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The Coach
Coady Geldof
adventure, music, literature, travel and sex. are my priorities at the moment. im 100% irish, right down to the red in my beard. i play banjo and guitar in a weird gypsy.bluegrass. orchestral kind of band and we love to have furious dirty fun. check out hokum co. when you can. anything else well you can find out if you want to. freighttrains, dark nights moonlight romance, potato based foods. whiskey dirty sex, philosophy, books, movies, girls with good legs!!
Coady Massengill
Coadie Wright
Coal Blackwolf
Coall Corley
Coal Johnson
Coal Rtiu
Coan Johnson
Coartnee Weber
Coasia Gabino
Coastal Pete
Coastal Badboy
I'm a 42 year old male, I'm from the coast. I love the outdoors and taking the truck out on the beach and just sitting on the tailgate looking at the stars and listening to music. I am in the Public service profession, have been for a while, love helping people in anyway i can. I have been a vol. Firefighter for 22 years,I Just got my Medical Responder Certification. I'm a true southern country guy and love it. If you want to get to know a great guy, just ask me anything you want to know about me, i will tell you. I don't have anything to hide at all **I'm on here to have fun, i like to flirt. I went through a bad divorce 4 years ago, my now ex always put me down, nothing i did was good enough for her, even though i gave her everything. So if i seem apologetic, its because of that, seems like i cant never say anything right, so if wanting to get to know someone i wrong, then i don't know what to say. I say beautiful,sexy,gorgeous,not to be rude, but i go from what i see, and yes
Cobbie Kessie
Cobbie Fred
Cobbra Moore
Cobbynho Koranteng
Cobbie Williams
Cobbey Wright
Cobe Ryan
Cobey D.
Cobee Bell
Cobert Cober
Cobey Jane Flowers
Cobe Mor
Cobert Diana
I am gentle woman and easy going person, i do like to read and like holding hands when walking with my right one...I am honest, caring, loving, romantic, humble, passionate, affectionate, loyal, faithful,. have of beat sense of humor love to laugh alot.. I do like treating everyone the way i wanted to be treated as. and i do like everyone not bec of who they are but becs of who i am when i am with them always....I am geniue i do not pretend to be someone else. and i do know what i seek ..
Cobi F
Cobie Anderson
Cobiie Davis
Cobi Viruz
Cobi Garcia
Cobi Whybrow
Coboros Davis
Coboy Kucai
Cobos Kimbanzi
Cobra Wwe
Just a nice guy looking to meet nice people YOU!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Click on the main pic to the left to get to all pictures!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First things first.. My name is Cobra.. (yes that is really my name), but everyone calls me Pocket! I own my own Photography Business, I cater to the Biker world in photography. I enjoy the work although I put in long hours. For every ten minutes I spend taking photographs I spend about 5 hours in post processing!! But I love it.. I also work for Thunders Roads of Al/Fl Panhandle Magazine. I also work in retail and go to school Fulltime, so not much time for playing like I used to. I'm VERY happy being me!! Messages containing comments about how "hot, sexy, fuckable" I am or detailing what you'd like to do to me will get you blocked. That probably seems like some real optimism there but... apparently I am attractive to some people lol! I have NSFW disabled! So don't ask me to look at your NSFW sorry guys, no matter how great you think you look, you do not and can not compare to the
04cobra C
Cobra Humbey
Cobra Commander
Cobra Jones
Cobra Saleen
I'm 40, attractive male, 6'1" tall, 220lbs average muscler build, light skin african american with dimples, short hair, trimmed facial hair, neat appearance, great sense of humor and I live life to the fullest. I enjoy drag racing, motorcycle riding, working, outdoor sports, home improvements, shopping and hot passionate sex with a lovely lady.
Cobra Snek
Cobra Quito
Cobra Mtl
Cobra Campbell
Cobus Liebenberg
Coby Robbins
I am a college student at NMSU.I love to work out,stay in shape,and hang out with the boys and meet new girls.I love to just injoy life and live it to it's fullest!And i would love to meet a girl whowon't let me down like Girls in the past.I am just a kickback person. Partying and meeting good looking girls or women who are not to shy and are up to do just about anything wild and are just fun to be around.
