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Rodney Kauffman
Rodney Severance
My name Rodney Severance Town Jacksonville Florida Home Town Naples Florida I was born 2 months early with a hole in my heart i went threw 2 open heart surgeries. Last year i found out had VF it is where your heart rate jump from like 85 beats per minute to like 300 beats per minute i found that out the hard way at work i have been dead 3 times because of this VF once at my job and twice at the hospital. I got whats called an ICD which is a defibrillator and a pace maker in one device implanted in my chest so yeah i have been threw alot of medical shit and still kicking lol I like hanging out with with friends and family. I also like DJing on fubar. I am also a gamer as well and lets see oh yea i like Hot Goth Females my top 5 movies 5. Star wars Trilogy 4. Blade Trilogy 3. Final fantasy VII Advent Children 2. Stargate 1. Battle Royal here are some of my favorite shows NCIS NCIS Los Angels Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters International Stargate SG
Rodney Swift
Rodney Embly
Rodney Dupont
Rodney Smith
Rodney Mcvey
well i just turned 18 and i race motorcros.. i love hanging out with ones loved,drinking,dancing,and having a good time, cant drink in a bar but i can bring it home to me!!!
Rodney Stamp
Rodney S
Rodney Henderson
Rodney Owens
Rodney Mcmillon
Rodney Cowling
Rodney Adkins
Rodney Keith
Rodney Pettigrew
I'm single and looking!!! Like to go to Edgewater, Tri-State Dragway or very rarely Thornhill Dragway. If you want to know anything else, just ask!!
Rodney Balser
Rodney Brewer
Rodney Leff
Rodney Herbst
Rodney Creasman
Rodney Adams
Rodney Eaton
Rodney Lux
Rodney Greene
Rodney Dee
Rodney Burke
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Watkins
Rodney Miraglia
hell, I am a spontaneous wild fun loving guy that just straight out enjoys life. I believe in making my way not waiting for lucky breaks...... I will be the first to hop on the dance floor, and have proven many times to be the last one off as I run my own flooring business, I work hard, and play harder. Divorced, and just out of an engagement. ouch..... Just moved to Richmond, VA from PA and am having such a great time. Love meeting people, and most of all really value friendships. They are the cornerstone of my life..... I wanna have fun and enjoy life, but I have a soul that wants to fall in love----just keep choosing the wrong ones. well ask me any question and I will tell you no lies......but you have to Hard women, really really love when a woman smiles, nothing more beautiful than that..... Enjoy going out and dancing, love to dance.... Love watching sports, as well as playing and coaching..... i believe that everything happen
Rodney Jardina
Rodney Walker
My name is Rodney i go to school at Akron U majoring in Mass Media Communications with a minor in Marketing
Rodney Howard
Rodney Fisher
Rodney Smith
Rodney Norris
Rodney Viner
Rodney Bolin
Rodney Clements
I'm a 27 year old pisces who is very introverted and laid back. I'm not a big fan of drama or b.s. and try to avoid them at all costs. I'm an honest guy, who values things like trust, loyalty, respect, and I put a lot of effort towards being a good person. I don't like screwing with people unless it's in a joking manner, and I don't screw with people except in a joking manner. A sense of humor is also very important to me and like to surround myself with people who have a sense of humor like mine which tends to be sarcastic, witty, and vulgar. I consider laughter to be very important so I try and keep my sense of humor with myself at all times. Other than that, I can't think of anything else, so if you wanna know, feel free to ask. I'm mostly interested in hanging out with friends, or listening to music. Plus relaxing is also thoroughly enjoyed. There's also video games, movies, with people on the net ocasionally, and that about sums it up.
Rodney Monroe
Rod Noyb
Rodney Akers
Rodney Kearns
Rodney Hunt
Rodney Hicks
Just your average sweet country boy...Wanna know more just ask...
