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Shawn Hanna
Shawky Moustafa
Shawn Seekings
Shawn Durbin
Shawna Cawthon
Shawny Hill
Shawn Turner
Shawn Smith
Shawn Hon
Shawn Wilson
Shawn Smith
Shawn Robinson
Shawn Sikora
Shawn Smith
Shawn Malone
Shawnee Childers
Shawn Howard
I'm 41 year old Single Bi Male Living In Ft.Wayne , Indiana That Is Gettin Ready To Move To Hawaii..... Love Movies, Going To Bars,All Kinds Of Music..... I Don't Mind Play Games (So, Don't Do It )..... More To Come
Shawn Morrison
Shawn Mallory
Shawn Thompson
Shawn Wilson
Shawn Hepburn
Shawn Edie
Shawn Stiff
Shawn Fraser
Shawn Jones
Electrician by day, bouncer at a local bar at ni te
Shawn Russell
Shawnda Hendon
Shawna Holderness
Names shawna im 21 and have 2 kids that are my everything I also have a great bf named nick and he is the best bf i have ever had I love to read and write poetry they keep me calm
Shawn Fredrickson
Shawna Wagner
Shawn Pry
Shawn Whittemore
I'm a 36 year old man. Looking for no strings attached kind of women? I am very intellectual in many ways! Very oral. I speak what's on my mind. I enjoy the entertainment business. I'm a hide music, history, politics, philosophy, and movies. As well as sex.
Shawn Hetherington
Shawn Landers
Shawn Jackson
Shawn Collins
Shawn Dorey
Shawn Smith
Shawn Grace
Shawn Wolf
Shawn Wilson
Shawn Butler
Shawn Beach
Shawn Barone
Shawn Sanderson
Shawn Shelley
Shawn Morris
I love the outdooors n try to spend as much time outside as I can. Ilove animals n children cuz they r'nt two faced n either they like u or they don't. I am a Wiccan n enjoy heavy metal n classic rock. I HATE liars n two faced people> If u cannot deal w/ me on an honest level don't deal w/ me at all. I enjoy having a GOOD TIME N MAKING PEOPLE LAUGH. Sports especially volleyball n softball Fishing n camping My FATHER Saving Private Ryan any horror movies ANY Stephen King movie(he is the S@$t)
Shawn Powell
Shawn Roblez
Shawn Schmidt
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Shawn Key
Shawn Borowicz
Shawndra Carroll
Shawna Richardson
Shawn White
Shawn Lee
Shawn Wright
Shawn Angus
Shawn Lanigan
Shawniee Cockett
Shawn Winchester
Shawn Monday
Shawn Mcgreal
Shawna Abdel Monem
Shawn Sanford
Shawn Ralston
Shawn Jagdeo
Shawntee Mccurley
Shawn Schinderling
Shawn Kukulka
Shawn Bagley
Shawn Bradshaw
Shawna Barboza
Shawn Phipps
Shawn Duckett
hey jsut to let everyone know im not on here most of the time. but if i am on ill chat if u wana chat. and to tell u im single, live in a small town have a job, i met a few people off here but werent worth anything when i met them. so if u wana chat hit me if u wana stay in further contact with me ill give u my facebook or maybe my email or something. and if you dont wana chat with me Dont PULL A DICK MOVE and leave me hanging be honest if u dont want me to talk to u just say something and ill move on and not bother you at all. so dont be a dick Beautiful custom homepage Spartan race, military,beer, camping, playing paintball love paint ball bowling,beer,
I am a down to earth nice guy looking for the one i guess. Making the one i care for smile.
Shawn Sullivan
Shawn Erler
30 something white male. 6'1. decent shape. From Texas and no that doesnt mean Im a cowboy or a redneck but I will be a real cowboy for a real woman if thats what she needs. I am single but looking for friends first an ya that means women only. John Lennon A Clockwork Orange, Sin City , Leon : the Professional , Unforgiven, Along came polly, the Road Warrior just to name a few. Oh and just about anything with John Malkovich is good especially Of Mice and Men.
Shawn Brown
Shawn Chase
Shawdii Lo
Shawn Milici
Shawn Farrell
Shawn Metty
Shawna Becker
Shawn Benjamin
Shawn Smothers
Shawn Mccormick
Shawna Saucier
I am a 27 year old single mom of three kids two girls and a boy. I work at wal-mart and am trying to get a job as a Juvenile probation/parole officer. If you wanna know anything else just ask. I like to read and write, I love spending time with my kids and other family, hanging out with my friends. I hate being single, but it was neccessary. I really like someone, but they are kinda hard to read. I never know quite where I stand with them. My mom says I intimidate people, and I guess I can come on kinda strong, but I tend to love with my whole heart when I do it. I'm actually kinda boring I guess!
