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Gerald Black
Gerald Rich
Hello I am a person generally quiet, cheerful, I like the bicycle of mountain, camping, listening to music, watch movies, video games, I am of Peruvian nationality, my English is basic my native language is the Spanish, Catholic religion, I am open-minded to discuss any issues or beliefs ummmm... ! jaaaaaaa Friendship, music, movies...???????????
Gerald Wall
Gerardo Osorio
Gerard Paolo Teodosio
Gerald Lim
Geraldine De Gollo
Gerald Gaudlap
Gerardo Arellano
Gerardo Alvarado
Gerald K. Dycha Jr.
Gerald Kelley
Gerald Pestaño
Gerald Bell
Gerald Benally
Gerardo Largo
Gerard Dolan
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerald Scott
Gerald Scruggs
Geralyn Salerno Przybylowicz
Gerald Sturgill
Gerald Garcia
Geraldine Peacock
Gerald Sayre
Gerardo Pineda
Gerardo Nunez
Gerald Scheffler
Gerardo Galan
Gerardo Cruz Medina
Geraty Kj
Gerard Demiguel
Geraldo Luis
Gerald Lavalley
Gerardo Guzman
Gerado Richards
Gerald West
Gerald Laws
Gerald Gunda
im single looking 4 a gf and im simple,sweet and nice
Gerardo Gomez
Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Vinon
Gerald Hyder
Gerardo Rock
Gerardo Bueno
Gerardo Orellana-sari
Gerald Ledford
Gerardo Hitehua
Gerald Gabbert
Gerald Ewing
Gerardo Reyes
Gerald Felker
Gerard Dumancas
Gerald Biscoe
Gerald Nelson
Geraldine Gliponeo
Gerald Frazier
Gerard Mulcahy
Gerald Hall
my name is gerald im single and lovin it i love to have lots of fun n im a parttyer love it... im a 420 guy i like long walks under the moon and the stars lol oh diff cant forget im not gay im straight and im from elmira new york n is looking for some one near me if u would like to kno more inbox me or shoot me a text my email is or you may contect me at this number 607-483-7574 hope to hear from some pretty ladie's
Gerald Butz
Gerardo Gomez Medina
Gerardo Lopez
Gerald Hayden
Gerald Rappe
Gerardo Gonzalez
Gerald Quintin
Gerald Brown
Geraldine Evans
Gerardo Sernas
Gerardo Quezada
Gerald Brock
Gerald Clemons
Gerald Criece
Geraldine Burke
Gerald Ampaña
Gerardo Huerta
Gerardo Juarez
Gerardo Colin
Gerald Gerhold
Gerardo Echevarria
Gerald Jones
Geraldine Bowman
Gerardo Ruiz
Gerardo Vergara
Gerard Hamblin
Gerardo Reyes
Gerald Harris
Gerardo Campuzano
Gerald Creese
Gerald Lee
Gerardo Montoya
Gerald Padgett
Gerald James
Gerard Castellanos
Gerard Johnson
Gerald Bates
Gerard Lopez
Gerald James Resano
Gerald Melo
Gerardo Davila
Gerald Hawk
Gerald Carmona
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerardo Avia
Gerald Velardi
Geralyn Belarde
Gerald Fisher
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerardo Ornelas
Gerardo Ceja Robledo
Gerald Sharp
I'm your typical domesticated homebody. Anything you might notice about me that is special will mean you'll have to take a closer look. I don't open up easily and I definitely don't trust without enough reason to give trust. But once I give you a piece of my heart. I have you covered for life. I am a very dedicated person and I always get what I want. Everything I do in my life has a greater meaning, it's never as simple as it seems with me. On the other hand I am happy because of the simple things that add up to the bigger picture. I prefer small and intimate groups and gatherings because I take joy in becoming personal with those around me. I rarely do the party scene any more, I treasure my family and adore my friends! I'm stubborn and hardheaded but these qualities have brought me to all the places i wish to go and very rarely become a flaw in my personality.The best of what my friends would tell you is that I am a home-loving man who will always make a loyal friend through whateve
Gerardo Morales
Gerald Guehring
Gerald Murphy
Gerald Caviness
Gerald Smith
Gerald Lasher
I am 21, live,in midland ohio. i am engaged to my love of my life. Wendy Haygood..wanna no more message me
Gerald Haskins
Gerald Booth
Gerardo Aguas
Gerard Nfashingabo
Gerard Reyes
Gerardo Guzman
Gerald Harrison
ok so here it goes, for one im straight -____- so gay im a personal trainer and stripper.yes i am one lol. i also work part time in a warehouse doing misc. work if needed. i love freaky girls. i mean come on. im fucking 18 lmao.we all are freaks, doubbt all you wwant but we all have that side..i live in charlotte north 6 ft and 215 pounds. im pretty cool to talk to.anything to talk about i dont mind. i wont bite. well not hard and only if needed ;D ahah. but yea.wanna know more? well just chat or message. and ill get to yah. thanks :3 girls football girls soccer girls reading girls work(certain job pertains to this) girls traveling girls jokes and more!!
