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I'm about fed up with men period. Especially men on here. Do not ask me if I want to see your penis, if I want to I will go look at your nsfw pics on my own. Do not tell me you wish you were at my home with me because I wouldn't let you step in my got damn door. I'm not like other women. I refuse to parade men in an out of my kids lives. The men who get to meet my kids mean something to me, and are ones that are friends for the long haul otherwise I wouldnt let them in their lives. I do not want to hear how I make your dick hard, and how you wish you could pound it in me. Knowing my luck you couldnt last long enough to get me off. Trust me, it takes alot to get my kitty purrin' and it aint YOU buddy. I dont want to tell you what I'm wearing. Let me clue you in, it's nothing sexy that's for sure. I'm a mother of 4. I am not parading around in a thong and bra 24/7 jackass. Either you motherfuckers start coming at me CORRECT or you get off my page. I am not going to tolerate any bullshit. I will bitch you out and block your ass so make a choice. Either show me respect or go fuck yourself. This is the way it's gonna be from here on out. NO more nice Shawna.
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12 years ago
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