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Marie Antonia hopigalerin's blog: "ohio"

created on 03/23/2008  |  http://fubar.com/ohio/b200600
Hi This is one of my family members is really close to henchman lets give her some fu love and rate fan and add her and help her get to the next level!!! Akatsuki

@ fubar tyvm Good friends and real friends are important. This one you will be proud to have on friends list Erin
Hi everyone! This is first auction and im kinda nervous! If you could please take a moment and rate this picture a 10 for me? Please Please Im offering tons and tons of 11s !! Bids very much appreciated!!
Hi... I am doing my first and more than likely my only auction starting this Saturday. Im kinda nervous but hey its a fun thing to do on the fu! This auction is for men and women both to bid and we all need points. For the most part my offer is for rates. Auction Offer: >Daily 11 ratings >Pimpout on page, blog, and bulletins >One official fubar bling >One custom skin >Salute Photos >Add to yahoo, top friends and family >Several Custom graphics >Drinks and profile comments through the month >One big pimpin gift >rate all stash If bid at minimum 750k bucks or $50 in vip/blast/bling will rate ALL photos 11s - at least 50 per day Will post the link to the auction as soon as i get it! Your bids are greatly appreciated as Ill admit to be afraid not to get any lol. Erin

I will be participating in an auction hosted by Roger Lee Mostly my offering is rates which we could all use. Please come and bid on me more info coming soon. In the meantime listen to this great song. Stop by and see Roger Lees blog ஐRogerLee ஐFu-Owned by Wonder Woman ஐ

@ fubar Heartistic Soul is also hosting an auction for the guys! Go check her out Heartistic Soul

@ fubar


Maybe its because its the holiday... But today im wondering wtf im doing in ohio. I used to work up the road but that was 3 years ago. I used to date someone who lived near me but thats long over. Ok, so i dont like the big city life... I miss taking walks down the country road n riding my bike with some privacy. I hate my neighbors and having people right here that i dont even know and dont care too. Yeah its nice having the big mall up the road and everything thats here. funny but i dont go there anyway. My family isnt here... cept my daughter but that is because she came here to ohio to live with me now she is out on her own. Im not happy here anymore... I think i stay because I dont feel like moving all this junk i dont need. Spend alot of money to live on my own and now i cant even figure out why i want to do that. Maybe im just homesick... so im going home today. Maybe then ill want to come back... I usually do. Its just not the lifestyle here for me.. Im not the bar hangin chic or anything it was fun while i did it but thats not me. Never was. Imma take some time to think about it... and talk with family and friends and see how i feel in 30 days. I have been this way before and i always change my mind. Just venting ... thanks for reading it. Happy Easter Erin
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