Rodney Robinson
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Nickelson
Rodney Stewart
i love to have fun also i love meeting new people and lovbe sex anything worth going for i am willing to do i seek thrills and enjoy doing anything thats legal i love to have fun also i love meeting new people and lovbe sex anything worth going for i am willing to do i seek thrills and enjoy doing anything thats legal
Rodney Fouse
Rodney Brown
I am 5'8 with an athletic built. I'm from North Carolina but I chillin' in the Sunshine State for now. I spend most of time in my studio producing for my entertainment management company (Phenom Enta'tainment). I really love to have fun and enjoy life. Umm, some people say I have a split personality because there are three basic sides to me. I am a businessman, a gentleman but I am also a big freak. The business side of me is all about my company, my clients and thier success, and making that paper. On the gentleman side, I know how to treat people, not just women. I am very respectful and I always treat everybody the same. I am an excellant listener and I can always 99% of the time put a smile on someone's face. Now on the "freaky" side, I know how to have "fun" and what to do to have "fun". However, to get to that side of me, you have to be a very special person and be very close to me. Many women have tried to get to that side but only a small few have. It seems that in the long run
Rodney Collier Jr
Rodney Shaw
Hi my name is Rodney. i like hang out with friends
Rodney Moore
Rodney Anderson
Rodney Lawson
Rodney Merrifield
Rodney Choate
Rodney Enno
Rodney Rodriguez
Rodney Jordan
Rodney A.k.a Rod Baby
Rodney Randall
Rodney Bell
Rodney Fabor
Rodney Brown
Rodney Gann
Rodney Harris
so my name is rodney and i am 19 getting ready to graduate high school (thank god)...ive had my heart broken 5x by the same girl but i just kept going back to her because i loved her...but know im looking for someone new...someone that i can hang out with, cuddle, hold hands, kiss and etc with. im a shy person until you get to know me but then im uber open about you can tell i can be open, alls ya got to do to see thats im open is read further can find me on myspace just type in, you can find me on face book with that same email, and you can find me on gaia by typing in tenchu_ryu-san...or text me at if you want to know anything more just ask....sorry im not really good with writing this stuff. ALSO IM REALLY TRYING TO FIND A GIRLFRIEND/COMPANION TO HANG WITH, KISS, HOLD HANDS, WALK WITH, CUDDLE WITH, AND MORE DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO. i find gothic girls really sexy and girls that dress "preppy"...tattoos a
Rodney Brown
Rodney Hall
Rodney Lower
Rodney Owen
Rodney Wright
Rodney Brown
Rodney Allen
I am marrried , I like the outdoors , hunting , gardening , horse back riding , moter cycle riding , fishing , an so on . My wife is in bad shape june 2007 she had a heart atact then lung cancer , kidney cancer , spleen cancer , stomack cancer . she ben through hell the last 2 years . an now is disabled ......
Rodney Wimett
Rodney Moyes
Rodney Walker
I am a man who is love with my beautiful Hunny Bunny. Bunny and our Daughter are my whole world and nothing comes before them. apart from that I am into music and one day hoping to becoming a part of dj-ing. I mostly listen to 80s and 90s music but am adapting to newer music thanks to my sweetheart. I love walks with my loved ones and I just love family. my favourite movies are Runaway vacation, Roller boogie, the green mile, forrest gump, of mice and men and Twilight. My favourite singers are Madonna, cyndi lauper, samantha fox, ken Laszlo, george michael, sir elton john, Mika, beegees, george strait, Trace Adkins and beach boys. My favourite hobbies are Self Defence, listening to and watching music and of course anything to do with my Sweetheart and our Daughter. Yes if you had not noticed yet I am completly taken and madly in love [ Copy this | Start New | Full Size ] MySpace-Countdowns DJ WldW†@DDR"
Rodney Ousley
lets see...about me?i'm a straight forward kinda guy,when i see something i go for it and usually get it.i don't dish out more shit than i can take.all in all i'm a pretty easy going guy
Rodney Udeogu
Rodney Christian
Rodney Senatro
Rodney Hunter
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Marek
Rodney Bridges
Rodney Perkins
Rodney Dixon
Rodney Clark
Rodney Moyes
Rodney Summerville
Rodney Lunceford
Rodney Snodgrass
