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Nathan Chambers
i'm 21 married with 3 kids....i love cars and computers...I'm a really hard working guy...I love my family
I'm just a normal dude, I like to chill with my friends and I love college. Everything!
Nathan Toler
Nathan Limes
Nathan Martin
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Nathan Jeffrey
Nathan Baker
Nathan G
Nathalie ^_^
Nathan Smyth
Nathan Ask
lots jut ask lol
I am a single male vol firefighter from Maryland I am 5'10" 210 lbs I have brown hair and hazel eyes and I have a large upper build and I am very muscular. I love fighting fires and saving lives along with meeting many people and patients in my day to day activities. I am looking for that special someone and when I say special some one i mean of the female gender lol that means no males sorry guys. I am looking for a girl between the ages of 18 to 35 yeah I know what an age range huh lol she has to be funny, caring, smart, sexy, kind, have a great personality. Other then that I am not really picky please send all your pics to my e-mail thanks!! I love Firefighting, Horse back riding, hiking, biking, camping, fishing, swimming, jogging, anything to do with the out doors I also enjoy making out kissing, making love, being very romantic, being kinky, being a 100% Gentlemen opening doors for ladies no matter height weight or looks a woman is a woma
Victorian volunteer Fireman who loves making friends. Love heading out bush camping and 4wd driving with my mates. Have been a Volunteer Firefighter for about 8 yrs now and i love it. I love tattoes and peircings i have 8 tatts and counting (addictive) and my right nipple peirced. I have no need to see ur NSFW nor do u NEED to see mine i only open it very rarely and not because u want me to, and its only open to peeps in my family list so dont bother asking. if u want into my family list figure it out yourself. I can be naughty, but only as u will realise just for FUN. A huge NRL fan (GO STORM) my boy was named after 1 of the players. Open, honest and very down to earth. So if u still wanna add me go ahead If i rate, add and fan you doesn't mean you need to do the same for me, I do all that because i want to or i found something on your profile that i found interesting. Mad for xbox360 if ur on xbox live look me up brutal nath let me know where u found me and i'll add u The ti
Nathan Stotts
Well hey ladies, im nate 21 years old from clearwater, FL i am 6 foot 189 lbs. black spikey shory hair, hazel eyes, medium tan, sweet, sexy, down to earth, love to have fun, just overall a great outgoing guy! LOVE to have fun love to make people laugh and smile... Work on cars for a living, im very romantic and was raised to treat woman with respect, dont get me wrong when im dating agirl im a freak lol but anyways if ya ladies would like to know more let me know, ive got my own car, own place, TWO college degrees, and a great job! ITS true prince charimng man of your dreams in the flesh and SINGLE! Working out, playing sports, working on cars, bowling, shooting pool, haveing fun, enjoying life, road trips anything fun, exciting and adventerous... gotta be able to laugh and have to smile and have fun to be with me =)
I am a very outgoing person and a very funny person if you want to know anything personal or just have a question just ask and i will answer you. I love Jeeps if you like jeeps you are the one for me but i also like muddin,working on cars,racing my 4wheeler,and anything a redneck would like to do. Stacy David the guy that used to host the show on tv called TRUCKS. anything that is horror related,funny movies,or we will just put it simple GUY MOVI Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||| 50% Stability |||||| 26% Orderliness |||||||||||||| 60% Accommodation |||||||||||||| 56% Interdependence |||||||||||||||||| 76% Intellectual |||||| 23% Mystical || 10% Artistic || 10% Religious || 10% Hedonism |||||||||||||| 56% Materialism |||||||||||||||||||| 90% Narcissism |||||||||||||||| 63% Adventurousness |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Nathan Foley
Nathan Peake
well... nothing much... just trying not to get arrested... my interest are basicly just hanging out... and taking to this girl i like..... Adolf hitler (not for killing alot of people, but for hes beliefs on one core unified race....
im in to metal and drifting cars anything else ya wonna no ask drifting,manga,music,boys toys keiichi tsuchiya,Metallica (past and present) transformers,most horros and warfilms.And those funny animations
Nathaniel Brown
Nathan Holden
im an easy goin guy that jus likes to hav stupid fun im to nice for my own good (so ive bin told) im real layed back but i can go a lil crazy at times once u get a few drinks into always keen to get out and try new things an ill do anythin atleast once.. i like to meet new ppl and chat with ppl ive never met.. so if u look at my profile and hav read this far leave a comment about anythin i dont care wot it is..
Nathan Wylie
Nathaniel Rose
Nathan Mahaffey
Nathan Goth
Nathan Hearnlaye
I am open, outspoken, and i say whats on my mind without a second thought of holding it in. I have a good sence of humor but i know when to use it and when to be serious. Im a good listener and love giving advise to those in need. Im definitly not materialistic and to me it matters on the inside not the out. IF YOU WANT TO SEE PICS. OF ME GO TO MY OTHER PROFILE AT AND FOR MY POETRY GO TO Going to clubs, Partys, Bars. Camping is nice for relaxation. Movies and dinner either at home or a theatre or even drive-in is nice for a night out with the lady friend.(not just for dates, can be just for fun) Nights out on the strip in Worcester, Ma. Skateboarding, Street Football, Street Basketball, Ice Skating, Roller Blading, Pool, Paintball. Poetry, Drawing, Psycology, Cars, Knives, Audio Systems (car/ home), Computers GOD/ Jonathan Davis(KORN)/ Nicholas Cage/ Dane Cook/ Every Firefighter that walks, have walked, and will e
Nathaniel Pena
Nathan A
lets see... i graduated from rockwall highschool in 05... i'm 19, something over 6 foot, though i forget the exact measurments. skinny, white welsh/dutch heritage... occasionaly i'll get into writting short stories or poetry, which i chose to believe i'm good at. My interests are pretty... narrow. i've give almost anything a shot once... i enjoy good art, movies, comedy... watching paint dry... its all good stuff.
