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(read the vacation blog too, I will be gone in February) To all the people who delete me over these reasons: 1.)"Umm well we don't talk anymore" 2.)"Well I heard ______ about you" 3.)"I don't get along with you" 4.)"You online-posts are too weird" 5.)"My boyfriend gets too jealous" 6.)"My (parents/friends/associates) advise me not to associate with you any further" I have a line for your lame excuse: 1.)Do I have to be online 24/7 for your convenience? 2.)Rumors. I'm sure there are some about you too. 3.)I don't instigate any fights. You're in your own little fantasy zone. 4.)If you didn't understand something, I'd gladly translate my dialog/actions. 5.)Fine, not like I'd hit on you or whatever. 6.) And what makes them a good judge? 7.)Whatever, whatever it is, don't drink or do drugs while being online, treat this atmosphere like you would a reality. How do you handle road traffic? Any fatal mistakes lately? I've heard this before: "You're being real immature" Whether people delete people over a matter of CONVENIENCE to keep better track of people, it's still LAME. I don't take this crap from anyone. It's insulting and completely pointless and selfish. I don't delete anyone. I never know when I'm gonna catch up with someone over any particular reason. Ya never know why you're gonna want to BOOKMARK someone for any reason. I believe that everyone counts in their own unique way and beyond. So deleting me because you're like throwing out old socks or just straightening out your room etc, LAME LAME LAME. I'm a real living person that knows what the heck is going on here... Maybe go seek professional help or take a gander in the mirror and look yourself over a few times. No more Mr.Niceguy for you if that's the case. If you could play "GOD" do you plan to throw away certain local neighbors?... like perhaps some nice elderly folk that like you?...sick!
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