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This blog was originally posted by Our Missing Children

On June 17, 1971 President Nixon declared war on drugs. At a press conference Nixon names drug abuse as "public enemy number one in the United States."

On August 9, 1974, President Nixon resigns.

Since then the flow of drugs into our country has continued to increase. The sentences for drug offenders has also continued to increase.

Our prisons are filled to capacity with all level of drug offenders serving stiff mandatory sentences. Meanwhile predators flourish in every region of our nation, preying on our women and children. I do not buy the arguement that drug dealers prey on our children too. Our children have a choice when it comes to using and buying drugs. What it all comes down to is how well of a job of educating and parenting the parents did. Of course all the educating and good parenting is still not going to stop teenagers from experimenting, but we have to trust that the values we instill in them will help them make the right choices in the long run after experimenting.

Our children do not have a choice when it comes to being abducted, assaulted, raped and murdered.

The two drugs that kill more people than all other drugs put together are legal, alcohol and cigarettes...

The prohobition did not work...

The most addicting and expensive habit in America is not a drug at all and is legal in some form I believe in every state, Gambling...

What it all comes down to is if we required people to wear helmets while driving cars lives could be saved. If we outlawed snowmobiles, motorcycles, firearms, abortion, ice fishing, mountain climbing, and a million other things, lives could be saved. But that is highly unrealistic. This is Land of the Free, what happened to freedom of choice?

Last night I was browsing the Iowa Sex Offender Registry and was quite surprised at how many individuals on it had been convicted of a crime of sexual assault of a minor aged 0-13 years since 2000 and were not even in prison, some not even on supervised release. Yet in stark contrast I also read about a 72 year old man in Sioux City, Iowa who is a two time war vet, served in the Korean War and World War II. Never been in trouble in his life, yet now he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years in prison because his son was involved in a drug ring and they linked him to it only because his son registered a motorcycle in his dad's name. What the hell is going on in this country? I am tired of sex offenders walking the streets, getting probation, and reoffending. I am tired of nothing getting done until a body turns up! I am tired of this senseless war on drugs. The power is in your hands as we the people put the czars of the drug war in office. Think about that next election time. Is legalization the answer? I don't know...

Anyways, to make a long story short, I found many in other states registries, who were in violation and wanted. One guy I found his myspace account which was logged into two days ago and I am currently in contact with authorities and hope to have this child molestor apprehended soon. I have a special account set up for just such a detail. I have put links to every states sex offender registry in this blog.

Please if you find wanted sex offenders on myspace do not tip them off. Instead play them and try to become their friend and get a address or phone number to give to authorities.

I am now doing what our nations leaders have failed to do:

I am declaring a war on sex offenders!!!

You are my soldiers in this war and things you can do to fight this great battle is help find these monstors and get phone numbers and addresses from them to give to the authorities so they may be put in jail where they belong. If you find a sex offender who is not wanted there is no sense in harrassing them. I know you like me are fed up with how they keep remaining free to hurt again and our own government has made it a crime to harrass them, think about that next time you vote. Instead maybe you could warn friends on their friendslist that they are a convicted sex offender. I don't think that would be considered harrassment. If you see minors on a convicted sex offenders friends report them to their probation officer if they are on probation.

We the people must make the people who run for office start debating these issues that really matter. Maybe legalization is not the answer, but something needs to be done. Most of the violence attributed to drugs is related to the key fact that they are illegal. Just like alcohol in the prohobition. It is either turf wars, informants being killed, agents being killed, or addicts who can't afford their drugs because of the high price due to them being illegal, causing most of the violence. What would happen if we legalized all drugs? How would criminal enterprises such as the Bloods, Crips, Hell's Angels, Mexican Mafia, etc. be able to finance themselves? They wouldn't. Our economy would improve as we would no longer have billions of American dollars leaving our country every year. We would have more than enough room in our prisons to start locking up the "real criminals." If they legalized all drugs I won't start using them. I have much better things to do, like raise my family, those are my values and I will instill them in my kids.

Here are the sex offender registry links for each state, click the links to search for sex offenders in your area:

District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

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