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Nicholas Tilson
Nicholas J.
Nicholas Garza
Im 50% Italian, 25% Sicilian and 25% Norwegian. i have two tattoos and getting more. i am a screamer in music. i have three dogs and four cats. I love history and music. i love cartoons too and i'm good with accents and cartoon or actors voices to be funny. i have a fraternal twin brother and older brother. ask for me for mores a girl that likes hardcore bands and likes to mosh. pretty lay back but not lazy. 5 foot 5 inches or 5 foot 8 inches is a great heighttt haha. ask me for me if you wanna
Nicholas Laughridge
Nicholas Thomas
Nicholas Pettit
hello im a single young man new to this looking to meet people and make friends friends are hard to find its like looking for a job its hard i learned to fight for what u believe in
Nicholas Kennedy
I am 21 almost 22 i am italian and i live in italy. i do mma my cerent reacerd is 20wins and 1 lose. I am singel. I love to cook i am cerently a shef in a 4 star italian restaurant. I jest moved to the US for a restaurant that i am going to open soon. I am 6ft 4in brown hair and brown eyes i love to party and haing out with my new friends. I go to a lot of clubs and stay out all night. i am know 23 i have oppened my resteront i am still singel and looking for a girl email me at mma sports\ football, soccer, wresoling, bball, bace ball militairy hip hop, randb, punk, rock, metel, rap italion food, asian food girls cooking paintballing
Nichole Jordan
Nicholas Skubic
my life is hell thats all u need to know thank you i'm 5'10, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair. i love to work out when i get time. i try to stay in shape for my women cause she loves my body. and i love her for lovin me. yea sometimes she get's on my nerves but what women don't get on your nerves. if they don't get there way. they get mad at you and tell you to fuck off and they won't talk to you for couple hours. but then we just do what we got to do to keep it right. but i love you her. i don't know right now there are a couple of them i like just don't feel like writin them down
Nicholas Harris
Nichol Bullock
Nichole Hughgrant
Nicholas Greever
Nicholas Leach
I have p.d.d. it is like autism. I work at the good will donations express in Bellevue Tennessee 37221 as a dec attendant and things going on well. And really want to say good things and everything going on well. I went to the labbb special needs program in Lexington Massachusetts the grounds of Lexington High School. I love my church it is a kewl kewl church and hoping my female minister married's me and my girl whene I get one someday and everything else meeting a girl in person will be much better and safer that is. Swimming, Concerts, Working at good will, Walking the dog, Going on the internet allot,,,, Facebook I love but dont know the account number. I love this site so much. I am into ladies I am so into there painted toe nails and everything else And really need to fall in love and will let people know whene I am going to fall in
Nicholas Frost
Nicholas Wingerter
Nicholas Stanley
Hey, am a single mom w/ 2 teenage boys. Am not lookin' for a hook up, but would be nice to find someone to talk to once in awhile. I work all day, come home & deal w/the boys all night. Would love to get away sometimes.
Nicholas Woolery
Nicholas Rasys
Nicholas Hammond
Nich Talbert
Nicholas Heath
Nicholas Passomonti
Just recently divorced with two kids. Living by myself, with a cat. Looking to find a companion to talk to and maybe something more. If you want to know more about me give me a holla.
Nichole Williams
Nicholas Whatley
Nicholas Dimarco
Nichelle Thomas
Nicholas James
Nicholas Lombardo
Nicholas Ashmore
I like to chill with my friendss hve fun do dumb stunts text tlk everything including PARTYIEN in my girls i like for them to be sweet show they care and give me there all when the time comes i treat my girls with respect and spoil them my swag is all ed hardy my fav rapper is lil wayne he is tha best
Nicholas Wentz
Nicholas Ramos
Nichole Pollitt
Nicholas Parker
Nichole Bell
Nicholas Singleton
I am a city man who moved to a small town to be with the woman I love. We are still together but that doesn't mean we only party alone. We both enjoy meeting and playing with new people. I work my ass off during the week so I have the money to do what I want when I want friday-sunday. I believe that the bedroom isn't meant for only 2 people and we look for people who share that same thinking. We are extremely liberal and look foward to meeting people more like us I like drinking, dancing, gambling, sex, and general partying.
