Girl~10,793,000 to go
Sporks Update
There was a long ago member here called I Love Sporks who was actually #1 Red Lifetime at the time of this incident. For those who remember the situation regarding the death of her baby, here's a recent update I was sent by the wonderful Ms. Cherry (aka Inked Angel.) And a more recent.. It was one of the most polarizing events in Fubar history. It led to the most viewed bulletin of all time (upwards of 17,000 views), a murder investigation, and screenshots being used as proof sent to the Galveston police department. We broke it here of course, to the shagrin of many. People still ask to this day about it. I figured an update would be appropriate as we approach the four year anniversary of this tragic event. Feel free to post your thoughts. Now it's rape in addition to the murder of a child. Lovely people I tell you. P
Fubar Safe Color Chart
These Are Browser Safe Colors.These are supported by all Browsers.The Hexadecimal are provided below.Just Copy and paste in your Code.fubar Safe Color Chart#000000#000033#000066#000099#0000CC#0000FF#330000#330033#330066#330099#3300CC#3300FF#660000#660033#660066#660099#6600CC#6600FF#990000#990033#990066#990099#9900CC#9900FF
At Journal 2011 (6)
Peregrine caught up with me at rph shelter yesterday as well. His test results came back negative for lyme disease which is good news. Met someone at rph shelter that is more frugal then I am on the trail. Says he spent $300 total on all his mail drops and basically doing what I am no hostels,restuarants,hotels etc. Heard a new term yesterday as well. Trail Tragic. When you come across a cooler full of nothing but empty soda cans and candy wrappers. I hate trail tragic. I have came across a few of those myself. About 17 miles to the connecticunt-jew york border. They are saying which by looking at the data book seems to be true it is going to get harder and harder to resupply at a grocery store. Seems the trend is going to continue from here to Katahdin of convience stores and gas stations for resupply. UG UG UG UG :( :( :( :(. I don't want to be stuck spending $20-$30 for a 2-3 day resupply every convience store or gas station. Sure the people at the convience store or gas s
And Winter Came Early
A shiver..and words utteredrest heavily on the coolnessof an unannounced breezetraveling into the very heart,lingering thereon a breath held longerthan a tear,traveling from the eyeto the line of the jaw,would fall and shatteron the cold Formicaof white sterile thoughts.and I pull backunder the weight of accusationstriggered by a simple request,leaving a trail of destructionin the slate grey skyof a winter born too soonreleasing the stingof icicle sharp memorieswith ice pick precisionstabbing not once, not twice,but three timessince, after all,three times’ a charmcold…emotionswrapped in crystal clearribbons of glassare bound to shatteron the frost licked snowthat covers the surfaceof the otherwise clear blue pools of eyesand I shiver..a breathed plea escaping lipsforms clouds in the coolof early morning snowstormsthat haunt with relentless precisionthe depths of soulswhere the apparition of love unconditionalloses its silhouettefadesand the footprints left behi
At Journal 2011 (7)
journal digital camera, batteries, memory card deodorant, shampoo pack repair, tent repair, sleeping pad repair pillow butt paper ” rope matches,lighters,magnesium strip camp dry iodine tablets trekker socks- 2 pair crocs trash bag Ziploc bags various sizes food bag shorts, pants, ls and ss shirt, stocking cap, hat, jacket, gloves, 3l hydration bladder birch bark pens ankle gators zip strips k0bar knife tyvek ground cover. Rain delay again today. It smelled and felt like rain all morning and finally my Achilles heel got sore enough I was limping so I set up camp and now it is raining. Was it a sign?? My Achilles heel acting up and making me stop?? Maybe. But I am sitting the rest of the day out and read more of the adventures of huckleberry Finn and follow his adventures while mine are put on hold. Yet another rain delay. At least I will get to finish
Sex Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Just wanted to let all know that my blogs are still arround they're just marked nsfw!! I found out the they dont put the urls on your main page to the nsfw blogs , And my are way to naughty to be on the page so I created a few blogs so that u will be able to find them easier!!! I am feeling under the weather today got a bad cold ! I will be making more blogs as well very soon !!!! Any suggestions would be great !!! I will be doing some more pictures out door theme! Getting some new toys as well LOL , Stay naughty all!!! Thanks for all the luvin for u all!! Redqueenbbw
Step By Step On How To Make A Skin
skins..< you need two windows open for this> rip a skin from me that i created and use this as a starter, go into your skins scroll until you see "my skin" to the right it says "edit skin", click it this opens a new window with the skin coding inside. right click and hit select all hit the back button hit create a skin at the top and it opens a new skin delete everything in the blank skin paste the skin you copied there name it and save it this is the one you will be using to make changes to instead of changing the original now in a different window open your pic hosting site ( or go to the pic you want to use you need to copy the IMG code then go back to the skin you are working on scroll down about a quarter way down the page should be about the 10th or 15th paragraph it says body background(it is much longer than the rest) that is where you paste the IMG code at just replace the http:// so forth from http: to jpg it will shove in the
To Get Access To My Nsfw
Hello sweets. Well to avoid all the questions here we are. If you want access to my NSFW i ask for a bling pack or Blast. If there is a question why, well i do take time out of my day do this for fubar. I try to keep my fans happy and well i like doing it so. there you go the How To's ok luv all my fans. Take care. Pierced...
Winter Reborn
As fastas her eyelids flutter;feeling their way through the darkthat surrounded the hungercaptured within his breath;travels, within the silent pathof a tear cried in stolen youth,a pain as liquid as the silken touchof an unconditional loving soul.Her criesecho ache through time into a futuredoomed to darknesswhere the curves of femininity swayto the seductive soundsof a snake’s venomous hissand swirl onto the hands of greedclawing into her fleshwithin the boundariesof their own shallow minds.A sigh ruptures the heavy velvet veilthat shields the disfiguredview of humanityas painted by the nurturing handof the male figure"the guardian of innocence"claiming trophiesof unearthly measureswhile deep withina newborn winterhowls through the depthof soul.
At Journal 2011 (3)
Lost the trail on Dragons tooth went 1/4 mile straight down mtn no white blazes so climbed back up ohdid I tell you it started raining as well so now everything is slick. Found the trail again yeah it went down a sheer rock cliff. They had a few foot steps on the side ofsome rocks. I came close to visiting Valhalla today as well. I took a tumble down the cliffs. Wish they would have said something about rock climbing gear. Cause that just stupid climbing down a sheer cliff in the rain with a loaded pack and no climbing gear. Surprised I didn't break something or get severely injured. I am definitely going to put some rock climbing gear in my pack next trip. That was just plain stupid. It was not crazy, not insane, just stupid climbing down dragons tooth with no hooks or anything in the rain. Did I mention how stupid that was? Set up camp in the rain. It was a FUNDAY IN PARADISE. I have my sleeping pad, sleeping bag, tent on the outside front of my pack and when I went down
Learning To Let Go
No matter how they try and seethe love that lives eternallybetween the lonely soul and methey never will conceiveWhen once again the night has passedand left behind the love that laststhe taste of my ongoing questfor you, my nightly thiefWho purposely invades my dreamsthe ghost of bitter memoriesyou choose to tease beyond releaseyou'll never let me goYou beg and plead relentlesslykneeled down behind your souls debrishope with your might I'd choose to seebeyond that what I knowHow could they ever understandwhen I can't even comprehendwhy I still hold on to your handand choose to let you beIn time I'll come to realizethat you were aiming to disguiseyour lack of love through heartless liesyou'll die inside of me..
Why, Spank You!
This game is now closed. Thank you for playing! Game F.A.Q. 1. Who can I spank? You may spank ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Those will be marked on the scoreboard, so that you know not to order for them again. 2. Can I order more than one at a time? Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many spanks for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 spanks) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01, User # 884702." 3. How long does it take for them to receive them? That depends on a few things. First, it depends on your order. If it wasn't placed correctly and I have to reply for more information, it will add to the delay. In addition to this, it depends on the number of orders received, and my personal schedule. I'm a full-time student (graduating in Ma
Cheating On Referrals
Fubarbarians... Over the last few days we have been auditing referrals. Many of you are working hard to invite your "REAL" friends to the site and we appreciate it. Unfortunately, there are always a few people who will abuse the system and take advantage of the extra points. Although it may be tempting, please do not set up fake accounts or use bogus email addresses or your points will be reset to ZERO. It doesn't matter how much you have invested into the site! Cheating is cheating and this has been our policy since day one! The best thing you can to is to protect your investment is to play fair and do not cheat. It's really quite simple. Cheating = Reset to 0. Playing fair = :) It is not fair to the rest of the community who are working hard to legitimately refer good people to have to compete with cheaters. Please take the higher road and ONLY refer legitimate people. Also, please read the terms of service. " reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reje
New Lounge Staff Settings
Okay so we just put out a new lounge change that allows you much better access over what each one of your mods is able to do: This page can be found by navigating to your "edit lounge" page and then clicking "manage lounge staff": Please respond here with comments, feedback, bugs, and other issues regarding lounge mods. Note: If you previously had lounge co-owners, you'll want to go into this settings page and set their 'staff' and/or 'settings' permissions to YES as for what you desire your co-owners to be able to do. thanks, -eric
The Best Divorce Letter Ever!
Dear Wife, I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. ... Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore, you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore, whatever the case, I’m gone. Your EX-Husband P.S. don’t try to find me, Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! Dear Ex-Husband Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It’s true you & I have been married for 7 year
My Great Fubar Friends!!!
Hello everyone, If you get a chance please go to and vote on my 5 pics. You can vote every day on there site. Sometimes you get a 404 message that is a busy message so please try again in a few sec's. Please share this blog with your friends and spread the word a Fubar girl is running for miss Hightimes. Thank you all very much Much love your SexyPirate
"80's From The Crypt" Friday Here And On
"80's From The Crypt" will be ON THE AIR tonight from 7pm-Midnight EST Tonight, Friday January 27th, 2012. Call in your requests to (201) 870-1767 or AIM/Yahoo/Skype us atDarkGiftRadio. Please Help Share The Links & Hit Up That "Share Button" & Tune In, I'll be playing the best and favorite 80'sTracks atwww.darkgiftradio.comor click on my profile INTERESTESTS TAB for the station stream player. You can also send me your requests Follow us on Twitter #darkgiftradio, you can also see how to tune in the show on other devices here Show is Dedicated In The Memory of my cousin Rich Witkowski who tragically lost his life this morning in an accident in work, You will be missed and never forgotten Cuz..!! Please tune us in, Turn it Up and Help Us Out By Telling Your Friends & Sharing The Links. Thanks, Shawn aka: DJ DarkGift
Darknymph's Army Volunteers
This page is Currently Under Construction!!! DO THIS FIRST!!! Fan and friend me (if we aren't already) and message me so I know you're ready to get your fam adds!!!I will send you the trick to using the blog to level quickly!! This is a list of people that have volunteered to help with Fam adds. Be sure to Like/Rate/Fan/Friend request them - they are an awesome group of people to have as friends!! (BTW - if you msg them and ask for an add and you aren't even friends - they can't help you!!! Besides - it's courteous to make sure you Like/Rate/Fan/Friend before asking for help!!) If you have everything to level completed, other than the fam adds - it's time to chat with me. (Yes - Shout box me - I get those messages the quickest so I can get back to you quickly!!) Please do not start working through the list and ask for fam adds until you are all ready to level. That means you have your points and all other requirements completed first because the people on this list are someti
At Journal 2011 (8)
Made it two the fire wardens cabin which was one hell of a climb. Way past bumfuck and the back 40 wasn’t even on the map anymore. Went from 880’ 3,230’ in 4 miles. A couple of girls showed up and gave me a brand new package of like 12 flour tortillas, new package of 4 pita bread the flat circular kind and a nice big bag of trail mix that has Oreos, goldfish, pretzels, raisins, cheerios, and some other stuff in it. Got the cabin all to myself tonight J J. No one wants to spend the night with me which is a blessing sometimes J J. Only 400 miles to go. Just think if I do 100 miles every 3 days I will be done in 12 days J J. That is not going to happen but it’s a thought. It is beautiful up here in new Hampshire. The views and scenery is fucking AWESOME. It makes all the effort worth it. I know I have done a lot of bitching and moaning in here but most of that was from all the climbing I believe. Take away all the climbing and it is AWESOME. But then ag
Abstract The purpose this research were to compare with achievement students in Thai subject (Thai 43202)...E-mail :
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Friends are friends forever together 'till the end. You promised me that you would always be my friend. One day something changed I'm not sure what it was. I lost you on that day and the reason was because it was a late dark night and we had a stupid fight. And for some reason, I don't know why, we couldn't make it right. We went our separate ways. This went on for days and days. I made new friends and you made yours, but that hole in my heart could not be filled for that hole was only yours. Times got really tough, my road of life was, oh, so rough. I needed friends, not the kind you see from day to day, but the kind that will always and forever stay Memories were all I h
