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Devilwolf84's blog: "Army Blog"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/army-blog/b458
' Believe it or not petie this world will not come to a crashing end and you will find the ending to the story that you and steph have started here ' ' There is always one thing that never changes about a story Petie and i think you need to remember it , as much as anyone else to you need to more ' "Oh and what exactly would that be Jenn would you please enlighten me as to what never changes about a story because honestly i can't tell where the story ends and real life begins anymore" ' It's Simple pete, Every story has a beginning and an end, Every story is about good and bad, between love and hate , the only question you can ask yourself now is , What ending do you want petie, what story do you want to write what ending is it you want ' ' Do you want to be the Hero of this story? is that it or do you want to be the sad boy who sits at the end of that dock and wonders about what if about maybe about the things that never happened because you were too scared to be the aggressive one, you need to show that you can stand up and that you can be seen for everything you are not for what people think you are , does the story end here petie? does it end like this does it end in tears or does it have a happy ending, i think you are best to pick one because if you just let one happen it will end up being the one you don't want to have happen ' "So what you're telling me i need to go run off and howl at the moon till she hears my cry and comes running do i go to her and pour my heart out and tell her that shes everything to me or is it going to go on deaf ears because he's there with her" ' I don't know petie , i'm not the one thats in love with her , all i do know is that you need to do something, or else all you are going to do is lose her for good and god petie if that was to happen we'd never see the light of day so for god sake go and get her petie for the love of god get over there and take her in your arms and tell her everything and do it now , do it now or never. But if you don't do it i don't want to hear you sob because you couldnt gather up the curage to do it. Don't be the petie everyone makes you out to be , be the Petie i know the Petie that is inside you hidding the Petie i know you can be '
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