Nicholas Zuma
Nicholas Karper
eyes: brown hair:brown weight: 255 I like to play paintball work on cars hang with friends party and all the fun thing that people say is wrong friends relationships and a good person who can understand me
Nichole Johnson
Nicholas Casey
Nicholle Heartsill
Nichole Visnesky
I'm a pretty chill girl...I'm up for almost anything just ask! Don't piss me off though...You will regret it!
Nichole Beza-bull
Nichole Castaneda
Nicholas White
I'm amazing. What else is there to say? "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." Marilyn Monroe I'm a sappy, hardcore, action packed, full of giggles kind visited 24 states (48%)Create your own visited map of The United Statesof movie lover. All time favorites being Boondock Saints, Trasformers 1 and 2, Braveheart, P.S. I love you, Sweet Home Alabama, War, All the Fast and Furious, X-Men
Nicholas Wallace
Nicholas Tan
Nicholus Mcnight
Nicholas Hall
Nicholas Cirelli
Love to party, Exersice, shop, fight, make love, and watch movies in the dark! I am 5 feet 8 inches tall I have a great outgoing personality I am currently in college I love to flirt with girls I have had troubles finding the right girl for me! Love to travel the country Am seeking WOMEN So hit me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi my name is Nichole, my friends call me Nikkie. I am 21 years old. I am single with no children. I am 5 ft 7.5 inches. I am a lil chubby. I like to call myself fluffy. I work part time. I do not have a car yet, I am saving to buy one. I am taking a break from college so I can work as much as my job will let me so I can save for a car. I am the youngest of four. I like to party, chat with friends, go to the beach, go to the river, dancing, and I am up for anything that sounds fun.
Nicholas Aspras
Nicholas Rumsey
Nichole Jacobs
Nichole Valdez
Nicholas Walsh
i like dirt biking skateboarding snowboarding veary good at all them..and i am also nataive like going to the too (:
Well my name is Nichole...grew up here in manhattan....i love going out and haven fun and being 19!! Im lookin for a good time and to have some fun Let me know if u think you can help!!!
Nicholas D
I recently got engaged and bought a house with the girl I love. We are pretty open about our relationship, so I'm always looking for a good time... just remember I'm taken! I speak some pretty broken Japanese and have been to Japan. Want to know something? Just ask... I'll prolly tell you...
Nichole Shelton
Hey hey! Im a little spunky! Im 18 and in college. Im bisexual and like to have fun! Im plannin on being a music thripist. And im single! so hit me up and hopfully we can meet and have a fun time! Oh yeah, as my SN says, I lurve to flirt
Hello, My name is Nichole or Nicki i'm and a single mom of 2 awesome little men. I Moved back to Michigan a year ago from Pa but am orig from Mich. I love all types of music it all depends on my mood. I love to travel when I can and enjoy the out doors. Well, if you want to know more just ask. Later Tator Nicki
Nicholas Mayfield
i dont really know what to say. i am 27, and for the first time i had my heart broken. i feel bad for anyone that goes through it. on top of it. she has our son. and right now that is the only light i have in my life. i hope i get to update this soon because i hate feeling the way i do. i hope to meet friends here so i can pick my heart up and put it back together.