Studio 54 Mod Reference And Training
-Ok first off Tiffany and Myself would like to say to all new Mod's/Bouncers ...please Remember YOU represent US as in Tiffany and myself to ALL of FUBAR.Don't make or let personal problems enter our Lounge.Enjoy and have Fun.This is a place to escape the Drama and BS outside (Holy Ground) RULES!!! GOLDEN RULE..If you shout box me about any lounge issues other that the MUSIC Players going down.You will LOSE your MOD Status.I don't care nor have time for your personal problems with other lounge members or STAFF.Re-read the TOP of this Training BLOG ! 1. We allow swearing at something or a situation NOT a person 2 No Spamming DELETE THE COMMENTS warn them about the Offense,if they continue Silence them. 3 The (three step rule) -1st warn them about and offensive remarks, -2nd Last warning -3rd You have the option to SILENCE,EJECT or BAN them.( The First two would probably be the best option) 4 Please DO NOT ADD STUDIO 54 Bouncer to y
At Journal 2011 (4)
Hopefully they hold. Got some new rice sides in Front Royal. Buffalo Chicken, Baby Back BBQ, Steak Fajitas. About 17 miles to Blackburn Trail center probably end up there tomorrow I hear it is worth a visit. So I am going to check it out. Maybe they have free tent and or pack repair definitely take advantage of that if so or maybe Harpers' Ferry has something like that. Just have to check it out and see. More roller coaster again tomorrow YAY ahhhh it is so much fun here in PARADISE. Took a ride on what they called the roller coaster but wasn't today. Took a break at Sam Moore Shelter. It was clear and sunny. Got about 1/2 miles from Sam Moore Shelter before I could get my tent set up it just down poured on me. The trail got flooded tent has a HUGE PUDDLE of water in the corner. Everything is soaked except for what is in my pack. It dumped several inches of rain in mere minutes. It is late in the day the rain is over and I'm a dumbass cause I should have just kept going
At Journal 2011
I got off the bus in Gainesville GA. It was raining. Walked to the city park and camped out in the backwoods near the lake. The next day it rained till about noon. Then I packed up camp and started towards Amicoala State Park. I kept running into dead ends trying to get across the lake. Stopped at a gas station and grabbed a soda and this guy in a truck pulled up and asks me where I am headed too. I tell him I am headed to Amicoala State park but can't seem to get passed this lake. He says well I can give you a ride up to hwy 400 which will get you passed the lake. I said that would be much appreciated. He dropped me off at a gas station on hwy 400. By then it was getting late about 4 or 5 pm. So I went across hwy 400 into some wooded area and set up camp for the night. I got up the next morning packed up camp and headed down hwy 400. A guy pulls up and gives me a ride a couple of miles down hwy 400. I continue walking. After awhile I decide to sit down and take a br
Winter Solstice
If not for that single candle;flickering as the estranged fingersof hope-filled-lifecaress and ticklein foreign affection;the days would be longand shadow traced and so I findthe silhouette of lost soulcrouched downin the forgotten cornerattempting to blend,submergeinto memories of too long agoas the shades of daygrow older.the shadows of nightcome to hauntthe fleeting bodyof immortal longingcraves to grasp hold of the synergythat emergesfrom kindred loversas life tauntsrelentlesswith hints and wispsof dream fulfilled propheciesand life-vitalitybecomes as much a phaenomenonas the auroraafter winter solsticebut evenin an ice-kissed-breathwords of passionand compassioncannot be frozento be keptand silent echoesof whispered nothingsfade into the darknessof night
Airline Tickets
airline tickets My recent troubles began when I booked three flights from Florida to Hong Kong. For the past few years, I've been using a local travel agency for most of our travel. Once I've thoroughly researched online consolidators, I went back to my local travel agent armed with a firm idea of options and good pricing. They were accommodating in my dictating my desired price for them to match. I like to use a travel agencies because I like to have someone to blame, if anything goes wrong besides me. Someone with a face and a place I can visit, if need be. Seriously, for me, it's a backup plan, as it can give extra clout should a traveler need help.I originally booked these flights more than eight months ago. So, imagine my surprise, when I wasn't able to get our necessary ebookings or tickets from the travel agency upon demand. They kept putting me off. All I had was my cancelled check and a couple of emails.Finally, two weeks before we were due to leave, I made a trip to their
Santorum: Obamas College Reforms Part Of indoctrination Plot (repost)
Topics: President Barack Obama ♦ President Obama ♦ Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Wednesday suggested that President Barack Obama wanted to every kid to go to college so they could be brainwashed into being a liberal. Speaking to a crowd of Floridians at the First Baptist Church of Naples, Santorum said that churches and families were under “assault” by the president and liberals. “We’ve lost, unfortunately, our entertainment industry,” the candidate explained. “We’ve lost our higher education. That was the first to go a long time ago. It’s no wonder President Obama wants every kid to go to college. The indoctrination that occurs at American universities is one of the keys to the left holding and maintaining power in America — and it is indoctrination.” “If they taught Judeo-Christian ideology, they would be stripped of every
At Journal 2011 (5)
Then my tent pole snapped again this morning had to fix that. Walk about 1 1/2 mile round trip to delps spring to find it dry as a bone and it rained last night. Bonus miles I will have done when I get to Maine: 200. With water sources 1/2 mile from trail, town for resupply, and me just being a plain dumbass and losing the AT a gazillion times. All which are not counted nor is the 8.8 mile access trail to Springer Mtn. Everything is getting tore up on the trail.1. Vestibule zipper went out. 2. Tent poles snaps 3 times. 3. Shoulder straps on pack break. 4. Brand new pair of boots I got right before pa are basically wasted on one state.5. zipper on sleeping bag compartment broke. 6.Headlight doesn't work anymore. As far as me goes everything seems to be working as of now. No bruised muscles or anything just the sore feet from walking on rocks all the time and sore shoulders from wearing my pack all the time. Everyday I wake up thinking ok this is what I am going to do today but
Game Recognizes Game Bitchez
Damn it's been a while since I've had the chance to shed some light on a real jackass but after months of keeping my mouth shut enough is finally enough. Last time I did a blog like this, I didn't have to air much dirty laundry it aired itself in the comments as people became comfortable enough to see that they weren't alone. Secondly, if you're one of those who scream "All people do is start drama..." then stop reading now and you won't have to deal with it right? Well, I guess for any good, "He's a lyin ass playah and wouldn't know a friend if one saved his life" story we have to begin with an asshole and I pick this one: Shit...wrong picture... Better.... Anyway, if I put ALL his dirt out there, this blog would read like an unabridged dictionary but here we go. Since I can't use his real name We'll just call him Punk Ass....K..? Punk ass and I started off with a mutual interest and we talked a lot getting to know one another. The more I talked to h
Dsc Members List
This is the DIRTY SOUTH CREW The BEST of the BEST on fu Before any new member is added here, they will have to add, fan and rate the profile of ALL members before them. **If you do not see yourself on this list, please contact me for an explanation** If you don't have either DSC or Dirty South Crew attached to your nickname, I will assume that you have left the crew and you will
What Is A Fubar Salute?
A salute is a candid photo of yourself proving to the world that you're the real person behind your Fubar profile. Your face should be clearly visible, along with a clear HAND WRITTEN note with the following three things: 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2, Your Member ID number , (which is located in the end of your URL address; 3. AND, the words: or *Photoshopped or any type print set will NOT be accepted. *Grainy and barely legible salutes will NOT be accepted. *Salutes placed in a PRIVATE album will NOT be accepted. If you would like, the following items will be accepted as a complimentary add on to your Salute: You may wear your LostCherry or Fubar t-shirt, and show your Home Page (which has to be clear) as part of your background. Please include the above three items to ENSURE your salute is verified. All Salutes are approved by the Fubar bouncers. Using fake or bogus photos will result in your account being
Awesome Lounge
In My Own..
the warmth of your breathe on my hairthe way you hold my handall things i adoreall things look forward toall things letting me know you care falling asleep to the sound of your voicekeeps all the evil dreams at baythe protection in your armsthat is what i crave bodies pressed together in slumberthe comfort of knowing your theremy last exhale before i close my eyesin peace feeling neither here or there i awaken in the bright morning lightmentally stretching my mindi reach over to curl up to youopenning my eyes feeling as though everything is right i become fully awake, looking aroundtears fill my eyesi realize it was all a dreamyou were never therei lay there soundless, in my own misery.
Thank You
Two very simple little words that brought tears to my eyes! Why would those two words bring me to tears? Because they were said by one of the many people I respect and pray for each night. His a member of the finest group of people this country has, OUR MILITARY. He said it because I used my voice to recognize him and all those like him that chose to put on the uniform and protect this country. They chose to protect you and me, people they don't even know, so that we can sleep in peace. So that people like me have the freedoms like being able to use our voice, and all those others that we take for granted everyday. Those two words meant the world to me. Imagine what those same two simple words mean to them.The ones that will look you in the eye and say "I'm just doing my job", when we all know they are doing so much more. When was the last time you stopped one of this country's HEROs, past or present and said those two very simple but powerful little words? To al
Edgar Cayce's Wet Cell Appliance ADVICE COLUMN Clyde's Corner Q: Who was Edgar Cayce and what washis “wet cell appliance”? – Johm Wyatt - Houston, TX A: Edgar Cayce(3/18/1877) to (01/3/1945) is one of the world’s best known psychics. Born in Hopkinsville, KY, Cayce at an early age, displayed talents
What Do You Want Next On Cherrytap?
i have the friends list navigation work on my list, so there's no need to ask for that. we cleaned up the member blocking stuff recently, and added the 'no ripping' settings flag to albums. what else do you want us to improve or add to the site? i have my own ideas, but as always most of the good ideas come from you guys. :-) please no tech support questions, just leave comments with ideas/requests for improvements or new features. update monday, june 18th: i've added a timestamp to the shoutbox. if you mouseover the persons name, it shows the time that shout was received. i've also added the 'became my fan' filter to the bartab page. :-) one last note, i also turned back on the 'logged in' alerts... when your friends login, you'll get an alert (at most once every 6 hours). -mike ps: anyone who asks for a way to block the 'friend walkin' alerts will be kicked in the throat. if your friends friend joining doesn't interest you, they're not your friend so take them
Friends Forever (may 13th - 31st)
After hosting my last game, I gave you all the opportunity to send in your ideas of what you think we should play for next. I had my choices narrowed down to 2 favorites, so we'll play the other one at another time. The tokens for this game will be "Friendship Roses", which was submitted by JudiSixxSlave. ~Judi~SIXX SLAVE~MAD HATTER~*S*U*P*~@ fubar Please click her link above, and leave her some love! Game F.A.Q. 1. Who can I order for? You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more roses! 2. Can I order more than one at a time? Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send t
Kharma Can Be A B*#$@
KarmaDo You remember me or have you forgotten? I've come back to surprise you,and haven't you on more then one occasion,But am I the one to blame? You've cursed and called me all the wrong names , but yet that's what you get.A lot of people have often gotten me confused with "Payback", but my true name is Karma.And I'm the one that will tap into your conscious and ask you "Do you remember that?" I don't believe in getting even because that will only equal the score, Then there is no lesson Learned.I'll make you shed tears and let them see you sweat. I'll repay you double and ten times the complication that you calloused me. I have perfected the art of inflicting hardship when you least expect it, Or could it be when you thought I've forgot?I've waited days,Months,and sometimes even years to give you what you got coming. And to put bad in front of your luck.. Isn't that what you deserve?I Always get my chance and as the world turns It always spin
49ers Vs Rams
I am going to the 49ers first home game versus the Rams on Sunday. This should be awesome!!! Go RAMS!!!
A Pets 10 Commandments
1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is likely to be painful. 2. Give me time to understand what you want of me. 3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being. 4. Don't be angry with me for long and don't lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment, but I have only you. 5. Talk to me. Even if I don't understand your words, I do understand your voice when speaking to me. 6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it. 7. Before you hit me, before you strike me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet, I choose not to bite you. 8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I'm not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or my heart might be getting old or weak. 9. Please take care of me when I grow old. You too, will grow old. 10. On the ultimate difficult journey, go with me please. Never say you can't be
Wanna Own Your Very Own Ellie??
My first ever Auction!!! (No Fu Bux Bids PLEASE) $19.99 and under1)Add you to top 7 friends2)1 pimp out3)Daily like, rate, comment, and shitface if needed4)Rate 250 photos an 115)Add to custom list to see my teaser photos$49.99 and under1)All previous offers2)Family add3)Bling of my choice4)Two more pimp outs 5)Will add "Owned by" to my name6)Will give you my points for 12 hours $99.99 and under1)All previous offers2)Added to top 7 family3)Added to yahoo messenger4)Three more Pimp outs ( a total of 6)5)Will give you my points while I run ability bling6)Three Cell phone videos of me. 7)Will add your name and photo to my about me section$249.99 and under
Please Friends,sign My Mothers Guestbook.thanks Very Much.