Coby Coby
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Coby Schoenig
Coby Hughes
Coby Walters
Coby S
Coby Levi
Coby Wright
i'm 6ft 2inch blue eyes i love doing alote of thing u wat 2 no anything just ask
Coby Drooz
Coby Burch
Coby Brown
Coby Griffith
im a writer im a thinker im an artist im a father im a philosopher i am a creator i am a Scorpio i am an idealist im a lover im a fighter i am a musician i am hardcore you are not anything intending change meeting everyone i can i love people
Coby Bishop
Coby Helenia
Coby Moore
Coby Robinson
Coby Jenkins
Coby Chandler
Coby Lovato
Coby Bailey
Coby Stanton
I'm a simple guy with a very open mind. You can ask me anything and I'll answer it honestly. I've got a positive personality, a great since of humor, and common since. Lol. Ask me.
Coby Fisher
I just turned 18. Looking for a relationship or just fun! Either will do!
Coby Gray
Coby Waltman
Cocane Loc
C.. width="425" height="355"> ..>.. data=""> .. omical/and action movies
Coca Jessie
Coca Leaf
Coc Dcell
Cochran Collins
Cochran King
Cocicodar Flaviu
Cocianu Liviu
Cock Lover
Cock Sucker
Cock Nose
Cock Big
Cockdeluxe De Luxe
Cock Bingo
The Cock
Cocka Doo
Cockbig Hard
Cock'n Ball
Coco Bear
Ri Rike Ru Reat, Ro Ron Ralks An Rake Riends. Ri Rate Ritches
Cocoa Regguinti
Cocoa St.rose
Coco Nut
Coco Chulo
Coco Von Fate
Causing and solving problems,making jewelery,collages,found object sculptures,breaking and fixing things,biking,sewing,fact gathering,finding new realities,secret codes,conspiracy theories,writing,avoiding the telephone,live music,Troma movies,vintage clothing,ink,history,and the future. Henry Darger. Hedwig and the Angry Inch,Firecracker,Teenage Catgirls in Heat,Death Becomes Her,Faster Pussycat Kill Kill,All John Waters' movies,Say Anything,The Hudsucker Proxy,Valley Girl,lots of low-budget horror flicks.
Coco Warner
I love sports! My teams are in England Liverpool football, New England Patriots, Redsox, Boston Bruins...Nascar Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart. I play tennis, golf (not so good LOL)and Im a fan of Tiger Woods..My hero is Lance Armstrong, for MANY reasons! Im very eclectic in most everything.. love music, BIG time..good thing its my buissness
Coco Gurl
Coco Parker
About me? Well that\'s fairly easy..I\'m laid back, I love to laugh. I enjoy intelligent, funny and those who have the knowledge of basic human decency. I have two great kids, that I love spending time with. I read a lot, and research everything I can. My best friend talked me into this site..I\'m a bit taken aback at the forgive me if I seem a bit slow. Always feel free to drop me a line, or buy me a drink! My interests are a wide range. I love old MGM musicals and collecting anything with Gene Kelly (Singing in the Rain for those who don't know who he is)I act, write, I am on the board of several theater groups. I love any movie that I get to laugh. I am one who loves to learn. I learn from everyone and have friends both young and old. So, everyone is welcome! I do not have a web cam..please do not ask! I don't give away my messenger screen name..unless I get to know you or you get me really drunk!
Cocoa Cabanna
Coco Maurer
Get More at COMMENTYOU.comGet More at
Coconut Glaze
Hi Everyone. I am 21 about to be 22. I love hanging out with my friends and having a good time. Wanna know more? Send me a message :) Profile Graphics - Profile Graphics -
Hey guys its Coco ….Are you in search of the sweetest and sexiest ebony princess? I'm Excellent at what I do and I’m always ready to serve YOU! I'm a very seductive young sweetie who loves to be naughty and absolutely adores catering to respectful and well deserved gentlemen such as YOURSELF! For those of you who seek the complete package, a beautiful woman with class, charm, and s3x appeal....I'm your girl. I am available day and night to meet your needs. Send me an IM…………..
Coco F.
hummm. what do you say on a personals ad to get peoples attention, well i'm a happy, spunky, and outgoing person, i get along with almost everyone. I love to talk to new people, figure out what this crazy world is all about.