Shawn Basnett
Shawn Reeves
Shawn Sparkman
Shawn Rollerson
Shawn Mears
Shawn Clarke
Shawn Thomas
Shawna Smith
Shawna Rosa
Shawn Fowler
Shaw Justin
Shawn Lawson
Shawnna Cherie Heskett- Clipper
Shawn Barnes
Shawn Hansen
Shawn Dubose
Shawn Hojnacki
Shawn Matter
Shawn Allen
Shawn Seavey
Shawn Henderson
Shawn Beeman
Shawn Grainger
Shawn Sills
Shawn Williams
Shawn Lascelles
Shawn Haygood
Shawn Mccallum
Shawn Montgomery
well my name is shawn i'm 39 yrs old i'm originally born and raised in a city called coldwater,michigan. Growing up i was unfortunatly the only child in my family so if i broke a glass or something i would automatically get blamed for it. I was raised to treat woman with the upmost respect. The way you want to be treated. I will not, i repeat, I WILL NOT lay a single finger on any woman due to the simple fact that i was not brought up that way. Growing up i always saw my parents being very affectionate towards each other so needlessw to say thats how i am to this day. The main topic of this dialog lol is to ,for me, to treat the woman that i'm dating treat her like a royal queen!!!!!! my all time favorite idols in my life today as we speak are my parents due to the fact that did what they di growing up for me to have a better life than trhey ever had. I totally respect and honor my parents because they had to put up with me threw my teen yrs so mom dad god bless ya
Shawn Mendelsohn
Shawn Wood
Shawn Neal
well i am kinda shy at first but when you get to know me i am like the coolest person ever Movies,Sports,Video Games
Shawn Myers
Shawpa Blood
Shawn Owens
Shawn Pearson
Shawn Miller
Shawn Rodriguez
Shawn Jessee
Shawn Smith Pollard
Shawntee Falconer
Shawn Lessard
Shawn Bridle
Shawn Smith
Shawna Ross
Shawna Sweitzer
Shawn Rucker
Shawn Amour
Shawn Reinke
Shawn Laudan
Shawnee Odell
Shawn Austin
Shawn Fex
Shawn Cote
Shawn Bowen
Shawn Keating
Shawn Newman
Shawntelle Avery
Shawn Moser
Shawn Yearwood
Shawn Uchiha
Shawn Young
Shawn Reagans
Shawn Graham
Shawn Willey
Shawna Bood
Looking to just live life to it's fullest. Don't know what else to say. If you want to know more of me contact me and let's start chatting. I enjoy webcam chat and meeting new people.
Shawn Billi
Shawn Stewart
Shawn Morgan
Shawn Toombs
Shawn Hennessy
Shawn Conder
Shawn Arthur
Im goin to start off sayin im shawn im 5'11 145 im here looking for friends and if it goes from there it does. I like to talk so if u dont like to conversat and get to know people so dont be shy i may haave a nice outside but belive me i have a naughty inside dont be shy come join me ill watch anything once
Shawn Spurrier
Shawn Paris
Shawn Whitsett
Shawn Sullivan
Shawn Vice
Shawn Todd
Shawn Blankenship
Shawn Kingston
Shawn Rainwater
Shawn Quijano
Shawn Garrett
Shawn Caron
Shawn Mahaffey
Shawnna Wilterding
Shawn Millien
im just a laid back guy trying to get it to the fullest by any means......................... good music,good weed,good looking women,gettin money,partying,dancing,singing,rapping and just doing anything that makes me feel good!!!! taylor gang movement!! my mom,usher,biggie,me and my brother.. action movies,thrillers and comedy..