Gerald Lill
Gerald Jones
Gerald Kemp
Gerald Hoffman
Ask Ask
Gerald Dawkins
Gerald Kauffman
Gerald Cycon
Geraldine Oneofakind Austin
Gerardo Vazquez
Gerard Freeman
Gerardo Cruz
Gerardo Urtiz
Geranie Gonzales
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerardo Onofre
Gerad Miller
Gerardo Ramos
Gerald Peters
Gerald Crittenton
Gerald Leopold
Gerard Keane
Gerald Goudeau
Gerald Strong Jr
Gerald Renner
Gerard Nantot
Gerald Needham
Gerardo Villacis
Gerardo Valerio Yepez
Gerardo Garcia
Gerardo Ramirez
Gerard Robinson
Gerald Orendorf
Gerald Boyle
Gerald Carter
Gerardo Dionisio Avila Lozada
Gerald Davis
Gerardo Paniagua
Gerald Buchanan
Gerald Hartman
Gerald Mcdaniel
Gerald Tolbert
Gerardo Gonzales
Geraldson Kaba
Gerald Tiede
Gerald Carrabba
Gerald Lasher
Gerard Mcgrath
Gerardo Herrera
Gerald Wethington
Gerald Veenstra
Gerardo Cisneros
Gerard Wooten
Gerald Davis
Gerald York
Gerald Cook
Gerardo Osorio
Gerald Hydrosavage
Geraldine Murch
Gerardo Santiago
Gerardo Ariola
Gerald Anderson
Gerardo Romero
Gerardo Ramos
Gerald Atherton
Gerald Hall
Gerald Koonce
Gerald Woodring
Gerald Stoudemire
Gerald Watts
Gerardo Cuadras Gaxiola
Gerardo Camarena
Gerald Halliga
Gerard Andre
Geraldine Mcgunnigle
Gerardo Cuenca
Gerald Cuykendall
Gerardo Gutierrez
Gerald Markham
Gerald Cobb
Gerald Cox
Gerardo Cortes
Gerald Furrer
Gerald Sullivan
well im a bull rider and singel and im looking and im a pig farmer and im a Fucking country Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gerardo Solis
Gerard Cancan
Gerald Nichols
Gerald Crone
Gerardo Morales
Gerard Thomas
Gerald Dalton
Gerard Brown
Geraldine Deconte
Gerardo Jan
Gerald Michaels
Gerardo Fuentes
Gerald Filer
Gerald Mcgowen
Gerald Fletcher
Gerald Treece
Gerardo Rodriguez
Gerald Stoneburner
Geraldine Cotton
Gerardo Esquivel
Gerard Michael Sabatella
Gerardo Guzman
Gerald Mcgee
Gerardo Mendez
Living life and loving it!
Gerald Kee
Gerald Moon
Gerald Sanderson
Gerald Pugh
Gerald Brown
Gerald Priddy Jr.
