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Been around forever and plan to be here forevermore quothe the raven.
MT(SS) was on the boats... Join my fuMafia please.
Computers: Building & Selling, networking, programming. Reading: Mythology, Science Fiction, Fantasy. Movies: Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror (pinhead still owns!) Writing: Poetry Cooking (holy shit a guy who knows how to cook!) Being anti-social
i'm stronger than Kermit and Jesus combined
Let see... I'm 5'9, dirty blond hair, blue eyes... to get to know me more message me
Here to lurk and procrastinate.
I'm a 34 year old street artist and poet from NYC. Now residing in the Tampa Bay area. Always looking for new people to meet. Check out my art @ Tattoos, Tattooing, Painting, Traveling, Poetry
Lifelong resident of Louisiana. Was once in the seminary. Four mor years til retirement. Chicago Cubs baseball; travel;photography; nudism my mom and dad. Sci-fi, CGI.
I am an island boy from the Pacific Islands... I luv to fish and live where I am surrounded by water...Fishnig and crabbing when I can...
Royan Usas
Roya Star
Royal Scott
Royal Blunts
Roy Aquino
Royal J
Roy Abdar
The Royal John Manson Esq.
I'm ornery and smarter than all of you. Oh... and sarcastic for you slow learners....geweeesh Manson@Myspace /"> Writing, playing music and work.
Roy & Angela Church
Royal Dyal
Roy And Mary
we r a couple mostly looking for couples as well but we will chat with singles and see where things woman always wecome too...we r roy and mary both 32 we live in pendleton sc just out side of anderson sc ..we like fishing camping movies all types out camping chating on the computer making new friends ....any thing u like to know we r on yahoo at cplinsc2005 and royandmary2005 we r also on aol at we don't read yahoo mail if u want us to get your mail right away email us thats where we get all our mail thanks hope to make new friends u can im us yahoo if we r there we will im u right back....her..5/1 160 lbs 36c shaved/trimmed very clean and thats what we r lokking for as well... him5/8 260 lbs short hair blue eyes 6.5c very out going ..if u r real not into games im us or email us thanks for your time.....waiting to hear from someone.... fishing, camping movies bowling, boating chating , cooking out...
Royal Ace
Royal Rosinni
fishing,hunting,wrestling,and nascar!!!!
Royal Sayre
Royal Prince
Roy Adams
Royal Garrison
Sign by Dealighted - Coupons and DealsI am a 62 year old black Wiccan male musician/singer/acto­r, with some college background, experience in acting, entertaining, photography(still, fashion, figure). Abilities are best utilized with a computer, camera, or guitar. Experience includes: an eye for detail, design, music, electronics. Extensive acting experience on stage(20 years), and some film exposure (Back to the Future 3, etc..), . Accomplished singer/guitarist. I have my own internet catalog business. See if you can find me in "Bad Girls", "Back to the Future 3". I also have an internet radio station at:­ions/royalhg. I am too old for head games or drama. I want to live the rest of my life as drama-free as possible. I am not a bad person, even though I have done some bad things. One thing is for sure: you treat me right, and I will treat you right. If I'm not checking your baggage, don't check mine. I AM a lover,not a fighter!! Don't be HATIN'! I AN NOT A SCAMME
Royal Sayre
Roy Achey
Roy Andreson
Roy Abou Chedid
Royal Potter
Royale Williams
The name is Royale an Ive been breathing for 22 yrs now...I lay my head at nite in this beat azz town called South River in Jersey...Im a out goin crazy kinda gurl who Loves to have a good time...I have the GREATEST friends ever...I dont know wat i would do with out them.I can be the sweetiest person anybody can meet but cross me an im the BIGGEST Bitch ever...Im also a Mother to a 2 yr old who is the most wonderful lil boy ever who is my world...He is the reason my heart beats everyday...Im very Blessed to have him in my Life...I Love him more an more every day that passes...He is my world,my everything...I Thank God for my lil Boy ever...I Love him with All My Heart...
Roy Albers
Roy Adkins
Royale Galloway
Royalisha Mason
Just here to have some fun and meet people. I'm easy going and like to chat so say hi, I could use the distraction I am sure.
