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Pink Well people I guess I have finally succumbed to the annoyance and pettiness of this site we call Fubar. The more and more I log in, the more I wonder WTF am I getting myself into. I have been here for quite awhile and have saw it go from Lost Cherry, to Cherry Tap and now what we call Fubar. Well out of all the names I think FUBAR fits BEST! Yep, seems to me half this fukers are Fuked Up BeyonD All Recognition or Repair whichever or BOTH...TRUE STORY! I love all my friends, even the phony ones but I have decided I need a DETOX. No I am not deleting, thats just stupid. I worked hard enough to get where I am and will be damn if I start over unless they delete my sh*t on their own LOL. But I will say that I have never been on a site where DAILY bullsh*t is as common as everyone's default being a tit pic. All of us are old enough yet instead we act like the kids we gave birth to. Not all this applies to everyone because I have met WONDERFUL people on here. They know who they are and if you have to ask if you are one, then most likely, you are not. Its so funny to me though that I ACTUALLY have REAL LIFE stuff going on and friends don't even know because they are too self absorbed to ask since its not pertaining to level, rank or pimpin'...so sad :-( I like alot of things about Fubar but hate the rest. Its a very profitable site I may add but with no substance most time. Its like everyone is in their own superficial world with no regard for anyone else's feelings. I have been a VERY good friend to alot of people but sometimes feel like I get jack sh*t in return. NO, I don't do anything to recieve a pat on the back but it would be nice to get a "Thank You" or "How are you doing today" instead of "Can you do this for me" or "Hey can you repost this". But alas, we log into a world where everyone has their own selfish intentions. The camaraderie between people here suck. People LIE to you for NO reason and are quick to make you look like you are the one going crazy. People claim to be your friend but will talk about you behind your back at the drop of a hat. People single you out because you are either a "Cool Kid" or a 'Social Outcast"...damn feels like high school all over again... To make long story short, I am logging off for awhile. I wont get into dramatics like MOST folks on here when they make a exit (that sh*t is soooo juvenile to me, Its like "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME") but I will say I am choosing not to be on as much. I may detox for a day, maybe a week, maybe a month...IDK how long, just keepin it real, but however long its still a break, ya know... So I love all my peeps, cant stand ya'll petty b*tches and despise LIARS, FAKES and PHONIES! Think that took care of everybody HAHAHA I'M OUT...If you see me logged in, Holla @ Me, most likely its only for a minute and a purpose...still love ya like a play cousin :-)
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