Gerardo Braedon
Only excel in the variety of cuisines they have, but also in service and ambiance. Read on to see which one of these best restaurants in Houston you would select to enjoy your meals. German Braiden Games, Shopping, Traveling, Music, Movies
Geranimo Gang
Gerald Hammond
Gerald Lee
Gerald Young
Gerald Davis
Gerardo Quinteo
Gerald Heilman
Gerardo Uresti
Gerardo Camacho
Geraldlowery Lowery
Gerald Walsh
Gerald Rabiega
Gerardo Guzman
Gerardo Sanchez Garcia
Gerald Detampel
Gerald Hernd
Gerardo Ceja
Gerardo Garcia
Gerald Furnari
Gerardo Lopez
Gerard Castillo
Gerald Trott
Gerald Gobel
Gerald Moran
Gerald Nelson
Geraldine Smith
Gerald Hoffman
Ask Ask
Gerald Yoshida
Gerardo Sanchez
My daily routine: Get up. Be awesome. Go back to bed. I have a disease called AWESOME. Kiss me I'm contagious! I meant to behave, but there were so many other options. Take me as I am, or watch me as I go. I'm slow to trust, but quick to love. I wish too hard and I give too much. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I promise I'm worth it! I'm painting a blue square in my backyard so Google Earth thinks I have a pool I tried being normal once. Worst 5 minutes of my life. Even though I'm a clean person, sometimes I enjoy a messy lifestyle! I Play Guitar I Like To Sing I Love Alternative Rock And I Fuckin' Love Incubus God Kung Fu Stuff And Horror....Some Love Stories Too
Gerardo Marrero
Gerard Hardy
Gerald Coyne
Gerardo Hernandez
I am very fun guy,very calm & a good listening just want to have some fun,no more relationship I've been distroyed by my relationship after 16 yrs I just want to have fun,& some new frnds just fun w/out question ask... my Idol)> must be my god. dramma & suspendce alittle action
Gerald Wright
Gerald Farnsworth
Gerardo Maldonado
Geraldine Barrington
Geraldo Silva
Gerald Austinwynn
I am very realistic about life and people; I respect others thoughts and expect the same in return. I've traveled and lived in a lot of places across the U.S. and learned that there is a lot to appreciate abouot living. I take nothing for granted. I look forward to learning more about the people I meet on this site, as it appears to e fum and opened ! I like that ! OUT ! No matter what anyone say to you, be willing to cling to GOD and see the circumstance for its worth..."just a test", and pray diligently for endurance that you will enjoy the goodness in a way that you've never felt. When tyou arfe anchored in Christ, you will not be blown off course. There has never been a time that GOD has given up on us. HIS divine and eternal hope is ours, along with the faith that we need to "hold- out" during seasons of difficulty. We can't continue to focus on circumstances as it keeps our eye from the universal gifts, the abundance of prosperity that GOD offers to us. Now is the time to focus
Gerard Grippe
Gerardo Contiveros
Gerald Madkins
Gerardo Sanchez
Gerald Boese
Geral Smith
I'm a country boy i like to have fun and drink beer. Ride around n my jacked up toyota and talk to new ppl Hunting fishing drinkin mudding and anything fun
Gerald Haynes
Gerald Wilson
Gerald White
Gerald Dias
Gerald Albert
I love making people laugh as much as I love to laugh. Life is too short not to be happy. I want to be with someone who loves life and all it has to give as much as I love it. i consider myself to be honest friendly and romantic Someone who’s ready to fall in love. And at the same time, I’d love to meet someone with a good sense of humor, confidence, humility when necessary, compassion and passion. I am offering the same, so I'm not expecting too much!
Geraldo Murphy
Gerald Famous;-)
I'm me point blank 😜. Try a conversation to find out what my interests are 😎. None! Only watch tv when I go to sleep or with a female friend.
Geraldine De Vaca
Gerardo Arreola
Gerald Caito
Gerald Nwafor
Gerard Kennedy
Gerald Minniefield
Gerald Chan
Gerard Magee
Gerald Smagacz
Gerald Hasley
Geraldo Martinez
Gerald Mcclean
I'm a single guy divorced,1 step child and 1 unknown sadly, living in C. London by Chelsea football ground in fact! Support Fulham F.C. however, I am self employed in the antiques trade and am at present a carer for my dear Mom. I was born and dragged! up in Belfast City and am very proud off my Irish heritage,being a Northern Irish guy means a great deal to me. Went to Sussex Uni' and managed some how to get a 2-2 degrees(Eng'+ Hist') Just split from what turned out to be a really nasty affair with a girl who totally abused and took advantage off my trust and kindness! So feeling a mixture of anger,embarassed,and hurt. Played soccer as a kid at a fairly high level but lacked committment! Love to read,and am a nutcase for music!! Blues, 70's West Coast rock and Southern rock (u.s.a.) G Dead,Little Feat'Dylan, C.S.N.Y.,V Morrison and many many more oh and The Allman Bros! Enjoy yoga and good food and conversation on a 1-1 basis
Gerald Ryan Iii
Gerald Craner
Gerard Oshaughnessy
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Gerald Kolb
Gerardo Rodriguez
love 2 drink. love 2 party. always having a smile on my face lol just drink N have fun.... just my mom. love comedy. and action. ect
Gerald Payne
hello, my name is Gerald Payne, and some things you should know about me is I am a fire fighter for the Latrobe fire department, I am certified in CPR and first aid. I am 18 years old and I just graduated from High school this year. I am a good person to be around but don't get on my bad side. I don't like when guys beat on girls that just pisses me off more that anything. anything else you wanna know HMU baseball, football, basketball, hockey, fishing, swimming. john cena comedy, horror,
Gerardo Zamora
Gerald Glenn
Gerald Choyce
Gerald Depew
Geraud Tino
Gerald Kelly
Gerale Rawles
Gerald Miller
Gerald Moreira Dos Santos
Hello everyone, my name is Gerald. I moved here to Florida a little over a year ago from my last duty station, Fort Lewis, Washington when I was in the Army. I deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan many times and sadly I got hurt in combat so I receive a pension for life. I go to college at Full Sail University and I love it there. I am originally from Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am also half Dominican so I am a Black Latino/Hispanic not African American. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Oru, and Atube. I have a daughter and she lives with her mom and stepdad out of state. I love spending time with her, working out, write songs and poems, cooking, going to the beach, and making music. I do not care of what color your are or where you are from, but if interested in me then feel free to write me. Gerald I love spending time with my daughter, working out, write songs and poems, cooking, driving my car, making music, traveling, and cleaning.
