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This is a close, personal friend of mine who I talked into joining Fubar. Go show him mad love!!! And yell at him to add more pics and stash :P makeulaugh

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I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and this is what I've come up with (among other things). I want to say that I'm sorry. For past mistakes, present, and future. Some say that you shouldn't say sorry because it can't change anything, and maybe they are right, but I'm giving it a shot. If I've done wrong by you, I'm sorry. I have a temper like you wouldn't believe and more often than not it gets the best of me. I've lost some amazing friends over some of the stupid stuff that I have done. I only wish that I could go back and change it. But, I'm the type of person who doesn't have regrets, but I try to learn from my mistakes. So, if you're reading this and this pertains to you, please take it seriously. If there is anyone out there who I've hurt, made mad, etc currently. Again, I'm sorry. To anyone who I may hurt in the future, don't take it personal. As I said, my temper gets the best of me and gets me into trouble. I have a smart mouth too, and anyone who knows me knows that (Shut it, Freak :P). I also often speak without thinking first, which also gets me into trouble a lot. It's something that I need to work on, I'm aware of that. As for the friends that I've lost in the past (some in real life, some on Fubar), I honestly wish I could change things, but I can't. If you feel that you can't forgive me and put it behind us, that's fine. If you can, that's great. There is one particular person (on Fubar) who I lost because I was being selfish. He knows who he is, as do a lot of others. I just want him to know that I do still deeply care about him and I wish him nothing but the best. I really don't even know why I'm writing this, but I just kind of felt like it was something that I needed to do.

I want to introduce my new owner!! Freak ~*~ Pwned by Alice in Wonderland ~*~

@ fubar She's a great friend to have, she helps out when needed, she's a little weird, but thats ok :), plus she has really big boobs!! What's not to love? If you haven't already, go rate/fan/add/bling/crush her! Do everything you can for her! You won't regret it! (And she'll probably kill me for all of this pink! lmao) Brought to you by the one and only: Abby♥Normal

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Here's the deal.. I've been working my butt off trying to rate and bomb for fubucks so that I can save for spotlight. I've been doing pretty well, and I've also had some awesome donations from some awesome people, but I'm still a good way away from getting spotlight. Well, a very good friend of mine told me to offer cleavage salutes for people who donated a certain amount (can't you see that this person is a pervert LOL) so thats what I'm gonna do! Here's what you get: -Send me 25,000 fubucks for a SFW salute with anything you want it to say! -Send me 75,000 for a SFW salute on my skin with anything you want it to say! -Send me 100,000 for a cleavage salute with anything you want it to say! **If you want to send more, please feel free to! Name your price! NO NSFW SALUTES!** I'm also willing to work for fubucks! I will rate or bomb wherever you need me to, for a REASONABLE price. Please, no low-blow offers or you will be ignored. Abby♥Normal

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Alright, as most of you know, a lot of my friends have had the spotlight. Now, it's MY turn! I'm going to need a lot of help, but it can be done! My friends are awesome and I'm sure I can get it! I'm not asking for a hand-out, although I won't stop you from donating lol, but I will WORK for fu-bucks! I will rate pics, rate stash, comment bomb.. whatever you need done! Also, if you don't have fu-bucks to spare, you can help me out by rating my stuff! You know that I always return the love! :) Please help me! Every little bit helps; no amount is too small or not enough! I will make a thank you bulletin and blog when all is said and done! Abby♥Normal

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So, I've decided to auction myself off again. I'm a nut, I know :P Click the pic below to see what I am offering and to go bid!!!
So here's the deal.. I'm close to leveling, and rating someone's stash is the fastest way. I've been rating all day but still need a bit to go! So, I am offering anyone who rates all 300 of my stash 10,000 fubucks! I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but I have been helping a lot of my friends out, so this is their way of helping me back! (hint hint!!) Keep in mind that this is a STANDING offer! Which means once I level the offer still stands! So please, keep going even after I level!
Ok everyone, I'm in a give away, but I only need 5,000 comments! I'd really like to get 10,000, but I'd settle for 5,000. For ever 5,000 comments I get, I get a bling pack!! BUT! I only have until Aptil 19 at 12pm PST (3pm EST)!!! Here's what I'm willing to offer for those who will help me: For every 100 comments you leave, I will send you 5,000 fubucks! For anyone who leaves 500 or more comments, when I get the bling back, I will send you 1 bling! When you finish this, you must send me a message and tell me how many comments you left so that I can pay you accordingly! Here is this link to the pic: NOW GET BUSY BOMBING!!! Thank you :D
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