Royal Zehner
Roy Alderete
Royalty B
Royann Willis
Royal Painannekaakaninja Smurfette Aka Mysteriously Unique
-------!!!-------...........-.-............-------!!!------- -------!!!-------...........-.-............-------!!!------- ---!!!!!!!!!!!---...........-.-............---!!!!!!!!!!!--- -------!!!------- Put this on your...--....-------!!!------- -------!!!------- page to show your..--....-------!!!------- -------!!!------- support and respect-.-...-------!!!------- -------!!!------- to all our troops...--...-------!!!------- Ok My Name Is Anneka. I have lived in Oklahoma since i was 4. I have two kids a boy 13 and a girl 15. I love my kids they come first before anything. I can't imagine my life without them. I (Am Now Divorced!! Woot!!) I am easy going to a point. If you annoy me i will tell you. I am sarcastic, opinionated, a all around smartass. If you don't want the truth don't ask me. I have no problem hurting anyone's feelings. #1tip do not try and figure me out. I am all the time changing. I like the outdoors, camping, fishing, etc. I like playing in the rain. I l
Roy Anderson
Well lets c here, i love playin sports i play semi pro hockey. I love But what i love most is dragracing!!! Im an out goin guy who loves to party and have a good time no matter what!
Roy Anderson
Roy Adams
Royal Sniper
Royalty King
Royal Davis
Roy Andersom
Royal Queen
Royal Hannon
Royal Velvet
Royality Sara
Royal Smith
Roya Hg
Roya Alyaseri
Royal Beeler
i am a very open person... but if there is anything u would like to know you will have to ask to find out... taking control and being taken control of. likes people that dont fuck around when saying whats on there mind. anything else u want to know just ask...ill tell you anything u want to know...does not matter how personal it is... none that i can think of at the moment... horror movies are my fav...but i love most all movies...
Royalt Prince
Roy Ardiansyah
Royal Greatness
Roy Alvarez
Royal Hunk
Royal Queen
Royald Cruzz
I am Working as Silverlight Developer in IT Consultancy. you can read my Silverlight Development Article here.
Roy Arden
Royale Anderson
FIRST OF ALL NO I DO NOT WANNA SEE UR PENIS SO PLZ DONT OFFER. IM NOT THAT TYPE OF GIRL AND I WILL NEVER BE. IT JUST MAKES U LOOK DESPERATE AND STUPID. ALSO IM NOT A WHORE SO NO I WONT SEND U NAKED PICS. I ASK THAT YOU PLEASE DO NOT DISRESPECT ME WITH THAT KIND OF STUFF OR IN ANY OTHER WAY OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE DELETED AND BLOCKED!!!!!! ok so now that we got all that out of the way here is a little about myself my name is ROYALE. im a single mommy as of march 21, 2012. his name is bryson matthew anderson. it means: my king sent from god (which means no there is no room for u to squeeze in sorry) im really only looking for friends im not interested in starting a relationship with anybody so plz dnt push one. if u wanna know anything else feel free to ask.
Roy Alexander
Roy Arents
Roy Anderson
Royal Synn
Roya Shaker
Roy Ashbrook
Royal Hall
I like some one who is fun going easy toget along with .some one who can make me laugh as well as cum. some one just to chill with nothing serious.
