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AbbyNormal's blog: "Ranting"

created on 04/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/ranting/b204418

Ok, so this is a bit tricky to follow, so keep up if you can, lol.

I have this friend, Jason, whom is married to Amber, and together the have a daughter, Taylor, who is only 7.

Now, these people had absolutely no place to live. Me, and my family, took them into our home and welcomed them with open arms because I thought that Jason was one of my BEST FRIENDS. He had never done me wrong, always stuck up for me no matter what, etc. So, I told them they could stay here a week because we really didn't have the room. During that week they were suposed to be going to welfare to get food stamps, cash, housing, etc. Anything they could get, just to get them by until they got jobs. No problem. They went, got emergency food stamps and medical covers and they told us that they had to wait on their cash because something about the government being behind, which IS true because we checked.

Doesn't sound like a big deal, right? WRONG! What was supposed to be one week turned into an entire month. In that month, neither Jason nor Amber were able to find a job (big surprise there, right?). They didn't do anything around the house to help. Hell, I had to clean up after THEM on a daily basis. They didn't cook, not even offered to help. They wouldn't discipline their child. She would throw temper tantrums at least 2 times a day, to which they always gave in to her and gave her what she wanted. (I'd really hate to see her when she gets older.) They did, after about 2 weeks, gave us $85 worth of their food stamps. So, now here it is a month into them staying and all the sudden welfare has an apartment for them, with NO income. Seems fishy, don't you think? Anyways, so yesterday I asked Jason if him and I could go grocery shopping to get like another $100 or so worth of food. ($200 for staying somewhere and not doing anything is damn good if you ask me). He said yes. Well, later that evening, my step-dad asked Jason if he could just give me the card and the pin number and I'd go shopping because my step-dad needed Jason's help with some stuff outside and he knew that they were leaving today. It was now or never. Jason flat out told me he didn't trust me with his card. Why? He said it was because he had gotten ripped off before. Keep in mind that I have known this guy 3+ years and welcomed him into my house, but he doesn't trust me. So after we fight for a bit, he coughs up the card and pin and I go shopping. After I check out, I looked at the reciept to make sure everything rang out right only to see that there is a CASH balance on his card. (Remember, supposedly he hadn't gotten his cash assistance yet.) I went outside, called the number on the card and listened to the last 10 transactions on the card to find out that they have had cash since August 19. That's a month that they have had this, but we didn't know. We didn't ask them for any cash at all, so why hide it?

I'm wondering if this is not why he didn't want to give me his card.

So, my question to you is: Do I confront him about it and risk losing what friendship there is left, or forgive but never forget?

Ok, so this is going to be a ranting and raving blog. I haven't done one in a long time, so I need to get some stuff off of my chest. This is more based towards stuff on Fu than real life.

1. People who think that others don't have a life outside of Fubar. I, personally, am on here probably more than I should be, but that doesn't mean that I don't have real life things to do. People get mad if I have to go to the store, or want to go out with friends, or hell, even if I have to go to work. Maybe you don't have a life, but I do, and one in which I am very happy.

2. Guys who immediately ask to see NSFW pictures. My pictures are up there for people whom I feel are good enough to see them. Can't see them? That's not my problem. There are 1,000's of girls who have NSFW pictures open to the public, go bother them. Don't shout or message me saying "you're hot, show me your naughty pics" before even saying Hi. That's a reall good way to get yourself deleted off of my list entirely and blocked.

3."Friends" who get mad that I don't see everything in my bartab. Ok, I have MOST of my alerts off. I don't see when you become friends with someone. I don't see when people get bombed. Etc. I do see picture uploads, statuses, stuff like that. However, just because it's there, doesn't mean I always actually see it. My bartab is often quite busy with people rating and commenting me. I try to keep up with everything, but often I fall behind. If you need something in particular like a rate or a bulletin posted, shoutbox or message me. That way, I'm gauranteed to see it.

4. Ppl who type liike dis. Or LyKe DiS. Ok, that's annoying. Do  you really talk like that? Probably not. Don't type to me like that either. I usually spell out most everything that I type, no matter how long. I want people to be able to understand me. If you ever shout me and talk like that, don't expect a reply back from me. When you can speak to me in full sentences, then we can talk.

5. People who beg for stuff ALL of the time. I have to admit, I'm guilty of asking for stuff on here, but for real, give it a break once in a while. If you're only on my list to ask me for stuff, such as bling, blasts, tickers, etc., then please kindly remove yourself. When I have such things, I use them on people whom I care about and I know that they appreciate them.