Nicholas Mcmillian
Nicholas Steck
Nicholas Savio
Nicholas Parker
Nicholas Tollefson
Nicholas Acord
Nicholas Voss
Nichole Komperda
Nichole Cox
Nicholas Thompson
Nichole Whitney
Nicholas Russell
Nicholas Poland
Nicholas Ervin
Nicholas Ramsey
Nicholas Sheffield
Nichola Gauthier
Nicholas Mcintosh
im 21 years old i am 6 feet tall have green eyes and brown hair i like to have fun too i have a wonderful girlfriend name brittnie who i love very much and will die saving her im hoping i will make all her dreams come true very soon love you baby forever till i die (7/9/2011)
Nicholas Senekal
Nicholas Robertson
Nicholas Marlon
Nicholas Spiropulos
Nicholas Harwood
Nicholas Kalvig
Nicholas Githinji
Nicholas Mcbride
Nicholas Bowman
Nicholas Marshall
Nicholas Strickland
Nichelle Collins
Nicholas Inzeo
Nicholas Farrow
Nicholas Carter
Nichole Holloway
Nicholas Merritt
Nicholas Harrison
WASTE TIME Wased time is my biggest regret. Stuck in a place i will never forget. Just siting and thinking about the things that i have done. The cryin, the laughing, hurt and the fun. Now its just me and my hard driven guilt. Behind a wall of abstanence followed to be built. Im traped in my body just wanting to run. Back to my youth with its laughter and fun. i hope i have a chance or atleast have a start. For dreams i hold deep inside my heart. Im ready to change and live a good life. To be a good man and find a good wife. I hope i have a chance or atleast have a try. Cause im headed towards death and i dont want to die... BY:NICK HARRISON hello! my name is nick nd im 25. im new to fubar so feel free to add me. i love to meet new people. im a sound engineer so i set up and mix sound 4 live bands all over. i love the art of mixing sound. i also tavel all over new york and new jersey building lowes and home depots but i live in kenucky. i love to travel but am so ready to settle
Nicholas Barker
Nicholas Salick
Nicholas Funk
Nicholas Ramsey
Nicholas Singleton
Nicholas Haynes
Nicholas Hedglin
Nicholas Rickaby
Nich Smiley
Nichole Cain
Nicholas Ree
Well my name is Nick, i'm 20 years old. I live in Bakersfield,CA. I like working on cars and racing. I want to soon become a police officer.If you want to know more, just let me know. Working on cars, Football, Surfing, Dirt biking, and Mountain biking.
Nicholas Bell
Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Cibbarelli
Nicholas Chiasson
Nicholas Solani
Nicholas Reichenbach
My name is Nichole I am 20 years young, I was born in November, so I am a scorpio...I work hella and in my free time I like to chill with close friends and smoke WEED everyday lol. We usually just hang out go to the river, play frisbee golf, play the ocassional game of Call of Duty :) Im not too terible eiether lol. I work in retail, womens clothing to be exact, its a chill job and it keeps money in my pocket. I'm not going to school right now but plan on attending college soon. I'm currently single and just keep meeting crazy jerks lol, not the best luck so don't bother if thats you! lol. I really dont take this site seriously, its just something to kill time with when im bored. I am not going to meet you or call you so get over it lol. kk well that pretty much sums it up....If you are a chill person and think we would have something in common give me a shout! Peace :) x0x0
Nichole Seabolt
Nicholas Demarco
Nicholle Tobias
things you need to know about me, im a party girl pot and booz is all i do nothing to crazy. love love love music movies and coffee. i lived in the city most of my life and i love it. i live with my mom and my little sis. im going to school to be a teacher and hope to be teaching soon anything els feel free to ask
Nicholas Hildner
Nicholas Forsgren
Nicholas Burbee
Nicholas Nolting
Nicholas Luton
Nicholas Davila
Nichole Hess
Nichole Balmer
well names Nichole, Nikki, SnickerS, chunky, Nik, friends and family all call me. i love to cook, watch movies, be around animals, just chill. from omaha, nebraska area. been praying my family gets this farm house out in the middle of no where nebraska. itll b tight.. well really dont know what esle to type at the moment. im new to fubar still checking it all out, ill be back to write more. music, cooking, family and friends, animals, outdoors, camping, chilling...