Roy A Navarro
Roy Ali
Royal Blu
Royalty Ugulu
Royal Ghurkhas Khukuri
Royal Cheese
Pulp Fiction
Royal King
Roya Friday
Royal Jackson
Juss ask Money money & more money
Roy Abramson
Horny guy looking for horny gals Oral,oral,and oral My mother Action/adventure and sci fi
Roy Anslem
Roy Bohanon Jr
Roy Badmus
Roy Bowers
Roy Benvenuti
Roy Brooks
i have brown hair blue eys 5'10 You scored as Sniper Rifle. You like sharpshooting. Stealth, accuracy and range are your best friends. So you need sniper rifle (if you don't already have one).Sniper Rifle100%Machinegun100%Assault Rifle88%Shotgun75%Revolver44%SMG38%Pistol31%What Firearm Fits You Best?created with
Roy Brothers
Roy Barnett
Roy Bradshaw
I am male.I am 5'4 and a half. I have blue eyes and dark brown hair. I have health problems. I'm into wrestling. And all other stuff too. Britney Spears,Christina Aguilera,etc Any
Roy Bruyneel
Get more at Get more at Get more at
Roy Bentley
Roy Bailey Ii
i am roy. i like to meet good people that are down to earth. i travle alot. itis part of my job. i like to play golf and go to the shows. the best thang is to sit down to super with nice poeple and have a good converation. i stand 6' about 196 lb if you want to know more just ask. love roy /" target="_blank">Courtesy of SparkleTags.cCourtesy of SparkleTags.comomrry" />Courtesy of Courtesy of
Roy Batke
Roy Broussard
Roy Brown
Roy Burke
what im like, i lik to listen to music and hang out with new people and get to know new things. im in to dirt bikes cars anything with a motor on it basicly. chicks are in my mind 2 a lil play wont hurt u know. im in to alot of things, just hit me up with anything u'd like to know and i'll tell u everything. dont be shy cause im not. hit me up. im interested in alot of things, mostly chicks. all sorts but got to have more respect 4 those looks and all that important stuff u know whats up. i like alot of things so just hit me up and lets get to know each other and become friends or more than friends. its all up to u. hit me up and see what im like.
Roy Barham
Roy Bradlee
Roy Browning
Roy Bovee
Roy Bunch
Whats to say about me? I am a real down to earth dude who loves to spend time with my friends. I love the sumertime and spend a lot of time outside camping and hitting the trails in my jeep. Drop me a line and we can chat!
Roy Browning
Roy Brown
Roy Bronson
Roy Benjamin
Roy Blake
Roy Bradley
Roy Brooks
Roy Bolinger
Roy Buttron
Roy Bell
Roy Bernal
Roy Berry
Roy Byerly
Roy Brook
Roy Barmenz
Roy Besa
Roy Bilger
Search Video Codes Enjoy hunting, camping, hiking, etc... I love walks through the woods, just something about sitting in the woods and watching nature doing its thing is relaxing to me. Like working in the yard. REALLY enjoy riding my harley, try to every chance I get..have recently discovered I am interested in the history of the American west. And food?? MEAT! I LOVE A THICK, JUICY STEAK any day of the week! Want to know more? Hit me up... None, but I do admire people who take the worst life can throw at them and still survive.. Chronicles of Narnia, grand fury, anything with Clint Eastwood! Zombieland, I like any comedy that makes me laugh...
Roy Billiot
Royboy Wheeler
here to have fun and see what fubar has too offer,iam alot fun
Roy Bolen
Roy Brown
Roy Barron
Roy Bray
Roy Bryant
Roy Bryant
Roy Bragg
Gourmet foods, gardening, off road Jeep driving, Soduku puzzles, music Star Wars, Star Trek, BBC Series of the Planet
Roy Bieluch
Roy Bowermaster
Roy Bailey
Roy Bonner
Roy Brocks
Roy Barnhart
I like to go fishing,Flea markets,yard sales, cuddle and watch TV or a movie. Ilike to cook,gardening,a walk in the park holding hands. John Wayne Westerns,sci-fi,cop,comedy,
Roy Brashear
Roy Bann
Royce Bautista
i surf thats all i ever do o and surf the web i like stuff and lots of it o and music too
Roy Cravens
Looking for fun with ladies. I am upfront and honest. I am in a open marriage and yes you can talk to wife if intrested..
Roy Calderon
im 5'9" brown hair brown eyes MEXICANO 4 LIFE down the brown alot
Roy Chapman
Roy Castro
My kids, My motorcycle, Suburban and 66 Galaxy. Photography, Design and Development of websites. Starting over into a new life and am looking for the last woman I will ever love....
