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The other post in this blog is about respect. and disrespect. WTF makes ANY OF YOU think that i'm going to give you a goddamn thing for fucking fubucks... it's a joking status... and no your fucking shouts aren't appreciated. next asshole to say "what do i get" will be blocked, as will every one after him/her. i'm not a fucking fu whore. get the fuck over it.
Here's the deal guys, I've said it all enough, and I try to use the block button only on the guys that make it into my asshole of the day blogs... but i'm done... if you can't think of anything better to say than "i want 2 lick your ass" or "U ARE FUCKIN HOTT, we should meet up and have some fun" (two of the shouts i came back to after my nap... YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. I've said time and again, do not treat me like a slut and keep my shoutbox clean. I will not deal with it any longer. If you want to be actual friends with me, you will come up with something WORTH responding to, otherwise, i will block your ass. yes, i'm stressed tired and cranky which is why this and the last post are complete bitching posts. no, that doesn't make a difference. This is MY FUCKING PLAYGROUND. You wanna play here, follow the fucking rules. ~Sin
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