Nathan Fabulous
Nathan Freeland
Whats up??? im just here to pick up chicks!!! dont really have any anything with hot chicks naked
I'm from Philly and I'm just looking to make "friends." No relationships. Would be nice to meet some people in Philly. I may or may not be a terrible person. ;-) En Garde! Breastesses, food, animation, sleep, fitness, peanut butter, body language, maybe art. ;-)
Nathan Schubach
Hey, I'm Nathan and I'm just back from being away for about a year or so. I'm bored as hell all the time so hit me up for a good conversation or a laugh or a good cry or a good hard spanking. Whatever... I'm into living for absurdity's sake, so that automatically makes me weird. I'm not a geek, nor an obsessive jerk (so that makes me gay). I'm trying to live out this life in this skin for about a good 79 years (give or take 5 years) and then die (so all to all religious types, good luck converting me). I hate politics of all natures and the drama that insues. I love nightclubs, but never quite caught on to socializing in an interesting manner. I love kids, and I hope to have some one day. I don't smoke, but I do drink occasionally. I live with two roommates and a hell of a lot of horror-movie memorablia (not mine). I make music in my spare time (of the rhythmic noise type under the name "Debris"). I have a variety of interests, from tinkering with computers, making beats on
Nathan Humphreys
hey im 33 years old ... im in to fast cars and west coast style . i am the proud owener of {real world rides custume cars} and {real world rides car club} , out of van buren , ARK. ...... nate@ CherryTAPGet your own map and more at hello Are you Naughty or nice Your Result: your Naughty! wild thing! You were born to be bad. Naughty by nature, you've tried everything at least once and aren't afraid to get your hands - or the rest of you - dirty when opportunity knocks. Whether that means plotting for advancement at work or toying with somebody's affections, you're willing to break the rules. As long as you're having a laugh and getting ahead, anything goes. And it is fun to defy convention every once in a while, but you're walking a bit of a tightrope. Every so often, try listening to that little angel on your shoulder who keeps saying "no!" - it's okay to be nice sometimes. In the meantime, keep being bad and enjoy yourself. Just don't throw caution entirely to the wi
Nathan George
i am 5'7" brown hair, greenish blue eyes, stocky, in the ARMY I am on MYSPACE more than anything, if you want to hit me up on there, go to i like fishing, camping, hanging out, spending time with my daughter.
Nathaniel Maxwell
im six feet and white hazel eyes short hair I am looking for friends and to meet new people make friends and meet new and interesting people
Nathan Wall
Nathan Plimpton
I'm a pretty chll person My general interest are hanging out , parting and sex James dean and leonardo dicaprio everything
Nathan Colgan
I'm easygoing most of the time. I love a good beer on ocasion. I like to watch late night tv, and I tend to get along/make friends with just about everyone I meet. Oh and I like to joke around alot.You are 91% fuckable! Take this quiz at My interests are mainly WOMEN at this point in my life. Also a shit load of snowboarding. What can I say; I sometimes have a one track mind. However I don't think thats my fault.You have a sexual IQ of 152 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at What is your flirting/relationship style? OptimisticYou don't need a guy to complete you. Ever. If the right one comes around. So be it. If you and your friend likes the same guy, you want her to be happy, there's always another man out there. And there will be. S
Nathan Wright
Hey im a 19yo guy from the sunny gold coast i play rugby leaue and bodyboard spend most of my time at the beach im currently building a car for shows.I love to club and drink not much more to say really so dont be affraid to say hey. Gangsta,Comedy,Horror,Action and any car movie
Nathon Jennings
LostCherry Images at
My name is Nathan. Wanna know more, just ask.
Nathan Riely
I am 24 years old, have an ex-wife and 3 year old son, and I aslo happen to be a Sang. I love to spend time with my son, as well as being alone to avoid hurting them. I love cars, trucks, semi's, snowmobiles, go-carts, and just about "anything fast enough to do something stupid in." I like living on the edge, but still being able to maintain control( which is harder at times that one might think). My interests are blood, blood, and did I mention blood. The more I get and the sooner I get it, the better off everybody else is. It is not wise to aggrevate someone who has a beast caged up inside. I love the night and like to outdoors( do not deal well with the sun) and cannot get enough of wolves. LI like dogs and reptiles too, but the wolf is by far the highest one in my book. Not one for serious cuddling, but a LITTLE never killed anyone, right? 300, The Mist, Blade I, II, and Trinity, Underwolrd and Underworld:Evolution, and many others.
Nathaniel Brady
Nathan Wilson
I'm Nathan but I like to be called Nate. I have a brother named Jesse who is 23 and he's my biggest role model & hero cuz he basically raised me. Without him who knows what life style I'd have right now. My life was rough and my parents really didn't do much for us. Anything else you want to know just message me and I'll tell you whatever you want. Courtesy of I'm into dark things like skulls & vampires and stuff like that. Courtesy of My Big Brother Jesse because he's been thru so much with me. My fave TNA,WWE,& ECW Superstars because they put their bodies on the line to entertain the fans. I'm a huge horror movie kind of guy. I like movies from See No Evil to whatever else.
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Nathan Miller
Nath Oc
blithely and elusive...i like louche and hate stubborn...arrogance is fine,but lets not be excessive...sarcasm is fun, blunt is hysterical..."the trouble is with the time uve realised ur not in shape for it, its too far to walk back"
My name is Nathan but my nickname is metalhead, im 6'3 and 180 lbs. and anything that anyone wants to know about me just ask and ill tell my interests are playing metal on my guitar, going to parties, meeting new people, and hanging out with my friends mostly
Nathera Frazier
Nathan Hardisty
Na Them
Nathaniel Kemp
i am the original "nice guy"! my momma raised me right. chameleon-like, can fit any stereotype from the bad boy to the preacher's son. i am an amateur bodybuilder and a poet. a prince and a player. i am an open book (with the cover torn off. maybe i'm stolen? or maybe just abused?) you decide! cheers! amateur bodybuilder and self proclaimed monk. poet and procrastinator. i'm a master debator and a cunning linguist. i love music!!! i love everyone and everything! i am active in vism. tai chi. yoga. parapsych. astrology. logic.
Nathan Exner
eye color: blue Hair color:blonde Hight:5'9" Weight:155lb hanging out with friends, chating online, anything i can do to fight bordem Mountain Dew Payback, Badboys(I,II)
Well I am a workholic when I want to be, I have integrity and I believe integrity is really built on three pillars: 1: Being honest and telling the truth. 2: Keeping one’s word.3: Seeking what is right, and then doing what is right. I was raised with values installed by my grandmother which I still hold true to today. I am also funloving, spontanous, caring, considerate, protective, romantic, amongst other great qualities. The more you know me the more you know what these are. I love working on movies and television shows. I was born in Oklahoma but have traveled to most of the states and most countries overseas, my dad worked for the oil companies and my mother is a teacher. I am adventurous and outgoing. I enjoy many things probally too much at times but I think I do ok keeping up. I enjoy concerts, live music, theater plays, movies, building things, video games, learning new programs and the like. I love the outdoors, camping, fishing, boating etc..... I have great friends that have
Lets see! I really don't have much to say about myself except. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am about 5'9. I am studying at UAFS to become a IT-Programmer. Thats all I can think of right now
Nathaniel Coates
Nathan Leary
Nathan Callahan
6'2",carmel color,light light light brown eyez,long black curly hair,BIG features,and i am a freak You are 100% horny! YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA!! Yeah baby!!! Talk about HORNINESS!! u'r a real horny guy!! Congratulations! u have reached the top of horniness!!How horny are you?Make a Quiz {{I LOVE MUSIK}}if u didnt know....[[im a rapper]]i get my grind on 24/7....i am a [[hustla]]when iit comes to cane ya dig.....i gets *money* unlike some of these [{haterz}] out hit me up if u need {cane} or just to chat.....haha thats too hardcore but im gangsta i keep it >trill< i dont sell cane nigga i sell c.d's and mixtapes ya dig((money}} is what i get and i get it easy
Nathaniel Marquart
I was int he Marine corps after high school, I would go back in heart beat, I then returned to Minnesota bacame a Police Officer and in my spare time my friend Rob and I drove Nascar thunder cars. Then moved to Louisiana and became a police officer. I like horse back riding, having fun, meeting new people, Movies, relaxing when I am able, I also like to cuddle, some people say I am bit of a smart ass, but you live life light. I also have a daughter she is my little angel. I'm Nate 26 years old from Louisiana, I served three out of four years in the Marine Corp. I got out and became a cop. I like to horse back ride, anything outdoors, have fun, I moved to Louisiana from Minnesota in 2004. I like to travel and go hunting every now and then.
