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33 Year Old · Male · From Jackson, WY · Owned by HH bomb rekt ri... and is worth 5 coins. · Joined on December 18, 2017 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 24th · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
33 Year Old · Male · From Jackson, WY · Owned by HH bomb rekt ri... and is worth 5 coins. · Joined on December 18, 2017 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 24th · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

I have fallen in love with every girl in the world..with every man my brother and every child I cherish, from the beginning of time, until its end.

I totally support women's right to personal freedom! I totally support everyone's right to personal freedom!

This is a work in progress. Much of what I have written are drafts and will have revisions and additions made to them. Also, some of what I write here are snippets and rearranged works from my legally protected published materials. Should you be interested, (why?), view this page from time to time for those, and new stuff.
WARNING: Much of what you read on these pages are just small baskets of pure nonsense.

How I play this game. You can find this at: Music & Games/Video Games

When I joined, I decided that I would not talk about politics and religion. When I go to a bar it is to relax, have fun meeting friends, laugh, and in my case, flirt! Not to be a buzzkill. However, these are strange times, and I want to write about a few of my thoughts. I have been biting my tongue. I will stop when things get closer to "normal" again, and I will remove what I have written about them then.

To level, I have to Big Bang 100 and polish around 5000 bling. I don't ask for help here. It feels awkward to me because I'm just not a guy that asks for help, here or for real. This is me. I help others if I can. Never mind! I'm getting there on my own!

I don't like talking about myself, but I have been here for over five years, so..well..here goes...

I have dared to love you all...because I do. (results to be determined)

I like to consider myself as an enlightened man, (probably not), as I have traveled throughout the universe. It feels as though the universe is inside of me..it is. I am in the divine...8)

A fantasy
I am a fantasy
A fantasy man
Can I have a do-over?

I tease you! (or not) A symptom of my affection. Just kidding! maybe

It's a fact, that around 70% of the earth's population suffers from some form of mental illness. It seems as though there is an overabundance of it in this country lately. I don't idolize liars! I believe in science! Biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, math, etc. It is the collection of studied knowledge, accumulated since human existence, and tested by trial and error, by those who have studied for years at universities and institutions of higher learning, earning their degrees and certificates, licensed and then practicing their trades for years. No, I don't believe any of the information from lying, immoral, corrupt, inept politicians, talk, (disguised as news), hosts and game show hosts, hoodoo voodoo bloggers, podcasters, and other perfect strangers on broken social platforms, who don't give a rat's ass about you, and do what they do, to fleece you out of your money as fast as they can, before what they tell you, gets you very sick and kills you. It will. By the way, most of them have protected themselves and are telling you not to! On matters of life and death, I wouldn't even make decisions on the advice given to me from friends or family members or anyone else that don't have the credentials I mentioned before. It would be a mistake to have your tonsils removed by a car mechanic, don't you think? Okay, now I am going to go and drink some bleach after I mix my dark mud in some water for a chaser. Money. It's the money. It is always all about the money. I am going to write something soon titled, "You and Your Money", to help those that allow, without much thought, fake people to separate your money from you. It will also discuss why you spend your money. I hope that I can help you save more of your money.

One more thing. There are several other subjects, activities and events happening in our country now, that from my writing above, you can apply the same equation. I am going to write some things about them soon.
Intelligence is sooo very sexxy! Don't ya think? Use it! What a bunch of crap!!

There are many that have a hard time, or don't want to say, "I love You".
And there are many that have a hard time, or don't want to hear it.
Many have a problem with both, and many are just scared of the word "love".
Me? I love the word "love"! When I say it, and especially when I hear it!
It sends amazing tingles up and down my spine! 8)

I am always happy! I'm open minded, easy going and I love adventure and having fun! I am honest, teasing aside. I just want to make you smile.

I am the 7th child in a family of 12 children! (I know! right?!) 8 sisters (5 older), 3 brothers (1 older).
All of us were born to the same very loving parents! 8) My dad says I inherited his genes. So much fun with a bit of chaos.

I'm a hopelessly romantic man to a fault! I'm talking..waaay faulty!
If you haven't figured that out by now, (message me darling). 8)

Ladies, don't assume that I am some guy sitting alone in my underwear, typing on my keyboard, in front of my computer. No. Usually, I'm naked and most often not alone. I have my rate girl, my like girl, and my poke girl next to me! 8)

I am heterosexual, but I don't have any hang-ups. I celebrate love and congratulate everyone who finds it. It is hard to find, and even harder to keep...isn't it? Why anyone would deny someone to love another, is bizarre and evil, led by ignorance, hate, fear, and superstition.
My choice to love is unconditionally. Unconditional love is so very rare, and the most difficult to find and share. It is incredibly pure and true, so it's misunderstood and almost impossible to possess, give and to receive. Moment to moment, giving, with no expectation to receive in kind...no return, no burden, no obligations, no complications and always free. When you find it together with your partner, your loving feels just so easy..so right. Don't lose it!
Sex should ALWAYS be a celebration! (Not a routine..booo!)