Rodney Lung
Rodney Auger
Rodney Potter
Rodney Jones
Rodney Cleaton
Rodney Kelly
Rodney Orebaugh
Rodney Rangel
Rodney Jones
Rodney Draughn
Rodney D
Rodney Ricketts
Rodney Simpson
Rodney Simpson
I am a very outgoing guy who is up to just about anything. I love hangin out with friends having a good time and hangin out with new ppl as long as they r cool. I am 5 foot 9 and have a large frame body. I have red hair when i have hair I shave it about once every two days justbecause I don't like hair and most women like itwhen they rub my soft HEAD he he he! I am on here to meetnew ppl and have a good time and thatis it so if u have any questions then ask and I will answer any of them that u ask. I love top laugh and to make ppl laugh so if u like to laugh or just wanna hook up to see how hard we can laugh then I am ur guy!!!!! Lookin forward to talkin to any women out there who might wanna talk ..... and i guess any kool guy also!!!! Come on bye and say high I return all love.......... I,m interested in many different things such as meeting peopl ,shooting pool, listening to good music,art, and anything thatmight sound fun atthe time as long as it does not hurt for very long(hahaha
Rodney Blow
Rodney Smith
Rodney Clayton
Rodney Lance
Rodney Solomon
Im a black male, I enjoy playing and watching sports. I am very outgoing, I like to go out and do new things. I also like spening time with my son. I like to listen to rap r&b and more. Myspace Poems Graphics - More Poems Images Myspace Poems Graphics - More Poems Images i like action, comdy, scary and sports movies
Rodney Thickel
Hello...I'm a 34 year old man who enjoys hangin and making new friends. I enjoy makin new friends cause everyone is different in their own way. I dont like the drama aspect of life so leave it at the door when talkin with me! If you want to know anything at all about me just ask I don't hide nuttin from anyone. I am ex-military and love my country very much and will do so til the day i die. I support our troops and wish them a safe return home to their family's!!! Any other questions just ask I'll be waiting for ya................ I enjoy the outdoors,shootin pool,hangin with friends and drinkin a few. I also love ink! I like to get tattoos and I also shoot tattoos. Tattoos are an extention of a person's personallity,they tell alot You are The Hermit Prudence, Caution, Deliberation. The Hermit points to all things hidden, such as knowledge and inspiration,hidden enemies. The illumination is from within, and retirement from participation in current e
Rodney Brewick
Rodney Westley
Rodney Griffin
Rodney Phillips
Rodney Kuykendall
Rodney Ramsey
Rodney Dalrymple
Rodney Fisher
Rodney Welsh
I am not new to fu I used to be here left for about a year I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world. I am not here for sex or candy or games. If that is what your about just keep on scrolling and trolling. I am a hillbilly pure and simple I speak my mind more often than not before I think. I am proud to be an ironworker and serve in the Army Reserves. I love my life and everyone in it. I work alot of hours so if you see me on here feel free to say hi. LAST OF ALL I AM AMERICAN BY BIRTH SOUTHERN BY THE GRACE OF GOD BIKER BY CHOICE IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT KISS MY ASS.....AND PLEASE GOD DON'T BE DUMB ENOUGH TO FUCK WITH MY FAMILY IT CAN AND WILL COST YOU..... THE UPDATE TO MY ABOUT ME AMERICAN BY BIRTH SOUTHERN BY THE GRACE OF GOD BIKER BY CHOICE...BIKER BORN BIKER BRED WHEN I DIE I'LL BE BIKER DEAD...IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN KISS MY AMERICAN SOUTHERN BIKER ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rodney Slayton
Rodney Taylor
Rodney Washington
Rodney Banks
Rodney Kelling
Rodney Floyd
Rodney Schwint
Not to sure where to begin. I sold my house in 2006 and moved from Portland, OR back to my hometown per my dieing Fathers request. He asked me to take care of my Mother. At first she probably didn't need me here but losing my Father and her age took its toll on her health. She started requiring me to do more and more for her. She had a mastectomy in August 2008 and that took a lot out of her then. Now she is pretty dependant on me. I really don't care for the town I live in, but there is no other place I would be because she needs me. I come from a really close family and that means a lot to me that we support each other through good and bad times. I am a dire hard romantic... I know there is someone out there that can give me the same amount of love I can dish out. I want to be the first man they think of in the morning and the last man they think of when they go to sleep. However, finding that woman seems to be harder then I thought it would be... I collect Eagles an