Gerardo Lara
Im hard working man im a b3a$t
Gerald Mollett
Gerald Jones
Gerald Jensen
Gerard Emmanuel
Gerald Craig
Gerard Adderley
Gerard Gambo
Get Your Own Free Playlist. kick boxing, mixed martial arts,my kids and home improvement, remodeling, building, and ofcouse the ladys cuz i care bruce lee, Steven sagal, you get it and most of all my kids of course godfather and all mob movies, anything with action and lots of it, martial arts movies
Gerardo Velez
Gerard Capashen
Gerardo Antonio Anchía Quesada
Gerardo Arreola
Gerald Jacob
Gerardo Velez
Gerald Molloy
I'm an easy going, roll with the punches, good ole countryboy. Don't let that fool you though, I have a BA in construction, and was an industrial machinist for 9 years. I love just about any kind of movie, reading, and cuddling up with someone special in front of the fire place. The NoteBook, O Brother Where Art Thou, 300...oh shoot, I've got over 3000, so take your
Gerald Smith
Gerber Buck
Gerbert Finklestein
I was in a terrible hop-scotch accident as a child, and since then none of the neighborhood kids want to play with me :( I enjoy watching things rot. fowl shmells. legs. nose. flying kites. and knitting
Gerber Guzman
Gerbraile Williams
Gerbot Sulapas
Gerber Cotzajay
Gerbin Miche
Michael Jackson And Elvis Presley. Bruce Lee movies.
Gercek Sevdam
Gerd Alfred
Mein Name ist Gerd, ich wohne in dem schnen Ort Haiger. Ich wurde im Jahr 1961 in Siegen geboren. Mein Alter ist also 45 Jahre jung. Ich wiege 95 Kilo, aber nicht Fett! Gro bin ich um die 178 cm. Ich trage einen Bart, Oberlippenbart, Kinnbart oder auch mal einen Vollbart. Aber immer schn kurz und gepflegt! Ansonsten bin ich auch am Krper behaart. Ich suche "Dich", die Frau die Lust hat auf, ein Abenteuer, eine Diskrete Beziehung, ein ONS, sich mal fallen lassen zu drfen, sich von Kopf bis Fuss verwhnen zu lassen, oder auch gerne andere Dinge mal ausprobieren will! zB. Outdoor Sex, Ficken im Auto, leichte Fesselspiele, Anal & Sperma, Spielzeug wie Dildos oder Liebeskugeln. Ich suche auf diesem Weg Frauen die "Lust" haben private Fotoaufnahmen zu machen. Die Fotos sollen von normal ber erotisch bis sehr freizgig sein. Aufnahmen in heier Wsche wren angenehm. zB. das kleine Schwarze ,Mini ,transparentes Oberteil, halterlose
Gerd :-)
Frauen in schwarzen Nylons OHNE SCHUHE und ohne sonstige Wsche! ;-) Footjobs! 8-) Stndig auf der Suche nach Bildern oder Filmen auf CD/DVD! --------------------------- women in black nylons without shoes and anything else! ;-) Footjobs! 8-) searching allways for new pics or movies on CD/DVD!