Nathan Martinez
Nathan Spotts
Nathaniel Randall
I love women, and I always aims to please. I am a very sexual person. I likes to think of his tounge as a paint brush, but He doesnt paint everyone's house if u know what i mean. I can be a little cocky, self centered, but very gifted. My cockiness and self- centeredness is not that bad though. Its all in good fun. I need a Real Women... I think its best to know the difference between a Real Women and Bitches....Real Women get respect, Bitches get what they deserve. Real Women work hard, Bitches work you nerves. Real Women hold you down, Bitches hold you up. Real Women will help you progress, Bitches will slow you up. Real Women will cook up a meal, and play there role wit the kid, Biches in the street wit there nose in your biz. Real Women tell the truth, Bithes tell lies. Real Women drive cars, Bitches wanna ride. A real women waits a while before jumpin into another realtionship, Bitches waits 2 days.***If your not a real Women then I dont want you! a,, a:link, a:
Nathan Marks
Nathan Bell
Nathan Hoover
Nathaniel Debord
i am a junglist/metal head. i love skate boarding and spinning records.
Nathan Bouwsma
Nathan Smith
Three of the greatest have to be..... Blade Runner.. Heavy Metal.. Rocky Horror Picture Show..
Nathan Swift
Hey guys and girls! Welcome to my little corner of Fubar! About me... Do you really want to know? Ok then... I'm a 26 year old Soldier in the United States Army. I jump out of planes, and go to Iraq once in a while. I'm there right now, as a matter of fact. 1 July, 2008: I've been promoted to Sergeant! Countup Timers at Myspace Countdowns at I have 2 major hobbies, tha don't really co-exist very well. On the one hand, I play paintball. I'm not great, but I'm certainly pretty good. It gives me an outlet for all the really agressive tendencies that I can't work out in my bedroom. The other hobby is Photography. See? They really don't go together at all. After all, who wants their 1000 dollar camera splattered with 10 colors of paint? I have a couple of other small hobbies, too. I collect knives, for one. I have probably 30 or 40 knives that I use regularly, and about 50 more that i don't. Lots of knives for just 2 hands, I know. I have
Nathan Sperry
tits and pussies
Nathan Jones
Nathaniel Cannon
im tall got light blue eyes sexxy uh
I love to read, recently read Jesse Ventura's "Don't start the revolution without me" now i'm working on reading a biography of Nikola Tesla I love ice hockey- Go Caps and Hershey Bears!
Nathan Forbus
Nathan Haworth
Nathaniel Wright
hey, My names nat, i'm 18, in university in wales. i'm currently in a relationship. i'm straight. dunno what else to say really...
Nathan Snyder
Well i have jet black hair, I'm 6'1 weigh 170 , I like to hangout and do watever to keep busy, I love to play pool, video games, work out cause i like to keep in shape. go to movies.Like to dress good and look good at all times Well as of right now being around for a bit and then i plan on enlisting in the Army and someday maybe getting into Special Forces . And if that don't fall thru for some reason then I wanan go play for the MLB
Nathan Pilgram
Hi everyone, my name is Nathan. I'm 5'9", 160 lbs (give or take a couple), hazel eyes, light/dark hair..umm..muscular build. I like to be apart of mostly anything that involves being in the outdoors. I'm above average sports person..usually reading up on teams or watching some game. I'll go out to bars here and there and always up for a party! I'm into dancing..slow, fast whatever it might be. There's a lot more to me to find out..if interested just leave me a message. Merry Christmas everyone!!
Nathan Smith
Nathan Arnold
Nathasha Avila
Nathan Barnes
Nathan Dubroc
i love strip clubs MySpace Tweaks, MySpace Layouts, MySpace Images and more! MySpace Tweaks, MySpace Layouts, MySpace Images and more! skateboarding,cherry tap,pussy,sex,boobs
Nathan Smith
i dont care i am who i am
Nathan Cysiewski
Nathan Kaufman
buy harry potter books
Nathan Benoit
Nathan Walter
well i'm 6ft 3in i have an athletic build. i weigh about 190lbs and i love to party
Nathan Wright
well lets see here.... My name is Nathan, i am 6'3, tan, hazel/brown eyes, tanned, i get along with everyone unless you piss me down to earth and ill tell you how things are, i dont bullshit anyone, dont lie tell the truth and see the bigger picture for what it truly is. Im also a great friend when you are feeling down and out. Likes: .guitars .helping others .respect .family .dr.pepper .music .parties .cars .knifes .meeting new people .concerts Dislikes: .woman beaters... sry guys ill fucking break your legs if you hit a female because you are not a real man for doing so! .liars .2 faced people .people that back down because of intimidation.. stand up for what you belive in damnit and dont be scared! .cheaters .disrespect I love playing my guitars, im currently looking for a drummer that can play rock all the way to death metal music for my band Sons Of Valkrye. I love making music because music is my life. if you got any questions just ask ill be m
Nathan Bolin
Nathan Jenson
Nathan Cavanna
Im a pretty regular guy. I like to party hearty. I'm a laid back person mostly. I love the outdoors, fishing, biking. Drinking is always fun. I enjoy playing basketball. I really dont know what i am supposed to write here. How can you describe yourself in such a small space? Most people spend thier entire lives trying to explain themselves. Or maybe i am just too lazy to actually write a short paragraph about me. My musical taste ranges from Immortal Technique, to Avenged Sevenfold. I mostly listen to rock and hardcore. A certain amount of trance and electronica definately liven up the mix! I live in the city, but every once in a while i take off for a weekend and go fishing or something. I love music, mostly rock, metal, trance, and hardcore. i do listen to some hip-hop, but only stuff that really catches my ear!