Rodney Greenfield
Rodney Miller
Rodney Willoughby
Rodney Boyd
Rodney Conkin
Rodney Bridges
Rodney Davis
Rodney Baldwin
Rodney Shafer
Rodney Geyer
Rodney Gilbuena
Rodney Yuzik
Rodney Retz
Rodney Boatright
Rodney Mac
Rodney O'dell
Rodney Colbert
Rodney Smith
Rodney Barry
Rodney Smith
Rodney Dubay
Rodney Lewis
Rodney Harmon
Rodney Mcclurg
Rodney Kale
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Trimpe
Rodney Luke
Rodney Harris
Rodney Compo
Rodney Dimock
Rodney Greathouse
Hmm about me? Well I am a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Did it for 7 years and am currently looking for a new school. I currently live in Valdosta, Georgia...yea...i know. Not my first place to live but it has everything i need right now. Which is a job and places to get drunk at. Im a casual gamer but I have been known to lose myself in a game or 2 from time to time. I recently picked up the habit of doing VFX on my laptop and so far its fun. Well if i tell anymore you will know me like my best friend does. Ill save the rest for whenever you want to ask me
Rodney Reed
Rodney Goforth
Rodney Brown
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Torrez
Rodney London
Rodney Ritter
Rodney Nadeau
Rodney Miles
Rodney Bates
Rodney Meyers
Rodney Burford
hi I am an easy going person that likes most things and in a good relationship and not looking foe anyone like fubar mosts sports and the great outdoors
Rodney Selid
Well my name is Rodney Strangio I was boron and raised in San Jose California. i am Italian i stand 5/10 with very short brown hair and eyes with a tan kinda skin with a very nice build and i way 190lbs. I'm very clean cut man that is very loving and kind with a Romantic Hart! I truly honest and open fun and out going Silly at times. I love to cook, That comes from when i was younger my mom took classes at a culinary cook school and she would haft to drag me to school with her. i like to Ride my mountain bike Lots. Its relay a great way to stay fit and build that stamina for other importune activities! He He I like to bowl and darts . i like Dark beer at times and a cigar as well. I work as a auto tech with i have been doing for some years now, I'm very good with my hands. i love the out door's and walks threw the mountains. not a very good dancer but that nothing a eager dance partner cant change. I'm Single and i don't have any kids in life yet. yes i would love to have kids in m
Rodney Gudridge
Rodney Ford
Rodney Jones
Rodney Spurlock
Rodney Desporte
Rodney ..............
Well Hey People!!! Im on here for some GOoOOOOooOOOOooOooOD FuUUuuN! ya no wat i mean? Just hit me up.
Rodney Marek
Rodney Mark
Rodney Ross
Rodney Ackerman
Rodney Lester
Rodney Cardenas
Rodney Goodson
Rodney Veach
Rodney Reed
Rodney Veach
Rodney Marmon
im 19 and living in palm desert... 2 years now and still loving it. i dont know to many people out here so hit me u and give me an add. im 5'9" and far from normal. ill always keep you on your toes... im supper chill to kick it with, and i will say no more... you'll fnd out when you hang with me... so hit me up! lets have some fun!! i like sports, drinking , and fun times...
Rodney Horne
Rodney Boles
Rodney Letbetter
Rodney Linton
Rodney Sanders Jr.
Rodney Bouback
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Chaisson
Rodney Buckley
Rodney Lopez
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Brown
Rodney Colley
Rodney Shorter
Rodney Warner
Rodney High
Rodney Upshaw
Rodney Miles
Rodney Jun Solido
Rodney Eberly
Rodney Mitchell
Rodney Long
Rodney Cox
Rodney Bouldin
Rodney Morrell
Rodney Stepheny
Rodney Burton
Rodney Huovinen
hockey chicks music snowboarding
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Groman
Rodney Gilliam
Rodney Eyman
I'm a good guy that doesn't believe in cheating. I'm shy when meeting new girls. Have always had trouble meeting girls. I love tattoos and piercings!! I like to do both has a hobby. I like most types of music. I like hard metal and rap the most. Some country is O.K. but not to fond of it. Marilyn Manson and Stephen King are top on my list. They both are odd like me. Horror movies and comedies are my favorite but will watch almost anything.