Tue, Oct 07 2008 Currently 68 H: 81 L: 61Click for more weather Homepage | Local News | Hurricane Ike - Latest News | High School Sports | College/Pro Sports | Opinion | Obituaries | Religion | Entertainment | Calendar | Classifieds | Monster Jobs | Wheels | Celebrations | Gadzoo Pets | Buy a Classified | View/Sign Guest Book -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thelma Maureen Earwood Thelma Maureen Earwood, 75, of Orange, passed away Wednesday, September 10, 2008 in Orange. Graveside services will be at 2:00 P.M. Saturday, October 4, 2008 in Autumn Oaks Memorial Park in Orange. Officiating will be Reverend Jeff Bell. Visitation will be from 9:00 A.M. until 12:00 P.M. Saturday at Dorman Funeral Home in Orange. Born on March 8, 1933 in Houston, Texas to Tillman and Thelma Daisy (Gay) Mahanay, she most recently lived in Orange and had most previously worked as a dispatcher for the Police Department in Friendsw
Live Video Cams For Classics Lounge Lounge
This is how you may get on cam in CLASSICS LOUNGE A few rules: #1 NO NUDITY OF ANY KIND ON CAMS !!!!!!!! WE DO NOT WANT ANY MORE CAMS TO BE BANNED, IF THIS HAPPENS CAMS MAYBE REMOVED FROM THE LOUNGE. #2 Please make sure there is no one on a cam before logging in to it. #3 Respect everyone. #4 PLEASE KEEP ALL AUDIO OFF ON CAMS !!!!!!!!!!! #5 DO NOT change any settings to the cams, as in adding pictures, videos display names or so on. #6 Reminder that there are other people besides the people in the lounge watching you on cam. So if you don't want other people to see something outside of the lounge DON"T SHOW IT... GO TO USTREAM.COM go to USTREAM.COM log in the user and passwords provided here click " GO LIVE " ITS IN ORANGE AT THE TOP RIGHT THEN YOU WILL SEE A BROADCAST THING POP UP JUST CLICK BROADCAST THEN SCROLL DOWN TO ALLOW ADOBE THE CLICK THE GREEN START CASTING MAKE SURE ALL AUDIO IS UN CHECK WE DONT WANNA HEAR YOU LOL HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON
Online Shops
Changes in our shopping habits over the yearsl remember when my children were small, holding a thick, heavy, glossy catalogue in my hand. l was very pleased with myself as ld become an agent for the company for the 1st time.l was always looking for little jobs to work from home , so that l could be a full-time mum but still earn a small amount of money. My husband earned the main share.Catalogues were a good idea for people who wanted quality goods but could not afford to pay out a large sum of cash all at once, but they COULD pay a little each week , regularly.These catalogues sold everything from womens and mens clothes, to childrensclothes and toys, to furniture or tools... Almost anything you could think of.The more customers l had, and the more money they spent, naturally would mean the more commission l received.l once left my commission with the company until there was enough to buy a three piece suite.Very nice it looked in our sitting room and l felt as though it had cost me
*** Upclose & Personal With Echoangel ***
JUNE 2007. Well I am nervous to be opening up like this. I am a bit shy at first believe it or not, but I love to help and was told that sharing my story might help encourage others. So here goes... Some say being overweight is a sign of laziness & overeating. I hope that this will show that this is not always the case. There are medical reasons that people gain & lose weight. I have always been very active. I love the outdoors - walking, camping, quadding, hiking, playing games like volleyball, baseball, etc. When I got pregnant with my son that didn't stop me. I kept going for long walks and even played Frisbee and tether ball at 9 1/2 months pregnant lol (thought it might help him come out faster - it didn't lol) This first picture was taken June 24, 1999 at about 11:30 am with my son. This was the first time I got to hold him; he was born the night before. My sweet angel baby. Two months ago, I finally met one of my goals by reaching this weight again and presently am work
Salutes And Cheating
This is just an FYI. If you submit a fake salute that is OBVIOUSLY fake. You WILL be shown the door. If you have multiple accounts that are set up for cheating, you WILL be shown the door or reset. If you CHEAT on referrals, you will be reset. We have anti fraud detection in place. You may think you are getting away with it, but you will be reset soon ;) Please read our terms of service!
Sunday Evening...
So what has everyone been up to?? Today I watched football, those damn Cowboys, lol... I did all my ironing while watching the games, what a life of luxury, lol. I spent a nice quiet weekend at home, Friday I worked the Fall Festival at my son's school but other then that, I was at home :) I had to turn the A/C back on yesterday, oh the joy of living in AZ, hehe This week I am doing a few things, Tuesday I am spending the afternoon with Faith, we are going to do lunch and do a bit of shopping, that should be fun. We have cam on Tuesday evening 7 PM AZ time ;) I think I have it right this time, lol. I have a friend coming to visit on the weekend and we are going to do some naughty pics, mmmm should be fun!! Ok today I was in the grocery store and was looking at the shelf for an item. Now I am standing close to the shelf behind me out of the way looking for my item. A woman walks down the isle and stops her cart just to the left of where I am stand and proceeds to stand
Ever After
Dreary smiles and anguished laughter, They try to hide the pain, Of a broken happy-ever-after, As the tears run down your drain. A cry for help is calling you, Its sobs sigh on the wind That whistles up the Avenue, To rattle your window pane. Alone you sit, battered and bruised, As you read another page, Of another broken romance book That holds you, centre stage. The spotlight is on your tears, But the audience have departed, No one's left to share the fears That leave you broken hearted. And so with melancholy in your head, You contemplate the tall grey tower, Thinking you'd be better dead, You could leap, it'd be all over. And your soul could fly with angels, Or the demons of the night. That's the alternative angle, The enigma of your plight. So where do you go tonight, As the shadows dance their merry dance, By the flickering tongue of candlelight, That holds you in its trance? You go to dream another nightmare, Of a place where heartache reigns, Where there is no happy-ever
Worlds Biggest Business Entertainment & Social Networking Site Introduced Abusiness, entertainment and social networking website, to provide a wide range of online services to entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals and individuals, connecting them on a more interactive platform. His primary vision was to build a common platform for business, entertainment and social networking and making sure people have fun while they're at it. Bikes in India|cars in India|Auto industry
Pussy Play!
All Out Of Love
Janey Godleys Podcast Episode 81
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 81 of Janey Godley’s podcast the mother and daughter comedy duo give us some Oscar facts. The podcast is recorded early due to the duo heading to London this week. Ashley has unearthed many weird and wonderful titbits of Oscar award ceremonies from the archives and also gives us a roundup of the latest nominees. Janey gives us some ‘singing’ from her version of The Northern Lights and Ashley talks’ crunchy lettuce diet tips. They both talk beauty tips and get a chance to read out some podcast questions. Ashley wants to be the face of Poundland (which isn’t sexual). Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst
It Has Been A Long Night.
It has been a long night. One long night in a long weekend. I work as a Security Officer. I have maintained this job in order to keep a positive cash flow while I attempt to make a living writing. To date, SpiritFlights response had been somewhat less then stellar. SpiritFlight, by the way, is available through I am at a new post. It is the Dallas Cowboys Stadium construction site in Arlington, Texas. Working there is like camping out four nights a week. What you have in the way of food and water is what you pack in, or what you can grab in a 10 minute run to the nearby Quick Mart. Again, no air, no lights, no comfort, just long, long hours watching and waiting in hopes that intervention is not necessary. Watch wait and report. I was put there because they trust me to show up, do the job, not screw up the client, and keep the peace as necessary. Hot long hours of heat, dust, worry, and the hunt. The constant vigil for trouble that it is hoped never occurs. We live i
Give Me Wine
Standing before you, I strip down to nothing. The highlight of your day, youve been working and were ready for a break. You lean back in your chair and unbutton the buttons of your shirt while pulling at your tie. I am smiling at you as I pulll a bottle of red out from behind the desk. "Want to share a Glass" I ask, as you nod giving me your approval. Pulling out the cork i set the bottle on the table to let it breath, Sliding forward in your chair you grab the cork out of my hands and start to rub it over my body... MMM the smell of my flesh mixed with the wine sends you into a frenzy. Your tongue moves across my body to my pussy. Sliding through my lips brushing my clit. Grabbing the bottle of of the desk I start to pour the wine between my breasts as you look up to see a river of red flow towards your mouth. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Catching the stream of wine in your mouth you lick deeper, you look up at me and smile as I lean my head back and moan. The feeling of the cool win
Make History Again
Not My President
Thought this was interesting and had to share. Everyone is free to have their own opinion and I am not in anyway forcing mine on you. >To all my friends:The feedback from the "Not My President" bulletin has been astounding. This is definately a hot topic. Thank you all who have reposted the bulletin.There have been negative replies to it also, some even called me names and said I was ignorant! Regardless, I refuse to sit back and do nothing. Never will I sit idle while many, especially the young, are led like sheep to vote for anyone promising "change" who, at the same time:- refuses to take an oath on The Holy Bible (VERY BIG ISSUE FOR ME)- was raised as a Muslim, and may still be- belongs to a church that is committed to Africa, not America- refuses to honor our American flag during the National Anthem- refuses to pledge his allegiance to The Flag of The United States of America (ANOTHER BIG ISSUE FOR ME)DOES THIS SOUND LIKE AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT TO YOU?This country was founded on
Heads Up-- Big Change To Fubar Today....
anyone who's been reading my blogs knows that i've been doing a lot of (crazy?) stuff the last few weeks.. removing the requirements to level, adding salute filters to your profile, etc. in order to help fight off the spammers/scammers who're trying to infest our nice little watering hole, i've been forced to enable something that i've tried to avoid: email verification to post comments, send private message, send shouts, or have html displayed in your profile area. most other sites require you to verify your email address before they even activate your account. i always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and try to keep the site as open as possible... but the spammers/scammers have been abusing it and this is one of the most effective ways to make it harder on them. if you don't know if you've verified your email addres, or if you need to verify it, please go to your profile settings page. under your email address you'll either find a 'Verified' label, or instruct
In Conclusion.
I saw Red Tails tonight! I was awe-inspired by the splendid luck we had with the Jet plane. Did you know: 14 of the Mark 2 Jet Fighter made by Volkswagon were made, but only 5 got into the air, and 4 were deemed operational? The Mark 2 Jet Fighter was the fastest thing in the war, but the least deployed? The Mark 2 Jet Fighter had the most kills out of any attack force with minimal problems but still was defeated? Why didn't we lose again? Oh yeah, America was teh beeznees back in the day. Oh, how I miss you, America of olde. Back in the day when we didn't make fun of the British for a language we basically hijacked and mugged. AMEEERRRIICCA of GRACIOUS--OH SHIT, JETPLANE. Go Tuskegee! Why is derelection the greater part of valour? Because you need to get past Mach 3. Valour, in essence, is a flatspin gone awry. I believe this in turmoil and in great prejudice. Spin and throw-up a little, at least the guy next door says he's seen better days. An eternal w
To Celebrate Turning 5 Years Old, We'll Be Doing Triple Points And A Credit Sale On Friday, Oct 15th! :d
Have fun! -mike
I ♥ My Friends!!
Just Random Crap
writing about life? nope, more just about odd things i know or odd questions i may have, like why is a bottle of soda cheaper then a bottle of water? tid bit of info for ya - if you buy a new washer and set it up yourself, Remove the shipping bolts! you be amazed at how many people don't.. hinges on your door coming loose? slide a little sliver of wood into the screw holes and reinstall the screws waalaaa. computer acting stupid on start up? try replacing the internal battery before anything else ( yes they really do have one ) its like a big watch battery why did they stop making universal remotes with the new tv's ? and why can't all remotes use the same size batteries? okay, so do people think Mcdonalds hamburgers really taste good? i cant possibly understand how anybody could but hey to each their own. if you're going to buy a new dishwasher, measure the opening from top to bottom, can make a big difference on what you can buy.. btw i used to install built-in appliances b
Auditing Weekly Top Game Scores For Start Of Week 7/5 - 7/11
UPDATE 7/7/09 - Requirement has been changed from Top Weekly Score in one of the first 5, to Top Daily Score in *any* game. This is not retro-active to previous scoring, so go get your top dailies and level up! UPDATE: If you are not in the below list of user ids and you also qualified to level up to 33 -- please bear with us. We'll be re-examining the gaming requirement to decide if (and how) this should change, given the reliability of the company that hosts the scores for us. That's all that can be done for now! Continue to play as you will, but know the risk might be that your score isn't 100% gauranteed to be recorded and nothing will likely change with this situation until some time on Monday. As for thos ethat I've been able to find logs for -- level 32 fubar users that have been trying hard to place in the weekly top scores, sorry for the mishap but we've manually run through all scoring from 12am PST through right now and here is the list of users that have obtained week
Everlasting Love
your hair flows like a summer's breeze your beauty brings men to their knees your voice captures my heart with ease eyes glisten like the moon over the seas and tho i know im not easy to please still you stand right there beside me trials and tribulations seem like a daily thing some days it seems like we're always fighting but one day soon you're gonna wear that ring because our love is truely everlasting
Missing You
For a long time I didnt know what I had. Taking you for granted Not approving of all of your actions, But at the time I was only a child. And as the old folks say When I was a child I thought as a child, I spoke as a child, But when I became an adult I put childish things away. So as I grew up I forgave you for those things that I couldnt understand. Growing closer and closer to you not knowing that our time was growing short. You showed me how a real man is supposed to stand up and take responsibilities of his actions. And for this I love you. You showed me what a real man is supposed to do and how he is supposed to take care of his family. And for this I love you. You were the first physical man that ever accepted me and loved me. And for this I love you. You were the first physical man that I ever loved in return. And for this I love you. No one could ever replace you although some have tried. But they just dont understand the role or the shoes that they must fill
I Am In A Valentine Auction/ My First One With My Wife.
Its a Valentine Auction. Go bid and be our Valentine. We are hot and sexy as fuck. You know you want to. Here is my link Just highlight it and right click and open window, that is it or put it in your browser. Will you win me or my wife ? This is my sexy ass wifes link to hers - Can you handle us both? Come be our Cupid. Do you dare ? This is my very first auction, show me how it is done !!
