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created on 09/13/2006  |  http://fubar.com/fubar-news/b9  |  331 followers
hey everyone, just wanted to post an update in a new entry so it didn't clutter the old one. MUMM's the only thing that has changed is that points are no longer being awarded for voting on GLOBAL mumms. this is an experiment after hearing the feedback on my last blog post yesterday and we haven't decided if it's staying this way or not. everything else has remained the same, including friends-only mumms. STASH based on feedback from a bunch of members, i'm not going to reset the old stashes when we migrate to the new hardware. the stash limit will remain the same (1000). LEVEL REQUIREMENTS since so many people wanted it, i've turned back on the salute requirement to move beyond level 10. also, i just wanted to get up on my soapbox and clear up a few things for anyone who's forgotten, or is new and doesn't know the history of this site. the site was originally created for *my* friends. everyday i'm amazed that other people end up liking it and want to hang out with us here on fubar. over time we have moved away from only doing changes/enhancements/tweaks/features that we wanted, to pretty much only doing stuff that other people had asked for. however, one thing remains the same-- we want to have fun too. the site has grown a lot over the last few years, but we're still microscopic when compared to the Big Guys (myspace/facebook/etc). we'll probably never end up that big, and if we did, things might be different... but for now, i think of it like this: every single member on this site has been invited into my house for a party. some i know and some i don't know. mi casa su casa. having said that, i expect certain levels of behavior from those who want to enter my home. if you deviate too far from these, don't be surprised when you get thrown out on the curb. i love people who bring drinks to my parties (for the short bus riders: those who spend money on the site to keep it ad free and a roof over my head), but that doesn't make my house yours. if you act a fool, expect to get treated like one. if you seriously don't know where the line is from being a complete retard, asshole, jackass in someone elses house, and just being yourself and having fun-- you're in the wrong place. i won't spell it out any clearer for you. didn't your momma teach you any manners? i don't expect everyone to be friendly or nice to everyone else. if you don't like what someone's doing, go talk to a bouncer. don't like what the bouncer tells you? go talk to scrapper or myself. if that's not good enough for you, then go find another party. now, if you want to hang out and have a few drinks with some crazy aussie surfers, a couple ranchers from texas, a soccer mom from virginia, maybe a silicon valley geek or two, a hippie burnout, an ex stripper and porn star from brooklyn, and everyone in between... then you found the rite place. one last word of advice: if you're ever not sure if something is ok to do on fubar or not, think about this-- if you walked into your local bar and did the same, would a bouncer (or bartender) knock your teeth out and put you out on the curb? if the answer is yes, don't do it. werd to your mothers. -mike edit: forgot to add, i increased the daily profile and photo rating limits for all levels. if you're a vip, your level rating limits are doubled.
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