Royce Mailolo
Da Names Royce. Most People Call Me Royce, SeXXXy. Wutever U Feel Lyk Calling Me Go For It. Jess Be Careful. Im Hawaiian Filipino, N Currently Educated At Campbell High. FRESHMEN SONN'. I Lyk To Go Fishing, Speardiving, & BodySurfing. In Mai Spare Tym I Lyk To Be A Flirt. Taken By Hillary Dela Cruz since 040906.ILOVEU. If U Want Mai AIM All U Gotta Do Is ASK. If U Wanna Kno More Jess ASK. Oh I Forgot... Hey Litto Homo! Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates o
Roy Chow
Royce Mccalman
Royce Kaamase
Royce Faulkner
Roy Crofoot
im a light brown haired crystal blue eyed male im around 5 7 145 lbs i have 2 kids to which i pay child support for but their mother is not lettin me have ne contact of ay kind with em even tho im payin 65 percent of my income every month i miss em like crazy they are all i think about besides findin someone specail to share my life and love with i love kids and want some more or if i happen to be able to get with someone who has kids would be awesome also i miss every lil thing about bien with my kids i miss changin their diapers feedin them cleanin up after them singin to them while they go to sleep and just bein with them period last time i physically saw them is on october 7th of 2004 the day she ruined my life and killed my soul by givin me no warnin and forcing me to come back to texas im a 25 year old male who likes to have fun and who werks alot i love to go dancin and listening to music watch movies and play pool im the type of guy that if the woman im with wants to stay at ho
Royce Clements
Roy Cousineau
iam 6 feet tall i have brown hair and brow eyes and iam 185 pounds and i have a three perscings and 39 tattoosiam loveable and caring guy i love kids i have one child of my own i love the out doors i love camping fishing football basketball long walks the beach water sking surfing rock climbing go karting i love scary movies
Royce Mccoy
Roy Cash
Ok, about me.Well, I'm 6 foot.Got balck hair.Hazel eyes.Goatee and moustache.Several piercings and tattoos.I'm big guy, but don't let that fool you.I still know how to go out and have a good time and drink and party!! Well, Let's see. My interests are wide and varied.I like to read,watch TV,movies,listen to music,go for walks,go partying,just have fun!!
Roy Craft
I am into women who squirt when they cum! have been in mfm 3 somes and an orgy, love going to casino. I am a US submariner, live in groton connetticutt! Have the coolest apartment now! My favorite site other than here is adultfriendfinder and love cam to cam!!
Roy Clare
Roy Chancellor
Royce Standard
Royce Mcintyre
I'm a diver. I'm a dad. My wife and I have an 'open' relationship. I have certain things I'm talented with. I am Royce.
Roy Carwile
Roy Come
Royce Sims
Roy Coffee
Roy Carter
Roy Carpenter
Roy Carter
Roy Cook
Royce Barg
Royce Rolz
Royce Lonely
Want to know??? ask!!!!....Extended Network Banners Misfits Last Caress Im a Damn Yankee all mixed up and partially confused.. Im a swell guy most would say .. quietly loud and best yet reserved.Creativly intelligent and warmhearted.Im 28 yrs old i have a two yr old little girl that means the world to me i work hard.I dont put up with peoples games anymore Im a straight forward kinda guy but at the same time i love to act like a jackass and make people laugh with random acts of funny. I was born and raised In NY I grew up street smart and book smart my grandfather used to tell me that theres a reason God gave us two ears and one mouth. We should always listen twice as much as we talk. so Ive listened and Ive learned a lot from life and my own mistakes aswell as the mistakes of others.. And i thank that for the man i am today. body.bodyContent{background-color: E5E5E5;background-position: top center;background-repeat: repeat-y;background-attachment: fixed;}body.bodyCon
Royce Bantz
Royce Jiles
Royce Grayson
Royce Gibbons
Roy C
Royce Mitchell
Hey Ya'll....Just an old west Texas cowboy lookin for someone to play with and and have a good time....I like c/w music and dancing and a cold brew while doing it!....if this stricks your fancy...give me a shout....I'm living with someone but, not married...P. S. I don't want to be married either....again if this sounds like your kind of fun..give me a hollar.....Mitchroy111
Roy Crabtree
Royce De Vries
Royce Heath
Royce Austin
well ...about me...i'm married, with a beautiful wife ( she is german and black mixed ) but with the gettoe buttie and a nice smile. out of that two lovely girls ages 11 and 9 all of them are my world. thats why i'm in the army . i have to protect my families future. i'm a laid back guy..with many talents. love cooking, sports, drawing and collecting. oh i love my sports car . please add me as a friend or even a fan. i'm still new at this , but someday soon i'll be like all those well experienced fubar kings and queens. ( TO ALL MY BRO'S AND SIS' IN COMBAT ARMS; HIT ME UP REMEMBER : ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT....)