Shawn Tate
Shawn Porter
Shawn Proffitt
Shawn Green
Shawn Bobo
Shawn Koski
Shawn Mccabe
Shawn Louk
Shawntel Maynor
Shawanda Williams
Shawn Engles
Shawon Corleone
Shawn Poupart
Shawn Price
Shawn Gardner
Shawn Chandler
Shawn Daugherty
Shawn Cancelli
Shawn Perez
Shawn Misener
Shawn Whitehead
Shawn Margerum
Shawn Akers
my real name is shawn, i'm from california and currently in the marines. i'm not looking for anything specific on here just looking to pass the time and maybe make a couple new friends. a couple of my real friends are on here and just like i got sucked into joining facebook here i am on here lol. i'm not here to perv ur pics and i don't show people my personal parts on the internet so if ur looking to cam or share nude pics then believe it or not i'm not ur guy lol. i'm kinda old fashioned and think that sorta thing should be more respected and personal so if ur the type of girl who sells her pics for online game credits then u and i won't get along too well. k anything specific u wanna know about me u can hit me up and say hi i'm friendly and like to chat and meet new people. i'm a nerd and i like to chill with my friends and play video games. i love music (all types) and movies (again all types) and reading (nerd alert). i also like hunting, fishing, riding dirt bikes, snowboarding,
Shawn Hankla
Shawn Clarke
Shawn Stuhr
Shawn Hardy
Shawn Ison
Shawn Kazanis
Shawn Pack
Im a single guy in the Estill Springs, Manchester, Winchester- Coffee County area. Looking for love fun and good times with good men! yes, Im bi sexual and Imma freak in the sheets. hollr for some simply southern lovin'! Ill really have you FUBAR'D! Sex Men/Women Activities hangin in or outdoors. I love movies, Fishing, Hunting, up for anything once and twice if mes likes it! David Bowie, Shannen Doherty, Lucy Lawless, i gotta list full tv/movie/real life ppls too just ask if u really want to know. Labyrinth is my all time fav. I like love, comedy, dramas, gangsta what evas good... TRUEBLOOD thats whats up.
Shawnta Jones
Shawn Plant
Shawanda Davis
Shawn Risner
hi my name is Shawn I'm 20 12/20/1990 I'm 5'11 Blue eyes dirty blond hair love sports!! play football for Columbia Central High School. I love to work out i weigh 210!! I'm a cool guy A real man is always true to himself. And it takes a real man to achieve true wealth. Success is more than fast cars, jewelry or clothes. Success is the accomplishment of a man's desired goals. A real man always puts God first. Even though he may not always go to church. Thank you Lord for waking me up everyday. I've been through hell, but I'm still here and that's why I pray. A real man knows what a real woman is worth. A real woman is the most amazing gift on this earth. The love of a real woman is something to be cherished. And without it a real man would truly parrish. A real man takes good care of his family. And is always a positive role model for siblings. When he has kids, he stays around to be a real father. It's the men who aint real that don't even bother. Real men do exist,
Enjoy making new friends...and chatting with ppl..enjoy making them laugh as well..if you wann know me more yahoo me or skype id wizard1976 yahoo im spharis1976..hollar
Shawn Baker
Shawn Chambers
Hi my name is shawn i am 27 i like to go shopping hang out and like to seat and watch movies i am a funny nice guy to hang with and i really like to look for some one that is carring an honset and that knows what thay want in life but be friend at first and see how it gose but i dont want any one that some one cares for who i am not for what i am but cares for who i am i dont have any kids i am divorced i dont like head games if you are for real if you want to know more about me you can leave me a message thanks!! i like to go bowling,fishing,camping,mudding,movies, more out doors.
Shawn Collins
I'm a pastry chef. I love to compete in cake competitions. I also love creating new recipes from thing you wouldn't think you could make a cookie out of... I'm trying to get myself on 'Chopped', and the Food Network Challenge. Baking, camping, storm chasing, swimming, photography, geocaching. Ben Franklin. I dig 'b' movie horror, period films, and of course like any red blooded american male, sophomoric comedy, and explosive action.
