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The Kink Factory's blog: "BDSM , My Lifestyle"

created on 05/10/2007  |  http://fubar.com/bdsm-my-lifestyle/b81368  |  3 followers
Your kids might have inherited your kink if... You go in the playroom and find an interrogation chair built entirely of Lego's. You come home and find them tickling a bound and gagged baby-sitter. Your son wants to know when he?ll get his allowance, because he needs to pay his tab at the hardware store. You tell your daughter she?s too old to spank, and she assures you she isn't. You yell to your daughter to do her chores, and she answers she?s tied up right now? and she really is tied up. Your three year old is strutting around with clothes-pins hanging off her tongue. Their favorite game is Cowboy and Dominatrix. Your son earned his merit badge in tying knots? twelve times. You notice his G.I. Joe has Barbie on a leash. You bought a clothes dryer because every time your kids went out to play, the clothesline and clothespins vanished. They made a violet wand for their science fair. You ask your son to walk the dog, and later notice the dog?s still home, but the leash and your daughter aren't.
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