GP is MINE all MINE! I am bringing her home this weekend. Hopefully she is dressed by then. I have sum toys I wanted added and who best to do it than the dealer's. She is just sexy as... I miss riding and its finally time for me to get another one. Since I have to be responsible, I have been learning patience and now the wait is over.....So Excited Like being around real people. Tired of all the fakes. I like doing things but mostly don't have time. And after I get my bike really won't have much I am going to Reno in September for the motorcycle rally. Much needed vacation! Reno was fun can't wait until next year. Gonna try and ride to the rally's so planning for Laughlin and Reno but this time on the bike. I think it will make it better if not I can always drive....
Coco Artiaga
Coco Woodstock
HAI,IM COCO:} My Mom's Italian,my Dad's Turkish and we live in Utah, America. I can speak fluent Italian and Turkish as I was brought up around both languages I lurveee All Time Low and Cobra Starship. I would love to appear in Gossip Girl and I would audition for American Idol ANYDAY. Dancing With The Stars is amazing;DEREK HOUGH
Coco Hawkins
Coco Pebbles
Coco Flava
HEy wATs up girlss???im a k0ol fUn GUY iN hamiLTOn ,ont LOOKING FOR oTHER fUn girls WHO r OPEN minDED YOu can HOLLA back at ME If u r real AnD In tHE arEA HoT cHIcaS WIt ATTiTUDE N set oF nice tITS wit A lil TigHT ass
Coco Camille
Coco Villarreal
Coco-cuba Unbreakeable
MY LIFE I'm a very happily married woman 2 a wonderful cuban,we even married twice. Also a very proud mother of 3 puerto rican boys and 2 cuban boys! Love our religion afro-cuban santeria. I have been around spanish since i was a teenager and i love my spanish people!!!! I only listen to spanish music and r&b, learn more spanish along with spanish recipes even though i don't have to cook my husband is a international chef{cuban food 24-7} love to make friends on the computer but i will be straight out and tell the men i respect my husband to the fullest so not interested in being friends with men sorry! God bless everyone!
Co Co M
Coco Love
Coco Branch
Coco Lusty
Coco San
Coco Tata
Coco Solegendary
Coco Eddie
Coco Jones
Coco Guerreroo
Cocoa Passions
So you want to know about me. Well where do i begin. The name is Reese. I am probably the most eccentric, eclectic person you will ever have the chance to encounter. I love doing anything that keeps me smiling, hate to be bored! Not here to have virtual sex or discuss anything sexual. But if you want to know more about Reese you can just message me and if you say the right thing maybe i will hit you back!
Coco Mspremadonna
Coco Lopez
Coco Rubert
Cocoa Blak
Coco Patterson
Cocoa Johnson
Cocoabutta Ffllyy
Coco Lo
Coco Shanell Benson
Coco Baker
Cocoa Noble
Coconutman Rain
Coco Sugar
Coco Hinojos
I'm a Marine and I went to school at Kansas KU Travel and enjoy life My mom and. Dad Gangsta flicks
Coco Smith
Cocoa Lloyd
Cocoa Brown
I am fun and funny and love to be around similar people. Reading, Writing, watching movies, netflix, walking, and so much more. Just ask. My ex man best friend is my idol. james harmon. my daughter is my idol. love scary movies, like morgan freen, anthony hopkins, tyler perry, and so many more. love anythig by stephen king.
Coco Stricklin
Coco Nut
Coco Loso
«•´¨*•.¸¸.*co-creator «•´¨*•.¸¸.* Lethal Injection Krew & Da_fu-schnicks *.¸¸.•*¨`•» «•´¨*•.¸¸.* Come Bask In This Thugnificence *.¸¸.•*¨`•»
SO A LIL ABOUT ME WELL AND MY ZODIAC SIGN IS Take the Superhero Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz Glitter Text @
Codato Couillard
Coda Miller
over grown hippie...fest head..."family"orientated...nature lover...gender terrorist peace of course
Cod Bob
Codey Doren
Codey Rogers
Codey Zoellner
i am a male i am about 5`7 i love to hunt fish and hang out with my friends
Codee Tarsky
Coder Xxfubar Pastorxx
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Codeine Codeine
Codeine Codeine
Codeine Codeine
Codey Brent
Codey Rhodes
Code Name Cpt Slap A Hoe Aka Lucky Charms Cbc Sbgs
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Shit i like making money and smoking my pot.
Codey Floyd
Well, my name is Codey... Ummm.. I'm headed to iraq in a couple weeks. That's about all I feel like writing about myself right now, lol. Oh, I like playing drumsets, video games, music, you know... typical nerdy shit haha.
