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Hello !! This is JAK who won my most recent auction! Stop by his page and show some love and some rates if you please a href="http://fubar.com/user.php?u=673308&friend=673308" target=_blank>۞JAK۞ Owned by 'Qtazabutton ~ ♥ ME!' ♥ Luvin' on my Crush ϖ

@ fubar
Hey everyone Would you could you? Take just a minute and check out the skin I made? Please take a moment and stop by MsThang While your there please rate fan and her MsThang**~~~FORNICATING FOR LOVE ~~Sarge's Bad Girl~~PLZ sign Guestbook

@ fubar hopigalerin

Hello, Two of my best fubar friends are close to reaching disciple. Lets go show some fubar love and help the m get there! The first is Heartistic Soul She is 139k away from disciple Lets spank her with some 11s eh? She is also todays fubar spotlight Photobucket Heartistic Soul

@ fubar The second is my best male friend on fu Dont be jealous lol go show him love cause hes the one thats here for me when my world falls apart! Always Is! He is 825k to disciple Photobucket ஐRogerLee ஐ I ♥ Wonder Woman my Fu-Owner ஐ

@ fubar I love ya all so let get these great fu's up there! Also as of today I fu-own Hunter for the month He's a sweetie and graphicly spoils me! ~hunter~ FU OWNED BY HOPIGALERIN {pit bull mafia} DSC (CLUB FAR) shadow leveler

@ fubar And I am fuowned by Akatsuki She is one of my first fubar friends and has been definately one of the best !! Akatsuki

@ fubar Thats all for this happy monday Thanks for the happy hour love last night Erin

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