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Helpless is who Iam Freedom is what I need Trapped and I feel damned I cut and I bleed Is there an out? Will I ever be free? My life is full of doubt Not too many options I see Hanging by a thread Slipping down the hole I feel good seeing red Hurting me is my goal Being stuck inside my head Begging to get out Hearing all the things it said Then you wonder why I shout? All of me is slowly dieing But so much I want to live With every ounce of me I'm trying I only have so much to give Elizabeth 3-15-07


Feeling so much pain inside and out wanting people to just understand even times I scream and shout I feel noone holds my hand anger takes a hold of me me fighting with all my might why can't the demons let me be I have no energy left to fight The times I feel i need someone the most have my back is what they should do instead it is a "ME" roast how about walk ONE day in my shoes? I will make it I know I can alone if I have to I will prove I never RAN and get stronger through and through Elizabeth 11/30/06
So many Emotions Lovely letters, calming rain flowers starting to bloom one more step towards a gain less frightened less gloom baby shoes, soft beautiful skin perfection we all search for motherly qualities always win ones who been left behind have so much more sickness invades my life taking all thats good and well wanting to be a wife yet keeps me in this shell Tenderness, compassion I do give laughing makes things good but sometimes I don't want to live suicide I never could So fighting, crying,feeling sad is what the answer will be there are still things that make me glad I am fighting for you and me Elizabeth Fletcher 8-16-06
Finding peace Sleeping anger,monsters come nightmares fill my mind haunting, terror feeling numb so unpleasent so unkind sliding grabing feeling weak falling down so fast trying to stay humble and meek to release my horrible past being at the lowest of lows at the bottem of the well I sit my fingernails, having dirt...just how it goes starting to climb again...never will I quit! Elizabeth Fletcher 8-14-06
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