Nathan Hall
Nathaniel Davis
Nathan Farias
Nathan Jordan
~WoOt WoOt~ Single Once again! Now it is time for me to get out there and Live it up! Hey yall Nate Here As you can see I am single now! Thank the Lord God Almighty!!!! I can finally be me and be happy. I am 26 Transgender Male. I am looking to meet new friends from all over! Rate Me, Add Me, and Fan Me, and I will do the same for ya! Make your own Banner here! Copy this code into your profile to display this banner! Make your own Banner here! Transgenders, Video Games, Chatting, Blogging, Family, music, singing, clubbing, webpage design, Drag Kings Well I don't really have anyone. But the people I look up to is my Grandma and my Grandpa... No they weren't together they are from Different sides of the family but they both had a big influence on my life whether they knew it or not. RIP both of you! TransAmerica, Party Monster, Set it off, A girl like me, and Brokeback Mountian
Nathan Purkhiser
Nathan Morgan
I'm single. I live in Virginia but I'm from Florida. (doing the whole navy thing for a bit) I plan on going to college to study business mangement, development, and marketing. My goal is to own a few businesses that have nothing to do with each other. I almost have my massage therapy license, so my first adventure is a day spa, second I want to run a lan center. (Modeled after the late "Armory," my first lan center) And third, perhaps retail. What the product is, I'm not sure. I said I was single, I guess thats because I am naive enough to believe in storybook romance. I truly feel like the one is going to be love at first sight, connection and passion and all that other bull that never really happens. I am the nice guy that always finishes last. But, I have a feeling there is someone out there who can make that a reality. Golf, Poker, Pool, Ping-Pong, and of (not the 'sexxy gamer' for nothing. Because I play golf, Tiger is the guy to beat. I don't idol anyone, bu
Nathen Perez
Nathan Brooks
Nathan Algren
Nathan Heflin
Nathan Hogan
Nathan Prugh
Nathan Skaggs
Nathan Barnard
Nathan Blackledge
Nathan Mcguire
Nathan Pickerill
Nathan Robinson
what can i say im a 21 year old rapper who is looking to have fun so if u r on the same page then get at me i like smokein, drinkin and partying and if im with a hot girl whos down we can have m,ore one on one fun
Nathan Bell
Nathan Cantwell
I am a SFC in the military. I will be retiring within a few years, and then I hope to find a great woman to settle down with. Many will ask why don't I have a woman in my life. Please do not get me wrong, I love women. But with my MOS I am gone often, and I believe that is not fair to my spouse. So I have decided not to be involved until I am out of the service. I have no children, but in time would love to have some. Whether they are mine by blood or not. Children are a great joy and watching children grow into adults only makes life more rewarding. Interests are very easy and simple. I enjoy drawing, photography, long talks. I have a small ranch and enjoy the outside. Being in Alaska, I have gotten used to the cold. I also have picked up skiing and snowboarding. Anything else please feel free to drop me a line!
Nathalie Hudson
I'm down to earth laid-back kind of girl,so you'd never guess what's deep down. i am very vocal person specially when it comes to my feelings,i am too easy to get fall and get hurt i dunno why? friends find me as a sweet,creative,introspective, caring, outgoing,and adventurous person. i enjoy dancing,chatting,clubbin, making people laugh.i always have a smile on my face,talkative, hippy,moody( not all the time),....,i love outdoor things, and goin to different places i really love nature trip.where ever i go,i always love meeting new people, new personality, as long as there are fun to be with and interesting,im just a spontaneously friendly its in my blood lol....I have a very soft heart for all of them which never fades thats why im always being used .., i always listen and give some advices to them.i love hanging out with my peeps. i do really wanna hang out in loud places, but sometimes i prefer to be alone, alone with somebody which give me a load moan.... can you be the one
Nathan Cox
Nathan Bradley
I am a senior at Marshall University. I am majoring in sports management and marketing because I love sports and the business side of it. I am also a preachers kid and if you have ever heard about us we are bad! haha I mostly just like to chill with my boys and my people and have a good time. If you want to know anything else just give me a shout. Sports, school, friends, and my family....mostly sports though We Are Marshall (best sports movie ever), Tombstone, Hitch, Scarface, The Last Samuri, Wedding Crashers, Four Brothers, 40 Year Old Virgin, V for Vendeta, The Guardian, Gridiron Gang, Days of Thunder, Top Gun,.....and many more
Nathan Martin
Nathaniel Sellers
Nathan Martinez
Nathan Sheets
Nathan Allen
Free Cursors
Nathan Richardson
Name: Nate Richardson Age: old enough. Location: Levittown, PA Status: Blissful Fav Color: Blue Likes:Brown hair, self-confidence, pretty eyes, trying new things, sports, organization, running, exercising, being active, partying, hanging out, video games, movies, music, photography, the arts, discovering and trying new things, meeting new people, old people, cuddling, kissing, reading, driving, working, learning, being wierd and/or funny, laughing, smiling, panthers, penguins, dogs, cats, the Philadelphia Flyers, the New England Patriots, the Philadelphia Eagles, spaghetti, ham, cheese, button-down shirts, jeans, aviators, and things that smell good. Dislikes:Stupidity, too much immaturity, asparagus, brussel sprouts, bad drivers, liars, cheaters, chuds, fake people, squirrels, stale beer and chips, rip-offs, and being broke Music: Punk, Indie, Rock, Hip Hop, Screamo, Emo, Metalcore, Hardcore, Techno, Industrial, New Age, TripHop, Instrumental, Classical, Classic Rock, Met
Nathan Oconnor
my name is tommy im from huddersfield uk im gay and proud, loves music im a dj on a radio site @ and im known there as DJ-Tommy come have a listen somtime i like meeting new friends bot male and female dont worry u str8 guys i wont ry it on ur quite safe lmao loves tommy xxxxxxxxx i have lots of interests including listening to music, dancing, walking and loads of sex
Nathan Bratten
I am looking for new friends to have FUN with.I have a open mined like to try new thing wen they cum up.So is you wont to have sum fun let me know eny time.But i am not in to men sary boys u got to keep looking sum were els.I do make sum cool thing i my spear time i will put sum pics up soon as i git a chans.I love the out doors hit the Beach in the sumer time.I can do things that not to meny men can do or will try.If u wont to know mor u will have to git to know ME To meny thing to list.So meny things Left to try.
Nathan Tindall
Nathan Loizeaux
I was born in Vermont, but currently reside in Germany, as that my job brother me over hear for a while. I was born June 12, 1980, so you do the math on how old I am. I'm 5'8, deep blue eyes, brown hair, and 120 lb. I attended VTC(Vermont Technical Colledge) for four years working on an Ass. in computer eng. I'm currently enployed by an american company, but located in Germany, while at the same time working on a new degrea. I currently have an Ass. in aplyed sciences, borking on a batchlers. I'm simply on hear because a friend refured me hear, you should check out Canadas¢¾BADDEST¢¾brunette She's the reasion I'm on hear. I love meatting new people, and starting new relationships, so I'm always up for a conversation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Intrested in a little of everyting.
