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Devilwolf84's blog: "Army Blog"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/army-blog/b458
They say all is fair in love and war. But how often do you find yourself in battle? They say there is no passion in every day things. But to fight you must find passion to fight with, because with out it life becomes meaningless. A great man once said, To live without loving everything there is to love is a life not worth living. They tell us to do what we must do and not think of anything but that. That you must not think of how you feel but think of what lies ahead of you, Well i tell you different. I tell you to fight with what you have within you , fight for what you feel you are passionet for. Fight for the rights that every living person has, Remember - With our sacrifice our victory - There have been no better words spoken within a movie that held a secret hidden message within it's actions. Or another - Live for nothing or die for something - Or - They will know that good stood against evil that few stood against many and that even a god king can still bleed. Within all these movies alittle was stured in everyone but few knew the message within. So in the end the question you must ask yourself deep down inside is, Are you happy? Are you where you want to be or are you somewhere else, Do you have what it takes to make it along your own journy? Are you prepaired to fight for what you believe in? Are you prepaired to fight with every ounce of passion for those people and for those things you cherrish in your life? If you say yes then get up now and stand up and be counted for more then a number and stand to be seen as a person who believes in what is right and what is just. To Fight is to live, To love is to fight , to forgive is whats right and learn to forget what has been wrong is what life is about. Forget the mistakes dont count how many times you may of fallen. What counts is how many times you get up and how often you need to before you win. There are no points for second place. There is no room for number 2, So what do you choose to do? I leave the question open to you all. Do you have what it takes to find the answer? And if you don't like the resault do you have the curage to change the things you know need changing and accept those things that cannot be changed and even more so the whisdom to know the differance. There is more then meets the eye they say, Is there more to you? that meets the eye?
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