Codey Burris
Codey Sloat
Codey Moore
Codey Leslie
Codee Mich
Codey Goforth
Codey Streeval
Code Raith
Code Child
Codey Frisk
Codey Lybarger
Codey Mason
Code Reds
Coded Omoh
Code Man
Codey Kimberlin
Code Blanc
Codey Larimore
Code Tom
Codell Hughes
Codey Rohrbaugh
Code Blue
Code Lawrence
Codey Forbes
Code'blue Too'true
Codey Robinson
Codey Harris
Codey Pocian
im a big dork nd i love to be with my family and friends.. parties are fun but im not really a party doesnt take alot to make me laugh but its pretty hard to keep my laughing
Codie Carpenter
Codi Dickerson
Codie Milliren
Codi Russell
Codie Gasser
JUST ME!! If you know me, then you would understand.
Codi Knoblauch
About me huh??? Im a crazy girl. I love to have fun. I am probably one of the loudest people u will ever meet. I have some really really close friends who are amazing. I love my family, and my dog Buddy. My cousins are the shit...(and NICK) They look out for me, which is great! I go to school @ the University of Oklahoma. I love it here, but i miss home too. I love my OU FOOTBALL! So on Saturdays thats where I am @!!! I am single! For some reason I am the girl that wants to be in a happy relationship but can never seem to find one. I fall hard & fast. I AM NOT A WHORE, so dont get any ideas. I dont understand the concept of love, I dont think anyone does, I think it is something we made up to feel accepted. I hate it when someone tells me they love me, for the simple fact that I dond know what it really means. I drink beer & vodka, I like to have a good time! obviously.. :D I have a lot of flaws. I cnat spell sometimes, I dye my hair, i like to eat fast food & junk food. I s
bored and decided to actually update this thing. looking for someone to hang out and have some fun with. maybe something a little NSA haha. not looking for anything serious just some fun. i am pretty bold and blunt but if i like ya u will know it haha. i love meeting new people and sending emails cuz well i get bored. hmmn...i like cats, fashion, and food. those are my three fav things. this is real boring and not filled with any substance because i just wanted to write some stuff to fill this up. more to come later with some actual substance, promise ;D Body mods, computers, shows, shopping, hanging out with people and watching movies, lots.
Codii Markey
Codi Cam
Codi Courville
my name is codi my party day is march 11,1989.. i was bored hard of hearing and i don't have a problem with it.. if u do then come sove it... because i hate ppl who think that deaf or hard of hearing are dum we not... because u wouldn;'t blivie dis but thing get arund fasted with that deaf and hard of hearing blivie it or not.. we be the fristed to know things befor the guy/girl that they talk about knows we aaren't.. not that we are messy juss we happen to talk... well i luv lost of things.. i am the girl that when no ones laughing stop and make u laugh ther not a monet that u want be laughing around me... if ur not then there musted me somthing worng or on my mined.. i luv dis guy every much and we are going to get marred afther i fish school ser. 08 baby!! if u want to know more juss - CherryTap Skin Generator Get Skins Better Graphics Top Codes Love Images HOT Comments Click to Get SomeBetter Graphics Hottest CodesTop Graphics Tweaks
Codi Hall
Codi Williams
Codie Barber
Codie Palmer
Not a whole lot to say. Work and hang out and that's about it. Hope to talk to you sometime. I like to hang out with friends and have a good time watching movies, playing darts, or whatever comes up. Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, Dead Man, Tron, Wings of Desire, and many more...
Codi Jones
My Daughter (Austyn, the name tattooed on my shoulders), Nathan ( my wonderful boyfriend, lover, friend), Roller Coasters, being outside, working too much, lol.... Mia, character in the Nora Roberts Three Sisters Island series.
Codi Morrow
Codi Worcester
Codiray Miller
well i am a pretty easy going but something you should know about me i am not the chick that is going to sit on here and talk to you about sex. i am HAPPILY in a relationship and dont prefer to be making any fuck buddies or boyfriends. if your the type of a guy or girl that thinks that this is just a dating sight then dont bother to talk to me
ok so i grew up in the city of mesa, arizona. moved to utah and my life sucks. i live in a hick town. but at least its quiet here. hey what up, ok so some of the basics, i like to hunt fish four wheele chill with my homies cause trouble drink party and do dumb things.
