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To whom this may concern,
A phone number from your area-code who addresses themself as "your new fiance" had threatened me via text message.  That was unofficial/informal or forged of authenticity, aside from possible spelling & grammar deviations and/or errors.  Plus you both legally have no right to pose intimidation nor threats upon me at all, no matter what type of caliber/stature can be proven, exorcised, displayed, or exploited.  I know my rights and you both cannot take those away from me nor anyone.  I can have legit restraining orders issued etc, at this particular point in time if I needed to.  But I chose not to until further retaliation persistence is perceived.  You weren't given any permission to hand out my contact information to any 3rd party aside from yourself.

You both can pull all the strings you could try.  This is just a public notice/memo, you do not have to open it.  I come in peace and leave with finale.  You could just call a truce is all I request.  You never told me yourself directly from your person, not a 3rd party (such as "your new fiance" if such character identity was verified/revealed or not) that I supposedly lost permission to contact you any further, regardless I wont anymore after this immediate statement. 

If I ever get attacked by anyone in future tense, I've been trained to handle physical encounters of that exact such.  I am not afraid of anyone anywhere anyway.  The attacker always has the disadvantage, PERIOD.  I have the very right to protect myself, thus never instigate such violence.

You don't know me very well.  You don't know who I know, nor who I am related to or not.  This is no threat.  I am changing my phone number.  Cease all contact with me.  Look to see me no more.  I will read no more mail from you nor any form of communication.  But I did not revoke your rights to contact me via letters, I just wont promise that I would even read any of them for the rest of this year.

There is one condition if you've changed your mind about how you handle my presence.  The condition is for you to wait till I post my new phone number in the future if/when I'm ready to.  Then you alone can contact me at that particular location in the future.  Otherwise, look to see me no more.

You know what... people can be so immature.

Here's a story I'd like to tell you all, and I made it up, it's fiction:
Once apon a time, Bon Jovi rocked the world with his greatest hits and toured our planet well.  Who hasn't heard of him, right?  Way cool dude, muscle cars, rodeos, bling-bling, ch-ching loft apartments, once a very "naugty boy" promiscuous activities with girls by the many & plenty of holes to have stuck it in(turns his soul into swiss cheese).  What a winner and such.  GO ROCKSTAR, you're GOD TO US ALL! Then he's also a federal agent who at the turning point of this upcoming hit film, he gets to admit a rare trait about himself of "oh my rockstardum wasn't supposed to work out, I only made those hits as a cover story to backup my real position to protect our country from criminals, because it pays the bills."   But Bon has to battle his old habits of immoral ways of masking insecurities.

I was thinking of selling this story to the sliver screen and make a hit series!  I mean, wouldn't it sell?  I mean, it's so believable!  Or yet, unbelievable!

Anyhow anyway!  From now on (different topic) I don't wish to associate with any:
drug dealers
date rapists
sexual predators (of all types)
bad-ass complex types
shady over-powered freemasons "with too many connections"
questionable cult secret societies
shady defense attorneys
people who pull strings and make unjust threats.
people who work above the law, that work under the law.
corrupt law officials
people "with connections" a'la'corrupte!
people who steal our country's money undeservingly & milk it dry.
girls who work overly easy jobs and force males to slavery.
rockstars with "rockstar" attitudes (take a hint: get off the altar)
people who own arsenals for the wrong reason. (I'll be the judge)
spoiled rotten
trashy types
flocks (if you're human, not animal)

*If you don't fit these examples and aren't insecure of any of it, then you have nothing to worry about.  Those who have fear, have reasoned to.  I didn't point fingers...what do I know, right?

*If I receive any threats, I might need help... I think I'm gonna call the A-Team!

Next issue,,,, I will be busy this year with enough stuff to outlast the average usuals all around.  If that made any sense, please contact me for my new cell-number.  I'm thinking of not having a phone for as long as I did.  So this might be a shortrun limited number for about a month or two.  I didn't want to just shut my/their account off just yet.  Wheel sea! We'll see.

Define the difference between "destructive" from "constructive"
Define the difference between "consumers" from "producers"
Define the difference between "followers" from "leaders"
Define the difference between "loyal" from "shady"
Define the difference between "decisive" from "unsure"
Define the difference between "solid" from "faulty"
Define the difference between "strong" from "weak"
Define the difference between "foolish" from "wise"
Define the difference between "control" from "no control"
Define the difference between "fast" from "slow"
Define the difference between "fixed" from "broken"
Define the difference between "deception" from "reality"
Define the difference between "liberal" from "strict"
Define the difference between "good" from "bad"
Define the difference between "pass" from "fail"
Define the difference between "ORDER" from "CHAOS"
Define the difference between "WRONG" from "RIGHT"

fascination: "MEDJUGORJE"

If often feel bad for all the newbies on the internet or at least people who come here to check out this site and not know what the hell is going on. I can't blame them for GIVING UP on this place! After all, nothing makes perfect sense to even me!! "rate me / fan me" or how about "frate me / ran me" (what's the point? do you ever use the fan system to locate anyone ever?) all those hundreds and thousands of users of your friends? How about "Frappe me / blend me / stir me" (???) Hello my name is: "______[NM][NC][VA][lmnop][qrst]" You're confusing people! They don't know what these acronyms are, I don't even. I think I'll just list the states I've lived in, and use them in those little boxes near my name. (okay so I saw that on myspace with the emos). It's like some elite confusing club at times, but most people respond by saying "wtf?" instead of worshiping these pretentious pretend-celebrities online. Did you know, this site isn't all that famous? (that means you're stuck with the same old scene if you let it turn out un-newbie-friendly) so look out for someone, will ya? Feel free to repost this, hint-hint: TEACH PEOPLE! EDUCATE THEM! SPREAD THE WORD! *I know, I could supposedly fillout a feedback form here and actually care enough!
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