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Kassidy's blog: "Stupid Poems"

created on 03/24/2007  |
I remember those days so long ago when the future seemed so bright and the world seemed to glow Life seemed to be so easy so carefree and wild but I now realize I had the eyes of a child How I wish for those days in the warm summer sun but lately it seems there is no where to run The cards have been dealt fate rears its ugly head the two people I needed most are now dead I try to pick up the pieces and look forward to tomorrow but all I can do is wallow away in my sorrow Life is so cruel what was God thinking slowly but surely I realize I am sinking The road is long and hard and its seems so very far so I look up to Heaven to find a shooting star I look for a sign I beg and I pray maybe I'll see it tomorrow but not today Some days seem bright others seem hazy my life seems a mess and I fear I am crazy I vow to myself that things will get better because the tears that I cry can't get any wetter Today is a new day I must pull myself together I'm killing myself by changing like the weather Each day becomes easier and the load seems lighter please be proud of me I was raised to be a fighter Not a day goes by without thinking of you I miss you like crazy and I'm sure you miss me too As I lay down for bed I see the star light and I finally realize you are saying goodnight When I wake up each morning and see the new days sun I'm starting to feel like the healing has begun It won't be over today tomorrow or tonight but keep greeting me every morning and twinkling to me at night Life is full of lessons not all gold and pure but this is what we learn as we start to mature I wish you could have been here longer I wanted you to stay but I know that you're in Heaven safe and sound every day No more sickness, no more suffering no more tears, no more pain what was my loss was Heavens gain As I look up to the sun and watch the stars above I feel a certain feeling which I know is your love So please watch over me and all that I love because I need my special angels to watch me from above


I used to think my life was done there was nothing but dark and cold now it's all changed and I am having fun it's called opening your heart again, so I've been told The seasons may be changing but right now it's so bright I can feel the happiness inside me starting to show it's funny how things go from darkness to light I would much rather be on this high then go back to low I have realized again that it's ok to trust it's not easy to do but slowly i begin I have cleaned up my life and swept away the dust for some reason this time I think I can win Life is full of surprises and twists you have to take each day as it comes like it or not but slowly and surely i can see throught the mist I am liking what I am seeing not just a little but a lot So just chalk it up to another lesson learned each day is going to surprise you so be prepared I feel like this is something I have earned so don't be afraid anymore, no more being scared Take each day as it comes and live it your best be all that you can be, it's time to get smart just be yourself don't worry about the rest this my dear friends comes from my heart! So I would like to thank you all for sticking with me you have each shown me something, lessons so true I will live each day and make it the best it can be I just want you all to know that I truly thank you!!!
The pain shoots through my heart I am in shock, never expected it it's already tearing me apart little by little, bit by bit There is nothing left to believe in all the dreams and hopes have vanished again I lost, hope your happy with your win I know I can't count on you, i have you banished You knew how I felt, I loved you like no other I can't handle the pain, rips through me like a knife you didn't want me at all so you chose another I am done, I hate my life I don't wanna start over again never again will I feel what I felt for you even if you came to me beggin I still can't believe if it would be true Did you ever really love me was I just a toy for your game I try to put it behind but it won't let me be try as I might I will never be the same I can't pick up the pieces, no reason to just leave my shattered heart all over the place all because of you I don't want to feel again, too tired i rest my case
Deserted streets cold as ice need some heat paying the price Torn apart in a daze broken heart lost in a maze No reason or rhyme no where to go I am out of time I was too slow Tears I shed pains I feel can't look ahead I will never heal Left me stranded without any warning I stand empty handed as I am in mourning So stupid and dumb I sit and I cry wish I was numb please let me die
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