I am single and I am happy being single, at the moment. I have many sweet close friends. 8) ima bad boy..teehee. Turns out, it's a double dose of my father's genes! I am very healthy, as I do everything needed to take care of myself properly. I haven't had a cold or the flu for well over ten years. Perhaps twenty...can't remember. No Covid.

I care about ALL people, I CARE, unless and until they prove themselves unworthy. Almost everyone on earth, is worthy of caring about.

I strongly believe in kindness and goodness. I rarely get angry, I can't remember the last time, and it has to be an extremely serious and wrong event to make me angry. I forgive and never hold a grudge. Hard and painful feelings and emotions like anger, fear, hate, jealousy, and all the others, are not a part of my life. They hurt, are a waste of time and energy, and are useless. I choose love because it's easy and feels just so damn good! To all those who love their pain, and love to inflict it on others, (you know...misery loves company), I suggest that every morning after you wake up, get your favorite hammer, go to your kitchen table, lay your hand flat upon it and give it a good whack! I promise that all the other pains you love (sic), will quickly become insignificant. Enjoy!! If not, give it two whacks. Yeah..that'll do it!

I wear my heart on my sleeve, for women..8), children, animals (all living creatures), and the Earth (the environment). Also, to honorable men of integrity and good character. I am your brother..perhaps your father. I will give my all to protect all of this.

I skipped high school and moved ahead to accelerated higher learning.

I have my own business and have worked from an office in my home for many years. I do architectural and structural detail and design work on office towers, football stadiums, universities, hospitals, bridges, and many other types of structures all over the nation. You know them. I also write professionally. I am very good at what I do.

I detest and have contempt for self-grandiose, egomaniacal, psychopaths that harm others!!!

Otherwise...It's all good! 8)

Okay! Enough already! All through the day..I..me..my....I..me..my....I..me..my! ugh.

33 Year Old · Male · From Jackson, WY · Owned by HH bomb rekt ri... and is worth 5 coins. · Joined on December 18, 2017 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 24th · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
I have dared to love you all...because I do..
(results to be determined)

I love music!

Outdoor fun!

you and me....
When I'm with her...for me, it's all about her..
..so simple and so easy.

I love helping others feel special and important, because you are..yeah I do!

Go to Music & Games and Movies & Idols where you might find more fun, interesting facts and small baskets of pure nonsense about me.
I have been sharing some of my favorite songs on my status line. I am going to begin listing them here. This will be a long list eventually. I know that I could provide a YouTube link and other means to listen to them on my page, but I think everyone can stream now. These songs are my favorites, and very fine songs in my opinion. They are well worth the search! My playlist:

Alan Parsons - Soiree Fantastique
Youngbloods - Get Together
Sorbye|Jennebo - Fairytale of Mine
M83 - I Need You
Lost Frequencies, Janieck Devy - Reality
Bread - If
Charles & Eddie - Would I Lie To You?
Empire of the Sun - Concert Pitch
Byrds - Wasn't Born to Follow
Patrick Droney - The Wire
Alan Parsons Project - Don't Answer Me
Chicago - Will You Still Love Me?
Daisy the Great, AJR - Record Player
Peter And Gordon - True Love Ways
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
Takida - You Learn
The Beatles - I Should Have Known Better
Alan Parsons - Fragile
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
Welshly Arms - Learn To Let Go
M83 - Wait
Boston - More Than a Feeling
Major Murphy - One Day
Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play
M83, Mai Lan - Go!
The Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
Cock Robin - When your heart is weak
Fiji Blue - Wait
The Doors - Love Her Madly
Ian McCulloch - Proud to Fall
Alan Walker - Faded
Paul McCartney - No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)
Welshly Arms - Are You Lonely?
Bread - It Don't Matter To Me
K-391, Alan Walker, Tungevaag, Mangoo - Play
John Lennon - Woman
New Trolls - |Tempo:Allegro
a-ha - Take on Me
Fiji Blue - Another Day
Marshmello, Jonas Brothers - Leave Before You Love Me
Mr. Mister - Kyrie
Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing
Alan Parsons Project - Time
Love - Always See Your Face
Lord Huron - Mine Forever
Alan Jackson - Remember When
Ex Machina
me! Although I do admire Alan Parsons greatly lately.
Video Games
Uhh...I have never played a video game, other than fubar, except for a few quick looky loos. Too busy in the real.

I will use this space to share other "about me" and "interests" stuff.

How I play this game. I will add more soon.