Hi There,
I like to be with my friends on fubar at night because I have alot of fun with them all the time and fubar is a nice site to me. Thank you
Fubar Support Cheat Sheet - Tons Of Good Info
Below is a list of some FuBar Support Blogs I have available. I have included clickable links, so they are easy to find. If you wish, you may link to any blog. Also, please repost so others can read this. (If you're short the 10 fubucks..i'll be happy to transfer it. :P) Clearing Cookies and Cache FU Marriage Clickable Pics How to Make Basic Skins Simple HTML For Your Bulletins and Blogs Downloading Fonts To Your Computer SKINS-Ripping/Pasting Code/Generating Site Navigation and Mumming for the New Members Blocking and Unblocking...Your Options There are many more site
Feels So Right
New Profile Page Design!
hey everyone, this afternoon i changed the layout of the public profile pages to be a little bit cleaner. old skins and everything else should still work, and if you want to create new skins, it should be even easier with the new layout. feel free to leave any feedback on the new layout here... cheers! -mike
Fetish Cam
Cam Info for Fetishgo to http://www.ustream.tvCam 1Log In: fetishcam01Password: spankmeCam 2Log In: fetishcam02Password: teasemeCam 3Log In: fetishcam03Password: bitemeCam 4Log In: fetishcam04Password: lickme
Join Social Network, Business Network At Common Platform-
Everyone believes in connecting & interacting and is aware of the caliber of social media in today’s life. It is a place where we can connect to known as well as totally unknown persons in a few seconds. And getting to know all the different aspects of their life makes connections trustworthy. Now a day everyone has social networking accounts on more than one site and business networking accounts are dealt on other different sites. But people are aware that our business connections can always add value & boost our social connections. Similarly our meaningful social connections also improve and raise our professional network building. The possible influencing effects of our professional & social connections on each other are undeniable. If professionally you are a film director, there are hundred percent chances that you would attract models and actors on your social front too which strengthen the chances of reaping benefits for both the sides but for this to happen a common platf
Projectplaylist By Skull
from your "my account" page chose the "my playlist option> > > then select the playlist you wish to upload to fubar> > > then chose the generate code option> > > then chose option E> > > you will now have to select the same playlist that u wish to upload again> > > from here u will chose ur options then click "get code"> > > that will bring u to the code page... from here u will right click and select "select all" then right click again and select "cut"> > > now ur done with project playlist ... from here on out u will be working with fubar> > from ur home page on fubar select edit profile> > > clect the music tab and right click and paste tehe code from progect playlist.. then fill out the bouncer check at the bottom and save > > > once u have completed all these steps u are complete.. enjoy ur music
The Beginning..
Ok.. so here it is.. obviously guys would rather stay with a bitch than with someone who cares for them and loves them with their whole heart.. Case in point.. ex bf stayed with a bitch for 15 yrs.. stayed with me 4 months Case 2.. exhusband just married a bitch that has him on a leash.. so I am going to try my hand at being a bitch.. not sure how successful I will be but in the end it has to be less painful then handing over your heart and having it stomped, crushed, broken, mutilated, etc.. you get the point..
Side By Side Links
Coding: Geek in the PinkF.M.P. < table>< tr>< th>then place the 2 links here then close it by entering this code/>< /tr>< /table>
Just To Make Someone's Day
What ever happened to the days when people would help you level and things as such on here without expecting things in return? I mean it's not just here either, no one ever just does something to put a smile on someone elses face. It's more and more about "What can you do for me'? now a days. P.S. Not EVERYONE is like this but it was something that had been on my mind a few days and finally decided to getting around to share my feelings. I like the majority of you, love some of you and wanna see you all naked at some point :P
First Go At Logging A Typical Day For Me. (preface)
I recently read a book (thanks Bill) that gave me the idea of simply noting everything I do during the day for 7 days, and I started yesterday Monday May 4th, 2010. Since I was using the time to try and log most of the stuff I was doing, I figured I may as well post it up here so you guys can get an idea what it's like to be me (for good or bad). It'll be pretty boring, so unless you like watching paint dry you might want to find something else to do. I'll post the previous day every morning for the next 6 days.
What Do I Want?
I guess it can be summed up pretty easily. I want to be good enough.
I Normally Do Not Do This But Please Help!
About a week ago, a friend of my little sister, was stabbed by an ex-boyfriend. We are passing around a donation list, whether it's a dollar or so, please help. And a petition, to help stop monsters like her ex-boyfriend stay off the streets. This is all for a good cause, if you could find it in your hearts to please help out as much as you can my friends. Any PayPal donations can be deposited to
Til The End
my words are heard, but seldom heeded i put the pen to the paper, but will you read it and what difference will it make how long will it take for the random thoughts to leave your mind for you to know the facts and still be blind for you to see the truth right before your eyes and still act as if its a huge surprise i do my best, to educate yall not my fault when you do fall but still right there i will be helping hand to raise you from your knees back never turns on a true fuckin friend just know that i'll be there until the end!!!
I dare you to love me I dare you to care for me All I want is for you to care I dared to love I dared to care And with that you took it all I had a chance I had freedom and love It was okay until I loved you I gave you my soul and heart I told you my darkest secret You shared it with the world After all I did to you You did worse to me All I because I dared you to love Was I that bad That you had to leave Was my kiss like acid rain Or was I sweet as wine I will never know Because I dared to care.
You Are So Beautiful
comment on photo
Audition Update!
Ok! So all the paperwork is filled out. Agreements with NBC signed. Now to deliver! On Feb. 4th, 2012 in Charlotte, NC on Convention Center Drive, I will be awaiting the biggest Audition of my life! And I thought trying out for the High School Show Choir Concert was HUGE! America's Got Talent producers will be watching over every inch of me and hearing every crack in my voice. I am nervous but confident, scared but grounded. I feel that I am going to go where the road decides to take me on this journey. If it is no where, then at least I tried. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. So whatever happens will lead to what is supposed to happen next for me! Cross your fingers for me please if you believe in me
Fallling In Love
Broken Heart
I waited for you I waited so longThought you'd be back Can't take anymore I waited for you I waited so long Trust your words you say All the lies I can't take no more..How can you break my heart once again. I waited and I'm still left here with a broken heart. I guess my heart meant nothing to you. I was just another heart to break.
Can't Get Use To Losing You
[i Should Be Asleep]
I should be deadbut let's not split hairs.Well, the last month some of you may have noticed I went a little darkStar Wars Old RepublicI wanted to hit the top of the mountain and see what the air was like.I'm kinda there now.Still have no idea why that game is subscription-and I hope these folks pull it together having played for a while, and getting kinda neck deep in consumer-peons, I can tell there's some MAJOR subscriber grumbling.Butwho cares?I should be asleep.My dog is at the kennel (boarding clusterfuck) and I have to drive to Topeka for my Gramma's 90th birthday.There were over 100 cupcakes of varied flavors made...and I'm going to bludgeon my mother if she ever takes on such a grand and misguided projectand asks me to helpfor so many strange ingratesI could sit herelieand tell you there's been some progress on:jobssexbookand moneybut there hasn't been.I'm about to spend more on gasoline in one day than I've earned in a month.HURRAY!!!But it will get me out of the house (kickin
Own Me!!!!
click the pic to bid!!!!
KarmaDo You remember me or have you forgotten? I've come back to surprise you,and haven't you on more then one occasion,But am I the one to blame? You've cursed and called me all the wrong names , but yet that's what you get.A lot of people have often gotten me confused with "Payback", but my true name is Karma.And I'm the one that will tap into your conscious and ask you "Do you remember that?" I don't believe in getting even because that will only equal the score, Then there is no lesson Learned.I'll make you shed tears and let them see you sweat. I'll repay you double and ten times the complication that you calised me. I have perfected the art of inflicting hardship when you least expect it, Or could it be when you thought I've forgot?I've waited days,Months,and somtimes even years to give you what you got coming. And to put bad in front of your luck.. Isnt that what you deserve?I Always get my chance and as the world turns It always spins in my direction,Because what co
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When A Man Loves A Woman
Just Another Boring Day At Home, Gotta Love It.
I have absolutely nothing interesting to write about but I am so bored. Today I went to the store, and well, that's about it. I am feeling pretty tired and just down as usual. Went out last night with my girls, Bonez and Camille. I had a nice time, listened to peope karaokee drank a bit. Didn't get sick so I know I didn't over do it. Why am I so tired all the time? I have no motivation, I'm just too dragging ass to be motivated.
Losing My Religion
Why Games Are The Killer App For Social Networks! Check Out This Article With Fubar In It!
About 1 day ago Ravi Mehta 10 Why Games Are the Killer App for Social Networks Ravi Mehta is vice president of product for Viximo, where he drives the product strategy for Viximo’s social game distribution platform and helps social networks monetize via social games and virtual goods. For more information on virtual goods, visit his blog, Virtual Goods Insider, and follow him on Twitter. In 2009, an estimated $2.2 billion in virtual goods were sold to consumers globally, and that number is expected to rocket to over $6 billion by 2013. Although virtual worlds and MMOs have historically driven the growth in virtual goods, today the fastest growing segment is social games. Social games not only represent a lucrative new revenue channel for social media sites but they also signal a fundamental change in the structure of the social media industry. Social networks can no longer afford to rely solely on advertising revenue—they must master the intricacies
A Submissive Daydream
I can just picture myself at your mercy...... on my knees, hands tied above my head, my ball gag in my mouth so all I can do is moan and shake my head to answer your questions. I can imagine the glimmer of excitement in your eyes and the evil grin stretching across your face as you show me the rope you are going to tie my breasts with. You slowly walk over to me.....cup my large breasts in your hands and tell me it will only hurt a little.....and for me to be very quiet or you will tie them tighter and give me something to moan about!!! I nod my head in agreement as you start to bind them.....looking me straight in the eyes as you pull the ropes tight against my milky white flesh. My breasts are now bulging with the pressure of the ropes....and you flick my nipples with your finger to make them even more hard then they allready are. You pull on them and lick them....and put them in between your teeth and gently bite them until you hear me whimper with extacy. You tease me
Finding Your Pleasures
Fingers gingerly dance Devoting promises kiss Upon fire’s canvas Patchouli oils emit Seductive whispers Curvaceous softness As lavender hues Sighs & moans echo Into the stellular sky Finding your pleasures Endless caressive muse Clandestine treasures Erogenous gates yearn Your thighs belonging Spreading your fortress Opening volcanic secrets
Heart Issues
I just want 2 get this out there so everyone knows what is going on with me! I have had a few health problems 4 a while now but don't really talk about them! I think now it is time 2! I have really high blood heart attack stage! They have changed my meds a bunch of times & nothing is really working! I go 1/24/2012 to have an ultrasound done of my heart & lungs! They r also putting a Holter Monitor on my heart for 24 hours! On 1/25/2012 I am going 2 have the monitor taken off & have a chest x-ray done! I went 2 the doctor on 1/16/2012 & they did an EKG cause my blood pressure was 215/120! My EKG came back abnormal! That is y they r running all these tests on me! They r trying 2 figure out what is wrong with my heart! I really hope it is nothing 2 bad & something that can be fixed easy! I will update as I know more & can! Thanks, Chris =) 1-24-2012 I went 2 the hospital 2day & had my ultrasound done on my heart & had my Holter Monitor put on! I go back 2 the h
Suspicious Minds
Auction Ideas
hmmmm seems i've been banned from posting any more mumms today... anyhow.. I am thinking about doing an auction. What do ya think? 1 month VIP? 25 bling credit perhaps? Give me some ideas...
Holly Holy
You Belong To Me
Soo, I just talked to cuppycake's ex. He said that its weird that the aunt is talking to every now, since cuppycake never even mentioned her in 2 years of relationship. Then he said that her aunt wants him to come to the beach so they spread the ashes. And it hit me... I asked if he was sure that it is the person he has been talking to the whole time in cuppycake's pics. He said he has never seen her in person, NOR has he ever seen her on cam. I said that if he will go to the beach and see her aunt, it might be the same person that he has been talking to the whole time on the phone, pretending to be the aunt (remember, both him and Deacon said that she sounded identical to Jaymee, even the cough. Everything, cept for a fake sounding Southern Accent. Then, he said that none of her calls OR myspace messages were from anywhere but Washington. Poor chap has never even seen her, not even on cam. I said that its not a best thing to start a rel with someone you've no
How I Lost The Weight
I have been receiving a lot of messages asking how I'm losing so much weight so I decided to make a blog addressing it. First let me just say how awesome it is that you want to improve yourself! Exercise is very important when losing weight but what is even more important is your diet. When it comes to losing weight 80% of it is what you're eating. My diet consists of turkey, fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables. I cut out almost all carbs. No pasta, no bread. Oatmeal is a good source of carbs without it affecting negatively on your diet. It's always important to eat consistantly throughout the day. 5 or 6 small meals is most ideal. Also, I have been taking green tea pills and hoodia as supplements that help also, they are natural. I also drink protein shakes for those in between meal snacks. I work out 3 days a week doing cardio, weight training, and yoga. The initial weight I lost, I was working out at a club called Curves (for women only, found all over the world.) They have
Cooling Semiconductors With Lazors!
source: RESEARCHERS at the Niels Bohr Institute have found a new way of laser cooling semiconductor membranes. Paradoxically, the new method of cooling involves heating the semiconductor material, but the researcher managed to cool the membrane to -269 degrees Celsius. The results are published in the scientific journal, Nature Physics. The specific type of membrane the researchers worked with is a photonic crystal membrane made of gallium arsenide (GaAs). However, they had to fabricate one with specific dimensions to work with the experiement. The researchers produced a membrane with a thickness of 160nm and a surface area of 1 x 1mm. They then allowed the membrane to interact with the laser light within a vacuum chamber in such a way that its mechanical movements affected the light that hit it. When the laser light hits the semiconductor membrane, some of the light is reflected and the light is
Annelid's Pickup Lines - 1st Draft....
Are your legs tired? Oh, well, I’m not surprised; your thighs are almost comically muscular. You must wash your pants with Windex, because something really smells like Windex. Your father must have been a thief. I don’t know, you just have the look of someone who was raised by criminals. If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? That is to say, would you be offended by my comments, not would you physically hold your body against mine. Sorry for any confusion. Anyways, would you? Do you have a little Italian in you? Really? Wait, what was your last name again? Oh, yeah, I guess that does sound Irish. Never mind. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I probably wouldn’t. Can you imagine how much that would screw with everybody? Are you from Tennessee? I hate people from Tennessee. Excuse me; I seem to have misplaced my inmate number, which was assigned to me by this state’s accursed penal system after it was discovered that I was indeed
Who Cares?