Nicholas Rhodes
Nichelle Brooks
Nicholas Bojovic
Nicholas Pusateri
Nicholas Hall
Nicholas Cleghorn
Nicholas Aguilar
Nicholas Lopez
Nicholaus Dell
Nicholas Rasys
Nicholas Tyler
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Caudill
cool stuff. like shows, kung-fu, the bible. haha
Nicholas Heim
Nicholis Chrisafis
Nicholas Branham
Nicholas Cheong
Nicholas Boyd
Rollin through life doing my part in the world like everyone else work hard and play around i love to have fun but im serious when i need to be, im easy to get along with and very protective of those around me Girls that party that can drink beer and or liquor and girls that are stright up meaning dont beat around the bush tell me whats up so I/we can fix the problem
Nicholas Young
Nicholas Howard
Nichole Nappi
Nichole Hamblin
Nicholas Wingo
Nichole Rose
Nicholas Cianci
Nichole Simmons
Nicholas Roy
Nichole Ranck
Nicholas Siano
Nicholas Edwards
Nichole Hamblin
Nicholas Maurer
Nichole Davis
Nicholas Roland
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Costa
Nicholas Rusan
Nicholas Riddle
Nicholas Davey
Nicholus Rugongo
Nicholas Beal
Nichole Lane
Nicholas Weist
Nicholas Edwards
Nichollos Manuel
Nicholas Jackson
I'm blunt, self-righteous, arrogant and an aszhole by nature. But on the (+)side, I'm a huge family man who has the upmost respect for woman with character and personality. I'm ALWAYS doing my best and trying to be a hard act to follow, staying focused.. If your not an open minded person we won't get along! The Perfect Female: 36-24-48 // no doubt. "Men take what they want, boys do what they can".
Nicholas Bencher
Nicholas Jackson
Nicholas Moore
Nicholas Gauci
Nicholas Ledford
Nicholas Santos
Nicholas Kwiecien
Nicho Lafata
Nicholas Balmos
Nicholas Sadler
Nicholas Kolozvary
Nicholas Bland
Nicholas Boudreaux
Nicholas Grams
Nicholas Dodd
Nicholas Martinez
Nichole Semar
Nicholas Terry
Nichole Sullivan
hmmmmmm, about me well not much to say im a mom i have a daughter who is 1 1/2 and now im pregnant with number 2. my daughter lives with her dad and the father of number 2 just left for sea for 8 months so im home alone and so freaken bord wish there was soething todo. on another note im 23 bi and would love to go back to school for bussness manegment.
Nichole Madison
Nicholas Wayne
Nichole Phillips
Nicholas Stewart
Nichole M.
Nicholas Hadley
Nicholas Scaliatine
Nicholas White
Nichelle G.
Nicholas Boyd
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Robles
Nicholas Frasier
Nicholas Shoemaker
Nicholas Perry
Nicholas Pinder
Nicholas Hall
Nicholas Reed
IM ME. I love hanging out and doing pretty much anything! oh and Im Black and Chinese!
Nicholas Balmos
Nicholas Morrow
Nicholas Fortenberry
Nicholas Gruepala
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Scott
Nicholas Ruckert
Nicholas Swain
Nicholas Binion
Nicholas Rivers
Nicholas Travis
Nicholas Cross
Nicholas Holden
Nicholos Green
Nichole Thompson
hey there,im nichole and im new to this site,i just want to try this one and see if i can meet the one that im looking 22 but i hope my age doesnt bother you,im simple and shy type girl but sometimes (always) naughty ..i work as a model for bikinis and also studying and hopefully i can graduate this year.lols,i love to travel anywhere and meet new people out there just for fun without string attached,i love night outs,bar hopping and dance like there`s no tomorrow,haha,dancing is one of my passion,i can express my emotions through dancing and also singing,hmmmmn...i also love to eat but im not good when it comes to cooking,i love pasta,salad and also pizza and ice cream im looking for someone to meet here in person,for real and not just through web cam or phone,i love to meet new people and i hope i can meet someone here,im single and very much available but im not looking for a serious relationship at the moment,i just want to enjoy the time with someone without responsib
