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strawberry gashes

It really was a very uneventful day as far as leaving the hotel room. We did however go on a two hour long journey to find the Swimfan movie at walmart. It's so fun in DC when a ten mile drive takes literally an hour. Stupid GPS and traffic.

I had a nervous break down today thinking Dan was going to leave me. At one point he started saying "I can't help you anymore, Crystal." He hates me being "emo". We made a promise, I quit being emo, we no longer change our plans. I will stay in the pittsburgh apartment we get and see him every weekend until he is released.

He's been bumming really hard today after his appointment. They didn't tell him how much longer he had, but more about brain injuries they have found. Calling him impulsive and unable to rationalize. I think he rationalizes just as much as a person without a brain injury... he thinks the same way I do :) I tried to comfort him. I told him no-matter what they told him today, he is still the same guy he was yesterday. And this is the Dan I fell in love with.

Mmm Marb Milds from Dan *smiles*

We were reading Whinnies old journal entry where she stated she hoped Dan and I both went to hell... who would have thought?

I called dad up tonight... let's just say, we're going to be pretty damn well off if Dan and I pull this off. If we prove we're in it for the long hall, we will be set in six months. Start the timer...

Waiting on Dan to call now. He's off to his barracks for the night. I miss him, but I enjoy our nights away at the same time. This weekend we will stay together. Tomorrow is the smithsonian museum of natural history. Yay for dinosaur bones!

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