Codie Norman
Codi Stieles
Codii Price
Codi D
Codie Brown
Codi Hammar
Codi Maute
Evening, this is Codi..,Iam of the few Goths left.. I enjoy skateboarding.i love vampires..i love the medevil era..i spend most of my time listneing to music..i spend every Friday at the Mall with friends..if you want to talk to me contact me at......deaduntildark6@aol.comDon't be the least scary thing you will ever meet.. mall on fridays..skateboarding, music, walking and chilling in graveyards..groomed hair.ones appeal,Dark and Mysterious,Gloomy,good scent. i love this poem.. for here,apart,dwells one hands wrought, strangle eidola that chill the world with fear; whose graven runes in tomes of dread have taught what things beyond the star-gulfs lurkand leer. Dark lord of Averoigne- whose windows star on pits dream no other gaze could bear!!! H.P. LOVECRAFT
Codie Doolin
Codie Twiss
Codi Whitley
Codi Baker
Codie Giddings
Codi Renae
Codie Young
Codie Miller
Codie Swindle
Codie Walker
Codie Vanschaick
Codie Campeau
I am a pretty open and outgoing person. I like trying new things and traveling to new places. I have recently finished second year in college and can't wait to go back and finish up. Anything else you would like to know about me, you will have to ask or meet up with me to find out. More than willing to open up about myself. I like outdoors things. Four-wheeling, Biking, snowmobiling etc.
Codi Smith
Heyy my name is Codi. I am 20 years old. I live in Wewahitchka, Florida. I enjoy taking photos.I also enjoy dancing. If youd like to know more feel free to ask! I love to dance. I love to have fun. I love to take photos.
Codi Tocchio
Codie Hurley
Codot Lelono
Codon Honda
Codreanu Glumesc Prin Romania
Codrutza Demeter
Co-dub Wilson
Cody Wilson
Cody Brown
Cody Morin
Cody Williams
5 foot 10 inches, 200 pounds, dark brown hair military cut, blue eyes music, reading, drinking
Not much to say about me, I like to have fun and I actually like to work also, I love my job, I know, kindof geeky of me, but what can I say? I like it. I am looking to meet some new people and to have a lot of fun. After I get to know you a little bit, then there is the option of naked fun too! And that, we all know, is fun for everyone! reading, talking, skiing, kissing, and of course sex. Then there are video games, computers, politics, the list goes on and on. Oh, and I can forget my little fetish with vampires, but don't worry, I only bite when permission is given! LOTR, Star Wars, Harry Potter (I like the books too), underworld, Interview with the Vampire, Blade.
Cody Miller
ihave dirty blonde hair. ihave blue eyes.
Cody Swanson
I'm 6'3 195lbs, got shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, 3 exotic piercings. I love trying new things and meeting interesting peopl
Cody Miller
Cody Codeman
Cody Crotts
HEY EVERYBODY! My name is Cody. First I just want to say that I am not SINGLE ladies, sorry :*(. (Kelly, love you) Now stuff about me. I grad. in 2003, from West Forsyth High School home of the Titans. Yeah, you better know who we are because some of the greatest athletes come from there. I played baseball there and now I play for the Braves (UNC-P braves that is). I am a pitcher and used to be able to throw real hard, but my arm can't muster that anymore. I drive a 1982 Jeep CJ-7, it is in the process of getting rebuilt from the ground up(It will shine once again). Life is great, this is great, but what could make it better is if you would give me a 10... Now I aint stupid I know I aint no 10, so I will settle for a 9 1/2. Just kidding give me whatever, just remember that low scores hurts me feelings! Cody Crotts #13 Remember that name bitches Baseball, computers, jeeps, constuction, and any sport I can play/watch My Dad Ice Age, Stewie Giffin Movie, House of a 1000 Corpses,
Cody Graves
Cody Sheffa
Cody Gregory
Cody Hudson
Cody Devold
Cody Hermeling
Cody Nguyen
Cody Sharp
Cody Anderson
Cody Grant
well am hot an free but only 13
Codyf Williams
I'm 5'7" and I'm ugly anything else you want to know about the way I look look at my pic. I like to party and hang out with my friends. I like to get online and look up music and talk to people and I don't know I'm way fuckin tired it's like 7 sumin in the mornin I'll redo this later.
Cody Lee
Cody Davis
Cody Rediker
Cody Goss
Cody B
Cody Ames
Cody Hinnenkamp
Im a sweet great looking guy thats just ooking for a good time. If u want to learn more u have to be my friend first..!!!!! I love sex drugs and alcohol! I am my own idol fucka! the ones that im in doin pornos!