Nicholas Pinkerton
Nichole Ivester
Nicholas Guetter
Create a playlist at
Nicholas Grande
Nicholas Gray
Nicholas Block
Nicholas Bloss
My friends call me Big. That's my nickname in Fuland. I'm 32 yrs old and live in wisconsin. Ive never been married and don't have any children.Not that I know of any how lmao. I listen to all kinds of music. I also enjoy swimming,hiking,camping,movies,darts,playing pool,and socializing with friends.And yes I do have a Harley Davidson I own a 1966 Sportster Chopper.And yes Its my baby hahaha I don't have any pets but did as a kid.I also like taking my truck out to the lake to go fishing.Ever notice how the moonlight makes the flowers look all so different than in the daylight? Yes just as it says I'm a bit of a sensitive guy for a biker.But then again we all are different.Thankfully for it would be so boring if we all looked and acted the same. And yes if your asking yourself if I'm single.Still havent found that diamond in the rough yet. You know that one to make you're tummy all fluttery and consume my every thought. well any thing ya all like to ask Ill answer honestly. so hit me up
Nicholas Toon
Nicholas Langiano
Nicholas Leonardo
Nichole Turner
Nicholas Hohensee
Nicholas Edward
Nichole Thomas-crain
Nicholas Over
Nicholas Helm
Nichole Summer
Nicholas Chernosky
Nicholas Foster
Nicholas Keyes
Nicholas Bougioukas
Nicholas Fortunato
Nicholas Cooper
Im a laided back country boy who loves music..... love being outside and in the woods music is my life ive been a drummer for 5 years and played guitar for 3... im just a layed back hippy that loves to party and play loud music
Nicholas Ali
Nicholas Bolin
Nicholas Giggy
Nicholas Long
Nicholas Lucio
Nicholes Landscaping
Nicholas Mcknight
Nicholas Murdock
Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Butler
Im a pretty laid back guy,I love to hang with my friends have a good lets get to know each other. hanging out with friends, having a good time, long relationships, art, designing video games, making people laugh
Nicholas Smith
Nichole Williams
Nicholas Kuzemchak
Just ask.
Nichole Burgess
Nicholas Korn
Nicholas Mcarthur
Nicholas Hershey
Nicholas Luttig
Nicholas Odell
Nicholas Canaday
Nicholas Solano
Nicholas White
Nichole Sears
Nichole Walker
Nicholas Sebree
Nich Talbert
im a twenty year old white dude who smokes and makes money all it may seem like im a slacker and i am but i make that shit work big anyways im always up for good conversation so feel free to chat, especially if you think im i like listening to all genres of music and skatebording first and foremost. with a name like kingb0ng its pretty easy to correctly infer quite abit abot my general
Nichole Keeney Newell
Nicholas Brechisen
Nichole Boyett
Nicholas Mcclung
Nicholas Felando
Nicholas Moore
Nichole Ralston
Nicholas Greason
Nicholas Ripley
Nichole Tisdale
My name is Nichole. I am engaged to the most amazing man named Dave. I also have a baby with my most amazing man, and her name is Braelyn. If you would like to know more, message me.
