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New pics were addeed last night and this morning, three pics in default i think, and the zoo album if you haven't seen them yet... So anyway, i finally reached fu-king the other day, so you guys all completely rock... but talk about fucking depressing... it takes as many points from fu-king to godmother as it took from level one to 24... So if anyone wants to help me feel less depressed about it... Wanna get me a blast? please? pretty please? with sugar on top? lol The only ones i've had in awhile are the ones i bought and i really can't do that anymore at all til i go back to work, which i REALLY REALLY REALLY have to do when i get back from jersey... oh that reminds me, i'll be mostly gone til saturday, cause... i'll be in jersey, lol... I'm beggin though, guys, please? Blasts, tickers, anythings?? Since i haven't added to family albums in a long time because i don't like you guys to miss out on anything, i can still give you family access for a 7 day blast, but until i'm caught up on the albums i owe others, i can't take any more requests for albums :( Anyhow, i just wanted to vent and beg for a bit... i'll shush now ;) Love you guys, and please at the least rate the SFWs (and yeah i know there's some of you that are just waiting on me to upload more lol) later Sin
hey guys, if you like the pics posted last night and the ones that i'll be posting shortly (after he edits them and after i post them that is)... please take a moment and stop by and visit the photographer leepus

@ fubar come on, i know you all know how to show love ;) Sin
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