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Sorry folks, I'm not insulting anyone here, just looking out for y'all. This is our country, let's represent it and look good at it too! This is just a simple chart that we should all memorize. And if we do, more people will respect us all. [SYNONYMS/etc]: 1.) You're = "You are." "You're a ______" 2.) Your = "Yours." "This belongs to your _______" 3.) Are = "We are_____" "Are you going to________" 4.) Our = "It belongs to _____, and our_______" 5.) Hour = Time. "The hour of________" 6.) Too = "Me too." "This is too much." "I am way too______" 7.) Two = "Two of them." "Two times" "More than one is two" 8.) To = "I will teach you to do this." "Let's go to the______" 9.) There = "It is over there." "There's a way over there." 10.) They're = "They are." "They're good lessons." 11.) Their = "This belongs to their collection of________" "This is theirs & belongs to their ______" 12.) Deer = Animal, Game, Venison. 13.) Dear = "Dear sweet person" "Awe, such a dear." 14.) Dare = "How dare you?" "I dare you to do learn this." 15.) Lose = "Lose the bad grammar." "I don't want to lose." 16.) Loose = "Tighten up this loose _____." 17.) Don't = "Do not" 18.) Can't = "Can not" 19.) Wouldn't = "Would not 20.) Couldn't = "Could not" 21.) Shouldn't = "Should not" 22.) We're = "We are" 23.) I'm = "I am" 24.) I'd = "I would" 25.) I'll = "I will" 26.) I've = "I have" (but don't use these in response alone to answer a question) Never confuse these: 27.)Think = thoughts "I think I am." 28.)Thing = object "This thing is____." 29.)Use = usage "I use this thing." 30.)Used = spent "I used to do this." * * * * Save the English Language, Please repost * * * * PLEASE REPOST! PS: Please don't take this as an insult, I am only trying to help.
I swear I am not ignoring anyone at all. It's just that I am way overdo with personal projects at home. These projects are really tough and excrutiating. Stay in touch! I'll remain accessable and in touch, but limited to quantity of log-ins.
Firstly, this site has more errors than myspace. At least they save everything and can allow more features. Secondly, how many of you noticed this: 1.)I'm typing to someone in the SHOUTBOX feature, then I move my cursor/arrow off the line and everything is erased. 2.)I'm typing in the SHOUTBOX, and someone on my friend-list updates their photos or something else, it interrupts my typing, then I can't add anything more to the unfinished line I am about to send, then it's no good and I have to start all over again. 3.)I'm typing up a private message, then someone updates something of theirs, and I had some mistakes on my words I just typed, so I press the backspace/delete-button and the whole screen of everything I typed is completely erased, then I have to start all over again from scratch. 4.)I'm using more than one window, and I'm on myspace typing a message, if I hit any button while someone updates something of their LostCherry account while I'm both logged on to that as well, my screen erased and/or the BACK-TO feature on the browser was activated without my permission, then all my info is lost again. 5.)No matter what, I can't finish a sentence, not even now I nearly lost this whole bulletin. I'm getting tired of this. Same goes for the SHOUTBOX too, that interrupts everything as well. Sometimes I can't do anything, not even check everyone's lame updates and so on. You tell me? My computer is brand new and I'm using high-speed cable signal and it's never good enough.... ***Please repost this to "baby Hay-Suess" or what he pronounces his name. This site is getting to the point where "yes I did meet new people, so that I can shop them over to my myspace friend-list instead of this faulty site"! Don't get me wrong, I like it here, I just can't take all the errors and crap, sometimes I don't even want to log on. I'd rather put it off and go mow the lawn! I can't believe I just said that.
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