Cody Miller
Cody Hinnenkamp
I am about 6 feet tall and i weight about 165 very ripped. I have originally blonde hair but i dey it so it changes color often
Cody Moore
Cody. Wagoner.
Cody Mcmanigal
Cody Pruitt
Cody Alexander
Cody Blow_me
Cody Jane Johnson
Cody Pope
Cody Pope
Cody Scott
Ask me, plain and simple if you wanna know so bad. =P The only thing I really have to say is that I'm in love with the most amazing and beautiful woman on this planet, hands down. You don't like it? I dare you to disagree with me. =] I love you, baby
Cody Waggle
Cody Pittman
My name is Cody, I'm 5'7 have black hair and hazel eyes. I'm 18, I started playing the bass when I was in the 5th grade so i was like 10 or 11. I have been in a few differn bands. I am a band right now and we are thinking about signing onto Universal Records. I also play the guitar and can kinda play drums. I wake up every morning and work a full time job monday-friday. I also start school to be a producer of music July 3rd. I have achived all the goals I have ever set for myself. Hopefully one day I can meet a girl that has as much passion for life as me. I would like to get married one day and have a family. Well I am kinda sick of typing so if you want to know anything eles just ask me and I will tell you. I am a very blunt person so yeah and you can ask me anything you want to. MUSIC. Writing music. playing the bass, playing the guitar, singing, writing lyrics..... Partying, playing the drums, girls, playing live, sleeping, working and going after my goals and dreams in life.
Cody Dempsey
Cody Prescod
IMMA BAD MAN!!!!~~~~DONT fUk WiF ME~~~~~~ :-} IM $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ RICK JAMES BIATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ma self!!!!!!!!!!! X-Men, 666 Omen, Get Rich or Die Tryin', Etc...................................................................................................................
Cody S
feel dead as the garbage. You scored as Deacon Frost. Yeah you are the take no prisoners it's my way no matter what type. You do whatever the hell you like and make no apoligies for it. The tempermental vamp surrounded by lots of hot chick vampiresDeacon Frost100%Marius92%Blade92%Angel92%Dracula92%Akasha75%Louis75%Spike58%Armand50%Lestat42%Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with
Cody Wolf
THANKS EVERYONE THATS HELPED ME OUT ILL LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS INTIME im cody i love to skateboard and thats about it the pic i have is not of me its my favorite skater bryan herman You're a Playful Kisser Kissing is a huge game for you, a way to flirt and play You're the first one to suggest playing spin the bottle at a party Or you'll go for the wild kiss during a game of truth or dare And you're up for kissing any sexy stranger if the mood is right! What Kind of Kisser Are You? SKATEBOARDING skateboarding SKATEBOARDING skateboarding SKATEBOARDING skateboarding SKATEBOARDING skateboarding SKATEBOARDING skateboarding SKATEBOARDING skateboarding SKATEBOARDING skateboarding SKATEBOARDING skateboarding SKATEBOARDING skateboarding SKATEBOARDING skateboarding Get this video and more at
Cody Brouillette
Cody Williams
im funny, smartish, ath;etic, n fun to b around. i also have a girlfriend n we really liek each other i got a girlfriend we really like each other n yea but ummmm im funny, smartish, kool, fun to b around, athletic. i dont really have ne idols so yea starwars, rocky, ummm action movies, the davinci code, x-men 123, nething but chick flicks lol
Cody Fuck You
Cody Hamilton
Cody Peterson name is cody and i race motocross and I race PRO in this upper region but besides that I love Bmx(dirtjumpin not racing- and alot of street riding is fun 2) X-treme Mountain Biking although it dont get to "extreme" around rapid city but theres quite a few awesome trails to hit. I also love to work out gunna have a Busy work out Regimen for this summer for Racing so that means givin up partien for most of the summer...cuzz Motocross means Alot more to me than alot of things in this world (srry ladies) haha jk i save time for the women during school year and if i get 1 in peticular then they'll mean ALOT to me also....which brings me to the WHOLE subject on girls.....a party aint a party without having any girls around idk it juss sets the whole vibe to the party and ya i kno a few Rapid Girls that get pretty crazy from time to time oh yea i almost forgot...GUITAR...I love to play Guitar...its an awesome hobbie to get into fun at times but it also can piss you off but i've
Cody Schilling
Cody Wilson
Cody Hamilton
Cody Jiznacker
Cody Piersall
ok where to start.....alright, i am 21 and i live in wilmington nc right now but i am moving to raleigh in aug....a love to drink, i smoke bud occasionally.....i am single, and i dont think i want to be in a relationship for a while, i am having to much fun being single.....i am about to graduate from cfcc with a degree in auto-body repair.....i am building a custom lowrider s-10 sittin on dubs......i LOVE cars and minitrucks, as well as lifted trucks (i am about done building my s-10 so my next project will be lifting a chevy colorado and puttin some big tires on it)......i like chicks that are really chill and dont try to make everything complicated......i love playing video games, like the x box 360.....i will add more info when i can think of more stuff to describe me..... and i say chicks yet.......
