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i know you all love these posts... its through the mail, he's been blocked already... bottom up as usual cause my lazy ass doesn't feel like fixin it :p Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2007 12:57:39 -0700 From: <sinamynlee@fubar.com> Size: 3 KB To: bigfrank@fubar.com Reply-To: <sinamynlee@fubar.com> No, i expect people to realize there's more pictures than just those. considering you didn't have the decency to rate a single one of the others, and obviously by your attittude had no intention of it. You really should learn some fuckin respect. Remember you have TWO heads asshole, you don't have to always think with the lower one. Most of my friends have the decency to treat me with respect regardless of the pictures i post because they know that i am a beautiful woman both inside and out and they REALIZE that's more important than just a fucking pussy. Learn some fucking respect, dick. On 10/9/2007, bigfrank@fubar.com wrote: soooo... you have nude pics but you don't want guys to look at them? you silly bitch On 10/9/2007, sinamynlee@fubar.com wrote: i expect the same respect any other woman commands. pictures don't mean a thing, it's just nudity, you'd think by your age you'd have learned that. On 10/9/2007, bigfrank@fubar.com wrote: well sweetie, if you're gonna have pics like that what the hell do you expect? whatever, buh bye On 10/9/2007, sinamynlee@fubar.com wrote: title was if that's all you can bother to open and rate, i really don't need you in my friends. So yet again, one guy chooses to show his true male-ness... when will the rest of them start thinking with the upper head???? Thank GOD i have the rest of you guys to restore my faith in the male species after conversations like this :p Love you guys! Sin
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