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RendezvousNmyRendee's blog: "Only me.."

created on 06/23/2008  |  http://fubar.com/only-me/b225578
My new cell is trashed. I'm not sure if can be repaired. When I took the battery out pepsi came pouring out. LOL Now what pisses me off is my Katana II has been dropped in the tub, in the rain, and got pepsi on it too and is not trashed. One fucking time with getting something liquid near it and that stupid cell is worthless. Chad is going to be pissed considering he bought me the phone, and will more than likely be the one who has to pay the 50 dollar insurance fee. I plan on blaming it on the kids. They are little so he won't cuss them out. Now you are probably wondering how I got pepsi on my cell phones. Well that part would probably turn this blog into a NSFW one. Let's just say that Rough Sex and Pepsi proved deadly for my poor Moto Q. LMAO So to those who are fortunate to have my cell phone number, Do not call the number that ends in 0643, call the number that ends in 4799 until I get it fixed. Thanks ! :)
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