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When you don't even know what love is. How can you possibly love me when you don't even love yourself?! What does love mean to you? Don't use the L word to manipulate the situation. Dont say it if you don't mean it forever. Because I don't want a love that lasts for a short time, I want a love that lasts a lifetime. And I want that love with someone I feel it back for. Saying you love me is not going to magically make me feel the same for you. You cannot force love, it doesn't happen like that. While I may care for you I'm not in love with you. There is a huge difference. When I love someone I feel it all thru me, I feel like my heart could burst and even when there is bad times, and the person I love is fighting with me a simple kiss and I'm sorry can make me fall in love with them all over again. Love to me is being able to lay in bed, talk for hours and never being bored. Not being able to shut up even tho' you said you were going to bed at least 4 times before. Never letting the sun set on our anger and resolving issues. It is such a huge thing to not go to bed angry. I never had this with my husband so I can safely say I never was in love with him. So please don't tell me you love me when you don't even know me. You don't know the first thing about me. You know what I've wanted you to see but you havent seen the real me. You dont know about my fucked up background, about my struggles, or the constant stream of drama in my life. You don't know what is in my heart or what truly goes on in my head. If you knew you may not like me so much. You think I'm so innocent, so sweet, so nice. Really you have nooooooo idea. Yes I am for the most part but there is a side of me you haven't seen yet. There has been some who have, and couldn't handle it. Think about that before you try to throw the L word at me. Cuz to love me is to really know me, and you will never see everything I am cuz I know you can't handle it. So dont manipulate the situation with that word..I just hate that.
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