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Some days I'm full of happiness, others I'm so down I know not what to do. I know Not what to do about the situation that haunts me most. I'm haunted because I'm afraid of the truth that I wish to know. The truth is what I want the most. To me this is all a vicious circle of lies in which has become known to me. I was betrayed, lied to and mislead by the one I continue to call my Love. The Love i refuse to let go because of my emotions. Some emotions tell me to let go, most of them tell me to continue to hold on, because i refuse to give up on a challenge, that has crossed my path. I refuse to back down from any challenge i know i can get through. This is by far the most vicious challenge of my life. My days are long and feel like eternity. Nights even longer without your warmth by my side. It's hard to concentrate on anything. Without you, it's hard to do anything, so i sit and daydream. Daydreams of having you by my side during the day. Dreams at night are of you in my arms feeling your heart beat close to mine. My heart hurts with out yours near mine. My arms feel so empty not holding you anymore. That emptiness is all that fills me up, now that you're gone. And still feeling down knowing not what to do. So i just sit and and go through this fight. An internal fight i'm caught in that i cannot escape. Escape is what i need...
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