Rodney Tripp
29 years old, have 3 boys. i love the outdoors ( hunting and fishing) action, comedy, horror
Rodney Virgil
Rodney Kirkwood Jr.
Rodney Brown
Rodney Bunij
Rodney Williams
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Rodney Hamm
Rodney Allen
Rodney Snead
Rodney Bergman
Rodney Wessling
Rodney Roberts
Rodney Harris
Rodney Pompey
Rodney Belson
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Rodney Craig
Rodney Ralo Mitchell
Rodney Keleman
Rodney Dodgers
Rodney Mewbourne
Rodney Jones
Rodney Toole
Rodney Walker
Rodney Parm
Rodney Baldwin
I'm a hard working man who love life & everything it has to offer, I love me & all my many many kids, {I still haven't caught up with my daddy yet}, but that's probly why {Stuntin Like My Daddy} is 1 of my favorite songs, I have 6 kids that I know of, & they are all by the same woman, we was togather 21 years in June of 2010. My friends call me Boone or Rod Boone, but just jokingly I sometimes like to call myself R.B. The Other Lover! That Sneaky Freaky Brother Creeking In From The Rear, ya I stole that last part from L.L. Cool J, off that song (I'm That Type Of Guy). Well, I like to play Chess, watch sports on TV, also like watching movies too, but most of all I love watching you Ladies out there. I'm free & single now, I believe in relationships, long term relationships too, but me & my kids mother just broke up after 21 years last year. So, I guess I'm here to meet people & make new friends, I'm new at this & don't know what I'm Doing yat, but I'm gonna jump off into it anyways, so
Rodney Farmer
Rodney Anderson
Rodney Turner
Rodney Thomas
Rodney Chastain
Rodney Byrde
Rodney Gage
Rodney Parker
Rodney Labryer
Rodney Dickens
Rodney Mcreynolds
Rodney Riley
Rodney Fleurimar
Rodney Hildebrand
well im eyes have 5 tats and i am very hounest.i love about anything try it at leaset one time . i like bowling ,i like watching races nascar, sprint cars ,outlaws about anything with cars and trucks. i like about anything
Rodney Huckaba
Rodney Dozier
im laid back calm colletive single no kids shopping listen to music theme parks god 2pac comedy drama docmentary
Rodney Rosenkrance
Rodney Currier
Rodney Hanna
Rodney Lubiani
I'm married, and plan on staying that way forever. I like to make new friends and have a good conversation. I'm honest, truthful, caring person. I love the outdoors, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, river rafting, target shooting. Love sports, all but maybe a few. Ask me anything you like and I'll tell you. Love to take walks, shopping,( yes I said shopping ) LOL The good Lord Depends on my mood.
Rodney Emrick
Rodney Whiteside
Rodney Newhouse
Rodney Van Praag
Rodney Daniels
Rodney Thompson
Rodney Carrigan
i am a divorced dad with a son that is 5 years old he lives with me all the time and spend father and son time together i am fu engaged to jules i like to do alot of things out doors and spending time with my son and like most movies and music etc
Rodney Painagan
Rodney Ellison
Rodney Holland
Rodney Washburn
Rodney Bigelow
Rodney Scandin
Rodnick Dotson
Rodney Dean
Rodney Mcgee
i am a 41 year old male .have 3 sons 21,17,16,i hate liers and players i have been self employed in port charlotte florida for 26 years.i am single looking fot honest faithfull women no goldbiggers.or liers pleasei reasied my boys alone as babys ,my work is plumbing and home refab and add onsi am looking for true love not matrail love i am very blunt and forword and do not playes games .i am a health nut like women that care of them selfs and healthy.i love sex small feet. thats the frist thing i look at on a women than her legs, ass, breast,face,i dont like makeup i want to kiss them not taste makeup the things i like .work,kids,faimly time,gulf,beaches,camping,swimming,,jet sking,horse rideing,fishing,hunting,moon lite nights, brite stars,romance,sex,fire in the fire place.cuddling in bed or to a movie,,handing hands walking arm in arm kissing in publick,mudding,caycaing,boating mom ,dad, god comadies,action,romance with the right person
Rodney Mcgee
Rodneyjustchillin Denson Jr.