Shawn Lewis
Shawn Porter
Shawn Canty
Shawon Ahmed
Shawn Glover
new to all this. who wants to help me out lol
Shawn Duffy
Shawn Kyles
Shawn Lauderdale
Shawn Hernandez
Shawn Ward
Shawn Rayl
People always ask me who are u? Where are u from? All these things that really dont matter when u stop and thing about it...... but if u much know something about me ok here it goes.... Im a big family kinda guy!!! Friends and family always come first over anything!!!!! Im think im an out going person but ull have the people close to me to find that one out lol... but thats it for not keep it real
Shawn Kramer
Shawn Waggoner
Shawn Nicola
Shawn Stoebe
veteran of our US ARMY.....single......sense of humor loves baseball, hockey Get Your Sexy Name
Shawn Burden
Shawn Shwan
Shawna Boone
Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee
Shawn Labelle
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My name is Shawn. Last name is my stage or band name whatever you wanna call it. Started playing guitar about 11 years ago. I should be a lot better at it. I live in South Florida. I enjoy hanging out in my screen room drinking beers, smoking cigs, and watching the Miami Heat wreck everyone this year. Anything else you need to know about me feel free to ask. I will fill this out later I'm new here you see. Billy? If anyone gets that. I think thats a pun. weird shit. scary shit. funny shit. or star wars
Shawna Susalla
Shawn Lopez
Shawn Garaffa
Shawn Drost
Shawn Collins
Shawn Werner
Shawn Thomas
im shawn i love sports and being outsidde and i am an extremley competitive person im 5'11" with hazel eyes and athletic build. anything else ask me...i dont bite hard i swear weight lifting, alabama football....ROLL TIDE, i love rock music as well as rap but only very few rappers can i stand i enjoy a good challenge and am all around fun and i enjoy being me. lol hit me up i enjoy meeting new ppl anyways my grandfather. that is my only idol. he was the best man i have ever had the privelage of knowing. R.I.P. pawpaw tremors, all the rocky movies, con air, forest gump, all the predator and alien movies, bloodsport, the fox and the
i am not into drama from any body i like just about most things except people who are fake or out to cause harm to another i am very peaceful person. but get on the wrong side, well you know! i have a huge heart which has bitten me a time or to but such is life take it on the chin and move on. i work hard and play hard. all i want is my little piece of this pie we call life.shit im just a down to earth guy biking ,hiking, fishing, women, sex, porn, hunting , music ,and sports. i also am not to shy to party down or up if the need be. oh yah off roading is sweet to
Shawn Kirkpatrick
Shawn Erskine
Shawn Trisler
Shawn Pike
Shawn Tharp
Shawn Duffy
Shawn Bond
Shawn Burridge
Shawn Jackson
Shawn Ferguson
Shawn Simmons
Shawn Coyle
from sandiego ca live on my own alone in my apt. w my dog alf friendly hard working guy careing /helpful/ love the ladys friends or girlfriend grow up w 4 sisters back east in N.H. like movies /going out to eat kicking back at apt w football game on w friends w a beer and something to food to eat be looking forward making and meeting new friends from sandigo ca and everywhere else.i am here looking to meet new people and make more new friends i don't drive cost to much in ca gas and etc and am cool w that ! take sandiego mts bus to work and etc where ever i need to get to have a good life my friends talk w you soon! music/movies /NFL FOOTBALL/COOKING/KICKING BACK AT HOME W MY FRIENDS HAVING A DRINK OR COFFEE and food to eat/LIKE BASEBALL/NFL FOOTBALL/NASCAR/ LIKE SANDIEGO CHAIRGERS/SANDIEGO PADIES/ have to say my mother and and her sister who are gone now and my 4 sisters good strong irish women and i did fine in l
Shawn Unrath
Shawn Nabors
I don't have much to say about my self but here it goes. I tend to be a home body because most of the time I'm with my family or the few friends I have. I love to fish, camp, go mudding, and hunt when I get time. I have one daughter that is 8. Ok this is the hard part but I have to be honest I had a real bad car accident back in 98'. It left me with a broke neck, fractured skull, cuts and more. Over time I've been left with nerve damage and a chemical imbalance which the doctors have me on meds that keep me sane lol. Get to know me before you think "Oh no he's crazy" I might be but who aint. jk I love computers and electronics technology I love gadgets. My 4x4 is one of my hobbies I'm working on it alot. i love to mud.
