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So I signed up for the free first chapter of that compatibility report on tarot.com. It actually is quite scary. It requires dates of birth, birth cities, and birth times, and comes up with some crazy stuff. What mostly stuck out for me was the parts here I underlined (the ones in italic not the headers in bold). I really want to compare this with others results so if any of you have free time, give it a go. Compare it to your relationship, and post your results. Chapter 1. Core Compatibility Crystal's Sun in Libra and Daniel's Sun in Aquarius Both of you are very social, active people. You are involved in community groups, and your line of work probably brings you into contact with lots of people. You harmonize well with each other and are great friends. Daniel is very attached to clubs, social groups, and colleagues. Crystal may feel that Daniel needs friends more than a marriage partner or lover. In fact, Crystal devotes much more attention to any close partnership. This difference in orientation is fairly subtle, however, and may not be a source of difficulty or conflict. You both tend to live in your minds, and enjoy a partner who is awake and alive mentally - an intellectual peer. Fortunately, you have this in one another. Both of you have Sun conjunct, opposition, square, or quincunx Jupiter Both of you are expansive, success-oriented, and enjoy doing things in a grand manner. Adventurous, optimistic and forward-looking, you envision possibilities and do not let previous limitations (i.e. "It's never been done before") hold you back or keep you from trying. You both aim to see the big picture, the overview, and to understand how all of the pieces form a larger pattern. Together you could be quite successful, sharing your great expectations and aspirations. Both of you radiate a positive belief and a sense of confidence in yourselves and in life that impresses other people and inspires their trust. However, you both also are prone to be overconfident at times, overblown in your expectations, and to take on more than is reasonably possible. Being together could increase these tendencies. You share a certain inability to know when to stop, a lack of a sense of temperance and moderation. Being pretentious and ostentatious are negative potentials for the two of you. You may also try to outdo one another. Both of you have Mercury opposition, square or quincunx Mars Both of you tend to be quarrelsome and quick to turn any discussion into a verbal contest. Neither of you listen very well or are truly receptive to others' ideas and feedback. You tend to interrupt, to change the subject abruptly if it suits you and to force your ideas down others' throats at times. This impresses some people or convinces them to adopt your point of view, but with each other you are apt to get a taste of your own medicine! You both need to learn a sense of timing, tact and sensitivity when relating to others. Both of you have Mercury trine or or sextile Neptune Both of you are highly sensitive to subtle vibrations, non-physical energies, and the intangible realms. If desired, either or both of you could develop your intuitive or psychic abilities to a remarkable degree, and teach others about these subjects as well. An interest in creative writing, art, drama or other expressive art forms is also something you share. Both of you have Venus conjunct, trine, or sextile Jupiter Both of you are noble and generous towards friends and loved ones. You each try to support the other's growth and expansion, and promote a feeling of mutual freedom and non-possessiveness towards one another. You are idealistic about love and friendship without being completely unrealistic or deluded about what humans are capable of. You both prefer to see the best in others, and are tolerant and forgiving of the excesses or indiscretions of others. You both truly enjoy people, parties and big social events. You share some rather lavish tastes and have a yearning for abundance and ease. Both of you can be a bit lazy also - probably because wealth and other good things come so easily to you. Mercury & Pluto conjunct or hard for Crystal, soft for Daniel Both of you are deeply drawn to understand the mysterious workings of the universe, and you will probe into territory that others may feel is better left forgotten or out of sight. Crystal can become intensely preoccupied and obsessed with such things, while for Daniel, it is more a matter of satisfying curiosity. Both of you, too, tend to form very strong opinions, but Crystal fixates on these ideas and can become coercive and manipulative in order to get others to believe the same way. Daniel could help Crystal be less fanatical, extreme, and one-sided in Crystal's points of view.
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