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I know a lot of you really don't give two shits about who i am, or where i've been. Guess what... the feeling's mutual. Then there are those of you who do care and have wondered where i have been, obviously since i haven't been on FUBAR in a long time, exept every once in a while very quickly. Just to let you know where i've been and what i've been doing, just like everyone struggling to make money and make it in the declining economy (don't worry i'm not gonna start talkin politics, i couldn't to save my life if i had to) i've been fighting to keep my head above water to stay out of deep debt. That meant having to sacrifice time on FUBAR, Myspace, Facebook, and all the rest of the social sites. That also meant having to sacrifice my time with friends and those i care about on the net. Most of them understand b/c they live near me or in the same situation i'm in, or just pretend to understand b/c they're still being fed with the pure platinum spoon. I'm not envious in the least, and i don't wish to have a taste of what they have either. I'm perfectly content in the environment i'm in and i am extremely determine to see myself out of it, whether i get help or not. I've also been busy getting ready to go back into the military, in the reserves. Some of you may understand what that means, some may not, others just to give a shit, but i don't give a shit u don't care. The way i see it, at least i have enough hair on my balls to do what a lot of you wouldn't even give a second thought about doing... and that protecting the country in which we live and protecting your ungreatful ass. Once again, just to remind you if you don't like what i have to say, i'm surprised if you're still reading this! Nonetheless, i'm going to see to it that the people i love and care for are protected, even if it means staring an AK-47 down the barrel. And yes, i'll willingly put my life on the line for them, and any one who is able to read this. Other than that, i've also been busy getting my life together trying to make money, as is everyone, to get another place on my own. But with hard work, is also going to have to be preceeded and followed by hard prayer. For everyone, i'll continue to fight the sons of bitches that keep killing our Troops overseas. And keep praying that who ever becomes the next president decides to bring our Troops home and let them bastards fight their own fucking war and get their own shit straightened out. As always, i'll keep you posted every once in a while to let you know how i'm doing, and my thoughts, whether you care or not. Later, ~B
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