Take a man and put him alone, Put him twelve thousand miles from home. Empty his heart of all but blood, Make him live in sand, in mud. This is the life I have to live, This the soul to God I give. You have your parties and drink your beer, While young men are dying over here. Plant your signs on the White House lawn;"Lets get out of Iraq" Use your signs and have your fun, Then refuse to use a gun. There's nothing else for you to do, Then I'm supposed to die for you? There is one thing that you should know; And that's where I think you should go! I'm already here and it's too late. I've traded all my love for all this hate. I'll hate you till the day I die. You made me hear my buddy cry. I saw his leg and his blood shed, Then I heard them say, "This one's dead". It was a large price for him to pay, To let you live another day. He had the guts to fight and die, To keep the freedom you live by. By his dying, your life he buys, But who cares if a Soldier dies!
What Is The Meaning Of Life
what is this life for? Are we here for a purpose? Is there a reason for the suffering that every man and woman suffers? why do we have to suffer? is there really a god? if there is why dose he let us fight each other? so how do we know joy is joy at all? what is this world coming to? the world is changing as we speak is it changing for the good or bad? life is full of questions and the goal with any life is to answer as many of the important questions as we can before we move on to the next chapter of life which is death. as a wise person once said there are only 2 garentees in life. death and taxes. but i have to add one thing to this and if someone says its not true they are suffering more then anyone else. pain is a garentee in everyones life. pain is there so you can learn what life is about and how could you love if you have never hurt before? have you asked your self these questions? if so leave a comment on your feelings it feels great to share
I am still in love with Him My heart beats with his Every breath I breathe is his I am completely blind to others Pain his only affection That smile. His kiss, I take any pain Just to see his face And feel his hands Or his soft cold lips against mine. Watching him spill my blood Sends me into ecstasy. I'd die for him any day. Unfortunately that came He pushed to far Cut to deep His beautiful soft body came down next to mine And those lips whispered softly into my ear "I've found another".
And I'm Right Here Waitin
So yeah just sittin here thinkin about questions I don't yet have answers to so don't ask me cuz I don't know!
Stupid People
These are the assholes who are ripping my pics to their default albums Please send hate their way Or at least help me report them Thanks!!!!! Mike Jones:jttheraven: has all my pics in his default)nfa1965AshHeels Wheels Girl's photos speedster692008
Angel Above Us
Spank Me...
Well spank me I have been a very bad girl, I haven't wrote in my blog in a bit :( Sorry... So what have I been up to? Friday I went to a Halloween party and yes it was a costume party and yes I hate to dress up. But I did, I was Zorro, I wore a black t-shirt, tiny little black skirt, black pantyhose, my black boots and of course a black cape, sword, black mask and hat. I had my costume on for about an hour at the party and then I took it off, lol... I told Faith next year I am not wearing a costume and dare her to make me leave... lol. Yesterday I spend the morning ironing and then we did dinner out for my son who just turned 21, yes I have a 21 year old. What can I say I was 12 when I had him, lol.. no I have no problem with having a 21 year old, he is a great kid and everyone that meets him says the same thing. Well I guess I shouldn't call him a kid anymore, lol, but he will always be my kid. Last night we watched Munich, wow that was intense and I thought a really good
Thought This Was Cute
~ ♥ ~Sometimes, there might be a second chance.Cause maybe time wasn't ready for the first one ~ ♥ ~
Show Some Love Here People.
Auto 11 On Giving *blings,,
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ^^BUT FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO SAY..Thank You for Your Rates and Thank You for Re-rating my Profile and making sure you have me Fanned...:) ***STARTING A NEW PIC RATE A THON *AS OF 4-02-09 TILL ????? TO SAY THANKS TO MY FRIENDS. I AM RUNNING ANOTHER AUTO 11, SO MANY HAVE LEVELED ON ME THEY WANT ME TO DO IT AGAIN LOL **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs GIVE AWAY** I HAVE HAD LOTS DO IT 9 & 10 TIMES LOL & AND GET BLINGS EACH TIME WHILE THEY LEVEL UP..LOL **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs GIVE AWAY** get 35 points for each rate, and 57 points during Happy Hours. Have fun rating and hope a lot of you level up Happy Hour 11's from VIP's will count 108 and not 57 *JUST A Example*...600 rates takes about 30 minutes and @ 57 points each, thats 34,200 easy points and matching fubucks,,, what a deal . **Rate Athon with Give Away BLINGS For All Pics Rated Untill ???? SEXYGIRLBLONDE,FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY *SEXYGIRLBLONDE*#17*GODFATHER*1st,Oracle* FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY*@ fubar Jailhouse
On Broadway
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
I Want It That A Way
Hungry Eyes
My Girl
Crimson And Clover
You're My Soul And Inspiration
Automatic Writing
Let's do some automatic writing, click to begin exercise... Death. Something I had obsessed over for quite sometime. Blood, something I constantly crave, be it my own or someone else's. Animalistic urges that build and build inside of me. I am a cup quivering on the edge of my sanity. I have this seething pit of rage, something that I hide really well. It scares me. I am a monster. Mutated through out the years. A flesh eating contagion, Masked behind a pretty face. I am feral, rabid beast. Pet me right and i shall purrr for you.. I fear myself. There are a million aspects to my personality. Its hard to bring them all to light. Close your eyes and you shall see. I am being followed. A black mass that eats the darkness around it. Something sinister. It beckons me. Whispering in my ear, calling my name. Jennifer... Jennifer, come home. My hair stands on end, my heart skips a few beats. Its always been with me. I've opened a door that cannot be shut. Being chased down dark corridors. I sh
Dva Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 10
{DVA}*FUZZYMYA$... just KILLED $ $ BILL YALL and collected a bounty of $1,199,275,200, with $1,199,275 going to turf tax! {DVA}*FUZZYMYA$... just KILLED ƒůĶƳǾǓ and collected a bounty of $1,627,097,200, with $1,627,097 going to turf tax! {DVA}stalker just KILLED precious and collected a bounty of $1,333,883,600, with $1,333,884 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill just KILLED ŧůŋŋ™ and collected a bounty of $1,430,659,300, with $1,430,659 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill just KILLED lookin for mob and collected a bounty of $1,380,678,000, with $1,380,678 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill just KILLED ShroomLady and collected a bounty of $1,671,800,000, with $1,671,800 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill just KILLED Got Merc? and collected a bounty of $6,667,596,000, with $6,667,596 going to turf tax!
Cams In Classics Lounge
This is how you may get on cam in Classics Lounge. A few rules: #1 Please make sure there is no one on a cam before logging in to it. #2 Respect everyone. #3 PLEASE KEEP ALL AUDIO OFF ON CAMS !!!!!!!!!!! #4 PLEASE NO NUDITY OF ANY KIND ON CAMS !!!!!!!! WE DO NOT WANT ANY MORE CAMS TO BE BANNED, IF THIS HAPPENS CAMS MAYBE REMOVED FROM THE LOUNGE. #5 DO NOT change any settings to the cams, as in adding pictures, videos display names or so on. #6 Reminder that there are other people besides the people in the lounge watching you on cam. So if you don't want other people to see something outside of the lounge DON"T SHOW IT.... To log into go here: Classics 1 ID: classiccams pw: classics Classics 2 ID: classiccams1 pw: classics1 Classics 3 ID: classiccams2 pw: classics2 Classics 4 ID: classiccams3 pw: classics3 Then click on the Broadcast now button, a window will pop up then click on allow in the small window. Then click
Just Gonna Say This Right Now
i've changed my top fam... the people in my tops have me in theirs... so before you come to me with hurt feelings that i've taken you out of tops and/or out of my family completely, please spare me the bitch fit. i'm not trying to insult you, i also don't want anyone gauging our friendship based on where the fuck i have you in my list. but if you don't have tops and i've kept you in mine for however long, then, i'm sorry but i'm doing what i want with my page and my tops. i just know how people can be about where they sit in a list and this is my warning, bitch and be deleted and blocked completely. i don't wanna fuckin hear it cuz i sure as shit don't say a fucking word to you. THANKS have a nice day.
Waiting Room Furniture
waiting room furniture
My Own Auction
THIS IS A DAILY AUCTION THAT I AM HAVING FUBUCKS: daily profile rates for 2 weeks daily point boost for 2 weeks 250 pic rates for 2 weeks 25 CREDITS: daily profile rates for 3 weeks daily point boost for 3 weeks 250 pic rates for 3 weeks sfw salute bling of my choice 65 CREDITS: daily profile rates for a month daily point boost for a month 250 pic rates for a month sfw salute 2 bling of my choice my points for 12 hours 125 CREDITS OR MORE: daily profile rates for a month daily point boos for a month 250 pic rates for a month 2 sfw salute 2 bling of my choice with one being a boomy my points for 24 hours
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
If I Fell In Love
Wichita Lineman
Fubar World Cruise Passengers, Page 4
♫♪♫ ♫♪♫ Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking .. Welcome to the Fubar World Cruise, where you can get more friends, fans, page rates and fugifts. Please rate this blog, its #31 so far in the top blogs woohooo well done everyone ;o) You need to rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members as well as all of the passengers to be added. If any members come up as invalid in these blogs, please message me to let me know so I can remove them, thank you. You can see the Crew List and rules here. You MUST rate (profile only), fan and add all crew members as well as all of the passengers to be added. IF ANY PASSENGERS HAVE THEIR PROFILE PAGES SET TO "FRIENDS ONLY", SEND THEM A PRIVATE MESSAGE INFORMING THEM THAT YOU ARE JOINING THE FUBAR WORLD CRUISE AND TO RATE FAN AND ADD YOU, AND THAT YOU WILL RATE AND FAN THEM ONCE YOU'RE ADDED TO THEIR FRIENDS LIST, THANKS! Our Passengers (301-400) ...
Appropriate Shifting Services In Gurgaon
These days the task of moving from one place to another gets easier because of the reliable moving companies who are available in market. The moving companies handle all sorts of relocation work in a systematic manner. They assure their customers that their relocation will be complete in an appropriate way. People can hope superior services by these companies as they are registered and reputed also. These companies handle the pathetic task with the help of expert workers. The hired professionals of these companies can easily get the name and fame from here and make their move simple. As workers work in an efficient manner so that the ease of work remains same by which task get complete on time. All these perfection make the relocation task as simple as they can. These workers belong to the reputed companies so people are very responsible for their assigned task. While handling the task of relocation these workers firstly observe the entire task carefully. Then according to the complet
How To: Tell White Lies Online
I thought this was funny. I found this on Mashables HOW TO: Tell White Lies Online We’re all big fat liars. Most of us spit out one or two intentional deceptions a day, and in a week we BS about 30% of those with whom we talk one-on-one, according to old but seminal research from the University of Virginia. Here’s the rub: Those stats are from 1996, back when, beyond some basic e-mailing and AOL chat room chatter, the majority of our interactions happened in real life. If you didn’t feel like going on date #2 with that nice but boring dude who couldn’t stop talking about his ficuses, or would in reality rather stick your pinkie in a meat grinder than attend your roommate’s French horn recital, all you needed was a quick one-time fib and you were in the clear. Nowadays, you whip up a fabrication about your head cold and within hours you’ve been tagged in three Facebook () pictures gulping from a beer bong. Consequently, you co
Its Only - 951
Never taking that road again, found myself turned inside out once more living in sin. Only way out was pain, hard hitting, forget the blood once more living in vain. I have a picture of you, in my mind and in my heart you are fully clothed too. But don't seem right, to hold on, to keep dreaming need to accept the cold at night. Are you uncomfortable yet, it isn't my goal, I'd love if it wasn't true please never forget. Trial and error thats the key, ecstasy and pain, morning and evening hey, hey its only me. This is more than it ever may seem, I need you to understand its only day dream.
How To Deal With Ripped Photos?
Many of you email CTS asking us to referee your ripped photos. The following is our policy on ripped photos. If you do not want your photos ripped: 1. Do not upload anything that you do not want potentially ripped or stolen to the internet. 2. OR, you can take the risk and make a new folder and set the privacy settings to your preference. The Tap allows you to set folder's privacy settings so that you can control who views the content of that folder. You have the option to set it for Everyone, Friends Only, Family Only and Only Myself. We do not referee member drama. If you are having problems with someone, please BLOCK and IGNORE them. If someone has ripped a photo of yours and you want it removed, please read our Terms of Service and the following information on how to remove Copyrighted material. How to remove copyrighted material? CherryTAP requires an official DMCA notice. Please read the following information. Digital Millennium Copyright Act It is ou
Just A Little Update, Or Maybe A Big One!
Hello my friends, I decided that my long absence (and only partial attention to my friends) could use an explanation... so for those of you who are interested, here you go! This year has been full of many exciting and not so exciting new experiences for me. One of the exciting ones was my promotion that led me to move to Kent. Kent itself is not that great, but it's okay (lots of mountain views... and I mean THE mountain, our absolutely gorgeous Mt. Ranier - which by the way is the highest in the lower 48) and the rent is nothing to spit at. The exciting part is/was the job that has given me a challenge and made my work experience a whole lot less boring. It's also stressed the hell outta me and I've been sick a lot, but I welcome the excitement of a new place to work and a new team to lead. Sadly, it requires a hell of a lot more time at work... so when you see the status as "working hard" or "working my a** off" that's what that means. Unfortunately, the less exciting p
Some What Hot But Also Stupid.
