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Marie Antonia hopigalerin's blog: "friends"

created on 11/15/2007  |  http://fubar.com/friends/b154901
Today I got a message that one of my photos was marked nsfw when i didnt feel it was The person that reported it was from the mumms. And because i posted a mumm did this person look. It shows no skin whatsoever. Of course the message says that continued posting of these types of photos will result in delete so... Because of this and the fact that I have come accross some of the most ignorant people ever in the mumms ... Im not even going in one of them ever again. Its all like a game to see who can be the meanest. On here some of the photos I have seen as defaults are definatly inappropriate.. but you know what.. WHO CARES.. get a life! I am not against nsfw and i have them. But this was not a picture of me its just a steelers picture. And so many pictures are borderline nsfw . So Im just staying out of mumms as these people are so rude and I dont want most of the regulars that leave those terrible comments as friends anyway. Most of the comments on my mumm are not rude but you have those that are... I might vote now and again but ill never post one! Ever - E
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