Nathan Wouldn\\\'t You Wanna Know
Nathan Warren
I never lie which makes people think Im an ass hole. So if you dont like what I say then fuck off. If you are ugly or stupid I will tell you that, in hopes it might make you a better person. Buried at Buried at
Nathan Jones
im 5 7 i weigh about 180 i was in a car wreck on my b-day so alot has paralized from the belly down.i listen to static x,slip knot,korn,i.c.p,coal chamber,metallica,an some others im really a sweet guy and i dont wanna be hurt.Im a very soft hearted person and have had enough pain in my life to last me my whole life Im interested in music,nature,girls forsure,i love animals and video games,of course my computer,and i love to travel and see new places.I am a parapoliegic means my legs dont work but i am 27 an am still young at heart i love new things an have a very good outlook on love an wish to be with someone soon an start a family.I do not like lying or dishonesty in no way.i am a very loyal lover an even though sex is not the same for me i still enjoy the female body.i love to touch,taste,feel,smell of a clean shaved women an will do everything to please the women im with because bringing her pleasure is how i get my pleasure.thats the sum of it an will openly talk about
Nathan Davis
Hey I'm Nathan. I'm 19yrs old. I have brown hair and hazel eyes, I'm 5'10 and 175 pounds. I like to party and smoke weed. I have a wonderful baby boy on the way, that I can't wait to get here. I am pretty much your average stoner looking to meet new friends and have fun. Skateboarding - Computer Games - Video Games- Camping - Drinking Beer - 4X4 - Fishing - Hunting - Hiking - Swimming - Rock Climbing - BMX - Partying - Smoking Weed - Hanging Out Down At The River - Hanging Out With My Friends - Playing With My Dogs - Fast Cars - Going To The Movies - Music - Surffing The Web - Chilling With My Woman - Devil's Rejects - House OF 1,000 Corpes - Exit To Edan - Varsity Blues - What A gurl Wants - Four Brothers - The Longest Yard - XXX - 2 Fast 2 furious - The Fast And The Furious - Walk The Line - Pitch Black - Man On Fire - American Pie - American Pie 2 - American Wedding - Traning Day - Ice Age - Soul Plane - Cronicals Of Ridick - American History X - Darkness Falls - In Hell - Eight L
Nathan Cole
Nathaniel Young
Nathan Smtih
Nathan P
i just help people out with there personal confusers
Nathan Willemain
Free at Free at Free at Free at Free at
Nathan Zeilke
I am a very kool guy and i love to do crazy stupid things!! I snowmobile, dirtbike, and also ride 4-wheeler. I playfootball and also run track, o ya and wrestle!
Nathan May
Nathan Raymond
Nathan Berry
Nathan D
Nathan Workman
So im checking out all the sites, or a majority of them, to meet new peoples and do stuff and things. But if you want to see a much better profile, go to Guys eyes that are like Brown Diamonds.... :) Lol, Anyone else see Gay Robot...No..ok, you should. Just more self explanitory to click over to another page, that page again is
Nathan Edwards
What's up?? My name is Nathan and I'm 27 years old. I moved here to Newport News, VA due to my job. Im originally from right outside of Atlanta, GA...lived in Southern California for 3 years in a city named LaQuinta...went to school/college in Charleston, S.C...then lived in Dover, N.H. for a year and a half or so..and now Im here living at the City Center at Oyster Point. I'm a really chill, kick back, drama free kind of guy and only try to hang out with people who are the same way. Anybody who knows me can tell you that I tend to be the life of the party no matter where I go...and can have fun doing anything. I am in the military...I'm a nuclear engineer on submarines...have been in the Navy for almost eight years now...I don't like it all that much anymore...but am proud of all the things that I have accomplished since joining. I do plan on getting out after this tour...and staying in the engineering field for a job when I get out. I love my friends and family...and would do anythin
Nathan Clearihue
Nathan Rossi
Nathan Esterkamp
Nathan Tapha
Nathan Kickbush
All Photography Content Found On This Profile Is Nathan Kickbush's Work and not riped from other People. Thanks for all the interest in my work:) Ink Designs Applied Nathan Kickbush's Myspace All Photos Are From My Flickr Account Some of my photo's from the other night @Hush Victoria B.C. This is a local Legend "Dylan Fry" & his site Shred The Gnar. Dylan Fry "Shred the Gnar"
Nathan Davis
I'll try just about anything at least once. I love the outdoors
Nathan Mann
my name is nathan, or nate if you prefer... want to know me.. add me..
Nathan Mitchell
just a fun lovin guy from a lil hick town! im a father of 2 beautiful daughters ages 7 & to hang out with friends, party, play pool, go bowling, and like to be out doors..wanna know more just ask! Cool Graphics at REVOLUTIONMYSPACE.comCool Graphics at REVOLUTIONMYSPACE.comCool Graphics at hangin with friends, playing pool, bowling, camping, being outdoors..anything and everything
Nathalie L.
Nathan Vickers
Nathan Snell
I am open minded and very much a realist. I love to travel and plan on a multi national trip soon. I love to snowboard and chase the powder in the summer. Drop me a line sometime. 27 Male I love to fly and travel. I love Europe. I work hard and I play hard or atleast I would like to at times. I always have atleast seven different currencies in my wallet because you never know what country you will wake up in, or what language shes going to be speaking. "For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampeled." HST Fear nd Loathing in Las Vegas Heat
Nathan Musser
I'm 19, Black hair, brown eyes. Fairly short, (only 5'7 or so) with a bit of muscle because i work in a warehouse and my jobs much like a work out. Bi, single. and if you had to put a lable on me you might say i'm a gothic-stoner-musician. for more detail check out my vf Playing Guitar, Singing, Music in general, writing, reading, working (not by choice)
Nathaniel Henry
Nathan Black
have a habit of feeling like i have to help any one and every one no matter what.. table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:cc00ff; border-width:0;} body { background-color:D3F0D1; background-image:url(; background-attachment: fixed; background-position:top center; background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:990000; border-width:0px ; border-style: transparent; scrollbar-face-color:000000; scrollbar-highlight-color:D3F0D1; scrollbar-3dlight-color:D3F0D1; scrollbar-shadow-color:D3F0D1; scrollbar-darkshadow-color:D3F0D1; scrollbar-arrow-color:D3F0D1; scrollbar-track-color:000000; } table table { border: 0px } table table table table{border:0px} table table table { border-style:transparent; border-width:4px; border-color:990000; background-color:transparent; } table table table td { background-color:transparent; } table table table table td {filter:
Nathan Bradley
My name is Nathan "PYRO" Bradley and I am in the ARMY. I’m stationed in FT. Drum, NY. I love music, movies, and best of all my friends. I am probably the coolest person you will ever meet so if you want to chat some time hit me up. I like filming/editing videos. I am a movie freak I love watching movies. Video games are a big one as well I don’t know I like lots of stuff talk to me to find out more.
Nathan Thompson
Currently in an open marriage, 3 Kiddos between us that we love dearly and make every effort to do fun and exciting things with them as often as possible. Wife and i love each other dearly but we have very different needs that must be met. There is no jealousy or drama we have each others blessing for whatever may happen and will happily verify that if it makes you more comfortable. I am a very funny guy to be around, very smart and witty, trustworthy, spontaneous, a little crazy, definitely not shy, at least not after the first 2 or 3 minutes. I am very mechanically inclined and can fix about anything. I am on layoff till January from carrier when I work in the plant assembling the furnaces that keep you warm and cozy at night. I love to laugh and have a good time. I am currently going thru a paeriod of rapid weight loss and i feel so great about it, I have struggled with weightloss for some time, not the weight is almost falling off and i feel like a whe new person. who
Nathan Hewitt
In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concrete, Drawn only to be washed away, For the time that I've been given, I am what I am. I'd rather hate you For everything you are. Than ever love you For something you are not. I'd rather you hate me For everything I am. Than have you love me For something that I am not. I am what I am. If you want to get to know me, than that is fine, you will find out first hand just how much of a good person I am. If you think that you can just walk all over me, and do as you please with me, then don't even bother trying. I am taking a fresh start at life, since my recent downfall, and I cannot take anymore people trying to just use me for something. It has happened way to fucking much to ever happen again. So add me, only if you want to get to know me, as a friend, or something more, it doesn't matter to me at all which one you choose. Please just make your intentions clear to me, for the sake of everyon
Nathan Miller
Nathan Packard
Nathan Johnson
I am 5'8", I have hazle blue eyes, anything else you want to know just ask.
