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RendezvousNmyRendee's blog: "*GRRRR*"

created on 07/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/grrrr/b229043
Todd hi shawna whats up tonite? Shawna nada..what's up with you Todd just sittin here being bored Shawna Noneya same here thinking about going to bed Todd i see you wanna join me in my bed? Shawna excuse me? come on now..i dont even know you like that *angry smiley* Todd true, but it would be fun Shawna Noneya maybe for you *yawn smiley* Todd trust me i would make sure u enjoyed it **AND HERE IS WHERE I CALL BULLSHIT BECAUSE SOOO MANY GUYS SAY THIS TIRED ASS LINE KNOWING DAMN WELL IT'S NOT TRUE.** **AND HERE IS WHERE HE TELLS ON HIMSELF...SEE I KNEW IT WASNT TRUE!!!!** Todd well my penis only lasts about 10 minutes... but my tongue lasts for hours I had chatted with this guy once or twice last summer and I guess he had me on his yahoo still. He wasnt on mine. Grr, it just makes me want to meet up with this stupid fucker so I can bitch slap him.
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12 years ago
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