A New And Exciting Journey In My Life.
My new journey will start in 4 more days. I will be reunited with my youngest son. I can hardly wait. I talk with my son on the phone serveral times a day and got to see him on webcam lastnight. I feel so blessed to have found him and now we are going to ge together again :D
A Huge "thank You" To Everyone!
Some of you may have noticed I am not around much the last few months. So I am writing this to explain it once, instead of over and over to those that are asking. To be honest, I am a bit bored with fu. Don't get me wrong, I love fu. But I am not into it like I use to be. I have been here since it was When there were no VIPs - no Bling - no Happy Hours. You could only rate a profile once in a lifetime. We did contests for Big Pimping gifts! LOL Yes, things have changed. And for the most part, I have to say for the better. I have made some great friends on here. Too many to mention. From people who I met my first week on here, to recently made friends. From admin to bouncers to your average fu. Amazing people! And I would like to thank you guys for making fu so much fun for me. Some of you like me, some of you hate me. LOL That is just the way it goes. But VERY few of you actually know me. Thank you to the ones that have taken the time to look past what people
Clean Out?
So how often do ya think you should clean out your list of the ones that havnt accepted your request every 2weeks ,Once a month,Every 3months or Once a year ?
Tonight 1/23/12 Well Here`s My Good Luck, First Show I See Is This, To Make Me Feel Even Worse,
copy`d from my my yearbook, well here`s my good luck, first show i see is this, to make me feel even worse, i`m not going on nice dates like they are "" small clip if it adds to my what ever i want thing on my page. 38 minutes ago Comment Like View View all 4 comments... Becky Leuallen /... 12 minutes ago I`m talking about them taking you to nice places to see and do nice things together. Terri F 6 minutes ago Yes, I understand..I was taught to set them up for sucess and give hints. Maybe that would help
Love, Want
The person I love,The person I want most of all,I can't have.But I will go on loving him,And wanting him,Just the same.Because someday down the road,I just might get to have him,Even if it is for a minute.Until someday comes,I will go on loving,And wanting,The man I cannot have.
Ticket To Ride
The Simplicity Of It All Is That She's Simply Fake
Lord KNOWS I am no Johnny Devil, he is truly the father of all fake busters BUT, this one fell in my lap so I am just gonna put it out there...Now, I know she's crush and fubuck hustling so I wanted to make sure it was all out there.... Simplicity Simplicity@ fubar I saw this account scroll and a few years ago, I used to have this girl on my Myspace, and I thought it odd that as much as we used to talk, she'd be on FU and not on my friends list. When I hit the page, I knew immediately that she was fake because the account was written in good English (Maria is from Brazil & most of her pages are not in English, unlike this shout convo) and claimed to be from New York. No dice, so I hit her shout: Okay, so I will answer the fakes question...the REAL person's name is Maria Da Graca Mello. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE PICTURES ON THIS PAGE She's Charging 50k Fubucks for NSFW's, my guess is that they are from this site (click image below) I didn't p
Cupids Auction
At Journal 2011 (9)
14 mile day set up camp at campsite right after fording south branch carrabassett river which is the third river I had to ford in Maine. Rule for fording rivers: face into the current and lean forward. Saw two full grown moose today ran across trail about 50 ft. in front of me. Finished the book “the deceived” starting the book “bitten”. The deceived was a good crime fiction novel it kept me interested unlike the Koran which was a complete bore. Get this 2000’ climb done with today and then call it a day at horns pond lean-tos yes to’s there are two of them. Oh and the 2000’ climb is only 3 mile climb. I forgot to mention the privy at piazza rock lean-to is a dual privy with a cribbage board in the middle. Passed the 2000 mile mark today YAY!!!!!! Set up camp at little bigelow lean-to. From the elevation chart *GASP* the at appears to be shall I say is flat or shall I say at flat. For 15 miles *GASP*. I have hit the 2000 mile mark thr
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Welcome To The Family!!
Here is our current list of members Lets give them all a warm welcome and check them all out { Founder and owner } cottonblossom*Wont be around much ck out blogs I post if ya wish*@ fubar { Leader } {{!Starry!}}{R/L G/F 2 JOHNNY@ fubar { Leader } JOHNNY { R/L B/F 2 {{!Starry!}} }@ fubar { Sec. of the Spankers Club } Sugarlicious Member of The Spankers Club & Pegasus Project@ fubar { Spankers Club Manager } ~*~Mamma T~*~ Spanker Club Manager ~*~@ fubar ~ஐ~neef03(Ruby Red)Onyx Force FM ~ஐ~ & FM of ~The Life-Savers~ & FM of ~The Spankers Cl@ fubar ~Hazyeyz ~@ fubar g♦d♦W♦~Spankers Bad Boy~@ fubar *Jennicense* Shadow Leveler/Spanker/Club Far Team Captain/DSC/Member of Fubar's Flaming Hottie@ fubar
I Don't Blog
hmm well i don't blog so this may be my one and only blog ever.... well thats all i got.. so have a good day/night..
Simpler And Easier Shifting In India
People move towards the new place to make their livelihood more comfortable. Moving along with the goods is really a very annoying and tedious task that makes people tensed. They get confused that how to start the shifting work to make their resettlement successful. They don’t know the exact way to finish the whole task that’s why they get puzzled in between the tedious task. There are numerous packing and moving companies working in India who makes their customer’s resettlement relaxed. They offer one of the best services for the hassle-free shifting towards the new place. The Packers and Movers based companies have team of expert employees who complete the entire task perfectly without doing any sort of mistake. They know all the important techniques to complete the whole process perfectly. They work in a planned manner as per the needs and requirements of their customers. They do the utmost care of your belongings while doing the shifting works. They do their best
I Don't Get It....
Just a rant. I needed to vent and this is the proper place to do it. Don't like what I have to say? Deleted yourself from my list and wish yourself luck in finding another good friend. I don't get it. This "filtered reality" we call the internet. Why is it, that we become members of a social site.....a place for meeting and interacting with people.....but then when you actually make a friend and a little hurt is exchanged unintentionally, people resort to the "Oh it's just the internet, it doesn't matter." Um....EARTH TO PEOPLE........the screen names and profiles on these social sites have ACTUAL PEOPLE behind them. People with feelings. Why is it because it's "the internet", people feel it's ok to just say anything they want.....things they wouldn't normally say in real life? Yes, I speak the truth......but sometimes when people can go too far. You really have no idea what that person behind the profile has been through in their life NOR can you assume that everyon
Your lips, your eyes, your soulAre like a work of art,The most creative thing of allIs your beautiful heart.If you were a painting,No colors could expressThe beauty deep inside you,A rainbow, nothing less.If you were a sculptureThe clay could hardly makeYour figure of an angelWithout one mistake.If you were a euphonyNo choir could really singAll the beautiful musicYour eyes could possibly bring.So here I am, an artist,With inspiration beyond beliefBut to capture such rare beauty,I'd have to be a thief.Copyright 2007CecilyNikolePate
New Photo Management And Sharing!
hey everyone, we've been hard at work trying to improve some of the older/jankier portions of fubar. this afternoon i'll be replacing the old photo management page with a new version which lets you update captions/flags/delete/etc for all of your photos at once, instead of doing them one at a time. included in this change will be the ability to share your albums with friends who aren't members. they'll be able to browse your albums and photos without having to login or join the site (this only applies to your public albums/photos). you'll be able to find these changes on your photos page once i've turned it on. cheers! -mike
Boy, I Tell People How I Feel About Getting Women Pics, And They Block Me, When I Send Them Pics Of Men, See They Don`t Like It " Turned Around !
on another site !BeckyLeu wow " i told a guy on here this " and he blocked me " ! why do men send women pics of women, would they like us to send them pics with men in them ? we women want pics with men in them " please, just like you want pics with women in them !25 minutes ago Like Comment 3Viewing 3 of 3 comments HideBeckyLeu i sent him this and he blocked me ! i should have done that as soon as he sent me a woman pic """ ! then ! at first !33 minutes agoBeckyLeu see he did`t like it the other way around !31 minutes agoBeckyLeu I blocked him back !27 minutes ago
First Song
(verse 1) Cocked, locked and ready to go, the time bomb is ticking and I'm ready to explode. Let's start a riot and give the world a show, its pandemonium and I want the world to know. (chorus) Social media chaos has got me in a rage and everyone can see me cuz I'm locked up in this cage. As the lights go out we can now turn the page and everyone can see me cuz I'm on center stage. (Verse 2) It's time to pay back and give everyone their dues, like the ones in Iraq you don't see in the news. The political views have got our heads in a noose, and its time to fight back for the ones whove been used. (Chorus 2) Because, this Social media chaos has got me in a rage and everyone can see me cuz I'm locked up in this cage. As the lights go out we can now turn the page and everyone can see me cuz I'm on center stage. (Verse 3) There are kids in the street with no shoes on their feet and little Jimmy hates his dad because he got beat. And all you hear on
As I lay here drifting on the waves of my dreams,drifting in that place where nothing is what it seems,where all my senses know exactly what to do,where I judge about what is false and what is true,No surprises for me here, no sudden mistakes,here it's not my heart but your heart that aches,here everything is controlled by me including you,here I call the shots, I tell YOU what to do,You've got nowhere to hide, you've got nowhere to run,let's cut the suspense, the games have begun,now YOU will learn about being afraid,the hunt has begun, you better not wait,Don't waist your time, just run for your life,Cause now it is ME who is holding the knife,I won't make your mistake, I'll finish what I start,I won't stab you in the back, but straight in the this is what I'd refer to as a venting poem.Directed to my ex while waiting on his sentencing, it kinda wrote itself, quite ehm.. well.. harsh and brutal.Part of a healing process I suppose.
Mmm Yummy Meat
I will be makin more very soon . Hope u all enjoy!!! Redqueenbbw xoox
Stab Me In The Face
Stab me in the face so I forget how badly my thighs and shoulders hurt...please and ty!
Main Profile Photos
Greetings Lately there has been a huge increase of individuals using fake photos as their main profile photo. Most people do this to get better ratings or to deceptively lure people to click into their page. This is not what we had in mind when we created this site, so we are going to be taking action prevent this. 1. Any top 100 cherry using a fake main profile photo will be reset to Level 0. 2. If you see a top 100 cherry using a fake photo as their main profile photo, please report to a bouncer. 3. We have ZERO tolerance for anyone trying to manipulate our cherry ranking. Anyone caught cheating will be reset. We have always been a community regulated site. I am certain our community will help regulate this. If you are reported, you will receive a warning to remove. If you do not comply, you will be reset. If you continually abuse, you will be reset. Thanks for your support. Scrapper PS...The only ones crying about this are the people who are manipulating
Make Yourself Aware
FIND MORE HERE Things you need to know about the ACTA bill. Citizens of the united states, you need to understand what the bill ACTA is and why it's so dangerous. Here are some things you need to know about ACTA. It isn't the european SOPA. It's nearly global, and will apply to every country that signs the treaty. ACTA is far more aggressive. ACTA will not simply affect websites and have them blocked out of the internet - its measures go as far as surveillance of anything you share through private channels. ACTA doesn't have a campaign against it that is as wide spread and organized as the SOPA one. This is dangerous, and there's less time between now and the final signing of the bill. It has effects on healthcare, trade, and even tourism. ACTA has to be stopped. Let's start spreading the word and organizing a good, solid response to it. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are anonymous. Expect us. Together we st
Nice Girls Get Played.
Dudes, please help me understand. Why is it the sweet girls, with the hearts that are too big for their own good, the girl who wants to be nothing but a great girlfriend to you is the one you always fuck with ? Like, really...why ? What satisfaction comes out of screwing over the sweetest girls, the best one for you, and you chase her off ?Apparently a guy that will be silly with me; love me for who i am, flaws and all, be cheesy to remind me why I liked him in the first place and serious when he needs to be; one who will teach me things and not act like I'm a nuisance or dumb; one who enjoys cuddling but wont be afraid to challenge me to a COD war; will hold me when I'm sad and chase after me when I'm mad is just too much to ask these days. =/What happened to the guys like in Gone with the Wind ? The ones who bent over backwards for a girl who wasn't even interested, just because they care about her soo much they want to woo her and show her how important she is. Where are those guys,
Time For Another Auction
I have decided to hold another Auction. I couldn't decide weather I wanted a winter auction or a Valentines Day auction so I created a mumm. THe votes were surprisingly in favor of a Valentines Day theme hense the red script. so this is how it is going to work. All entries must be in to me no later than Feb 5th the Auction will run from the 5th to the 14th. All contestants have the right to refuse any bid. Please do not ask to be pulled from the auction before it is over. All bidding will start at 10 million fubucks, sorry no exceptions. I realize some of you are above fubucks bidding but guess what? I don't care. If you are really better than a fubuck bid then no one will bid less than 165 credit bling pack on you and you won't have to worry if someone only bids 10 mil. I will not start anyone out at a higher rate than the rest. it is unfair and demeaning to the less popular people on fubar. So lets get this thing started. Fee = 2 credits (if unable to come up with 2 credits and st
I Don't
I don't feel beautiful,I feel ugly,I don't feel loved,I feel used.Ugly, because you don'tYou won't,Let anyone know about us.Used, because after sex,You won't say you love me.So please change those two things,And make me really feel beautiful,Make me feel loved,Like you say I am any other time.
The Fool On The Hill
Come A Little Bit Closer
Away For Awhile Again!!