First, I agree with most members here, that it is not polite to sf and own over others, unless you have permission. As for me, any lady has my permission to sf over a guy! 8)

I don't much really. I really don't have enough time to be here as much as I would like to. I am now, spending more time here than I can afford to. I am going to have to cut back some. So, this is why I just let things come to me when they do..and I don't strongly pursue leveling and all that stuff. I don't buy and run powerups or buy bling for myself, nor do I HH. I am a bit shy. I just give. I am here for the fun! 8)

After being here for four years, December 18 is my anniversary, I still consider myself as a newbee, an amateur. There is still so much I don't know about and understand because, I am not able to spend enough time here to learn as fast as I would like. I work and I am rarely able to be here during the day. Occasionally, I will slip in on my lunch break. I also have a very busy real life. I see some members at like level 72 and go Wow!, how do you do that? It has taken me four years to reach level 68, (almost, so close), and it will probably take me another four to reach level 69!
I do really enjoy fubar and I have a lot of fun when I am here.

Whenever I interact with you, like getting you sf, sending bling, etc., and there is a box to send a message, I ALWAYS do! I have found that with a few exceptions, most of you don't. I look, but most of you don't. I think these are opportunities missed. It's like receiving a drink from the bartender, and the giver wants to remain anonymous. Most everyone in this bar that gives you a drink, remains silent and leaves. I don't mind, but I think it's odd. This is rare in a real bar. Ha! I love to communicate.

Speaking of bars, I really would like to lounge some, but how can you do that, and return all your likes and rates and thank everyone that does something nice for you, etc.? Also, I am beginning to receive so many likes, rates, comments, etc, that it is getting really difficult to do even that. I always feel guilty when I don't return and reply. Perhaps I'm too soft hearted? If anyone can advise me about these things, please PM me.

Chat Box-Shout Box(SB): I have mine turned off right now. I was receiving so many messages, that it was hard to keep up and the chaos occasionally had me reply to a member that was meant for another. This was trouble and dangerous! Yikes! If you want to use this with me for a particular reason, let me know in other available communication ways, and I will turn it on.

Bling: I know you girls love bright, colorful, sparkly blingy things with action and lots of it, (the bigger the better!), and there is nothing wrong with that at all dears! It's just another thing that makes you all just so very special! Bless your hearts. However, for me, I prefer to surprise you occasionally, and more meaningfully, with perhaps something more, simple and elegant, that truly expresses how I feel about you. Not to say, that I won't ever surprise you with some loud, big bangy, flashing, whirly-giggy type of bling someday! That will be a BIG surprise, that will let you know that my intentions are about something, that you absolutely don't want anything to do with at all! We'll see. Anyway, the way I like to give you bling, allows me to keep self respect, and lets me feel like I'm not throwing myself at you..I hope you understand. I know this is important to you too. Most of you. Listen to this song, I think it will help you understand what I'm saying: The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love. Fellas, you probably won't see any, (unless you get injured in a construction accident or something like that), and I don't expect any from you either. It's a guy thing that we all understand, I think. I'm not saying that what others do is wrong, as everyone is different and does things differently. It's fine. This is me.
Also, and very important, this is my "About Me" stuff. This is me. (small basket of pure nonsense) You should give the ladies here lots and lots of bling and very often! Especially the big, flashy and expensive ones. They just love Love LOVE receiving it, no matter how they feel about your intentions!

When someone likes me, I ALWAYS look to see if we are friends, and if not, I ALWAYS send a request. If you are liking me and we are not friends, it's because either you missed it, or you don't wish to be...which seems odd to me..why keep liking me? I don't mind..just seems odd. If we aren't friends yet and you would like to be, you need to send me a request, because I already have, and fubar only lets you do it once. I love friends!

Something else that I don't understand, is all the fuss over salutes. Why? I mean, if there is a fear about something bad that someone can do to you without a salute, I would think someone with a salute could do that too, and possibly worse. What's the point? Anyone can fake a salute, yes? Wouldn't be better, if everyone here and those who join, just take a vow to love one another? I think it would take away the suspicion, confusion and all of that..well..darkness around this issue. Just a thought.

I have only been blocked once, when I first arrived here..sadly. I think I was misunderstood. I wish they would unblock me, because I really like them. Sadly still, I had to block someone for the first time just two weeks ago, 11/24/21. I didn't know them...out of the blue, not a friend, a stranger, and we never had any shared activity ever. Very rude. But I am sad about it.

silly ditty, (poem):
Love Angel (hey you..why you?)-rmc
Hey you..why you make my eyes bleed fire?
Hey you..why you make my eyes bleed love? Love Angel
Hey you..why you make my eyes bleed desire?
Hey you..why you come from heaven above? Love Angel

I wanna be your plastic toy. What!?! It's the name of a song! 8)

Why honey, when I look deeply into your eyes they say, "exclusive permanent possession"?

Yes girls, of course I know you compare notes, and all of it is true! Every little bit of it. I love you, and you, and you, and you, and...hey sweet precious girl all alone in the corner over there..I love you too. I love you grandma! (more about this soon) I have a secret...and my secret is.....tell you soon.

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