Shawyn Brown
Shawna Scott
Shawn Cranmer
Shawn Wear
Shawna Rose-fuller
Shawn Cheeks
im a country boy and a soldier in the army reserves im a 88mike motor transportation operator hunting fishing camping paintballin muddin videogames
Shawn Johanson
Shawn Collins
Shawn Watson
Shawn Vance
Shawna Jusstame
Shawn Hill
Shawnie Roberson
Shawn Lawrence
im a down to earth person im not into drama or mind games I like to listen to music rap rnb going to the movies and hanging out with frienda and famely spending time with my kids and going camping fishing if u want to know more just ask
Shawn Michael
Shawn Simmons
Shawn Hinkle
Shawn Moore
Shawn Williams
Shawn Lopez
Shawn Matthew
Shawn Roberson
Shawn Ramming
Shawn Williams
Shawn Sun
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Benson
Shawn Benitez
My name is Shawn. I'm a 30 year old promotional model and porn actor. Yes I do porn. However, I only do one to two scenes per month. I'm looking for a cute girl to go out and have fun with. I just signed up for this site and don't really know how to use it. It's confusing but I'll figure it out. Hit me up. Don't be shy
Shawn Bell
Shawn Smith
Shawn Mitchell
Shawn Jackson
Shawn Parry
Shawn Brawner
offshore towboat captain from texas
Shawn Asselin
Shawna Rondthaler
Shawn Hinz
Shawn Gibson
Shawn Pulaitchk
Shawna Cherry
Shawn Yost
Shawn Arflack
Shawn Johnson
Here is a little bit about me. My name is Shawn I am 30 yrs old. What I am looking for is a long- term relationship. What I`m looking for in a women is someone that wants to spend time with me. I enjoy going out to eat, flea markets, car shows, swimming. Type of Music: County & Rock & Roll (Mostly County & Little Bit of Rock & Roll) Type of Movies: Action, Comedy & Horror Type of Sport: Alabama Football (Roll Tide) Type of Food: Steak & Mexican
Shawn Riddick
Shawn Brown
Shawn Gilbert
Shawn Porter
Shawn Rhoades
Shawn Garner
Shawn Barks
Shawn Hughes
Shawn Stanley
Shawna Haney
Shawn Earley
Shawn Moody
Shawn Kramer
Shawn Summers
Shawn Stivers
Shawn Tokar
Shawn Jones
Shawn Wood
Shawn Perry
Shawn Alexander
Shawn Harris
Shawn Decker
Shawn Merrick
Shawn Miranda
Shawn Burnes
Shawn Goode
Shawn Oswalt
Shawn Koga
Shawnj Rouse
Shawn Burt
Shawn Brown
Shawn Flett
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Feely
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Hartman
Shawn Hartman
Shawn Morse
Shawn Sutton
Shawn Tucker
Shawn Ament
Shawn Corntassel
Dad with three kids, two sons live with me. Raised on a horse ranch in West Texas. Intelligent, funny, honest, hansome and of course humble : ) Looking friend
Shawn Pack
Imma fun guy looking for love romance a lil ass come on you all are in some ways i just let ya know it up front. dont want extremely clingy and in any relationship i believe a guy should be a guy and a woman should be modest and lady like. too many now a days 247 open for business slutty girls. if I go for a girl I want her to show some sophistication as well as a lil class. not to high main. but enough she wont walk off and drop it for my buddies or twisted shit like that. Im bi so guys be masculine be romantic or rough and edgy i wanna be with someone whose not twisted in the mind wearing girl clothes or acting like a complete girl. I either want it one way or another.Please and special orders do upset us. lol jk. ill work with you if you work with me. maybe we can get our swerve on together! I draw, paint creative arts is relaxing and fun. will try body painting and such always open to try anything once and if i like it a whole lot more. IMma nympho like you donno. lol. I read and w
Shawn Rogers
Shawn Blanchard
Shawn Beagle
Shawn Pierson
Shawn Vest Jr
Shawn Washington
Shawn Shirley
Shawn Morningstar
Shawn Denley
Shawn Whidden
Shawn Green
Shawn S
My main type of movies are westerns, buts i watch just about anything.
Shawn Walker
Shawn Coonfare
Shawn Cramner
Shawn Dixon
I am a REal Estate Appraiser and I really do not get out much or well I didn't. I was in a relationship for many years and I have not been out on a date in many years!! I am a little nervous and excited to see what happens next in my life and where it will take me. I have never been married but, I have do have 2 kids, 21 and 18 and an 18 month old granddaughter. My granddaughter loves me for just beong Pop Pop, (wow, I am to young to be called Pop Pop)but, that's ok with me, I can now say I enjoy being Pop Pop. I am 43 and now find myself single. I am not sure about this on line dating, very new to me as well. I am funny, silly at times and an adult when needed to be. I love fishing, swiming, walking the boardwalks and walking thru the water on the beach barefoot, where the ocean meets the beach and acting like a kid sometimes. I like to be around people who like to laugh and joke around but, who also can be serious when needed to be. My kids and granddaughter do live with me at this t
Shawna Foster
Shawn Warner
Shawn Berry
Shawn Pritchard
Shawn Cook
im very easy going and laid back person. Great personality,outgoing,adventurious. like trying new things,love variety in everything. interests include outdoor concerts,street fairs,the beach,antique stores, hiking,or just relaxing watching a movie,great conversation. im very affectionate,playful,and sometimes naughty.
Shawn Snodgrass
Shawn Mandy Connelly
Shawn Whitman
Shawn Boulton
Shawn Brown
Shawn Baum
Shawn Walker
Shawn Amos
Shawna Lazierbenton
Shawn Christopher
Shawn Theodore
Shawn White
Shawn Thomas

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