Royce Franklin
Roy Cope
Just Moved back here to Barrington, haven't lived here since 2003. Was living in NC. In school working towards my BA. I'm simple, and there is not much I do not like to do. I love to workout, try to do that everyday, but I love beer just as much ;-). I'm new to this, so I am going to look around before I write more.
Royce Pyle
Roy Colsen
Royce Foreman
Roy Cauthern
Roy Compton
Royce Rosenfelt
what you see is what you get
Royce Pouncey
well lets see my name is royce aka bigroy mostly anyone i know they know me as that um i like to do anything outdoors hunting fishing hiking horsebackriding um if you want to know anything else just ask
Roy Clark
Royce Johnson
Roy Candley
Roy Chesnut
Hi there.I'm new to all this online stuff and everything.So,i'm 31,single never married,and no kids.I drive a semi truck for a living,so i make a very good yearly income,just not alot of time to spend it,ya know.I don't smoke,drink,or do drugs,i eat healthy and try to work out when i can.I love my family very much,and love to spend time with them,especially my 8 year old nephew.He's my little buddy.I signed up on this site to maybe find and make some new friends,and possibly find someone i could date,ya never know right? My interests include outdoor things like hiking,fishing,walks in the park,hanging with my friends,traveling to new places,meeting new people.I like to watch movies,play a little bit of video games,ride four wheelers.One of my favorite things to do would be to cuddle up next to someone special and just enjoy their company.I also like to work out when i can,ya know,to try and stay somewhat healthy,but nobody's perfect rite.
Roy Cervantes
Roy Cox
Roy Choueiry
Royce Dillard
Roy Colburn
Roy Carroll
Roy Cromer
Royce Kaamasee
Roy Clare
Royce Sanders
Roycroft Cartel
Roy Clay
Roycal Crumpton
Roy Castelonia
Royce Seay
Royce Reid
Roy Clark
Roy Cody
Roy Couch
Roy Cook
Royce Peter
Royce Jenkins
Roy Compton
Roy Crisp
Roy Celis
Roy Chambless
Computer Software & website building is something that consumes my life & time. Here is a list of information that will help you better navigate to get to know me. XOC CHAOS ONLINE FORUM : patten-xo FUBAR ACCOUNT : patten-xo FACEBOOK : patten-xo YOUTUBE : patten-xo MYSPACE : patten-xo TWITTER : XOC SOFTWARE WEBSITE : XOC SWISHA HOUSE WEBSITE : XOC RADIO STATION : IN ORDER TO VISIT ANY OF THESE SITES LISTED ABOVE YOU MUST COPY & PASTE THE INFORMATION INTO THE ADDRESS LOCATION BAR THEN HIT ENTER. FUBAR IS A LITTLE BEHIND THE TIMES AUTO CLICK IS WAY EASYER!!!! Computer Software
Royce Ooi
Roy Colburn
I am a writer and I write books and write music.My name is wayne Go to and get ready for my new book and audio cd of "Pattys Smile" she is awesome
Roy Chung
Royce Danny Hughes
Roy Cartwright
Royce Cookie Howell
Royce Siller
Royce Lewis
Roy Cox
Roy Clark
Royce Parnell
Roy Calamba
Royce Cabulang
Royce Dillard
Roy Collinsworth
Roy Christian Jr
Roy Cassity
Roy Clark
Royce Cromer
Roy Cardigan
Royce Mincey
Roy Caesar
Royce Nelson
Roy Clark
Roy Campbell
I'm am simple kind of person. I don't do much around town due to being new to the area. So I mostly am at the house playing games or other things around the house. I do have a few people I do hang out with. Don't really know what else to write so if you wanna know anything, just ask me. Mostly games, movies, and having a good time. *Tim Burton *Johnny Drop *Bam, Steve-o, Ryan Dunn, and the whole gang. *Horror is my stuff. Zombies are the shit! *Kevin Smith films rock! *Comedies are always good. *Action is good for kick ass explosions and big fights.
Royce Proctor
5'11 180lbs 45, traveling electrician love to have fun with new people Deftones, Radiohead, Incubus, A perfect Circle are my favorite jams right now Alice in the Twilight series. She keeps me awake at night.