So, after reading Freak's latest blog, it kind of inspired me to rant a little bit on some things that really, really bug me. 1. So I was looking through Facebook just out of sheer bordem, and I never realized how many people I went to school with that I really don't like. I'm not going to mention names cause I don't think that anyone on here knows them, but it just really amazes me how many preps went to Burrell High School. I don't mean preps like wear A&F or whatever, just people who are so self-centered that it makes me sick. It's one thing to think highly of yourself, it's another to think that you rule the world, which was pretty much half of BHS, and probably always will be. All in all, Burrell is a pile of shit that no one really cares about. 2. Why in the world do they make such a big thing on the news when people get shot/killed. Like the VT shootings, why was it all over the news for weeks and weeks. Don't get me wrong, I did/do feel sorry for those who have lost loved ones, and believe it or not, I do have compassion, but why the hell do we have to hear about it forever? Like 9/11.. it's over, it's done.. get over it. Like I said, I do feel bad, but what can be done about it now? Even when random people get shot/killed they put it on the news for like 349587345897 years. Why? Ok, I can see putting in on for one day, but good Lord, give it up after that! *Sorry if I have offended anyone with this, that was not my intention.* 3. People who intentionally harm children and/or animals. For instance, Kaleb, the baby from Florida who suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome. Honestly, I think people that do that should be murdered. In dealing with kids, you were a kid once, think about that you probably did the same thing to whoever was watching you. They put up with you, you do the same. As for animals, I feel the same way. No animal deserves to be hurt, for no reason. Granted, if I were being mulled by a dog, I'd probably do anything in my power to get it off of me. But, for no reason? Get a f'ing life! 4. What is up with 12 year olds who try to act like they are 40? If you look on MySpace or any other teen-orientated website, you see MILLIONS of 12-13 year olds who try and look like they are at least 16, if not older. No wonder the rape rate has gone through the roof. Have you ever seen what they wear now? My God, if I would have worn that when I was that age, I wouldn't be here to talk about it right now. How can these mothers let their children go out of the house like that? How can they let their children post half naked pictures of themselves for anyone and everyone to see? Do these people not have morals? I'll tell you what. When I have kids, my kids will NOT look like these little hoe wannabes that there are now. My child will look and ACT their age. 5. Why do so many young people smoke/drink/do drugs now-a-days. Do they think that it's cool? Take it from me, someone who's been there, done that, it's not. Yes, I started young, but it wasn't to be cool. Trust me, I was uncool before it was popular to be uncool. I had my small group of friends, and I liked it that way. None of them did anything like I did, so it wasn't to fit in that's for sure. I couldn't tell you why I did, but what's done is done. I've learned from my mistakes, and here I am. Kids these days honestly make me sick. Smoking/drinking/drugs/sex all start around the age of 12! What has this world came to? 6. Why do people (especially young girls) think that they have to be friends with everyone? Not everyone likes everyone, so don't try. And girls, quit trying to be friends with all of the guys in the world. Most boys at that age just want sex. Plain and simple. Some may not, and good for them, but most do. You're young and stuid and give in and thats how we have 12-13 year old mothers. It's crazy.
Ok, so Friday the 13th usually isn't a bad day for me. Normally I have good luck. I know, it's all superstition, but still. Anyways, today was just a day from hell. I got a new a/c today and I plugged it in.. it worked for like 2 hours, then blew everything in my apartment. Blew 2 fuses, changed them to brand new ones. NOTHING. I have a friend who's an electrician go to my place and FINALLY figured out what was wrong.. I need all new wiring and everything. He did get it working, but he advised us to 1) make the landlord change all the wiring, breakers, everything, or 2) move. Trying to make the land lord do anything is like trying to make pigs fly. She's really nice, but when it comes to fixing anything, blah. Well, that's not even the best part. We couldn't get a hold of the land lord until 10pm tonight, and our power was off since 2pm. I'm at my mom's now cause I can't live without a/c, but thats BS. We tried 3 different numbers for her, tried called her husband, tried calling out "handy man". We couldn't get anyone. Then when we did get a hold of her, she complained that we had a/c to begin with. We have lived there for a year and a half and when we moved in there, we told her that I have asthma and I need the a/c in the summer. She said it was "no problem". Now she's complaining about the electric bill being a little high. And this comes from a women who makes $500,000 a year or more, and yes I know that for a fact. Anyways, if anyone in the Pittsburgh area knows of any places to live for a decent price, in a good neighborhood and allows pets, please let me know!
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