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sometimes i wish i didn't bother looking around at what other women here say. they seem hellbent on being self righteous and holier than thou whenever they're somewhere someone else might "see" ... i'm sorry, i don't buy the "honesty" in a mumm i opened a few minutes ago.... the girls/women in it are all so sure that women like me that like to show off what we have and ask for what we want are "not right". .... that's kinda like saying ok, you can have a million dollars, but you can't spend it, or tell anyone you have it, or even look at it. get the fuck over yourselves, and get over everyone else too.. some of us have ALOT of fucking PRIDE thank you, and we don't need self important bitches like yourselves telling us that we're wrong for loving what god gave us and using it how we see fit. god gave you two eyes... does that mean you shouldn't open them and see? didn't think so. ~Sin
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