Nathan Smith
Nathaniel Brooks
Cars And girls and listening to my music
Nathaniel Armes
Nathan Eakle
Nathan Busby
Nathan Little
Nathan Cullars
Nathan Anderson
my name is Nathan. I've just recently moved to the state of Louisiana about 16 months ago. I've lived in Florida for most of my life. I'm a 24 yr. old Virgo, who enjoys life. I'm always looking for a good time and make the best of all life's challenges. I'm one of the most self-motivated, eager people you can imagine. I'm very open, straight forward, and have been called brutally honest. I play no mind games and have no time to do so. I like to be up front and personal. I'm very open minded yet, very structural. I do stand my ground and stick up for what I Believe in. I also find this attractive in women. Since moving to Louisiana I'm currently employed by Seneca Communications. I work full time as a C.A.A.D. supervisor and field engineer for Cingular Wireless. In my spare time I do free lance work for my self as a Architectural Design and Drafting service. I have a degree in Architectural Drafting and Design. So, basically I'm the one designing your dream house!?!? I'm a hopeless roma
Nathan Smith
i am a skater i love to hang out with friends and have a good time i am layed back and out going i like to try new things
Nathaniel Maltas
Nathan Holmes
I love my pooter, I dont watch tv much, only all the CSI anything cool like grand designs or extreme makeover home edition Ty Pennington sit down be quiet theres a good boy! i am into 3d and want to become a 3d artist but hey one drink at a time. any thing animated I watch again and again, very excited about transformers the movie looks fkin amazin but then im a geek so it will do! I am also into the sexy ladies on CT,I am recently seperated I see my kids when I get chance but love the girlies who know how to cherry bomb!!!
Nathaniel Beall
Does anyone even read this stuff? Is this a world of pictures and judging the book by it's cover? I suppose I look like a wrestler or a biker or maybe a dock worker. Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm the CEO of and my goal in life is to retire in the next few years and buy a nice little place a few miles up the road from Key West. I'm a writer when I can be a photographer when I have a model and an explorer when I find something new. I'm not into politics or people who are and I love to people-watch. I don't watch much TV, and most music anymore sucks. I enjoy old (1940's and up) sci-fi stories, books on quantum physics, and inventing. I'm open to making new friends on here but I'm not going to add you just to pump up numbers. I expect to communicate with you and usually the best way to do that is to add me on Yahoo or AIM. Feel free. I'm friendly. Oh yeah and another hobby of mine is giving advice... sometimes even when it's not wanted.
Nathan White
Nathan Blanchard
Nathaniel Miller
Nathan Rose
i am bout 5'11 6 foot i am a football player and soccer player i am a bull rider bronco rider and a chute dogger i love 2 have fun so if u know of anything and i live close hit me up and we can hang and if u wanna know anything about me just ask and i will tell u and thats the best way 2 get 2 know me i am a purdy easy goin guy i love sports and very out goin so ask me somethin and i will tell u idc wht it is so hell talk 2 me and i will talk back I AM STRAIT NOT GAY OR BI!!! so if u r a dude dont bother talkin 2 me enless u know me
Nathan Cruise
Hi my name is Nathan and i live in the city of Birmingham in England UK. i am here to make friends as i love chattin to new people so feel free to say hi!! i have lived in England all my life its a cool place to be literally, except when its raining like 364 days a year lol i would like to find some more brits on cherry tap so if u are a brit lookin at my profile plz dont hesitate to leave me message or comment..but i aint just lookin to speak to brits i have many american friends on her i dont care what nationallity u are just say hi!! or im gonna send the boys round ok heehee mwaah xx
Nathaniel Garon
Nathan Hanson
Nathan T
I like to watch movies at night, usually one a night. I enjoy drinking a few while I watch, makes them that much better, lol. I work full-time at a foundry and go to school part-time at IU East. I have been with my wife for a few now and married for 2. We have 3 boys ages 7, 2 1/2, and 3 months!It's official, I answered 18 questions to find out,lol. This is my coworker and the inspiration for the pet penguin so when you check him out poke fun about that!
Nathan Jones
im 28 in august i was 5 ft 7 in when i stood weigh 155 brown hair blue eyes,love animals,love kids,love nauture,have fantacys of vampires,love partys,having fun listen to music havin a good time my yahoo is crazy_trips_666 if anyone wants to chat (I WILL LEAVE THE ABOVE POST WHICH REFLECTS 4 YRS AGO.) Now I am 30 yrs old am a college student and have found the love of my life. I smoke and suport use of marijuana but all other drugs even alcohol are gone.. cha,cha time ta update some info my last post was like 4 yrs ago an i got some tricks holding my past against me but its ok cause its my future that matters and the futures of those who can love and except me for me. I still love to smoke so what im a college student and only do my habbits in apropriote places an times. SO TO HATERS SUCK THESE NUTZ
Nathan Mamea
Nathan Martin
My name is Nathan Martin i thought i was a sweet guy until recently... because my yahoo was going so slow and a stupid audable was sent instead of my words so i wreked a friendship that i didn't want to lose and to make matters worse i lost the feelings of a girl i really liked yes i know im hopeless but at least i was content thats all that mattered i want to be friends but all i do is get blocked and theres nothing i can do and i know i really hurt him but that was accidental, anything else you wanna know just ask and ill do my best to answer honestly
Nathan Hart
I love to take pictures, mostly of people. Objects are boring in photographs. If you really want to know something about me then just ask. I'm sometimes to honest. photography, good beer, art of all kinds but really interested in fine art nude photography (not porn!). I also like to make music, watch movies, and I don't know. You will just have to get to know me to see what I like. I feel like I'm filling out a personal add. Kate and camilla photography Brandy J. Adams photography. to many to list
Nathan Billman
Nathalie Feliciano
Hi my name is Nathalie. I am 22 very soon to be 23. I am a high school grad, yet to go on to college. I'm pretty much living day to day and trying to be the best that I can. I work a restaurant called Doormet (rhymes with gourmet) and we're located in South Tampa. I live in Tampa, have so now for the past 5 months. I moved here from Port Richey and I soo love it here. I am Originally from RI and have lived in Florida, going on 10 years now. I have been a Fubar member for 2 years now and hope to make some awesome friends off of this. Thanks for reading. Computers hot guys piercings tattoos music motorcycles
Nathaniel L
What to say? First of all, I'm Nathaniel also known as Nate, Nathan, Natedogg, whatever. I'm fresh in my 20's, lol, I've only turned 20 this year. I'm living in Sudbury Ontario, for the time being. Who knows where I'll end up in a few years... I'm working at a tattoo/piercing parlour that one of my cousins own, it's fairly new and business has been pretty good so far. I'm no artist nor a "piercist". I just get to be the good looking guy in the front who takes care of business. It works out pretty well. It's no miami ink of course, but it works. I'm freshly single too, well sort of. These relationships never seem to work out for me, but then again, I'm the type of guy who's got that wandering eye... don't get me wrong... I'm not a cheater but I like to look. I currently live with my best friend JJ. She's like my only real family. Me and her are like two peas in a pod, I love her to death. I'm pretty well laid back, I try not to let anything get to me or bring me down. But
Nathan Wilson
6ft 1in slim/slender blonde hair and green eyes 2 tattoos, car fanatic Cars and women :) Racing, car modifications, stereos & hunting ....
