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It's been almost a year since I've joined it... (I list all topics of this discussion orderly) [NUDE BEACH]____________________________________________ This site is the equivalent to an online nude beach. People can get so exited to come here, take off all of their clothes, pose naked to be seen, get wild about it, show off and gawk at everyone. After everyone has seen eachother naked, the whole TABOO-thing tapers off. It's just that pre-Adam&Eve ideal (natural), not needing to hide anything any longer. Visible truths, nature, natural biological anatomy! But there are still rules just like a nude beach. Keep your hands to yourself, unless in private as long as consent has been granted to do so. Got to admit it, you girls sometimes base majority of guys you find attractive, based on "their package" mixed within the percentage of what their face looks like, then add their height and body type, then you've got a total average that you judge from, then is there really room for the brain? Oh and don't forget money etc... But basically we all want to know more about the people we are attracted to, before we really have an over-all opinion for them. Sometimes body parts are what makes the person. I never base it off that, personally. So back to us calling this place the "nude beach" ..that's sorta a good thing, not such a taboo! [TRIBAL]_________________________________________________ Nude rituals is another characteristic I use to describe this place. It reminds me of primitive tribes that live off the land and have nothing to hide, and then we have us modern people reverting or regressing to older, possibly more superior means of body communication. Yet spiritualized? ...maybe to a degree! Have we opened a pathway to the ethereal domains, like ancient pagans prancing around a bonfire or under moonlit setting? In a way, yes we are and have done exactly that. Even if we're all just a bunch of friends that fully respect eachother, without any intentions to sleep with eachother, it is a whole different dimension that just seeing eachother's faces. Again, we don't ever do this in public on the way to work or school or shopping etc! [BAD GIRLS]_______________________________________________ I never cared too much for them. This site and other friend-sites seems to have too many of them. I'm not too thrilled about girls that like to break a ton of rules just to see what they can get away with, just for their entertainment. They're gonna need major patience if they want my heart. Therefor they must either change, grow up, or else. Catty girls that act like you have to chase after them, all they have are their looks, too bad it's not enough. Girls with BAD ASS COMPLEXES, rebels without any cause, fictionate actresses as if placed into real life!...I can see right through them. Extreme sports? Oh please! I mean if a girl can do something like katas with a katana, or spin/swing numbchucks with some skill, and maybe be a true warrior 'WITH A CAUSE' then maybe I'd fall for her/them. Otherwise... No sense bowing down to some royal feline female human entity, seeing how they're really INSECURE people who always have to prove themselves regardless of their status.... ....they're all SHEEP! CLONES! COMMON PEOPLE! ...for example, you guys ever drive on a road and some girl in some clean newish car has to speed past you after she made eye contact? As if I'm supposed to eat her/their exhaust, I've got air filters for that. I'm not chasing after her for a speeding ticket, she's not worth it. [POSERS]__________________________________________ Those of you with gimmicks like "animal spirits" in you, or in your name, however... good, but many don't always have a real gimmick these days. "I am The Spirit Of Wind & Fire" or "I am The Wizard Of Speed & Time" ..... BUT nobody ever said "I am The Poser Of Camera's Lenses"!!! ...sure aren't we all, in one way or another?? ...what I'm getting at, is that it's less shocking. I mean, travel outside your house a bit more. Climb a tree then have someone take a pic. I should talk but I don't always want to upload pics of my face or self. That's why I never update what I have. The face is personal and I only send pics of my face updated (in private). I don't want people being able to spot me on the street. ....hence, you might not even recognize me. Sometimes my hair looks different or my facial hair is more beardier or less, including my wardrobe. [MY EXPERIENCE]__________________________________________ I bring this all up, because I'm actually running tired of the results I've gathered from people in general. I get fewer surprises these days. There are alot of people out to shock people, but it's not even 'shocking'... I see too many "middle-fingers to the world" or methods of spite, bad moodiness and taking it out on everyone that doesn't serve your royal butt? ...are we all in 4th grade still? Many people haven't been able to pin-point me or even figure me out too well. I talk too much but never give out too much private information about myself. All I can tell you for now, is that I joined this site not to meet "online ass" at all, but to at least attempt to change people in the sense where I can at least point some people into/to a direction that allows them to think for themselves or even put an end to IGNORANCE permanently. I just want a major change amongst this globe. NOTE: (I am NOT* the Messiah) Many still ask me why I'm still celibate... well... I have my spiritual reasons & I'm sticking to believing in them. Sure I'm human as can be, but that doesn't mean I'm an uncivilized primate. All in all, I've met more sincere people on this site rather than myspace(aka lie-space)! Thanks for all your support, everyone here. I'm glad I met you all. I meant that! [ME MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME]______________________ Understand this................ I'm a shy person that doesn't always know what to talk about. I sometimes never know what to say, in order to start a conversation. Most of the time, my brain is like mush, slush, frost, etc. That's because I need to be asked questions in order to say something, if you were bouncing your ideas off of me, for example. I need "WORD ORE" ...sorta like IRON-ORE(raw materials) in order to produce IRON(something useful)!!! Does that make any sense? Also, this site can be hectic as ever. I get alot of messages from all. I like that. But.... I can't be on here longer than 15 minutes per day, for the most part. It's hard to explain but I have alot of things going on here. In the past, I've been forced to stay online for long periods of time, via request, and it never works out properly. I just can't do that. CUT ME SLACK!!!! [SHAME/HUMOR PHOTO ALBUM]_________________________ Just in case people don't understand it, I tend to question why such high quality photography skill and equipment was used, in conjunction with advertising of such images, for what ever given purpose it may have been intended for. In other words, why????? WHY???!!!! So I've uploaded, ripped, and displayed pics I've found and some that people have sent to me to critque. So I make fun of it all, and therefor you have it. I'm confused. So read the captions of that album of mine here on my profile. Maybe we can figure something out together. [SITE ERRORS]_____________________________________ Update: this site keeps making new improvements, yet it still is faulty. The mail!!!! You can send a message and it might not even be sent. Now some of you can still use that classic excuse "I never got your message, did you send me something?" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Some of my folders have been wrongfully marked as 'NSFW' and shouldn't have. Well read my previous blogs having to do with errors. [OTHER BLOGS]____________________________________________ Read the other blogs, they sorta tie in with this continuational sequel...
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