Gerda Vandenbroeck
Gerd De Vries
Gerd Loré
Gerd Bennett
Geremiah French
Geremiah French
Gerena Seager
Geremy Pruitt
Well i played rugby for humboldt state university and went to a national championship and final 4's in my 2 years there. became the first freshman in school history to play for the A side (best team we had). Now i am currently awaiting try outs for a cali pro league. so im stoked about that. I work at a paintball place in burlingame and it is definitly fun but stressfull when fuckin retards come in and decide to make my life a lil harder. I aint no pro at paintball but i am good, so if ya wanna come out an play hit me up lol. well thats the basics about me. rugby, paintball, baseball, football, working out, cars, and girls
valentines day text "A person is perfect in their imperfections, it's what makes us who we are. As deep in its reflection, the most perpetual spectrum is the expansion of ones individuality. This is because we are born from something that is infinite...the universe. Too bad it falls on deaf ears when our society sets such shallow and ignorant standards. Deviating from the political norms is definitely a struggle for most but liberating for a select few." live music, accoustic, netflix, freebies, sipping red wine, trippling my money on slot machines, The Venetian, free weights and werking my ass off, red bull and diet pepsi, hula dancing,
Geremy Fulton
yo yo, its yo boy "Unknown" i call myself that becuz people dont kno me and u shouldnt judge a book by its cover until u read it feel me? well the same way goes bout people and me, dont judge me until u talk to me. and dont waist my time, the wrong thing to do, so anywayz i'm from orlando, fl and i luv it there u kno? so yea, hit me up on here or or aiight? would love to chat withca, love to meet new peoples iight? be easy tap........ Myspace tweaks at My idols are my moms and Al Pacino feel me? My favorite movies r Belly, Scarface, The bourne idenity, friday, next friday, friday after next, the dave chappelle show seasons, 1 and 2 and the lost episodes, um, comedy, action, drama, supense, movies.
Gere Constant
Geremy Brown
Gereman Gregor
Geremy Walden
Geremias Perez Vicente
Geremi Octavio Cañada
Geremias Jeronimo
Gerenew Melesse
Geremy Kniffen
Gere Strelin
FUN...that's something for now... I'm a smile maker. (A good well kinda-->)Woman, work and fishing...meeting and hooking up right now when logged in.
Geremiah Saladana
Gerg Lynch
Gerge George
Gerg D
Gergo Karacsonyi
Gerg Bradshaw
Gergely-gregory Barta-bartha
Gerhard Stickroth
Gerhard Piedra
Gerhart Mickschl
Gerhard Bogosch
Gerhard Weiler
Gerhard Suchy
i love the simple realities of life i want to be happy with friends and family i like traveling a lots i like playing golf and swimming in the sea
Gerhardt Wise
Gerhardus Van Zyl
Geri Trohas
Gerit Trobaugh
I'm just plain ol me NOT!! I am wild and unique in every way
Geri Larose
Geri Hafford
Geri Fowler
Geri Diene
I am 19, in college, and an artist, self proclaimed actually, I act, sing, dance at times.. I write.. play the keyboard and the guitar *or learning* I've had a brief flig with the drums.. I am Bi.. and a virgin in a few ways but not in all.. lol I love photoshop and alrering photos.. it is something I enjoy and something I am fairly good at.. though my copy of photoshop no longer runs on my computer.. but here's some of my work: Me on a bad day.. How I see myself Prettiness I love a ton of movies.. and in no particular order here are a few.. Horror: Saw 1, 2, 3 Nightmare on Elm Street The Ring The Grudge Sleepwalkers Pet Cemetary Romance: The Lake House Love Actually Bridget Jones Diary Little Black book Serendipity Musicals: Rent Chicago Moulin Rouge Action: X1, X2, X3 Speed Fast & Furious Anything with Johnny Deep in it
Geri-ann Mccarthy
Geri Zapata
Geri Beals
i am a very funny and spunky little one... but when you get me a lone you will be bewildered... by the shit that i can pull... i am not just a pretty face... becarefull what you wish for... EVIL lurkes behinde good looks.... for i will not let you be.... just kidding but though those words are true i am not one to boast... i enjoy getting down and dirty with whatever your mind conjures up but there are times of which i am the one who is spontaneous and freaky... hmmm well now that i am just rambling on and on i guess that i should call it quits if you want to get to know me more then just give me a shout and i will get with you then aiight... c ya l8rz geri lee hmmm well lets see..... i enjoy long walks on the beach... romantic evenings out... and roses and chocolate..... NOT!!!!! I ENJOY MUDDING, HUNTING, PAINT BALLING, AND JUST DOWN RIGHT GETTING DIRTY!!!! now back to the point of which i was trying to make... i am a drop dead sexy chick of whom every one underestam
What can I say I from Vegas. What happens here stays here. So if you want to know some of the nasty details your gonna have to ask.
Geri Fernandez-cruz
Happily married and enjoying meeting new people!
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