Roy Cooney
i am a country boy i like mudding and horse back rideing and i have 2 beautifull pitbulls i am going throw a divorce cuz my wife cheated on my with one of my ex goodfriends. i am me
Royce Pasco
Roy Cochran
Roy Clarkson
Hey POF World, Thanks for Stopping by My Profile. I'm Not very good at This but I'll give it a Try. I'm a Very Athletic and Outgoing Person that is Looking for Someone that Likes to Do things together. I'm Interested in All kinds of Things and can Have Fun doing almost anything. I love to Laugh and make people Laugh. I'm a Very Caring Person. I also a Very Random person and Have alot of Fun with That. I'm a Hard working person but like to Play just as Hard and Have Fun. Please just be Upfront and Honest with me and I'll Do the Same . Feel free to message me and ask anything. I'm an Open Book. Thanks, Roy Clarkson P.S. If your Looking to Play Games or a One Night Stand or Just a Hook Up, Please Keep Looking, I'm Sure you won't have any trouble Finding what you Want. That's Not me. Looking for Real people. rock climbing BOOGIE BOARDING Kayaking swimming in ocean mountain biking disc golf arcades ice creme snow sking roller skating Carowinds amusement parks go carts working out l
Roy Copen
Roy Close
Roy Cox
Roy Cousineau
Royce Boyd
Roy Collins
Roy Cogdell
Roy Cox
Roy Davis
I am 6'01", 225 lbs, atheltic build, green eyes, brown hair. I run a local car club - "Floss 'N Gloss" ( in the Muncie, Indiana area. I am active in everything from sports, hanging with friends, doing positive things in the community, car shows...just everything that I can spend my time on. Hit me up at Car Club, friends, car shows, pool, sports Larry Bird, George Washington, 2pac, Tiny Adams 3 Kings, Shawshank Redemption, The One
Roy Dalton
Royden Messer
Roy Dean Mclain Jr
Roy Davis
fun loving crazy as hell loves 2 make people laugh cool as hell singing, karaoke,hunting,fishing,camping,parting,clubing,ect...
Roy Dean Mclain Jr
Roy Dettlinger
Roy Donaldson
Roy Dray
Yo My name is Leroy d. im not going to tell anyone my last name unless i know them. Im a laid back kind of person it takes alot to get me angry or pissed of at someone. Im not the party type but i hang out.
Roy Dessart
I'm A nice I like to meet new people and have fun. Talk to me and find out. I like fishing,hunting,bikeing,camping and sex ask me I will tell all
Roy Dennis
Roy Davis
Roy Dean
Roy Dacanay
Roy Dunson
Roy Davenport
Royden Fernandes
Clubbing Dancing Art DJ'ing camping Trekking Fishing and many more... there is alot to write about but wouldnt be good for u to kno all about me online... whts the fun if we met in person then lol
Roy Dunno
Roy Dupree
Roy Dandy
Roy Deboard
Roy Dorantes
Roy Detweiler
Roy Dobrzynski
Roy Des Jardin
Roy D
Roy Dunham
Roy Dewitt
Roy Daniel
Roy Dearing
Well, I love the Imports. The new 2010 SS Camaro is my dream car. Gotta have a good lookin woman to go with the good lookin car as well. hehehe IDK... If you wanna know more about me, ur gonna have to message me here or on Facebook. If I like you enuf, I may give u my number. lol. There really isnt much about me that I want the open internet public 2 know, so ur gonna have to break the ice and get ahold of me. I uSeD tO bArTeNd In ThE sMaLl ToWn Of WiNtErS, cA. oThEr ThAn ThAt, ThErE iSnT mUcH 4 mE tO sAy AbOuT mYsElF tHaT i DoNt WaNt OtHeRs To KnOw. So Ur GoNnA hAvE tO gEt AhOlD oF Me. /5\3/0\-/9\0/2\-/1\3/8\0/ if you can figure that out. or neohazard420 at Live dot com. YOu mean like BiLlY iDoL? nOwAy!!! MUDVAYNE ALL THE WAY! AnD cAnT fOrGeT aBoUt LeS cLaYpOoL. ThE mAn Is A GOD! ThE CROW stays at the very top of the list, but with the eruption of new movies coming out, its hard to keep a 2-10 listing of them. lol
Roy Dixon
Roy Dunham
Roy Dearing
Roy Droddy
Roy Dement
Roy Delude
Roy Douglas
Roy Durham
Roy De'source
Roy Davis
Roy Davis
Roy Drey
Roy Dale Mckean
Roy Davenport
Roy Daily
Roy Dell
Roy Derry
Royd Lerch
Roy Delsol
Roy Deskins Jr
Roy Dickinson
Royden Netto
Roy Davidson
Roydean Mclain
Roy Daugherty
