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AbbyNormal's blog: "Random quotes"

created on 06/12/2008  |  http://fubar.com/random-quotes/b222986
Behind every beautiful person there is some kind of pain. You're so guilty it's disgusting, he's been sneakin' underneath your sheets & your hands have been in places that they probably shouldn't go, but don't worry sweetie, 'cause I already know. The reason we close our eyes when we dream, kiss and cry is because the most important things in life are not seen with our eyes, but felt with our hearts. No matter what I'll make it and if I'm not happy, I'll fake it. Cause I've been through back stabs, scumbags and lies. I got a whole list of people I despise so if you got my trust don't lose it and if you got my love don't abuse it. Just cause I'm a flirt doesn't mean I'm a hoe. Unlike most girls, I know how to say NO! My attitude can change in a minute flat. Go from (sweet) like this, to [rude] like that. You always said it was your way or the highway. So, I'm shiftin my life into drive... kissin the past goodbye... I don't know what your problem is but I bet it's hard to pronounce Although I'll always love you and remember the times we had, you're a sorry little bastard and you hurt me really bad. And although you think it's funny and only time will tell, that paybacks are b!tches and I hope you burn in hell. Although you were a great lover, that I will admit, when it comes to being a man, hunny u ain't sh*t. I am who I am and I be who I be, so you can kiss my ass if you don't like what you see. Love my attitude, love my vibe, love my aggression, love my pride, envy my integrity, envy my heat, cuz in reality: YOU COULD NEVER COMPETE. Fed up & Tired, Sick & Twisted, One Man Army, I'm Enlisted, Trust Yourself, Trust No one Else, F**k a Hero, Be Yourself. To all the haters that can't hop off my cl!t. If I wanted something there, I'd pierce my sh!t. For all the hoes that be talkin sh!t, save your lips for the next d!ck. Talkin sh!t like you f*ckin know me. If I had a d!ck, you'd be the first to blow me! Don't ever think I'm slippin, I ain't dumb. I carry a stun gun inside my hair bun. Hatin' ass guys, I treat you like a b!tch. Strap on a fake d!ck and stick it where you sh!t. Dumb is just not knowing, ditzy is having the courage to ask. I offered my honor, she honored my offer and all nite long I was on her and off her. For some reason, it always rains on the people that deserve the sunshine. I live in Pittsburgh... Where the drama never ends, and people are all the time. All nice to your face, then spit on your name. Where the girls b!tch and the guys play. Where everyone has something to say.
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