This is for all my Fubar Family & Friend's:I have made a decision to go to Trucking School again,yes if you did not know I used to drive 18 wheeler's 14 yrs. ago..So I am going again for 3 weeks and on the road I go,I will not be on Fubar at that time,Please don't forget me because I will be back..sooner or all of you...Wish me luck!..As some of you know I am Lora and if ya don't it's Crazy Azz Texas Woman AKA Texas Willow
May Be I Will Fall In Love Some Day...
May be I will fall in love some day falling stars on my face of love. As I walk alone may be love will come my way in the dark of the night. Cover my heart of the moon of love over my eyes of love. Move my heart see the stars over the sky so bright. I will fall in love some day falling stars on my face of love. Cover of the night of love the moon is here on my face may be you will find me some day and may be not. I will fall in love some day falling stars on my face of love as I walk alone may be love will come my way in the dark of the night cover my heart of the moon of love over my eyes of love move my heart see the stars over the sky so bright I will fall in love some day falling stars on my face of love.
Photo Tagging Is Here!
A few days ago we turned on the ability to tag your fubar friends and random objects/items in photos. In the next few weeks as we get more tags entered into the system, we'll start adding some searching and grouping features around the tags. Make sure to get your photos tags if you want them included! There's also a few achievements associated with the tags to make it more entertaining. To add tags to a photo simply click the "My" menu item at the top left of the page, then select "Photos". Under each photo you'll find a "Tag Photo" link, click that and you can enter your tags. Soon we'll also be letting you tag people who aren't on fubar, that should be good times. :P If you have any troubles or ideas to make the photo tagging better, feel free to leave a comment in this blog or in the Support blog. Have a good weekend everyone! -mike
I Lost A Friend Today
A high school friend passed away today.. I am way too young for this shit. It reinforces my desire to become healthier...which causes me to be happier (who the fuck knew??) I went to sit with his widow for a bit...she seems numb :( Then when she had to go to the funeral home, I went to my kick boxing class. I really worked hard... hard enough to need my inhaler ( I almost like when I have to use it...I know I am working hard) It is cathartic to work out, I just realized that...... Every bit of pent up emotion went into my punches and kicks, I mean sure I am still sad...but I am at peace with it. I work hard to better myself, and my instructors (who I am thrilled to also call friends) push me. Just when I think I can't do it, they come gimme a shove I love those sadistic bastards. Tomorrow I am going to push myself even harder. There is NOTHING I cannot do if I work hard and keep pushing myself.
Preparing For Loss
My parents were not young when my mother gave birth to me. My dad was 42. My mother was 39. They divorced in 1990, when I was 15, he 57, and she 54. Each of them has since found someone new and, I'm lucky enough to say, they have been wonderful step-parents. As you get older, you prepare yourself emotoinally and mentally for that day where you get that phone call: the one that says you are about to lose one of your parents. You expect it. It's part of life. I got a phone call from my godbrother up north today. The news was grim: my stepfather is gravely ill. Ronald knew my mother when they were both children in Trinidad. They were originally supposed to get married, but my mother landed an opportunity to go to England to study nursing. She met my father there, and they eventually moved to America and got married. Ronald was never quite that far away, however; it seems that no matter where in the West Indies you grew up, you eventually wind up in Brooklyn. So, they were never reall
Sarge's Bad Girls
THE BADDEST GIRLS YOU'LL EVER WANT TO MEET..FAN RATE & ADD THEM..TRUST ME IT WILL BE WORTH IT.. To Join Sarge's Bad Girls First You Need To Read This Link Then R/F/A Everyone On This List. Ecuadorian Goddess(ON TEMP LEAVE)BAD DDTulsa's AngelRaidersBabe Brown Eyed Girl ~Blueroses~Devils Advocate**BooBooKittyFuk** MuRdAMoMs Cuddle Goddess♥ Summer ♥pepsikola420 Meagan(ON TEMP LEAVE) J k޵k g AMber420Nicole
Next Rising Star!!!
This is a great friend of mine... She has a great view on things!!! Please take the time out to get to know her! Please tell her that I sent ya!! Please Check my friend Socrates Muse Aphrodites Vision Newest website At.... Please copy and paste to your url. Please sign her guestbook and leave her a comment too!! Here is her link to add her to you friends list!!! Please leave her a message!! Vote here!! She is the next rising star on Cherry Tap!! Leave a comment on the blog and get her known!! Thanks Jeannie c/o Socrates Muse Aphrodites Vision
Stupid Questions Deserve Stupid Answers.
These Eyes
Little Jennifer
not knowing how to start this letter; i sit alone in the dark surrounded by candle light. chasing away the looming shadows of my past. i know that you are tucked away, kept under lock and key my little one. i can hear you whimper. cries of pain bellow from deep inside. years of torment and being abandoned has left you callous and bitter towards the outside world. the hand that life has dealt left us molded into our worst nightmare. i see you now recoiling in fear. disgust plain on your round face. watching the light catch on the tears falling from your eyes. i feel you begin to point the finger, you are pointing it at yourself. so sad now. you walk through this life invisible. a tortured soul never finding rest. yearning for love, to be accepted. eventaully self loathing becomes your only comfort. it keeps you warm at night. i wish i could wrap my arms around you, softly stroking your hair and tell you everything will be alright. but i cant, because that little girl is me. she is the o
Mike Jones:jttheraven: has all my pics in his default) nfa1965These are the assholes who are ripping my photos to their default albums Please send hate their way Or at least help me report them!!!!! Thanks.... AshHeels Wheels Girl's photos TexasRebel 69asslicker2
How Are You Feeding Your Spirit?
Blessings of our beloved ABBA ADONAI ELOHIM YAHWEH in the blessed Name of HIS SON our MESSIAH Y'SHUA/JESUS CHRIST through HIS HOLY SPIRIT. Amen. Greetings one and all. I can only hope you're filled with many blessings from our FATHER in heaven, encouraged in the hope of HIS promises to one day be fulfilled soon. I pray, too, for your continued health, peace, and joy. At the end of this deovotional I've included a music video. I pray it blesses all who view it, and I thank you in advance for sharing it by passing it forward to others. What are you nourishing today? Your Spirit or carnal natures? There's not a day that we don't question our belief in an all powerful CREATOR. There's not a day that our faith isn't tested and challenged in some way. There's not a day when we aren't compromised by our trust issues, or lack there of, be they moral and/or ethical. Just because we're flawed through our carnal states (ie: physical, emotional, psychological, deveplomental) does not m
I Never Knew
crouching behind this tear stained face. i hide myself from reality. hoping to never be exposed to what lies deep within. my body quakes, sensations i never knew existed. wandering through the mist of my memories, blood coursing through my veins turns to acid. scorching my soul. i crumble. falling to my knees in this weakened state. i never knew. i couldnt begin to fathom. i am alone. my inner demons beckon to me, darkness closing in. my heart ceases to beat. i am left as the green eyed shell of what i once was
Fubar Marriages
We get the question "How does one get married on Fubar?" just follow these steps... Step 1: Find a wifey/husband Step 2: Visit their profile and fu-propose to them Step 3: Contact a Fubar Pastor or Judge Step 3: Get married and have lots of Fubar babies.... Below is a list of some Pastors or Judges: Judge AlicePain is my passion~Just Mee~~Dj StrykePastor TokenPastor AndyTinkLost In the DarkPastor CherrypieSabrina K Wild HorseDJ Dark ChemistSeanGraveDiggerSeleneCorvenious***For those interested in becoming a Pastor or's easy Step 1: Self proclaim yourself a Pastor Step 2: Marry people (If you know a pastor/are a Pastor and want your name on this list just let me know...I'll be happy to add ya to the list)
My Son Works Lot Of Hrs, So He Try`s To Get Me To Do This, But They Always Want To Talk To Him" So Car Insurance Company`s In Salem County
beckyleu Becky Leuallen so CAR INSURANCE COMPANY`S IN SALEM COUNTY NJ OR THAT WILL FOR THIS AREA, CALL SON WITH CHEEP`EST QUOTE # ----------------- 9 minutes ago beckyleu Becky Leuallen my son works lot of hrs, so he try`s to get me to do this, but they always want to talk to him" so CAR INSURANCE COMPANY`S IN SALEM COUNTY
I Waited For You
Hold the lineNever retreat and never breakI've triedBut I'm addictedI can't lieAnother step is in my sightAnother step I'll see the lightI waited for youI waited so longThought you'd be backCan't take anymoreI waited for youI waited so longI'm not coming homeTrust your wordsTell me your emptyCause you know it hurtsHer eyes were spillingI was realHave I not held back the fightMy body racing out tonightI waited for youI waited so longThought you'd be backCan't take anymoreI waited for youI waited so longI'm not coming homeFeel all aloneTake It SlowYou Tell MeSweetieRest Here With MeDon't MoveI'll Fight BackYou Won't Expect ItNow I Have To Leave YouI waited for youI waited so long (I waited so long for you)Thought you'd be back (You promised me the world when you returned)Can't take anymore(You're gonna come back empty handed)I waited for you(You think I'll be waiting for you)I waited so long(You better think again)I'm not coming home(You'd better wake up)Feel all alone(Cause You Know
Bulletins Coding
Alright so I been asked how to make a bullietein about a hundred times in the last month... so heres a little Walk through! Border Codes: This Code is used to make a boarder around your pictures and text. Example: (This code should always be put at the top of your code! You can paste it as many times as you want to make diff borders. Replce the photobucket direct link to make the boarder.) Next up is your Text: NOW HIRING FOR ALL STAFF!!! SCHWAG RADIO IS TOKIN IT UP!!!!!!! Type whatever you like under it! If you want to do a direct webpage link the code is: Which looks like: And Lastly is your Lounge Link with picture:
What's New Pussy Cat
Jack In The Box
I live in a new section of Albuquerque. You drive down the road and there is still large pieces of undeveloped land here and there. I was excited that a Jack in the Box had opened up in the neighborhood, having never had it, the closest one being across town. I cook at home a lot but when i do not feel like it a few food choices are nice. There is not much selection in 5 square miles we have, McD, Burger king Carls jr, and a taco bell/kfc (meaning it does not have a full menu of either). Jack was having a promo, we are new to the area come in and try this combo, Burger, fries, 2 tacos and a drink. Now my thought was, hey trying to win over new customers with a hot fresh and tasty combo. Verdict: Massive fail to win me over as a new customer. Fries, while flavorful were cold, not warm but freaking cold. 2 tacos, at first I thought they were soft tacos being so cold and loaded with grease that the shell was more soft than crunchy. Might be on par with a taco bell taco, somewhat tasty but
Things On My Mind
Ive never been much of a person to blog whats on my mind. It seems as if now is the time. I am sick of hearing the he said she said bullshit. The this isnt real life.. bullshit, really? What is this make believe? Grow the fuck up its real life but ur just on the internet not face to face. For some ppl it gives them bigger balls being on the internet. for some it gives them the feeling to be more open on how they feel. For some it makes them act completely fake as they believe its not real life, so why not act like a complete ass and make a fool outta their self. Heres the deal lately.. My "friends" have acted one way yet talked a different way. Do u realize how many of you are being played? No, u sure dont.. Kinda sad. Yet most of u are being played by the same circle even more funny in my eyes. Then lets move on to ppl mistaking IFLY to omg I really love you as if im marrying you 2moro. Come the fuck on and get ur panties out of a knot. There are so many ppl that seem so
Life Can Chang In A Blink Of A Eye!
the only photo i have cant be my profile pic damn
And In Blessed Bemusement.
I was starch once. Molded, aptitudious, but still bewildered. Starch. Moxicombed, meddled, metitosized. Yes, it's punny. Obviously. Oh crap. And then we bemuse and bewilder. Ontitosent. It's a line, divine. Omnitosent. Beville. To stop or ... wait. Oh yeah. They say and they don't, or what. And. Yeah. Well that was sensicle. Whimsicle. Popsicle. Lunch! No, I am not dietting. It's not a haiku either. Jesus. A flair a toast. An omniroast. A popsifreeze. To better please. To antiwrite. To behold unsmited. It's perturbed. Bewildermerved. In preparation. Behisteration. Literality. Mistermeanor. Blistremenous. Ness. Eeeee... Proverbialitism! Egalitarianism! Coin! Flip Undo! Copy, paste! Shit! Can I... NOOOO!!! Mostmoximer. Ooohhh... Polimoxy. Yeah, haha. DAMNIT! They said not to get mad. Rape! D: Oh, chhh-tsss. Erh-eh-erheh. Hi Alex. IT'S HIS BLOG POST. YEAH, DON'T WRITE IN BLOG POSTS. IT'S UNWARRENTED. YELLING. HI. Capsl
Attention All Availble Bombers
Hey everyone, I hope your week is going well. This lovely lady needs your help. She's neck to neck with her oppponent, and we need just one big push to bring her into 1st place... All bombers to the bomb floor now if possible... Just click on her pic, and you are there. I know if we all come together as a team, we can get this done. Here is Angels pic link:
Enjoy Korean Japanese Women Fashion Wholesale Shopping From Koreanjapanclothing
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Hi Aryes517 I work in the marketing department for and wanted to present an opportunity to you that we think you would be great for. Do you want to be filmed on a first date with someone you are interested in meeting from These dates are light, fun and truly illustrate how exciting it can be when you give a try.So, if you're feeling spontaneous, we want to hear from you! To see examples of First Dates we've recently filmed, visit If you're interested in participating, please let me know ASAP so that I can give you more information involving next steps. Also, please send the following to be considered: 1.A recent picture of yourself 2.Phone number to reach you 3.First and last name Thanks! Lauren Filipski Marketing
Beyond All Others.