Nathan Grinstead
I am currently in college Majoring in Video editing, and production I am just a laid back guy who likes to have fun if u wanna know n e thing else just ask and I will let you know ;-)
my intersts hmmmmmmmmm..... i have a few i love to box i did that for 5 years and was pretty damn good at it till i messed up my rib. my biggest interest right now is the Army. its really fun and people got to know its nothing like what youve probably heard from people. trust me its the greatest job in the world! too many to list lol
Nathan Pretzel
Hey, My Name Is Nathaniel But Some Call Me Champ I Have Two Sisters Four Brothers I I'm Dating The Women of my Dreams I Really Wouldnt Know What I Do Without Her She My Life I'm Just Here For Friends So Please Message me I Have Yahoo And Msn Before You Leave Can You Sign N My Guessbook Thanks For Stop By Page Just Here For Friends,Cause I Have A Amazing Girlfrind!!!!!! All The Friday Moves,American Pie,8 mile,Baby Boy,Scary Movie,Little Nicky,Big Momma's House,Date Movie,Not Another Teen,M.r Deeds,Jackass,Nutty Professor,Austin Powers
Nathan Brown
Get Your Own Graffiti Wall At Myspace Zodiac Graphics Myspace Chinese Astrology
Nathan Brazil
Nathan Perkins
Nathan Hurst
check my myspace page for more goodies: MY MYSPACE PAGE!
Nathan Cozart
I'm Nate. I like intelligent people, drunk people, honest people, beautiful people...not just physically beautiful people, but people that have that special undefinable spark, people that have a unique outlook on life, funny, goofy, crazy people, people that want to live an interesting, full life, the very people that are on my friends list.I also like: beer, the ocean, sex, movies, music, woman, great books, intelligent conversations, politics, cigarettes, sushi, the color green, frisbees, dogs, camping, the mountains, watches, photographs, summertime, learning new things, tattoos, dancing, jogging, laughing, jumping, spending time with the people I love. Drinking, reading, surfing, sex, movies, music, painting, tattoos, etc. etc.... Dorsett, Reagan, Mr. Miyagi, Norm Petterson, Johnny Cash, Bruce Willis, the Marines, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz,Moe Syzlack, anyone with a mind and the ability and will to use it. Taxi Driver and Cool Hand Luke tie for all-time greatest movies, the Outside
Nathan L.
Nathan Hawkins
Nathan Pearce
Nathan Smith
Nathan Burke
Nathan Ritz
Nathaniel Ehlert
I am a single father i have a 17 months old son named Dominic and i work on cars play with snakes build websites hang out with friends play video games ALWAYS listen to music no matter what i am doing SNAKES Magic the gathering drinking DRIVING Music Myspace
Nathan Haas
Nathan Provorse
Im a man with very few intrest.That makes me a simpel man. I love to play RUNESCAPE on the computer,I love to build thing with wood. I graduated from pal-mac high school,graduated carpentry school for 2 years.They say im a jack of all trades but not a true master at any.I love fishing,camping,bom fires,cooking on grill,cooking and baking.I also love making my own tats. I have two lovely kids that I enjoy so much.
Nathan Micheal
I have Cerebral Palsy, and it confines me to a wheel chair. But it doesn't rule my life. I like to listen to music, watch movies, play games, and ofcourse chat online. Anybody interested in a paintball fight? I bet I can outrun you. :o) It seems that me being iin a wheel chair intimadates alot of people. If your gonna judge me, judge me for the person i am, not my means of getting around. My Best friend Lisa says I'm too attitudsy and she's gonna share her personality with me,lol. She's just mad cause I always win. She, by the way, doesnt have anything wrong with her and is not wheel chair bound. She just loves my grouch ass for who I am. Wish their was more who could see past my limitations and see me instead. I have many interest, take a chance and ask, i might share them with you abit.
Nathan Johnson
Nathan O'brien
Nathan Joehossafat
Nathen Smith
Nathan Harrison
i am a 5'11 lookin for a female to get to know and kick it with
Nathaniel Yeh Right...!
Gaming, Movies, Reading, Hiking, Camping, Computers, Cooking
Nathan Lawrence
Nathan Kerr
Nathan Hull
Nathan Costello
Nathan Cobb
my name is Nathan!!! I am a naughty boy!!! ;) I love to party and play my guitar!!!! I would love 2 meet new ppl u know cause old friends get boring!!! Well yeah anyways got any ?'s just ask me!!! Dog the Bounty Hunter!!! Scary!!!!
Nath Wightman
Nathan Wiggs
About me: I am sort of new to all of this so bare-with me. I am a hard working father of 2. And in my spare time I like to do a variety of things, from playing with my kids, to being outdoors for a walk in the park. I love being inside and cooking, watching a movie or just talking and listening. I also enjoy going out to a nice dinner or a show, but being somewhat a casual person, I like being comfortable in what ever I do. Who I'd like to meet: I am looking for someone who likes to have fun and can be themselves. Someone who would like to do a variety of different things and still have time to relax and enjoy life. MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts
Nathan Dehaven
Nathan Riordan
Nathan Blue
Nathan Campbell
I like the outdoors alot, i enjoy horseback riding, hiking, camping, and golfing. I also do civil war reenacting.
Nathan Rogers
Ok well its been a hot min since I've updated my profile so here we go. Well if you know me you know I'm all about friends and family. I'm always there for the people I consider dear to my heart, weather it be to talk, or just to simply listen to them vent :), thats what a real friend is for. As for my personal life, well still trying to become a police officer, I'm still in the medical field although I have switched hospitals. Also I'm still a volunteer fireman/emt, and my son is now 3years of age. He's big and a hand full, but he's my little man and my heart always. I love meeting and making new friends. In my free time I love to have fun and try new things, I'll try anything once. As for my love life, I'm single as of now and looking for that special someone and until I find her just dating taking slow, enjoying life :).