Rodney Altman Jr
Rodney Phillips
Rodney Miklic
Rodney Wilson
Rodney Morgan
Alwats looking to meet new women and have fun Like to travel fish play
Rodney Emory
Rodney James
Rodney Piper
Rodney Eaton
Rodney Chaves
Rodney Pitts
Rodney Salmon
Rodney Mendez
Rodney Norman
Rodney Corbin
Rodney Grilli
Rodney L Hall
Rodney Singleton
Rodney Simmons
Rodney Lamrock
Rodney Staggert
graduated school in 84 lived in la a little almost starved to death came home been cool here ever since i dig partying night fishing for catfish till 5 in the morning i cant live without my java and ciggerettes rap which i didnt like before now im a hip hop gangsta head now for like 12 or 13 years if thertes music in the smoking party room its cool man its rap usually i still dig rock metal playing guitar a bit and hanging loose with my buddys burn 1 right on rap music rock metal fishing watching football on tv most sports are cool good to go for a something to do watch a baseball game or the pros hockey whatever or something i like cruising up 864 coolest party road ever near my house up over the mountain cool partying all the way on these old cool far out roads in the woods cabins old places whole deal man jimi hendrix janis joplin old school rap stars joe kidd the enforcer dirty harry the beguiled all old cowboy movies rock concert dvds
Rodney Watson
Rodney Tillman
Rodney Lee
Rodney Trapp
Rodney Thomas
Rodney Rice
Rodney Thomas
Rodney Curtis
Rodney Denton
Rodney Clifford
Rodney Cremeens
Rodney Harris
Rodney Harding Sr
Rodney Frey
Rodney Mixen
Rodney Mcgee
Rodney Wilds
Rodney Mahaffey
Rodney Jones
Rodney Silva
Rodney Holder
Rodney Vann
I am a single, confident, attractive male in search of an understanding woman, that would not mind to take a chance and walk on the wild side from time to time. I am a motorcycle enthusiast and a current member of the dahuru mc club out of seat-tac wa. My hobbies outside of riding my bikes are taking time to read a good book, or writing poetry. I also like to watch a good flick, partying, traveling around the states doing my bike shows, and more… im a out door tipe of guy,and just love to ride my bikes and spend time with family... i love any good movie
If you ever get something Like this from Me in the Fu~World, Trust me I gave it Freely and of my own accord. I'm a Joker, and love great Comedy to me it's what Makes the World go Around. Just remember this is, a Place to have Fun and Joke. So take it for what it's Worth.
Rodney Miller
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Edison
Rodney Mosher
Rodney Arceneaux
Rodney Bowan
Rodney Spiers
Rodney Lewis
Rodney C
I'm a smoker, I'm a joker.
Rodney Glander
Rodney Debrouse
Rodney Miles
Rodney Murray
Rodney Cleaton
Rodney George Peacock
Rodney Riggins
Rodney James
Rodney Davis
Rodney Doney
Rodney Buck
Rodney Reinier
Rodney Neeley
Rodney Gaschler
Rodney Deese
Rodney Weddington
really dont have an idol idol is god i like any movie thats good action and adventure, horror, drama, suspense, thrillers and comedy.
Rodney Hamilton
Rodney Hemphill
Rodney Cline
ok 3 years and 5 months ago i was driveing to my moms house in texas and along the way my car just blew up. some oil feild workers found me by a oil pumpand called 911. they had to air flight me to integress baptist hospital in oklahoma city. i died twice on the way there and when i did make it there the doctor only gave me a 4% chance to live and as you can see i beat those odds but at a very very high cost i was in a coma for 3 months and while in the coma the doctor amputated both my leggs and put skin graphs all over what is left of my leggs and a few places on my head and right arm. my vocal cords were also somewhat paralized enough so that they had to put a trach in my throat so that i could breath. so if i want to continue liveing i will have the trach the rest of my life. i will never walk again cause prostestic leggs will destroy the skin graphs. my wife also left me about a year and a half after i got home cause she couldnt handle the way i was anymore. so i will consider mys
Rodney Cameron
Rodney Stephens
Rodney Brown
Rodnae Boss
Rodney Trumbull
Rodney Combs Jr
Rodney Burr

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