Nicholas Sears
Nicholas Brewer
Nichalos Rhoden
Nicholas Barroll
Nicholas Carr
Nicholas Osgood
Nic Holliday
Nicholas Lascola
Nic Halifax
200% odd I'm about 5'5, dark tan skin, black hair and brown eyes. and straaaaange TV, Games, Anime, Music, and etc. Watchmen Donnie Darko Kick-Ass The Crow Kill Bill Sin City Queen of the Damned Snatch Ghost in the Shell Equilibrium Kung Fu Hustle Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Underworld 2 Let Me In Meet the Fockers Avatar X-Men Movies 30 Days of Night The Matrix Happy Gilmore Dead Leaves The Hangover 300 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Spider-Man 1 Spider-Man 2 Fifth Element Underworld Wanted Just Friends Perfect Blue Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Versus The Grudge Grave of the Fireflys Returner Shaolin Soccer Kung Pow! Enter the Fist Spawn X-Men 1 Lxg Dodgeball Saw 1 Saw II Ichi the Killer The Five Deadly Venoms Samurai Fiction Mobile Suit GundamChar's Counterattack The Ring
Nicholle Elliott
Nicholas Cornish
Nicholas Holland
Nichole Helm
Nicholas Bluetooth Neil
Ni Chi Topazio
Nicholas Guillen
Nicholas Peco
Nicholas Soncy
Nicholas Redd
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Moore
Nichole Sorenson
Nicholas Bolduc
Nicholas Waddell
Nicholas Motley
Nichole Holt Brandon Tate
Nichole Clock
Nicholas Nazick
Nichole Campbell
Nichole Stewart Kiser
Nicholas Henderson
Nicholas Dumont
20 united states army 13 banger chillin with friends and making new friends
Nicholas Kennedy
Nicholas Ye Know
My name is Nick. I dont really wanna meet people cause I kinda have had my mind made up for the past year but then again... its so damn complicated even though Im stuck I feel it may be beneficial to make a friend or two.. I dunno, this is the hardest situation I have ever been in. Having something I want more then my own life but in so little control of it. I have a ring; May 30th is the date where it is or isnt. Noone can sweep me away like she has, but if you feel you got a legitimate shot please feel free to knock yourself out. Coaching, sports, basketball/college, ncaa sports, education, chasing dreams, living dreams, flying/aviation, facebook!, my girl, travel, heart, volunteer work, living life right!, friends and having fun..
Nicholas Meyerhoff
Nicholas Boyles
Nichole Allen
Nicholas Cavasos
Nicholas Westbrook
Nicholas Burns
Nicholas Stewart
Nicholas Bowers
Nichole Villier
Nichole Young
Nicholas Keith
23 year old Bi female looking to meet new people and have fun! Wanna know anything else just ask
Nicholas Salazar
basically all u need to know is that my name is nic im 23 i live in vegas and i make my living by throwing parties and bringing in top underground djs and basically spin with them all night and play our own beats this is what i do and i love it. music and women and money. ???????? ???????
Nicholas Rodriguez
Nichole Cronenberg
Nicholas Gee
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Nolan
Nichole Huff
Nicholas Noegel
Nicholus Walker
im a fun lovin guy whos lookin to meet friends maybe more im out going and fun i like to dirt bike club race anything that will get your heart pumping
Nichole Brunswick
Nicholas Bennett
im a no bullshit kinda guy take it or leave it im not wishy washy i dont kiss ass for any reason i love the country and country living i hate neighbors i would kill them if i had them cause im a drummer and i like to play them whenever and crank my music whenever and i can im a railroader i work on call love it i fucking despise routine living doing the same shit every week for every reason that we did last week fuck that im not on to look at life with the eye glass in reverse im very easy to talk to i think but i don't respect assholes and morons that drift threw life like lumps of shit but other than that im pretty easy going anything else just ask railroading,drumming,farming,steam locomotives,heavy equipment,chevrolet,making maple syrup,music,fishing,hunting, my mother,neil peart,geddy lee,alex lifeson,mike portnoy,tommy aldridge,alex vanhalen, the big lebowski,all the quentin tarentino movies,no country for old men,blazing saddles,spaceballs,escanaba in da moonlight,scarface,pred
Nicholas Salvage
Nicholas Johnson
i attend college working on a degree in Radiology i fish bicycle and hang out... i guess i work Im interested In girls such as my girl. love really old western or racing movies
Nicha Ariani
Nicholas Peter
Nichole Ramirez
Nicholas Bee
Nichole Reid
Nicholas Soltau
Nicholas Selvaggio Ii
Nicholas Skipper
Nicholas Fickle
Nicholas Harbour
Nicholas Day
Nicholas Tarr
Nichole Smith
Nicholas Drake
Nicholas Batey
Nicholaz Swallow
Nicholas Ogundipe
Nicholle Mendoza
Nicholas Dipietro
Nicholas Diniglio
Nicholas Lock
Nichole Cruz
I'm a very motivated and high driven person. so i have a very small group of friends, but it works cuz my life is drama free. I love to cook, sing, play with animals, crocheting, reading, dancing..and lots of other things. just ask!
Nicholas Cerrone
Nicholas Carpenter
Nicholas Colon

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