Cody Campbell
Cody Bruffett
Cody Jackson
pretty laid back, good sense of humor "kinda" sarcastic. Not really into doing too much more of a home body but I like to bowl, attempt to shoot pool go go-kart racing, go to the movies, go out to eat, go to the lakefront hit clubs "once" in awhile and also try new things right now I'm really into anime, still love video games and I'm in the process of trying to find something new to get into. Still like working on cars though Nope no idols. I just try to be the best i can be without joining the army.
Cody Nosworthy
Cody Reece
i am 18 m can looking for anything and everything. everything and anything everything and anything everything and anything
Cody B
191 Things you should know about me. 1. I'm the girls that some people just love to hate. 2. I'm probably too much for you handle. 3. You'll either hate me or love me, it never effects me the right way anyways. 4. I love my boyfriend, Kiefer, a lot. 5. We've been dating since 06/14/2003. 7. I've never gotten in real trouble. 8. I'm confident, but I am not a bitch about it. 9. I cannot go any where by myself, I have to have someone with me. 10. My friends are one of the few things that ground me. 11. I'm so afraid to leave home 12. Im addicted to sunlight, but I don't get out much. 13. I've always wanted to be more social. 14. I love being spoiled. 15. I have very shy habits. 16. I fit in with the guys. 17. I tend to do a lot of stuff wrong. 18. I have been told I'm too blunt. 19. I hate the way I look without make up. 20. I plan on marrying the guy I've been with since I was 14 years old. 21. Smiling makes you look prettier. Stop frowning. 22. I say wha
Cody Stone
K well im 15 and a sophmore at deland high. i play bass and im not bad, i like gurls who are fun yet laid back at sometimes if im w/ a gurl i jus like to chill...mostly, but if were watchin a movie then u know whats gonna happen, im as laid bak as they come i like to chill wit friends and especially hot gurls um i like to play bass ans hang out w/ friends and skate and tlk and do *stuff* with hot gurls
Cody Wilson
My name is Cody Wilson. I am from Indianapolis, IN. I am currently in the 11th grade at Howe Academy. I play varsity football there and also baseball there. I have alot of great friends and girls as friends too. I have a pretty fun life. I am 6'2 1/2 and I am bout 225 lbs. I love talking and I hate waiting. My interests include all sports, weight lifting what I'm doing now. Baseball will strat in the summer and I'm pretty good at basketball. My idols are my mom and dad. My other is my bestfriend I look up to him even though he's younger than me. I like all the Scary Movies (I,II,III,IV), A like all the child's plays and most of the halloweens. I'm a scary movie guy. I don't like movies that are older than my parents.
