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I am serious my faith in love has been totally restored!! I was watching Oprah...ok ok I know I know LOL But listen to this! This man was in a concentration camp and was polish at 14 years old. And a girl was in a village (her familiy lied and said they were jews to live) next to the camp and the only thing seperating them was a barbedwire fence. She was walking by the fence one day and seen him and he looked hungry so she gave him her apple. and she did this for 7 months fed him bread and an apple every day for 7 months. One day she came to feed him and he told her not to come back because they were going to exacute all of them in the camp....mind you she had no idea that he made it out. By some miricle he made it and never died. They both moved to NY City what are the chances right? They were set up on a blind date 14 years later and realized she was the girl with the apple and he was the boy whom she fed. He told her she would never leave him again and he asked her to marry him on the spot! They have been married for 50 years and are more in love now then they have ever been! He was crying when he said to her You fed me when I was hungry for food and you love me when I am hungry for love! What a wonderful story! I can only DREAM that I will find a love like that one day...but until then....this was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life! When you all think about the loves in your life or you are looking for someone...make sure they make you feel like this! I cried and am still tearing up! I will be waiting and looking for the man that will make me love him unconditionally! HUgs to everyone! Lizzy
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