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Look who's up for auction!!! Guitar Pink Yes, I know I said I wouldn't do it again but I couldn't pass up being in the SEXIEST auction on Fubar! So lets make this one in particular my BEST one yet! So drop by and BID, BID, BID on the BADDEST MILF on Fubar (a title I think I have HANDS DOWN hehe) and show me MAD luv! Auction AND Giveaway starts tonight at 11 p.m EST and will run for a week. Also I have a GIVEAWAY attached to it so please don't forget to stop by and check that out too! PINK STARS PINK STARS DISCLAIMER: As the owner of this auction/giveaway I will NOT be participating in the Giveaway section of the auction. I will ONLY be accepting bids in the Auction ONLY! I want all you sexi FU's to have a chance to win some GREAT prizes!!!! Click here for official Auction/Giveaway rules in my blog... Have FUN and don't forget to come by and BID on your Fav MILF :D PLEASE REPOST!!! PINK AND BLACK LAYOUT
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