Cody Tisdale
hey guys well my names cody. i go to riverview east high skool, and i love it there. well im a pretty shy and quiet guy in skool, im really weird well diffrent, i get lost in my own little fantasy world alot lol, i like to be by myself alot prolly cuz im always by myself most of the time, um lets c her my favorite band is Slipknot they have been since 1999 some other bands i love is darkest hour and atreyu, i pretty much listen to all kinds of music but i Naruto and Fullmetal alchemist, i do spend alot of time on the computer i love to meet lots of new ppl and become frineds w/ them i dont have many frineds were i live and the ones i do have i aint rele close to they would all rather get high well neways oo i have xbox live yes i am a huge gamer freak i love halo 2 i play that on live alot so if u have live add me my tag is blackfire619, and im addicted to anime i love anime and manga i draw manga alot and i love signs so make me one plzz and ill make u one well thats bout it comment m
Cody Miller
Hi, I'm Cody Miller, and I'm from Laird Hill, Tx. I'm currently based out of Hollywood, Ca. but I'm home for the summer visiting friends and family. I am a working actor currently attending The American Musical and Dramatic Academy on scholarship. I'm also interested in movie development, movie scripting, creating graphic-novels, writing novels and children's literature, etc. with my business partner and good friend Johnny Jones AKA "ROBO-HOBO". BASIC STATS: ~Height: 6'0 ~Weight: 180 lbs ~Hair: Light Brown, Close Cropped ~Eyes: Green WELL GROOMED, ATHLETIC BUILD, and ROCKIN' ONE MEAN ASS FARMER'S TAN. :)
Cody Richards
im a pretty kewl guy to hang out with but yet i am also a smartass in a funny most of the time though halo 2
Cody Taylor
Cody Wilson
Cody Livingston
Cody Kennedy
im 5 foot 7,170 pounds,short blonde hair,green eyes,i like football,girls,wrestling,basketball,video games,music,movies,tv,and my computer thats about all. i like football,music,girls,video games,pool,wrestling,basketball,and thats about all.
Cody Carman
im 5'9", 180lbs, light brown hair, green eyes, big dick fourwheelin, sex, drugs, drinkin, partying, who needs a hero when ur me fear and loathing in las vegas, jackass,scary movie, happy gilmore,
Cody Baird
well bout me lets name is cody and i am 6'4 280 lbs.i am a tattoo artist and a part time party promoter.i love to party and hangout with freinds. i am an avid artist...i love to draw.i am a tattoo artist i have been doin tattoos for 5 yrs now and it is muh only love right now. i idolize my dad and hugh m hefner....he is a big pimp!!!! i love to watch most action movies and i love most comedies.
Cody Wilson
Cody Plourde
Cody Walls
i like to ride my dirt bike, play paintball, hang with my frineds, and meeting girls. .............../´¯/) ............,/¯../ / .........../..../ / ...../´¯/\'...\'/´¯¯.`•¸ ../\'/.../..../.....:^.¨¯ (\'(...´...´.... ¯_/\'...\'/ ..................\'...../ ..\'\'............. _.•´ ..................( all adam sandler, and chris farley and david spade's movies oh ya and ice age i dont care what any one says thats a funny movie
Cody Lowder
Cody Mcneely
5 foot 11 athletic build fucking and partying tommy lee i dont fucking know!
Cody Barett
Cody Eastman
Cody Brooks
Cody Reynolds
I'm an easygoing fun person, and I hate people who do this shit for popularity and not friends and I'm in a relationship so I'm not going to try to hook up with some internet dike. And if your a fag don't even try to add me. Biking, riding dirt bikes, getting adreneline rushes, driving fast, your mom, my girlfriend, and work. Matt Hoffman b/c he is a pro biker and I would like to be sponsored some day. Same movies you like.
Cody Johson
Cody Morris
Cody Wheeler
im sexy and have a large cock and balls, i like to have sex with boys and many other things, if u need more info message me im intrested in boys, sports, music, and anything emo,by the way if you havent figured out im gay, if you need more info message me
Cody Gallagher
Cody Mcgrath
Cody Salazar
Cody Hughes
Cody Norris
well lets see my names cody glisson Im 17 and Im currently single I love my family very much I have aa which I cant produce white or red cells Im in the 11th grade next year yay I love movies skateboarding surfing football computers cammeras cars html movies games music all finial distination movies saw1 and 2 superman the hill have eyes anchor man jarhead riddick van hestling all harry potter movies the big lobowski clerks
Cody Barnett
Cody Haycraft
Whats up? Ok, so a friend of mine (actually ex-friend for sending me this homosexual link!!!) referred me to this site. At first I thought "Hmmm, this could be interesting.", however, I soon realized that anybody who owns an active account on this myspace rip-off site needs to be shot repeatily in the head with a nail-gun. This is the worst fuckin' wannabe myspace that I have ever seen. "but cody..." you'll say, "myspace has slow servers and horrible techinacal support.". "but homo..." I'll respond, "Myspace allows for comprhensive css/html/div coding and has a user friendly interface, unlike this site. Also myspace doesn't look like a dog took a shit in an oven and poured it onto my computer monitor."If you wanna know more about my sexy self, visit my myspace page(doesn't work in fire fox) at:
Cody Carroll

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