Nathan Kirk
26 6ft 250lbs want to know more ask me. LADIES READ INTERESTS!!! 4 wheeling and the outdoors and of coures THICK girls :} BBWS are the only way to go skinny girls need not apply!! Max Payne
Nathan Brock
Nathin Curio
Hi my name is Nathin. I am 21 and only on here looking for friends and to talk to other people. I have been with the same person now for 2 years and i love here with all my heart
i'm 25 single, male and am here to have a good time. Also i'm looking for any females in buffalo, ny and surrounding areas to hang out with. I like to play sports, and hang out with my friends.
Nathanial Tjapkes
Nathan Hander
Nathan Fosgate
Nathaniel Brown
Nathaniel Ackerman
Nathan Lindsey
Nathan Blaylock
Nathan Anderson
Nathan Mcmurray
Nathan Brown
my name is nathan brown if you want to know anything about me just ask
Nathaniel Holly
Nathan Barlow
Nathan Anway
Nathan Lacey
Nathan Kyles
Nathan Dye
I am a bit old fashioned, like the simpler things in life. Every man should treat a women like she is a queen just like she deserves to be. I am a gentleman and a romantic. I like swiming, bowling, pool, video games, pretty much anything that is fun to do. I will try anything once.
Nathan Joedeman
Nathan Grilley
Nathan Cullars
Nathan Phillips
Nathan Doin'?
Well, where should I begin. I\'m a 24 year old Michigan native living in Colorado due to my employment by the Government in the Army. Have already done one tour in the beach in the middle east, and doing another one sometime soon!! YEAH!! I enjoy cooking ( from scratch not from a box). When I need to relax I will go ride my motorcycle or go play golf anything to get my mind straight!! I enjoy going to bars and I love meeting new people!! If you want to know anything else about me just give me a Shout!!
Nathan S
I'm 19, my birthday is November 29th. I work part time at Lowes and will be attending college is January. I enjoy relaxing at home listening to music or playing video games. Goofing off with my many really good friends, reading, learning about my interests, and not being at work :P. My few dislikes are astrology, liars, people who want to do nothing but get high or drunk, misleading and manipulative women, oh and my piece of shit car. Hrm... many things. Music, Psychology, History, Warfare, Pharmacology, Philosophy, Theoretical Physics, Video Games, Computers, Cooking/food, Chemistry, Books about fantasy, sci-fi, and crime/mystery.
Nathan Lockard
Nathan Goodwin
Nathan Farnsworth
Nathan Wheeler
Nathan Mulheron
Nathan North
Nathan Walston
Nathan Explosion
HERE TO MAKE EVERYTHING METAL!! BLACKER THAN THE BLACKEST BLACK TIMES INFINITY!! I sing in Dethklok!! The most brutal metal band of all time!! Nathan Explosion Born in New Port Richey, Florida to Oscar and Rose Explosion. Nathaniel Explosion is the lead singer and the "lyrical visionary" of Dethklok, as made evident in the show, who always speaks in a deep, gravelly voice even when not singing. According to intelligence gathered by the Tribunal, Nathan did not speak until the age of five and was an unremarkable student in high school, excelling only in frog dissection and football. He eventually dropped out without earning his GED, although the varsity jacket he is seen wearing during his high school years indicates that, had he graduated, it would have been sometime during the 1990s. Nathan is a binge-drinking alcoholic, once even going into a pub and ordering exactly 100 beers to drink in a single sitting, although he was not served, due to the fact Dethklok had summoned a lak
Nathan Glasco
Hey whats up?Im nate born and raised in Washington state,Grew up in Enumclaw most of my life. Im a concrete pump operator, that takes up most of my time. When im not working i like to get together with my friends and get into trouble.Im single and on the prowl!! I really enjoy Riding my CBR600RR and doing stupid stuff, but the way i look at it is im alive right? Friends and family are a big part of my life. Other than that i work hard and party hard . Summer time i like to go camping or just take random road trips, those are always fun.
Nathan Mckinney
there aint much to say i live my life day by day like everyone else im shy around new people out going around friends i guess thats me well all i really care about saying is that
Nathan Ford
Nathaniel Thomas
Nathalie Martinez
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Nathan Thomas
Nathan Shea
What to say here? already filled out a bunch of info well, I'm a 24 year old male, University of Iowa grad 2006. I'm a Health Information and I.T. Specialist for Genesis VNA and Hospice (pretty much i take care of the laptops for the nurses, and write reports and forms). My "hobby" or job that pays no money ;) is Video Editing. check it out by searching on youtube, google video or myspace. Feel free to add me, comment, whatever. Dragons (I love dragns, specifically the westernese styles, oriental/eastern are ok. But i like how the westernese are less serpentine. Hydras are pretty sweet too. And some wyverns are pretty cool) Fantasy/Myth (I'm a big fan of fantasy stuff, movies, books, games, etc. And tieing in with that, i've got plenty of mythological knowledge, and enjoy it, as well. I just wish people would show more norse stuff - classes in college was always greek/roman myth :/) Creative Design (I li
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Nathan Johnson
Nathalie Cooper Le'on
The Name is Nathalie Cooper Come from ATL. and lived in London... and MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codeshref="">MySpace The Name is Nathalie Cooper Come from ATL. and lived in London... and MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codeshref="">MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codesended up in fresno...Graphics & MySpace Codesended up in fresno...
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I'm very much an outdoors person (in all senses of the word!). But seriously I emjoy things like cycling, keen nature lover, and very much like camping.
Nathan And Selena Fain
I'm Nathan I live in Canada Eh! not in a igloo. I don't really know what to put in these things if you wanna know about me ask me. I'm pretty average I guess. I like to ride my quad, play paintball, Galovant, Play video games, Drink of course lol, And I smoke my herbs. if you really want to know more just ask
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About me, let's see. Umm, first thing, I am a very easy going person, who get's along with everyone. I love to hangout with friends, either at the house, bar, restaurant, or whatever. I love to watch the WWE, and I love my career in Law Enforcement. I am one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, along with my great personality and good looks, I'm to die for. LOL jk. Anyways, if you want to talk to me or get to know me, just talk to me. Thanks. I will be honest with you up front. God, Kids, family, friends, work. Camping, fishing, sports, movies, tv, cooking (don't laugh, it relaxes me and I don't know why, lol!), Pretty much anything.
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Potts
I am always partying after work so anybody around kenosha,wi hit me up...I love to liven things up...I am very outgoing and am not shy at all...
Nathan Sosa
Nathan Willson
Nathan Sargent
What's up? My name is pie, if you wanna know why, feel fre to ask over a drink....I love tequila, football, and lots I can't tell the way, that's me on the left and my good buddy KC in the thong, w got a lot of pics from an underpants party......
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Nathan Frazier
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Nathalie Miller
im a fun party girl wit a phat attitude!
Nathan Brown
about me huh well i have two kids a boy age 8 and a girl age 6 im easy going and i like to just hang out with people i enjoy meeting new people and that pretty much it
Nathan Lumpkin
Nathaniel Wilson
Nathan Davis

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