It's a stringent accord, the beseechement of the fallen. It's a blessed visage, the mixolidian harmonics. Marksolicks, vistocrage. Mistrogenerics. Moxipotent and vilimarious. Cruel and diligent in vasperidiousness designation. ---Vistage: Command Line?: Arrogance--- Mliljackln;rnlakjdsncjjjjckkjsgkjbablkrbljdnsabkiubsdkbjaclhdsf adsaldkjfaeklajwejnaljkndljfslnakjdsnnamknakcelnaklxm,nalkjanewa csdkljfas;dhf;ljksd f;alkjsdfklj aewjaf kljsd klafsdkkjf adf a df ak df a ksdlkflk asdjf asldkfjlkjscm'foiweu j9 ---Command Line: Pennance: Mistletainn: Billimoxtrin: Voklarinel.skkjyj: Creamery: Obtained: Moklikinrsintrin: Obtained: Migrix: Obtained: Motototrin: Obtained: Create Potion: Obtained: Biselmutrin: Obtained: Motototrin: Obtained: Boxlimaris: Obtained: Mikrotosin: Obtained: Bosimutrin: Obtained: Miseltain: OBtained: Myseltainn: Obtained: Miseltynn: Obtained x 5.: Quety: Bismelitrin: Unobtained: Vixerousionnion: Unobtained: Justimarx: Obtained: Motrosin: O
[exploding Kitchen]
Thar be donuts.Nuts of dough.Oliebollen. What most americans would call "fritters".So, I thought to myself one day "man, I sure could go for some cake donuts" but there's always that chancethat awful chance that they're day old, factory SHITor some promo cake donut for some season >>and I wanted-plain- as in vanilla.So I get online, knowing I had all the ingredients but not the knowledge of proportionshere's how I work1.5 cups water (some people say milk... meh)1.5 sugar (white granulated)2 flour (all purpose is fine, though I'm curious about using low protein and cake)1 tablespoon of baking powdersalt (like... a teaspoon)1 egg.Flavorant!!! (I just used a tablespoon of vanilla coffee creamer... srsly)Now, online the general cake donut recipe has nutmegcinnamonpowdered sugar... FAH! *flips over table*Vanilla!Stop fucking that up! That is not "plain cake" that's cinn/sug.Alright?Alfuckingright then!Mix by hand or spoonbout the consistency of pancake batteroh waitit IS pancake batter :/Mi
If you are from Bensohurst, You are raised by your parents to expect more out of life then they had. You are raised to go out into the world and experience more than what your parents did, so you do exactly this. Threw out your life you try to become something more than just the kid from Bensonhurst. One day you wake up and realize that the best thing you ever were is that kid from Bensonhurst and that home is home and you miss all that made you the core person you are today. You may be Italian, you may be Spanish or you may be Jewish (to name a few) and we may be loud but we are honest and we would lay down our lives in a second for our family and friends. I am that kid from Bensonhurst and I'm proud of it!!!
I Missed My Chance
I missed my chance I sat and watched you walk out of my life. Not that I did anything to stop you but off you went, on to bigger and better things. I was just person you saw out the corner of your eye some days as you came in and out of the coffee shop. In my head we did this dance like I would say hi and you would say hello and out the door you would go. Then the next day I would say hi and you would smile brush the hair over your ear and say hi. And after bout a handful of hi and byes we would sit and chat over coffee and doughnuts. Then came time for me to ask you out and you would smile and say yes. Yes would have been the best phrase one simple man could ever hear. Dating would be a breeze, there would be no fights just love and passion. Passion that burned so bright it would rival the sun. And the kids we would have would be gorgeous. Little talented angels that could hum a tune, turn a phrase, and are the humblest kids a person could ask for. I would love till I lay down
Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
After All Day Thinking They Were Going To Be Here "" ! """
wow, checking on my phone repair status, this is what i found on right side says this: We did not find any pending repair requests -- Just now Comment Like View Becky Leuallen /... 55 seconds ago wow, checking on my phone repair status, this is what i found on right side says this: We did not find any pending repair requests for your account. Becky Leuallen /... a moment ago after all day thinking they were going to be here "" ! """
Because I'm Bored
There's a peculiar quietness tonight the internet is dead hardly anyone on fubar no facebook status updates no text messages and not a single car has driven past my house in hours I know everyone's probably somehwere watching the game or something but sometimes on nights like this I start to think that the rapture happened and Im still here.. but that wouldn't explain why fubar is dead. so zombie apocalypse ftw!
Reaching The Bottom
(this was taken from a conversation about cock) I may not reach the bottom but i can fuck up the sides
New Auction
I have decided to hold another Auction. I couldn't decide weather I wanted a winter auction or a Valentines Day auction so I created a mumm. THe votes were surprisingly in favor of a Valentines Day theme hense the red script. so this is how it is going to work. All entries must be in to me no later than Feb 5th the Auction will run from the 5th to the 14th. All contestants have the right to refuse any bid. Please do not ask to be pulled from the auction before it is over. All bidding will start at 10 million fubucks, sorry no exceptions. I realize some of you are above fubucks bidding but guess what? I don't care. If you are really better than a fubuck bid then no one will bid less than 165 credit bling pack on you and you won't have to worry if someone only bids 10 mil. I will not start anyone out at a higher rate than the rest. it is unfair and demeaning to the less popular people on fubar. So lets get this thing started. Fee = 2 credits (if unable to come up with 2 credits and st
I Need A Favor From All Of My Friends, Ty..starts April 1st, I'm In The 1st Group :) I need all my friends to become a member on this site and vote for me for the M.O.D 2010 Calendar Girl, voting starts April 1st 2009 Each week there will be 4 models, most votes overall will get in and most votes of top twelve will get choice...members only, one vote per member, tysm to all who helps :) xox CALENDAR GIRL SEARCH FOR 2010 CALENDAR M.O.D. Calendar Girl Search For 2010 Search is on for the upcoming calendar year Voting will take place starting April 1/09 with four models each week for approximately 12 weeks @ All models must give written consent to appear in this Calendar before the start of the voting as i only want models that are committed to this project to the very end. Voting will be done by members only and only one vote per member so make sure your registered as a member. The top 12 vote getters for the 12 weeks of this contest will receive a spot in the 2010 M.O.D. Calendar Girl Calendar which wil
Trinket Box - Celebrating A Special Occasion
This is the best gift you could give someone on their marriage. You know that the bride is going to receive many jewelry and other related products on the wedding. So what could be better than a gift such as the trinket box which is going to help her take care of all her jewelry And while you are at it, why don’t you get a really fancy box that is both practical and looks lovely. They have been using this for over hundred years and this is the reason why many people find this to be a wonderful piece of jewelry that is going to help them take care of storing their stuff. Cherishing your trinket box – These wonderful items come in a variety of materials and sizes and budgets, it is a great option for everyone. Online stores especially have a lot of variety of such boxes, that you can pick from. There are different materials such as wood, crystal, stone, metal, plastic, fabric, paper, and so many more that you can pick from. A customized trinket box is very much a cherishing
My Girl
show your love for my dog she was a sweet cute girl she love all ppl she pass away today im so so sad so put love on my dog
well, i never know what to say in these things...alot has gone on lately, and right now i guess i can say that im lucky to not have a concussion... darn storage closet, gotta raise its roof... 4 feet and im almost 6...doesnt work too well!!! well... i think im done for now, lol hit me up
Custom Hostnames For Profiles!
hey folks, just wanted to give everyone a heads-up: if you've setup a custom url/keyword (ie: mine is 'babyjesus' which creates and my email address, you can now link or direct people to your profile by using the link .. for example, mine would be .. when someone goes there, it loads up my public profile. click here to create your keyword if you haven't already.. werd! -mike
Stood Up
I am so pissed off right now. A supposed friend was going to come over to take some pics of me since he has a much better camera and perspective than I do. I've been stood up. That's a great way to get on my bad side since it is a major peeve of mine. You stand me up, you're gone from my life.
Gang Bang
Whine Without Cheese.
Ya ever notice how some people, no matter how nice you are to them never warm up to you? Some people really need to check themselves and not be so stuck up or rude. We are all human beings and should be treated the way you want to be treated. A polite hello to fellow Fubarians you run across daily wouldn't kill you. Eh, maybe I shouldn't be so damned nice anymore.
Contest Over!!!!
Are You Buzzed?
i just added a little 'buzz' graph to everyones tooltip. your buzz is calculated based on how many drinks you've received in the last 24 hours, some drinks have different weights than others... it should be obvious. it's kinda goofy, but i have some ideas for other features/abilities based on your buzz.... ;) -mike
Ladies Check This Out :p
There's a new sexi guy. that just joined the site come on ladies lets give him a nice warm welcome billyboy@ fubar thanks maria
How Can We Live?
As I sit here a terrible injustice is bestowed upon me by will. Just recently I embarked on a Abstinence program for myself, Which included going 40 days without anything sexual in nature to happen during those 40 days. That rules out anything self gratifying, Pornos etc... Ive been on this task for about 7 days now, talk about having a rough 7 days... Where most men communicate with the wrong end of there brains in conversating with females.. Has anyone reading this ever had to go through such a ordeal.. I am very strong willed and im very dedicated to conquering this 40 days plastered in front of me. It helps me better understand that everything doesnt have to revolve around sex or does it have to involve sexual undertones.. Im sure ladies understand a guys approach from the very start and know how the conversation is going etc.. Im just wondering if this ordeal is gonna help me overcome such a long stretch without it.. when it was 2-3 times a day to 0.. I hope I have the patience an
Play my wrist like a violin Steel kisses caress my skin Stings hit me then a wave of relief Still I run my arm underneath its teeth My best friend my stress reliever More effective than any meat cleaver No more tears stuff them deep inside Still they peep from the scars where they hide You must always smile never let it slip But when your alone you do a total flip Tears claw their way up and slide down your face Hidden emotions come out feeling out of place Soon you fall into a peaceful slumber Only to be woken by a constant number Snapped awake from the place of dreams And in a place of death and disease Each day passes still nobody knows Pure white tissues turn as red as a rose So polite so happy so normal Yet even with family I'm formal Where am I? who am I? I died years ago I created a character that who everyone knows Bright smile and expressive eyes But they don't understand that it's all lies Fire burns in my soul consuming my rage Until I can escape from my cage And that's
New Players & Getting Started Part1.
So You Want To Be A Gangster... Congrats On Joining The World Of FuMafia.This Blog is intended to get you started and enjoying the mafia experience.Just Like chess there are many ways to play, this is a description of how to build a successful player that is able to bounty hunt while building cashflow. After you gain a basic understanding you may elect to make another mobsterand explore some of the other and more advanced strategies. THE BASICS:The Game is based on levels from 1 to 1000+. You can hold up to 1000 people in your personal mob. These 1000 people can not attack you or steal your money. For every level you advance, you utilize 5 people to fight and complete missions with. example: level 1 fights with 5mobsters, level 10 fights with 50, level 100 uses 500 mobster to fight. So as a new player, you want to accept these mobsters that send you requests. Send add requests to allies and your fu friends to build yourself a strong personal mob. Under mobbed people often are attacke
Bbw Lover
yes my big girl lover I know you are shy reluctant to undress in front of my hungry eyes and lustful tongue; please don't be ashamed of your size; your size to me is a plus; I love your round, firm and fully packed hips and sexy! Those giant melons that require extra space are total turn-ons for me; I can't wait to suck on those eraser stiff nipples; spread your big oak thighs my treasure of pure woman; let me search in your silk forest for the your hungry pussy and take you on a trip that only big women can take: B-I-G stands for: B-eautiful I-nticing G-oddess who has forgotten more about pleasuring than most will ever know.
(you Are Brave Young Dragon)
(You Are Brave Young Dragon) You are brave young dragon so sore highSpread thy golden wings and truly fly.Leave this weighted world behind your feetFor a heavenly sky is there for you to meet.You are free blessed dragon of the blue skyUnchained are you to the unmoving stones.So stretch thy limbs and move thy bone'sFor you're a treasure to be widely known. Copyright 2009 Andrew Reid
How To Stickam By Diddy
This will help you get your Stickam account posted on your profile. Start by going to and create your account. Once the account is created and you have come back to your homepage, you will need to start the webcam through Stickam before anything else is done. In order to do this, you will need to click on Go Live. When the feed starts, you have the option to let Everyone, Memebers or Friends view. Keep in mind that these are Stickam options only and not everyone on fubar has a Stickam account, so choose Everyone to allow fubar member to see your cam once you are streaming live. Now, click on Start Chat. When the chat starts, you will need to click on Allow in order for your cam and sound to broadcast. Your chat will then start showing your video feed. Once this is done, minimize the Stickam Chat window and go back to your Stickam Homepage. Once there, scroll down to the bottom. This is where you will be able to Customize the style
Now Hiring
Thank you for your interest in applying for a position here at Club Paradise. Below you will find a simple application that you can email to us where we will consider all applications. Here are examples of the Job Descriptions so that you can better understand the duties of each position. DJ: Using the SAMS Broadcast software, play music through the lounge to entertain the listeners. Actively monitor the request line page and communicate with the Head DJ, in regards to any schedule conflicts. Above all else have fun. The more fun the DJ has the more fun there is in the room. Greeter: While in the lounge, actively engage people as they enter, and continue to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the family while also trying to get visitor’s to hit the subscribe button. Make everyone feel welcome and have fun. Promoter: Promotion is an all encompassing task, from going to people's pages and leaving comments, to talking about the lounge as you interact with others on fubar

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