what is there to say really about me that most men cant say for themselves, I live my life as a love them and learn type of guy wild, but free to choose my own path, most of u wont like me, those that do are lucky to know me, to be honest i am a bore to be with meaning : I am boring, caring , loving, and knows what I want, but if lookin for sex talk count me in im very interested in it, moved to missouri to be with friends if u want to know why i moved from maine to missouri ask me. i am a very sexual type being i love learning new things as well as i do with what i already know.i want them around me and i care about there feelings and another thing is im here just to have fun relax and play. even though i love god more then anything in this personality is : sweet, dominaring,kind hearted, easy hurted, loving, supportive, honest, trustworthy, would do almost anything to please people always in deep thought, and if do get hurt by others never speaks up cuz dont want to hurt
Roy Davis
Roy Dale
Roy Donald
Roy Elson
Roy Ellis
First off thanks for stopping by my page. My name is Roy Ellis , I live in Dyersburg , Tennessee. I'm married , I have 5 kids aged 1 year old boy , 2 and 3 year old girl , 7 year old boy , 11 year old girl. well anything else ya wanna know please just ask.
Roy Ennis
Roy Ehoro
Royesha West
Roy Easterwood
Roy Economides
Roy Epperson
Roye Baird
Roy Easterling
Roy Evans
Roy Eastham
Royer Royer
Roy Eveleigh
Looking for guys under 25 for fun Computers, Photography, Videography, Ballroom and Latin Dance Dont really have an idol but do admire Margarett Rutherford and Jeremy Brett Terminator Salvation, SciFi etc
Roy Flores
nice ";.contactTable { !important; !important; padding:0px !important;background-image:url("");background-attachment:scroll; background-position:center center;background-repeat:no-repeat; background-color:transparent;}.contactTable table, table.contactTable td { padd
Roy Forrest
Well not really much to tell axcept I am a truck driver hince I love to travel I am a father of 2daughters and a grandfather 2 one beautiful granddaughter.I love to hunt and fish and most outdoor and indoor sports.I love fast cars and I love to ride every chance I get.Iam also into flying and anything extreme.I am married and only looking for friends and people to chat with.I am also a man but not a pervert so if you feel like showing some skin well I sure will look with the utmost attention and gratitude. Some one please get me a drink before I pass out from thirst!!!!! Hunting,Fishing,Surfing,SEX,LIke to travle,Just hanging at the beach Music Video Codes By Music
Roy Franklin
Roy Flowers
Roy Foreman
well my name is Roy.I lived in Indiana but just moved home back to Las Vegas.I have 3 kids.I am not here for DRAMA and BULLSHIT.I am looking for friends thaT I can chat with and be if your down for your crown,hit me....
Roy Furr
Roy From Doncaster Uk
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I am a likeable down to earth individual. I am honest respectful, extremely romatic and have sense of humour. I don't blame, change! I take responsibility for my actions knowing that every choice has a consequence. I don't like to blame others because I know that if I blame someone I give up the power to change. I complete with no one, but myself! I try to be better than my previous self. Measure myself against my stated vision remembering that the biggest room there is, is room for improvement. I am creative, I see the world with a fresh pair of spectacles, avoiding monotony where possible, rearraging my mental furniture.
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For those of you who haven't figured it out, my name is Roy. I have been on fubar for almost 6 months and made some really great friends. If you're visiting my page and have time to read about me, please take some time and show love to my family and friends too. If we're not friends, go ahead and send me a request. I return drinks when you send me one, I try to return likes, rates, and fans as I see them come across. I always wish people a good or a great day, whoever says "Have a bad day" anyway? That's enough about me for now, I'll update or change this as I need or want to. Have a great day / night, and click until your hand cramps!!
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im a very fun and funny dude and the girls love me so what else is there to say Hosted by
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