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Hello everyone come check out my auction and feel free to bid !! Photobucket You can find it here! Also if you can just one rate on this picture would be great even if your not bidding! Hopigalerin

Hi Everyone Got 11s dont know who to give em to??? Looking to get the spotlight Ill give you 40k if you would RATE FAN And ADD this wonderful fu! And give him 100 of your 11s ßów_____ ( ßúlldðg§ Ðëñ )___FU-Bomber___

@ fubar Tell him Erin sent you and ill be sure to return the love with 40k and some rates! No 11s? Rate - Fan and Add him and ill send ya 5k ! Thanks :) HOPIGALERIN
Hi I am on my way to godfather as some of you know and you can probably see. So I am doing a contest for 30 bling! 60k woo hoo the contest ends tonight at midnight and i could really use your help to bomb even if its just a few comments Contest is that the least amount of commnents wins! so please stop over and bomb this pic with me. Please do not bomb my picture as i need the least amount of comments thanks so much for your help Click here Erin
Hi I am doing a contest that a friend asked me to and if you all arent busy tonight and up until wednesday at midnight I could use your help to bomb The person with the least amount of comments wins 30 blings and i could really use this on the road to godfather Here is the link id appreciate any comments you could give Bomb this link NOT MY PICTURE Erin
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